October 31, 2005

Shaving Brushes from MEN-U

Thinking about trying a shaving brush? $19.99 will get you a high quality Italian shave brush from MEN-U in your choice of patriotic colors - red, white, blue..., and black. (Black's patriotic too.) Shaving brushes are a good idea. Smoothing shaving cream on your face with your fingers works, but it tends to mat down your whiskers, which is the opposite of what you want. Here are the three main benefits of a brush, according to MEN-U:

First, it helps raise the hair so that a closer cut is possible. Second, it helps create a rich creamy lather with the shaving cream that stays close to the skin. And, finally, it helps remove dead skin cells (exfoliation) which reduces the chance of blemishes, razor bumps and also helps the skin look and feel smooth and healthy

Check out the rest of MEN-U's site for tips on shaving, gift ideas, and lots of other great products.

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October 28, 2005

Gundam Razor from KAI

Why do the Japanese get all the cool stuff? Seriously? Like those Hello Kitty USB dongles. Not that I would ever be caught dead with one, but I applaud the idea and the follow-through.

Here's a link to the Japanese site which is selling the Gundam Razor from KAI. Supposedly there's a contest where 1000 lucky entrants will win one free. Since I don't speak Japanese, I've used Google's "translate this page" for my (and your) benefit:

In order in the private application post card or the postal post card not to peel off with the cellophane tape and the like, to stick bar-code 1 it has been attached to the package of the above-mentioned object commodity securely, name (the フリガナ) * postal code * address * telephone number * age * sex * purchase store name in regard to clearly writing, please mail to the campaign Executive Office address.

Done. Hope I win!

Via Gizmodo

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October 27, 2005

More Deals from Dealnews.com and Amazon

vortex.jpg'Tis the season... for deals! Got to love the holiday gift-giving season, when everything is available and everything is on sale. Like these electric shavers!

Panasonic ES8077S Vortex HyrdroClean Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaving System for $129.99 plus a "$50 promotional certificate good toward a future Amazon.com purchase." Wha?!?!?

Three stage battery monitor with a long lasting rechargeable battery
Water-infused hygienic solution cleans stubble and debris from the shaver and refreshes the blades
Long-lasting cartridge provides superior cleaning power and keeps the blades lubricated
13,000 RPM Linear motor delivers the fastest shave for a smooth clean shave
Adjustable pivoting head for a comfortable shave

norelco-multi.jpgNorelco G270 Multi-Trim All Purpose Groomer for $15.99

Keep yourself neatly groomed and ready to go with this Norelco All-in-One Personal Grooming Set. Full size trimmer includes a beard and mustache trimmer, hair clipper comb, a nose/ear/eyebrow trimmer, and a neckline and sideburn trimmer. Find the length and look that's right for you with 9 adjustable length settings from 1.4mm to 18mm. The Acu-control system uses a flexing guide comb that adjusts to facial contours for even and comfortable trimming and the stainless steel blades are self-sharpening. Cordless, rechargeable set includes comfort grips and charging stand.

All that for $15.99?!? That isn't a deal - it's a steal!

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October 27, 2005

Billy Jealousy In the House!

hm_btn_logo.jpgThanks to the good folks over at Billy Jealousy for sending over some samples of their Hot Towel pre-shave treatment, their Hydroplane shave cream, and their Shaved Ice after-shave balm. We'll be testing those out over the next few weeks here at ShavingStuff and have a review up soon.

We mentioned that week that Billy Jealousy was one of the FHM 2005 Grooming Award winners. Looks like those aren't the only accolades they've won. Check out their winning mention in these articles from EDGE Boston:

From Shaving 101: A Primer:

This luxurious product is brilliant; it preps the face and makes it much easier to get a closer shave. Hot Towel is a citrus scented cream that can be used in conjunction with their Hydroplane Shaving Cream. Water activation makes it hot, like an old-fashioned hot towel treatment you’d get at the barber’s. Contains Aloe Vera and glycerin. (Editor’s note: Not only did I LOVE this prepping product, but the packaging is fabulous- simply, stylish, masculine… and it actually works!)

From Shaving 102: Smoother Than a Baby’s…:

Pros: Contains aloe, chamomile and micro-silicon beads- these help soothe and promote a smoother skin. Also in the mix is an anti-inflammatory agent (bye-bye razor burn!) and hydroscopic humectants to suck moisture into your skin. Has a citrus-mint blend fragrance that actually makes opening your eyes a pleasant experience.

Cons: Kept sniffing the bottle.

Editor’s Note: As far as scent and consistency goes, this was my favorite. It smells incredible and it’s as thick as honey- I wanted to eat it!

And for those of you who want to finish the EDGE Boston series, here's the link to Shaving 103: Cool it Now…. and Moisturize Too!.

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October 26, 2005

More Cheap Ear and Nose Trimmers at Amazon

ne-3.jpegSeems I have a little aural and nasal fixation of late. But hey - what's our mantra? "No nose hair EVER!" That goes for ears too.

Dealnews has come through again with this list of cheap products at Amazon. In particular, check out the Remington NE-3 Precision Wet/Dry Rotary Nose and Ear Trimmer for $6.99.

  Remington NE-3 Precision Wet/Dry Rotary Nose and Ear Trimmer - $6.99
  Conair NE150NCS Cordless Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer - $7.99
  Angel Sales Neat Nose Hair Trimmer - $8.99
  Panasonic ER112BC Nose and Ear Hair Groomer - $9.79
  Panasonic ER411NC Nose and Ear Hair Groomer - $14.88

Makes a great stocking stuffer. Got a yankee swap coming up? Everyone does. What about secret santa. Or perhaps you just want to leave a little hint for a clueless coworker.

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October 25, 2005

Free Sample of RazorGuard

We've blogged about RazorGuard and RazorMax before - both are oils which prevent your razor blades from oxidization, lengthening their use. It's a great way to save some money. Here's a link to a free sample of RazorGuard for the small price of an email address. Answer a few simple questions and you're all set.

OK, I just tried it, and while it appears quick and painless, it has asked me to send a self-addressed stamped envelop (32 cents) to

RazorGuard, Inc.
904 Silver Spur Rd. Suite 185
Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274

32 cents?!? Wasn't that like the price of postage in 1987? Not sure this offer is still valid, but might be worth a shot.

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October 24, 2005

Ingrown Hair Night Cream

Ingrown hairs. There's a topic sure to make you squirm. But if you suffer from them, chances are you'll go to great lengths to get rid of them. Good news! The Art of Shaving has introduced a new cream designed specifically to attack ingrown hairs - Ingrown Hair Night Cream. The bad news - might take a little while.

The Art of Shaving Ingrown Hair Night Cream effectively accelerates the relief of ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Before bedtime, apply generously to affected areas after cleansing with The Art of Shaving Facial Wash. Continue nightly for one to four weeks, or until you see complete healing.

Hmm... one to four weeks. Not sure I can wait that long. I tend to go nuts with a pair of tweezers when I have one. Probably not the wisest idea, but I want that sucker out.

The Art of Shaving's Ingrown Hair Night Cream is available on their website for $40.

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October 21, 2005

Weekend Reading - Joan E. Lloyd's Lovers' Feedback Forum

I've been somewhat reluctant to cover pubic shaving, given that I know some readers would rather stick to more puritan topics, however a growing vocal contingent are asking for more. So, while I'm still finalizing my journalistic standards, here's a little gem for those interested in smut - Joan Elizabeth Lloyd's Feedback Forum on Shaving. Ms. Lloyd is the author of such books as The Perfect Orgasm and Naughty Bedtime Stories, and hosts a rather low-tech blog and forums for her fan base. (Note the proper underlining of book titles in the previous sentence.)

Sample first sentences of posts:

After reading your web pages regarding shaving, I decided to try convincing my wife that it would be a thrill for us both to shave and would offer a new dimension to our love making.
Okay – here is the scoop on shaving and itching.
I started shaving in 82 while teaching scuba diving lessons.

If that stuff floats your boat, click on over and read away. If you're a little offended, come back and see us on Monday. We'll have cleaned up our act by then.

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TV Snob & The Best of the Blogpire

Tvsnob BlogadWe've been very busy bloggers this past week. One of our blogs TV Snob has been very very busy. They've found some very cool stuff to enhance your TV experience including: Plasma TV Fireplace - A Great Way to Hide That Ugly Plasma TV in a Beautiful Faux Fixture, The Classé CDP-300 - The World's Most Beautiful $6500, 35lb DVD Player, TV Walker Flash - TV Tuner and USB Flash All-In-One, and SpyderTV - Optimize Your TV's Color Settings. Also each week TV Snob covers the latest Amazon DVD Releases so you don't have to. Check out TV Snob - you won't be sorry.

Now - on with the rest of the Blogpire!

Single Serve Coffee: Review: Baronet Coffee's 12 Gram Dark Kenya AA Monster Coffee Pods from Single Serve Coffee.com - Williams Sonoma & Single Serve Coffee

Just The Chips: Straight Flush Ghetto - Dogs Playing Poker Drink Coaster Set - Royal Flush Chip & Dip

Kitchen Contraptions: 12-Bottle-Capacity Table-Top Wine Cellar - Clear Espresso Hand Tamper - Kitchen Contraption Makes Dishes on Demand

Shirt Snob: Halloween Designs at Cafe Press - Reprints at Threadless - Accessory Friday-iPod Cases and Breast Cancer Research

GPS Lodge: GPS Review: Another Great Review for TomTom GO 300 - Want a Free Garmin eTrex? Buy a Segway - Club TomTom Blog launched for US

Liquor Snob: Instant Expert's Guide to Single Malt Scotch Review - Tito's Handmade Vodka Review - Blavod Black Vodka Review

The Cooking News: Wine News: 50 flavorful, affordable wines - Recipe News: Get creative with pumpkin recipes - Cooking news: Being Rachael Ray: How Cool Is That? - Wine News: Wine tasting 101

Shaving Stuff: The Science of Billy Jealousy's Hydroplane - 2005 FHM Grooming Awards - Braun Cruzer3 Shaver - CVS M3 Razors

What's All the Racquet: Roddick clinches berth in Tennis Masters - Williams Sisters get props from the Hip Hop Community

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October 20, 2005

The Science of Billy Jealousy's Hydroplane

hm_btn_logo.jpgSo as you might be able to tell I've been combing through the FHM Grooming awards looking for interesting topics and products to write about. Here's something worth mentioning - how modern science has improved shaving creams. From the September 29, 2005 post on Billy's Blog of Billy Jealousy:

Historically, the best way to achieve a close shave was to create a thick foam so your blade would ride a cushion of bubbles. Today with the creation of water-soluble micro silicone beads, thick foam has become obsolete. Water-soluble means that water doesn't permeate the silicone. As a result, Hydroplane becomes slicker and slicker when you add more water as you shave. The upshot? Your razor now floats over your face without any razor drag or irritation.

Hydroplane is Billy Jealousy's shaving cream, which they recommend using with their Hot Towel pre-shave treatment. Get 'em both for $42 and a portion of the price goes to supporting the arts and the environment.

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October 19, 2005

2005 FHM Grooming Awards

Speaking of the FHM 2005 Grooming Awards, I think it's worth mentioning the shaving-related winners. In the category of Best Shave (Cream, Foam, & Gel):

Billy Jealousy Hydroplane Shave Cream
Bullie Close Shave
Edge Advanced Gel
King of Shaves Magna Shave Gel
Lab Series Max Comfort Shave Cream
Lectric Shave Ultra Gel
Menscience Advanced Shave Formula
Molton Brown Supershave Olibanum

And in the category of Best After-Shave we have:

Art of Shaving After Shave Gel Unscented
Billy Jealousy Shaved Ice After-Shave Balm
Biotherm AcnoClean Acne Treatment Gel
Clinique Post Shave Soother
Dr. Galen’s Herbal Skin Tonic
Gillette Complete Skin Care After Shave Gel
Nivea After Shave Sensitive Balm
Old Spice High Endurance Beard Minimizing After Shave Lotion

"Oh my god! I didn't expect to win. I am just honored to be in the same category as these fine after-shaves. Well, I prepared a short list just in case. I'd like to thank everyone at the studio, Bob and Harvey Weinstein..."

See the full results here.

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October 18, 2005

Braun Cruzer3 Shaver

A winner in the 2005 FHM Grooming Awards, the Braun Cruzer3 Shaver is HOT! All the standard features you'd expect in a modern electric razor - rechargeable, wet or dry shave, adjustable shave closeness - but this bad boy is designed for sculpture. Facial sculpture, that is.

A wide shaper for large areas and a narrow shaper for precise lines and edges allows you to create any facial hair style imaginable. Add a multi-length beard trimming attachment, and you have the only shaver with 3-in-1 functionality (Shave, Style, Trim).

Check out the this guide to personalizing your face starting with "the short beard, the goatee and the Lincolnic." Might be a good idea to keep this handy in case one errant cut forces you to go with a different style.

$49.88 at Amazon. Free shipping. 'Nuf said.

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October 17, 2005

CVS M3 Razors

810983.jpgDoes anyone know what these are? I was in CVS recently and saw CVS M3 Razors. My first guess was that they are lower cost triple blade razors which fit the Mach3, but now I'm not so sure. I can't find any information on the packaging, or CVS's website, or anywhere else which says they are compatible.

Then there's this seemingly unfinished site - m3razor.com, which seems to show a link between CVS and King of Shaves. Links go no where, except to CVS's website.

So maybe they're not compatible with Mach3. Anyone know about these razors? At $4.99 for 4 they're dirt cheap. Maybe it's a stealth launch of a new brand.

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October 14, 2005

Kitchen Contraptions & The Best of the Blogpire

Mailing List Kitchen

Ummm...where did the week go? I was pretty sure getting up this morning that it was in fact Thursday and not Friday.

Since it's the weekend, we recommend checking out Kitchen Contraptions if you haven't had your fill of cooking this week. Kitchen Contraptions features kitchen gadget news, reviews, and more including: Zevro Perfetto™ Pasta Cooker - Grcic Espresso Machine - Cameron's Stovetop Smoker

Now on with the best of the Blogpire!

Single Serve Coffee: Review: Grindmaster OPOD001 Precision Pod Brewing System - Review: Starbucks Coffee Pods for Senseo & Home Cafe from Single Serve Coffee

Just The Chips: Howard Lederer Tells All

Shaving Stuff: RAZORBLOGGING on Instapundit.com - Gillette Venus Vibrance "Legs of a Goddess'' Contest

What's All The Racquet: Blake, Rochus, Paradorn reach quarterfinals - Venus pulls out of Kremlin Cup

TV Snob: The Fortis TV - TV for the Taste Impaired? - Should your next HDTV be a Plasma? - 4GB Hard Drive for PSP

Shirt Snob: Lost t-shirts - Jesus Hates the Yankees from Busted Tees - Accessory Friday-Breast Cancer Awareness

GPS Lodge: GPS Review: TomTom GO 300 - Amazon Sale on Select GPS Units - Timex Body Link: Now with Small GPS Receiver

The Cooking News: Mexican food glossary defines terms for dining, cooking - New Cookbook Offers Relief From Multiple Food Allergies - Jumpy Monkey Coffee becoming a hit

Liquor Snob: Bombed Beer Pong Game Review - Coldpole Liquor Reservoir Ski Poles - Orange V Vodka Review - New Miller Beer Ads Are Bittersweet - Monkey Shoulder Whisky

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Free Schick Intuition

schick_intuition2.jpgNow's your chance to try the Schick Intuition at no cost to you. Well, you'll probably end up on some mailing list, but that's why the almighty invented spam filters. The Schick Intuition is Schick's 3-bladed women's razor intended for silky smooth legs. It auto-exfoliates. Sounds like a porn title.

Schick® Intuition® simplifies shaving by smoothing and soothing your skin with every stroke. The revolutionary all-in-one cartridge contains triple blades surrounded by a unique Skin Conditioning Solid that lathers and shaves in one easy step. So easy, in fact, there is no need for shave gel, soap, or body wash!

Here's the link to the form for a free Schick Intuition. Try one out and then let our readers know what you think.

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October 13, 2005

RAZORBLOGGING on Instapundit.com

Big pickup yesterday for us by Instapundit. Looks like they were talking about shaving and one of our readers mentioned ShavingStuff. Thanks!

Click on over to their RAZORBLOGGING article to read people's opinions on different razors and techniques. I have to say it's nice to read about people who are happy with their shaving system. I read too many articles and posts from people railing against the horrors of modern shaving equipment. Technology does advance, and shaving has improved, although to the guy using Prell as shaving cream - I think you're on your own.

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October 11, 2005

Gillette Venus Vibrance "Legs of a Goddess'' Contest

Gillette has announced the winner of its Gillette Venus Vibrance "Legs of a Goddess'' Contest, and all of us at ShavingStuff would like to extend our hearty congratulations to second-year Drake law student Angela McNeany. Way to go on those legs! Ms. McNeany's prizes are

valued at $50,000, which includes a Jacob and Co. signature five time zone watch featuring a pink and black diamond bezel, four seasons of designer shoes, a luxury handbag, and the chance to appear in a Gillette Venus commercial.

And, she got to fly to LA and celebrate Hilary Duff's 18th birthday! Ready for the greatest quote ever?

One minute I'm studying tort reform and the next I'm told I have the best legs in America and am flown to Hollywood for Hilary Duff's birthday party

I don't know about you but I'm cracking those law books tonight. Who knows what might happen.

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October 7, 2005

The Cooking News & The Best of the Blogpire

ThecookingnewshearderWe think you should check out The Cooking News. Each week it features the latest recipes, food news, and interesting tidbits on cooking. Jennifer & Mike bring to you each and every day the best recipes they can find like: Strawberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake, SQUASH RECIPES, and of course Apple recipes. We think you'll really enjoy The Cooking News.

Now on with the best of the Blogpire!

Liquor Snob: Quaffer Shot Glass Review - Tuaca Italian Liqueur Review - Liquor Snob Roundup: September 2005

GPS Lodge: GPS movie to be released: GPS The Movie - Magellan RoadMate 800 Announced - OFFICIALLY - GPS Lodge Monthly Round-up for September 2005

Shirt Snob: Tees at Gama-Go - Breast Cancer Awareness at Cafe Press - Shirt Snob.com round up for September

TV Snob: Using P2P to Catch up with The BBC - DVD Recorders - What Can You Do With Them? - TV Snob Monthly Round-up for September 2005

What's All The Racquet: Tennis star in doping shock...

Shaving Stuff: A Patented Approach to Increasing Razor Life - No Nose Hair Ever - September Wrap-Up

Kitchen Contraptions: Review: simplehuman compact dishrack - Kitchen Shredder: Protect Your Family's Identity - The Best of Kitchen Contraptions for September 2005

Just The Chips: World Poker Tour Texas Hold'Em Handheld Game - TV Poker Blackjack & Video Poker

Single Serve Coffee: Get Tassimo $144.99 & FREE SHIPPING - Review: Brugo Self Cooling Coffee Mug - Single Serve Coffee Monthly Round Up for September 2005

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October 6, 2005

A Patented Approach to Increasing Razor Life

We've reported on oils from RazorMax and RazorGuard which lengthen the life of a razor by preventing oxidation. Here's another idea for prolonging the life of a razor - the ability to switch the blades. Mark Hesketh realized that the first blade in a multi-blade razor cartridge wears down quicker than the later blades. He was able to see this uneven wear using a microscope to examine the surface of the different blades in single cartridge. The ability the switch around the blades, he figured, would prolong the overall life of the cartridge.

Mark has patented the idea and is looking for a company to license it. You can read the full text of the patent here.

Seems like a great idea, although it doesn't exactly match the current business model which is geared toward getting you to buy more blades. Ahh capitalism. Doesn't always line up for the consumer. We'll be getting an advanced prototype soon and once we have used it a couple times we'll put up a review. Stay tuned...

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October 3, 2005

No Nose Hair Ever

nose_trimmer.jpgQ: What is the worst style faux pas a person can commit?
A: Nose hair!

So speaketh Kyan from Queer Eye.

We've brought this up before, so if you weren't listening, here's your second chance. Amazon will solve your grooming faux pas for $7.99 plus shipping with the Conair NE150NCS Cordless Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer. There's no shame in nose hair. Actually, let me amend that statement. There's no shame in a nose hair trimmer. There's definitely shame in nose hair.

Courtesy of dealnews.

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