May 30, 2005

RazorMax Review from Shaving

razormax2.jpgNot too long ago we posted an article about RazorMax, a system for prolonging the life of your razors. The good folks at RazorMax promptly sent us a sample to test out and review, and I've been using it now for a little over a month. Want the quick summary? The stuff works.

razormax_classic_2.jpgI've been using the RazorMax Classic Kit, which sells for $19.95, and comes with two bottles of RazorMax oil and a clear plastic trough which will easily hold two razors side by side, even if you're using razors as large as the Mach3 or Quattro. As you can see from the picture, you simply store your razors in the oil when not in use. Easy. Other than that you shave as you normally would. When you're done, dry off your razor as best as you can, run it over a towel to get any extra moisture off, and put it back in the trough. Pretty much idiot proof.

The RazorMax website claims you can get five times as many shaves from a single razor blade as you normally would get without their system. I easily went to 2.5 times as many shaves before I started experimenting and needed to change blades. For Mach3 users, RazorMax recommends removing the bottom microfin from the razor cartridge for a closer shave. I wrote them about this since it seemed strange - if you get a closer shave without the bottom microfin, why wouldn't Gillette design their razors without it in the first place? Turns out the RazorMax oil can make that microfin expand slightly, which raises the blades off the skin and give a slightly less close shave. For me this was only noticeable around the hollows of my cheeks, where there isn't any bone behind the skin. It meant I needed to pay a little more attention to shaving those areas, but ultimately wasn't a big deal.

microfin.jpgI tried their suggestion - removing the microfin. See picture on right. This is no easy task. Marty of RazorMax suggested I remove the microfin after a couple of shaves, since the microfin doesn't swell up for the first few days. Removing a dry microfin with a swiss army knife was difficult enough. Removing an oily microfin with a swiss army knife was harrowing. I don't recommend it, and quite frankly I didn't enjoy the shave as much. It's certainly possible the shave is closer without the microfin, but it's definitely there for a reason. I could feel more drag against my face without the fin there. My recommendation - leave the microfin on and just pay closer attention to your cheeks.

The instruction sheet which comes with the RazorMax kit also recommends you start your shave without rinsing the oil off the razor. I tried this a couple times but didn't like it. The problem is that the razor is not hot, and any benefit you might get from the extra oil on the balde is outweighted by the coldness of the razor. A hot razor really shaves better. At least for me.

After prolonged use the soapy strip opposite the microfin gets a little crummy-looking. Initially this strip starts out colored, and when it turns white you're supposed to change razors. Of course with RazorMax the strip becomes white and you keep shaving. I don't believe that strip does much anyway. As long as you're using a quality shaving cream that strip doesn't much matter.

The only other difference in shaving I noticed was that the little bits of shaved whiskers which ended up in the sink were somehow stickier and harder to wash down the drain. Not a big deal, and certainly not a reason to stop using this product, but I just thought I'd mention it.

Bottom line - this stuff is worth it. For 20 bucks you will significantly increase the life of your razors without sacrificing your shave or your morning routine. Do the math. You're going to save money.

Buy RazorMax products at their online store at

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May 25, 2005

Double Edge Razors

gun_mtl_rzr.jpgRemember these razors? Remember the blades? I think I picked up a rusty double-edge razor on the street once as a little kid and my parents instantly scolded me. Or maybe I was particularly susceptible to those elementary school Halloween horror stories of kids biting into apples. Whatever it is I have this totally unfounded fear the things.

bb04.jpgBut hey - want to buy some? Total retro shaving. Check out for a huge selection. They also have this cool totally Mach3 on a stand. One of the coolest, minimalist designs for a razor stand I've ever seen.

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May 24, 2005

Sometimes 3 is better than 4

g_thegillettecompany.gifIn the ongoing battle of the blades, Gillette has scored another victory against Schick. The US court of Appeals has overturned a US District Court's earlier decision that Gillette's patent on a 3-blade razor didn't cover razors with 4 blades. Turns out it does! Also covers 5-bladed razors too. Looks like Schick better get to work on the Sextet. Now that's a razor I can endorse.

Read more in this Boston Globe article.

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May 10, 2005

Remington MS3-1700 Titanium 3 for $39.99

remington_ms3-1700.jpgNeed a new electric shaver? Amazon is offering the Remington MS3-1700 Titanium 3 MicroScreen Ultra Rechargeable Mens Shaver for only $39.99. Unless you're an ebay master you're going to have a tough time finding a quality electric shaver for less.

3-Position trimmer; Charging indicator; 60 Minutes running time...

Ultra-speed motor (8700 RPMs) for a fast shave. Easily rinses clean. Counter-directional cutters minimize noise and vibration. Also Includes: Easy-grip surface; Cleaning brush; Deluxe travel pouch. Power Features: Rechargeable, cordless use only; Charging indicator; 60 Minutes running time.
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May 6, 2005

Mach3 Power Nitro

mach3_nitro.jpgGillette has introduced the Mach3 Power Nitro. What is it? Honestly, I'm having a tough time nailing it down. I think it's just a redesigned handle which comes with the same blades as the original Mach3 Power. Gillette timed the release of the Nitro with the broadcast of the Discovery Channel's American Chopper last Monday.


The new M3Power Nitro builds upon the heritage of the flagship MACH3 line and incorporates the same advanced blade and razor technologies as M3Power. The name and design of the new razor are taken from the sleek look and energy of high- performance vehicles. The creation of the M3Power Nitro chopper brings to life the inspiration behind the newest men's shaving system from Gillette.

Oddly enough I couldn't find any press releases on Gillette's site or on any news sites detailing the Nitro, other than the tie-in with American Chopper. So, do you need one? Not if you already have a Mach3 Power. But if you don't have a Mach3 Power, do yourself a favor and check either the Power or the Nitro out. It really is a great shave.

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May 5, 2005

Body Bare - The Shave Anywhere Razor

BodybareFollowing more of this weekend's coverage of "body razors", I found what seems to be the body razor leader on the web. I keep coming across the Body Bare all over the place. I'll be contacting the company to see if we can drum one up. Russ - PREPARE TO BE BODY BARE!!!!

Body Bare - The Shave Anywhere Razor:
The Body Bare® revolutionary, rechargable Intimate Area Razor is a second-generation,
newly designed rotary-head, hair removal instrument specifically for Dare to be Bare aficionados.
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Seiko Cleancut Shaver

Cleancut Solo Outdoor Small Enhanced Use 75Okay - so I've been doing a little research on pubic shaving. We have to admit that pubic shaving, waxing, cutting, grooming - etc. happens on Shaving Now I'm not not sure about the gold standard of pubic shaving, but I'm pretty sure this Seiko looks like it could fit the bill. Has anyone tried one of these puppies for $59.95?

Seiko Cleancut Shaver Main at
This is the genuine article. The shaver that started it all. It is the Gold Standard of pubic shavers. The shaver all other pubic shavers want to be, but never quite measure up to. You can tell the quality when you pick up a Seiko. It just feels right, relatively heavy and well made. Turn it on and you can tell the motor is smoother, lower speed and has more torque than other personal area shavers on the market. You won't hear the tell-tell rattle of a short lived cheap motor and bearings. You will hear how the blades smoothly spin against the foil shaving head (the fit between the blades and the cutting head is crucial to the performance of a shaver.) Each shaver is tested and adjusted before leaving the Seiko factory.
You can also buy Pubic Shavers here...
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"Dream Date" with Carmen Electra

carmen_electra.JPGYou might think that I'd look for any excuse to put a picture of Carmen Electra on this website, and you might be right, but somehow the planets have aligned. Gillette, maker of the new TAG body spray, is auctioning off a night with Carmen with all proceeds going to the National Prostate Cancer Coalition.

TAG body spray, a new line of body sprays for young men, is auctioning off the opportunity of a lifetime - a dream date with one of today's hottest celebrities, Carmen Electra. The auction, which will take place on eBay beginning on April 27, will not only "up" one guy's game, but also raise funds to fight prostate cancer.

What's the catch? You have to be male age 15 - 20. Curse you old age! I could seriously get behind the National Prostate Cancer Coalition if they'd just raise that maximum age. Here's a link to the ebay auction. You have until May 7th to bid. If you win and you found out through the shavingstuff website, please feel obligated to bring Carmen by on your Dream Date. Good luck!

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May 1, 2005

Taking A Shine to All Over Shaving

AllovershavingI think a clean body is a thing of beauty. I think a clean shaved body is simply magic. Imagine expanding your grooming requirements to your entire body? People in Britain in the next few weeks will have that chance.

BRITAIN'S first electric shaver designed for men's bodies rather than their chins goes on sale next week. Millions of men are opting for the shiny look sparked by the hair-free example of footballers such as Frank Lampard and Freddie Ljungberg. Removing unsightly hair to leave pristine chests, backs and armpits is a growing trend, with nearly half of men admitting to shaving their bodies. And thousands are shaving the bits that only their nearest and dearest get to see, according to electrical firm Philips as they prepared to launch the £35 Bodygroom shaver. But the trend has led to many men getting cut and sore because they use normal razors or even their girlfriends' hair removal cream. A company spokesman said: 'Until now, the hair removal options on offer to men have been limited, prompting some worrying improvisation, using ill-suited products.'
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