November 30, 2004

Free Trial... in Ireland

TotalShavingSolution.jpgTotal Shaving Solution has a free trial program for those of you (and me) who are always interested in trying something new. What's the catch? You have to live in Ireland. I'll report back on their willingness to mail stateside, but in the meantime check out and give it a shot.

By the way, I'm really glad they have a 4-step set of instructions on how to shave. It may seem simple or obvious, but I'm surprised the big companies like Schick and Gillette don't have sites devoted to the best ways to use their products. Kudos for sharing best practices.

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November 30, 2004

Braun Activator System

dryshaving.jpgI used to shave every day with a Remington electric razor. Then I discovered Braun. While I now use a traditional blade razor I still keep the Braun around for the occasional touch-up, and after 5 years it still cuts like new.

If you're looking for a new electric razor I'd recommend checking out the new Activator System, which Braun is marketing as "the World's best self-cleaning shaver".

The new Activator shaving system has a revolutionary new Smart Foil with differently shaped holes that captures hair growing in any direction for a closer shave in fewer strokes, even in problem areas like the neck.

Activator also features Clean & Renew, the world's most advanced automatic cleaning centre, which keeps Activator feeling like a new shaver everyday.

From experience I can say that plenty of your beard ends up inside the electric razor, and cleaning it, while helpful to your shave, is something you rarely do. If this things works as advertised it's worth it.

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November 29, 2004


kathy.jpgQuick thanks to our newest friend Kathy who mentioned as an "Excellent Niche Blog Example". Check out her blog The Guru Gazette Niche Marketing Profit Blog at

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November 29, 2004

Something Amusing

Like a vampire invited into my inbox I welcome King of Shaves' ShaveTalk. May your email daemon's offspring find comfort in my opt-in-ness. I'm going to hold off recommending their products until I review the samples I'm getting from them, but in the meantime, check out

We've now added more episodes of our humorous UK radio adverts to So 'tune in' to the new installments of our 'mini series' of radio advertisements that follow the Boss of 'Big Bucks Shaving Inc' in his attempt to see off his 'upstart' competitor King of Shaves. He is 'helped' in his quest by his faithful assistant MacTree. Enjoy!

If you're Yank-side you can laugh at the way they say "vitamin" and "aloe vera", and if you're a chunnel away from the Continent you can mock our electoral college.

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November 24, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving

turkey.jpegWe here at are thankful that there are thousands of researchers, product managers, testers, and manufacturers all devoted to making our next shave even smoother than the one before. Thanks everyone, and have a great Thanksgiving.

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One Thousand Beards

Want to know more about the history of the beard? Looking for justification to bring back the handle-bar moustache? Checkout One Thousand Beards by Allan Peterkin (and, appararently, Allan Peterkin):

With wit and insight, One Thousand Beards explores the historical meaning of beards, moustaches, sideburns, and other forms of facial hair, from Freud’s psychoanalytic interpretation, to a wild trip through history, to a rogue’s gallery of famous bearded or moustached men, including Abraham Lincoln, Joseph Stalin, Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean, and Yosemite Sam.

I may skip the pictures of boy-bands, but ZZ-Top better have a full-page spread.

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November 23, 2004

What's the connection?

Does anyone else find it weird that the two biggest razor companies are also the two biggest battery companies? Energizer owns Schick, and Gillette owns Duracell. Should we expect a Schick Quattro with Energizer batteries anytime soon?

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November 22, 2004

The Student Becomes the Master

K60205_93x224.jpg6025.jpgYears ago when I was in high school my father taught me how to shave. At the time his favorite razor was the Gillette Sensor and his favorite shaving cream was Clinique's Cream Shave. This weekend I had the rare pleasure of improving on my dad's 45 years of shaving experience. I leant him my Mach3 Power and my Kiehl's Blue Eagle. He was blown away that a shave could be that good. His exact quotes:

"It's the anti-shave it's so smooth."
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November 19, 2004

Care For Your Straight Razor Friday!!!

images_RAZORS.jpgThink you know all there is to know about caring for your straight razor? $10 says you didn't know the best place to store your blade is in your underwear drawer. According to, dedicated to the care of antiques and collectibles,

the best environment in which to store straight razorsis[sp] well-ventilated, dark, room temperature (72F or 20C), and neithertoo[sp] dry, nor too damp.

Guess they haven't seen my friend Denis's dresser. (Guess they also haven't seen my friend the spacebar.) Read more here.

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November 17, 2004

Prince ShavingWell

Last year for Christmas I got my wife a frog razor*, appropriately named Prince ShavingWell. It's fun and cute, and she loves it. Mama's Earth has a bunch of different animal-themed razors, including the otter-shaped "Ottermatic" and the hippo-shaped "Hip Hip Hoorazor". Might make a good gift for someone who enjoys something slightly amusing in their morning routine.

* Note to our friends and relatives - Neither my wife nor I are frog people, nor are we cat people either, despite the fact that we have cats. That means no mug for Christmas with a cat holding a barbell which says "Meow-er Power", and no anti-Successory frog-road-kill photo which says "It's not easy being green".

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November 16, 2004

Free stuff! This time for the ladies

In a move which looks an awful lot like clearing a channel, is offering a 4-pack of women's Sensor3 Disposable Razors for free with mail-in rebate. My advice? When you're ordering a few books this Christmas season for granny, throw a 4-pack of these gems into your shopping cart. Your wife will *love* you for it.

Updated 11/17/04 at 9:08am
"Yeah, right." -his wife

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Look what showed up in the mail

I've been a Mach3 Power man for the last 6 months or so, but yesterday a Schick Quattro showed up in the mail, quite unexpectedly. Who are these marketing gurus who knew I needed to try one? I have no idea, but thank you. This Sunday I plan on making a morning of it. A little coffee, New York Times, and a +4 blade of gentleness. (Props to gizmodo for the D&D reference.)

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November 15, 2004

Code Blue! Code Blue!!!!

I love silicone gel for my face. Really I do.

"This silicone-enhanced aloe gel builds a silky film over freshly shaved or waxed skin to stimulate natural cell exfoliation (no more ingrown hairs), while soothing marine botanicals help calm irritation. Also excellent as an after sun treatment."

Fragrance, Cosmetics & the Finest Facial Skin Care Product Selection at

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November 12, 2004

It's Straight Razor Friday Google Style!

I have to admit, I FEAR THE STRAIGHT RAZOR. I sometimes go to La Flame in Harvard Square (Cambridge, MA) and get a straight razor shave - but to own your own straight razor? Wouldn't that lead to some weird pyscho killer shaving style?


Visit Straight Razors from Easy Cutter

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November 10, 2004

Free Stuff!


OK, so you'll probably need to part with an email address, but that seems like a small price to pay for a (self-proclaimed and trademarked) World's Best Shave. King of Shaves is offereing free sample to anyone who fills out this survey.

Claim your free sample today and start to enjoy a smooth pain-free shave with no razor burn or rash! We're so convinced you'll find King of Shaves shaving software the world's best shave that, stocks permitting, we'll send you a free sample to prove it (though before we do so, we do ask you help us out by completing a short survey to help us improve our products and service).

Men and women's stuff available. Check it out here.

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November 5, 2004

Philishave Turbovac Review at Pocket-lin

Okay - now this is a great idea. The hair the electric razor shaves off - get's sucked up in the razor completely. NICE!!!!!

"The saying goes that If you haven't experimented with facial hair before you are 30, then the likelihood is that you won't ever. Lets face it chaps, we've all been there, gone on holiday, had a lazy weekend and then looked in the mirror and thought hmmm, I wonder what it would look like. For the most part the wife or girlfriend won't let you get past that prickly stage and it's off within a flash, but for some, the experience becomes one that stays that little bit longer."

Via Pocket-lint: Philishave Turbovac HTQ863 review

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Laser Razor... in 2010

lazerRazor.jpgA couple of years ago I was fooled by a tantelizing Wired review (see Non-Bleeding Edge) of a laser razor which claimed to stunt hair grow so you'd only have to shave with it once every couple of months.

Non-Bleeding Edge
Making mincemeat of the Gillette Mach 3, Light Solutions' Laser Razor dispenses with sharpened steel entirely and smoothes your beard or body with a solid-state semiconductor laser. To use it, you apply a cooling gel - just like shaving cream - and shave as usual. The lightshaver's near-infrared beam penetrates your skin to make all your stubble fall out in about two days, while temporarily stunting hair follicles to delay future growth. The result is a shave so close, it'll last a couple of months.

Of course the review listed availability in 2010, so I just wrote it off as another wishlist item which maybe we'd see some day. Turns out there's an element of truth to this. According to a paper from the Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, researchers from NIST and a "private company" (Gillette perhaps?) are collaborating on this very technology. See a short write-up on pages 924 and 925 of the paper cited above. No more details as of yet, but I for one would pay big money to save 15 minutes a day and still have a close-shaven face.

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November 4, 2004


kyan_bio_pic.jpgSomething trees do in the fall? According to Kyan on Queer Eye

"... all I want for Christmas is to let the world know how important exfoliating is to rejuvenating new skin cells. It helps people's skin look younger and gives their face a chance to retain a youthful appearance well into their prime of life."

So I've been exfoliating for a couple months now and while I can't vouch for my youthful appearance, I can say that I've had a smoother, easier shave and far fewer ingrown hairs than before. Here's the stuff I'm using. Totally Juicy Pore Scrub, Apricot

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November 3, 2004

Zirh Shave Gel

Featured on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy - this stuff looks very interesting...

"The difference is clear. Zirh's aloe vera gel is translucent -- so you can see through as you shave to avoid skin imperfections or perfectly tailor your goatee or sideburns. This one-of-a-kind gel uses a unique combination of natural ingredients to smooth and calm the skin. It also sets up a slick skin surface for a shave free of nicks, cuts and razorburn. Plus it's a morning eye-opener."

Shave Gel from Zirh

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Deodorant & Underarm Shaving?

Armpittarzananimation-1Can this really be true? I thought deodorant only caused Alzheimer's

Frequent underarm shaving combined with deodorant use might increase women's chances of getting breast cancer, claims a study based on a survey of over 400 women with breast cancer in the US. It is the first evidence of such a link to appear in a peer-reviewed journal, but it is far from conclusive."

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November 2, 2004

How Stuff Works - Electric Razors

Thinking about an electric razor this year for Christmas? They've come a long way since your first Remington. howstuffworks will gladly take one apart for you. Read more here.

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