April 27, 2006

Get 130 Shaves Per Razor with Razor Saver?

A ShavingStuff reader recently wrote in and asked if we'd review the Razor Saver. Since we've been talking about oils which prolong the life of your blades, it seems highly relevant. Thing is, I can't find much information about the Razor Saver, other than the link on TheSustainableVillage.com and this article from 1998.

It appears that the Razor Saver sharpens your razor, presumably like a knife sharpener, when you stick the razor into the device. According to Charles J. Fletcher, president of the company which makes the Razor Saver, it works on all popular razor brands such as Gillette and Schick, although it's unclear whether they've tested it on newer razors like the Fusion or the Quattro.

I must admit I'm a little skeptical, if for no other reason that there's little info on this contraption on the web. However, if you're willing to be a guinea pig for ShavingStuff, the Razor Saver is only $12. Write in a review and we'll give you top billing for the day.

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Posted by Russell Neufeld at April 27, 2006 11:44 AM
Recent Comments

I've had one for years. I broke the plastic housing, but still use the glass sharpener. Thinkness of the blade no longer matters, as long as they don't get wider. I shave my whole head and use a new blade about once every 15 days.

Craig, hit me up.

Posted by: Aaron at February 4, 2010 2:53 PM

Please get back to me at craig4568@me.com

Many Thanks

Craig Lonie

Posted by: craig lonie at February 4, 2010 9:48 AM

Hi Guys im in the process of getting a real razor saver into manufacture and I'm looking for people to test it for me, we have done our own tests and know it works on any disposable blades
But i want to get the word out there from people all over the world so im going to post one FOC to the first fifty people who respond to this post you may be asked for the odd testimonial from myself but thats about it ne strings

Many thanks

Craig Lonie
The Cool Company

Posted by: craig lonie at February 4, 2010 9:44 AM

After several years of faithful service I broke mine by dropping it and will now be buying another one ASAP. These things really do work, although I can see why some people may give up on them in the early stages as it does take a bit of a knack and it took me about three or four blades to figure out the right technique. I can now keep a blade going for months. I've found that it helps to use them under cold running water. You don't need much, just a trickle will do. It helps to lubricate the sharpening surface, I guess. Also, you have to be careful to keep the razor on the same angle throughout each stroke. As others have said, you won't be able to sharpen a blade that is already dull, but you can keep a sharp blade sharp. I use mine from the very first shave, and every time thereafter. Highly recommended...

Posted by: Jamie Thompson at December 20, 2009 6:37 PM

I disagree with all those folks who said this didn't work. From my experience this has worked wonderfully. I -think-, though, that it doesn't work beyond a certain point - I can run my razor through it for so many uses, and then it seems to cease sharpening. This makes sense if you think about it - it's rubbing off all the dull razor to sharpen it - and considering that I get more and better shaves out of my razor, I'm not complaining! So if your razor is REALLY dull (and I mean pretty damn dull), this might not help you because your razor is possibly too worn down for the razor saver to work.

I totally agree with Ned - I think some people may be frustrated with the results due to the vague (interpretation of) instructions. I also think some people may have different expectations of what this product can do. That being said, I certainly felt as though my razor was as sharp or sharper than when I got it after I used the razor saver. Don't know if the location of where one is shaving makes a difference, but this certainly improved shaving my legs by a long shot!!!!

One note though: DON'T drop this if you can help it. It's durable, but I dropped mine in the shower from about 4-5ft and the "sharpening" mechanism shattered (I believe it's glass or a glass composite).

Posted by: Lina C. at April 19, 2009 2:43 AM

I have been using two razors for three months I shave monday through friday and sometimes saturday and sunday. Whats the big deal?

Posted by: michael maniscalco at November 20, 2007 1:22 PM

I've used one of these for about a year and have gone through maybe 3 razors during that time. Totally simple to use, totally works. Shaving every other day for 360 days = 180 shaves / 3 razors = 60 shaves per razor. Makes them pretty affordable.

Posted by: Christopher at October 11, 2007 12:47 PM

I bought this razor savor in 1997 and it has finally worn out. It is the simplest to use requiring you to put the razor in the case (only one way to do that) and draw it across the mirrored surface 8 or 10 times. I have used blades for months and I also shave my chest, underarms and nether regions for competitions. Same razor. Only problem I can see is now that we have fallen prey to the 5 blades are better than 4 are better than 3, etc. with each additional blade adding to the cost of blades, some of the razor heads are too big to fit into the case. e.g. the Fusion (5 heads) won't fit in but the prior motorized one from Gillette with 3 blades will. I don't know if they changed the size of the entry point but I've discovered that 5 is not expecially significantly different from 3 blades (and three blade models are cheaper. To those who found this hard to use I wonder how they breathe and walk at the same time. I give this an "11" on a scale of one to ten. thanks ...nico

Posted by: Nico Moughis at May 9, 2007 4:36 PM

Well in the past I used rubbing alcohol to keep my blades from oxidizing. You don’t need to buy anything a cup will work perfect. When you expose your razor to water & salt from your skin its causes the blade to oxidize faster thus dulling it. See hair does not dull your blades it’s the chemical reaction that cause the blade to dull. Surgical knifes are stored in oxygen free package that way when needed they are sharp and clean.

Also the remember that if you see a manufacture release titanium blades this may seem like it solved the oxidation issue and it does however, straight titanium tends to dull easy that’s why you never see truly titanium drill bits. The best solution for the oxidation problem is for the manufactures to plasma coat their blades with 3 rotational layers of Titanium nitride/ Titanium Carbon Nitride/ Titanium aluminum nitride. This is a MAD easy process that even and idiot with MBA could understand and would only require them to install a couple vacuum chambers and plasma stuff. Then the biggest problem is the wear strip on the razor. I can see some guy selling new pads for the strips. In any case I believe you will see the company that is the current loser of the razor war release blades that have the three sets of coatings thus making the blade replacement argument a HUGE issue when deciding to purchase your next razor set. Can you see the advertisement you could have the three monkeys with red buttons again. Or maybe you show the guy putting five dollars in the trash every week. I only wish I could fix my cable/electric bill.

Posted by: William at February 25, 2007 10:39 PM

My father-in-law bought this for me. He's been using the same razor blade for 3 months. I was just about to switch blades on mine, and gave it a try. I ususally get 4 or 5 good shaves with a Mach3, but I usually push it to 7 or 8. Using the razor saver, my used razor with 6 shaves on it, feels like I've only used it twice. Not just like new, but pretty darn close.

Posted by: GH at December 26, 2006 10:30 AM

I saw a product very similar to the Razor Saver only it was motorized. I have not been able to find it anywhere since then and would like to find one. It was black, motorized and it would work on any razor even the ones with the thin protective wires that fit over the blade. Has anyone else heard of this?

Posted by: Laura Jester at November 17, 2006 2:33 PM

Well I agree with Russell Neufeld. This thing wont work and its hard to use. If you have some 12 dollars to give away..GO and Do it ;) But It ddnt work for me. I wonder why we dont have many of those in the market Ithink since its not working they stop selling it. Good luck for next time.

Posted by: JF at October 18, 2006 11:25 AM

I totally disagree with the above comment. I received this as a gift a few months ago from a friend who swears by it, and am now looking to buy more as gifts for other friends of mine.

I usually get abour 4 shaves out of each Gillette SensorExcel. I only shave about twice per week, but I haven't used a new blade since I started using the Razor Saver months ago, so that's dozens of shaves and plenty of money saved.

That said, it does seem shocking that it's not available in more stores. My only theory is that it's poor marketing, and that maybe enough people have the bad experience above because the instructions are woefully lacking and vague.

To help on the instructions bit, here's what works best for me:
1. Splash some water in the Razor Saver.
2. Hold the Razor Saver with the main opening pointing away from you.
3. Put your razor into the opening and slide it back and forth on the glass about four times.

The instructions make it sound like you should only go one direction on the glass, but I haven't found that to be true, and it's a pain to use if you try that because there's not much room to lift up the razer going the other way.

As for why it works, I think it just flattens out the mini knicks, like in any good knife honer.

Posted by: Ned Friend at August 13, 2006 4:01 PM

Doesn't work. Ordered one out of some hippie catalog years ago that was big on great ways to look like you're recycling while really creating more plastic garbage.

I tried this with multiple razors, including Gillette Sensor 2 & 3 blade razors, and multiple types of disposable 1 & 2 blade razors. Essentially, it's a piece of glass mirror glued inside a plastic box with a slot on the top and one end open. Guide the razor carefully into the open end and, while running water over the mirror inside the box, draw the razor toward you.

Result? A razor with an edge that is indistinguishably dull compared to the edge you started with 10 minutes before.

Posted by: Dan at July 3, 2006 11:20 AM
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