February 21, 2005

Different Methods of Women's Hair Removal

teenshealth.gifHere's a cool page from TeensHealth. Don't disregard this page because it's on a kids health site. It's actually quite a good survey on the various methods of women's hair removal - shaving, plucking, waxing, electrolysis - as well as a brief overview of different types of hair.

As you browse the aisles of your local drugstore, you may feel a little dizzy. There are hundreds of products devoted to making the hair on your head more lustrous, clean, fragrant, and full - and just steps away, dozens more promise to get rid of your unwanted hair just as easily. Which ones work best? How do they work? And do you need any of them?

Read more here.

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February 20, 2005

Schick Intuition - Now in Cucumber Melon Fragrance!

schick_intuition.jpgSaw this at Target the other day. It's the Schick Intuition, now in cucumber melon fragrance. Nuts!

But check this out. Here are the websites for the Shick Intuition in Australia and New Zealand. Who's the celebrity spokes-person? Jewel! And you can hear her singing part of her song Intuition (which seems very un-Jewel-like, although I must admit I stopped following her career about a day after it started). On the American site... no Jewel! What gives?

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February 17, 2005

Norelco T770 Accu-Vac Beard and Moustache Trimmer

n_t770.jpgI'm totally ripping off dealnews here, but that site rocks and if you don't know about it you should definitely check it out.

Amazon is offering the Norelco T770 Accu-Vac Beard and Moustache Trimmer for $26.99, which you have to ask, is pretty damn cheap.

  • Stainless Steel Self Sharpening Blades offer lifetime precision cutting
  • Patented zoom lock locks into 9 different settings for your desired beard length
  • Rechargeable, Cordless Unit for use without the cord.
  • 10 hour charge time, charging indicator
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Everyone should have an electric shaver for quick touch-ups, trimming down a beard, or when you're too damn lazy to lather up. Get one today!

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February 14, 2005

Review of Remington MB-45

rem_mb_45.jpgOne of regular readers writes in:

Hi ShaveMaster: I have been trimming my beard weekly for probably 20 years with a succession of Wahl trimmers. Why a Wahl trimmer? Because it is just like the one that the barber uses to finish up your haircut. It is black and you plug it in and it buzzes away. There is a plastic attachment that you put on the cutting head which sort of regulates how long the beard hair will be when you finish. You are supposed to lubricate it after every use, but when the little tube of oil is empty, that's that.

Thinking I might as well have a beard trimmer at the house in NH (instead of carrying the Wahl back and forth), I did some Internet research and bought a Remington MB-45. It is now a different world. This trimmer is able to trim my beard in half the time, leaves the beard hairs soft to the touch and accurately adjusts to the beard hair length that I want. It is rechargealble, can be used with cord or cordless (throw it in you bathroom kit for traveling) and the blades are titanium so they stay sharp. Also, no lubrication necessary. The settings for beard hair length can even give the younger generation that "stubble look". The trimmer also has a small pop up trimmer for shaping hard to reach places.

So what to do with my old Wahl? That's easy. For another $30, I have Remington MB-45 trimmers at my house in NH and at my house in MO.

Remington sells the MB-45 at their website for $33.99.

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February 11, 2005

The Man-Wrap from Mitchworld

DICK_big_1002-04.jpgI shave nude. I take a shower, I towel off, and then I shave. Sound dangerous? It might when you start to think about the proximity of a certain sensitive area to a sinkful of scalding hot water. Call me neurotic, but I'm always worried that a hardy splash from my razor is going to result in second degree burns.

Enter the Man-Wrap, from Mitchworld:

The perfect garment to put on after surfing, swimming, sun bathing or relaxing at your favorite spa. The Man Wrap™ is made from the softest terry cloth on the inside, and a stain resistant fabric on the outside.

With an adjustable waist band, button front closure and a front patch pocket, the Man Wrap™ looks better, and is more functional, than a waist-wrapped towel. And it feels better, too!

The Man Wrap comes in three different styles - the Willis, the Dick, and the Bob. Me? I like the Dick (pictured). But then again you probably could have guessed that.

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February 10, 2005

Shaving Statistics from Gillette

g_thegillettecompany.gifHere are some interesting statistics on US and world-wide shaving from Gillette. From the US category:

  • 68 million men [72 percent of men who shave] shave with a blade and razor.
  • 26 million men [28 percent of men who shave] shave with an electric shaver.

and my favorite:

  • 94 million men [90 percent of the U.S. male population] age 15 years and older remove hair.

It's too bad the numbers add up.

  68 million (who shave with a blade)
+ 26 million (who shave with an electric razor)
  94 million (who remove hair)

I was kind of hoping that the numbers would be a little off and we'd be left to speculate on the fraction of people who "remove hair" but don't "shave". Do they pluck? Nair? Wax? Epi...man?

Oh well, enjoy more stats here

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February 7, 2005

Valentine's Day Shaving Gifts

tb_logo.gifShave.com is offering 1/3 off all Ted Baker London fragrances and bodycare products. What are Ted Baker London fragrances? Honestly, I have no idea. But they're from London, so they must be cool.

From now until 14th February we're offering an amazing 1/3rd off the RRP on all individual Ted Baker No Ordinary Designer Fragrances when you purchase from our online store. This fantastic offer includes favourites such as Skinwear, Woman, M&W and Endurance as well as the latest Second Skin Eau de Toilette.

Office Courtesy Warning - Ted Baker likes the Flash. There's some comically odd animals including a mounted bearhead on one of their entry pages, as well just enough garbled singing to embarass you as you madly reach for the volume of your speakers.

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February 2, 2005

Venus Vibrance

venus-vibrance.jpgContinuing the brilliance that is the Mach3 Power, Gillette will soon debut a women's version, dubbed the Venus Vibrance. From Gillette's product news page:

Venus Vibrance is the world's most technologically advanced women's razor. Utilizing the advanced technology that Gillette pioneered with the introduction of the M3Power men's razor at retail in May 2004, Venus Vibrance delivers gentle pulses to the shaving cartridge to provide the closest, smoothest Venus shave ever.

Ladies, I know the whole idea of a vibrating razor sounds either silly or perverse, but I've been converted and I'm spreading the gospel. Go out and get yourself one of these when they come out and be amazed.

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February 1, 2005

TITANIUM TURBO Disposable Electric Shaver

titanium_turbo.gifHere's a first - a disposable electric shaver. And it's cheap! www.gettitaniumturbo.com offers their T2 Titanium Turbo for only $9.99.

The TITANIUM TURBO is the high performance electric shaver at a low price ($9.99). It's small and easy to handle, yet performs like a full-size electric. It has a special razor-like design for perfect precision. A smooth shave is guaranteed. Titanuim Turbo makes a great gift for friends or Family.

A word of warning about going to their website. Turn off the sound on your computer or plug in headphones first. They've got a streaming Flash infomercial which starts up right away. It's informative, but annoying if you suddenly blast your office with Mr. Upbeat's gushing praise.

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