July 31, 2006

Shaving Creams from Lush

blacklush.gifHave you been to Lush? Specifically, have you been to a Lush store? Their website is cool, but their store will blow you away. Lush sells soaps, moisturizers, body lotions, facial masks, and more. Even if you're a guy, and you have absolutely no interest in these things, you will appreciate this store. Every item looks like food. It's pure marketing and design brilliance. Pieces of soap are packaged like exotic cheeses. Facial masks are set in a salad bar display. Creams are sold in prepared-food cartons. I'm a guy and I want to try everything.

On the shaving front, Lush has three shaving creams for men - Ambrosia Shaving Cream, Razorantium Shaving Cream, and Prince Triple Orange Blossom Shaving Cream. Ambrosia is for sensitive skin, Razorantium is for tough beards, and Price Triple Orange Blossom is for everyone else. My only complaint is that Lush doesn't have an aftershave. What's up with that? But they do have several all-purpose creams with appealing scents for guys. My recommendation is to stop in a store and see what's right for you. The sales staff are friendly and eager to let you sample anything. Even if you don't find something that's perfect, you will admire the sheer brilliance of Lush.

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July 28, 2006

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Damien Rice

Saw Damien Rice last week in concert. If you don't know who Damien Rice is, you obviously haven't been watching enough WB. Damien's album "O" was the backdrop for virtually every tender moment last season. And while Damien's recorded music leans toward the accessible acoustic ballad, his live performances are all about feedback, distortion, and looping.

Oddly, while his music is trending louder, his look is becoming more conservative. On the left is Damien from a couple years ago. Classic musician look - messy hair, semblance of a beard, couple days scruff. On the right is a more recent picture of Damien - clippers set to #1, trimmed beard, and maybe lighter hair. Honestly from where I was sitting I thought he was shaved down to just a moustache, and I came home ready to rail against this new look. I'm glad to see he's still got the beard, but in the low colored lighted on stage it's too easy to mistake the facial look.

My advice would be the grow everything out again. Stop shaving for a little while until there's little doubt you're a rock star. And when you're done with your set, smash your shit.

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July 27, 2006

Remington MicroFlex Rotary Shaver

16607-large.jpgAnother hot deal courtesy of Dealnews: the Remington R-835 MicroFlex 100 Rotary Shaver is on sale at Amazon for only $27.99.

Each MicroFlex shaver features state-of- the-art technology, including independently floating heads that adjust to the contours of your face for a fast, comfortable shave. The Fast-Track cutting system with 60% more slots and 33% more blades than other rotary shavers. [...] In addition, the Easy-View Trimmer provides an unobstructed view for shaping your sideburns, mustache, or beard.

Nice that they're designing razors which aren't just for shaving everything off.

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July 26, 2006

Mini Razors in Noxzema Bikini Pro Shaving Kit

I saw these cute little mini razors by Noxzema at a local drugstore the other day. They're tiny. I know you can't tell from the picture here, but they're like half the size of a normal razor, or like a tenth the size of the Fusion. Here's the link to them on Noxzema's site, although it doesn't appear you can buy them there.

ShavesThere.com bundles them up with the Seiko Cleancut combo package:

We now include a Noxema Bikini Trimmer! NO shaver on the market will cut hair longer than stubble length (like a day or two's growth of a man's beard.) The Cleancut is no different. The Noxema Bikini Trimmer will get you down to stubble so you can use the Cleancut. Its a single use razor.

Pictured to the right is the Noxzema Bikini Pro Shaving Kit, which contains two of these little mini razors, along with a 4-blade disposable razor, a tube of Noxzema Clear Shave Gel, a tube of Noxzema Soothe & Smooth, and a free satin carrying bag for $9.99. You can buy the mini razors cheaper, but I can't find them online. I think there were like $3 at our local CVS.

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July 25, 2006

Summer Sale Time at BuzzSkin.com

Summer sale time at BuzzSkin.com. Use coupon code SMR16 at checkout and get 10% off your order. And don't forget - free shipping off orders over $50, and free samples with every order.

And if you don't already know, lots of your favorite shaving brands also have sun block products. BuzzSkin's Sun page has a ton of them. Head on out to the beach protected and in style.

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July 24, 2006

SafetyRazors.net For Old-School Shaving

It's Monday morning and you've just finished going through your email. Not quite ready for work yet? Here's another shaving site to check out if you're in a surfing mood - SafetyRazors.net, again sent in by ShavingStuff reader Robert. Don't be swayed by its pre-dot-com design; the site actually contains a wealth of shaving information. Lots of pictures of old razors. Lots of links to shaving resources. Lots of broken links and spelling mistakes too, but don't get too discouraged if a click gets you to a dead end.

My favorite page was the one devoted to Gillette's Centennial, celebrated in 2001. Great info on their first products, including a picture of their first razor and a diagram from the original patent. How cool is that? And if you can get by the annoying pop-ups, the message boards are pretty good. Not much traffic but just about all posting have quality answers.

SafetyRazors.net. Enjoy. And happy Monday.

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July 21, 2006

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Silent Bob and Dante

silentBob.jpgdante.jpgRecognize these guys? You should. Well, at least one of them. On the left is writer/director/actor Kevin Smith, AKA Silent Bob, who back in 1994 gave us Clerks, a low-budget comedy about average guys in New Jersey with dead-end jobs. And on the right is Brian O'Halloran, AKA Dante, one of the clerks in said movie. Why are they significant today? Clerks 2 opens in theaters near you.

Now one of these guys has gone on to have a very successful career in Hollywood, opened a couple of comic book stores, and written a script for Superman. The other... well... not so much.

What's the difference? Personally, I think it's the goatee. Look at that thing. It's just hanging there on his face. Looks like you could peel it off. Now look at Kevin Smith. While Kevin has the hair of a goatee, he's also got the rest of a beard. I think it anchors the facial hair around the mouth to the rest of his head. His beard flows from head to chin. Where does it start? Where does it end? Brian's goatee is jarring, unnatural, sudden.

Shave it or save it? Kevin's doing all right. Don't change a thing. Brian? Let's make a few alterations.

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July 20, 2006

Brooke Burke and Kelly Monaco Join NoScruf.org

Remember that little story we ran back in May about Gillette's viral marketing site NoScruf.org? Looks like the virtual organization crossed over into the real world last week at a rally in New York. And the best thing about it is instead of fictional Terry Tarentelli, we got real live Brooke Burke and Kelly Monaco. HOT!

Big thanks to IDontLikeYouInThatWay.com for posting these super high quality pictures of the event. Definitely click over their site if you want to see more. I also enjoyed the 50+ comments from people ranting about how ridiculous NoScruf.org, only to find out it's fake.

Well... kind of fake. They did have a rally, didn't they? Damn, I'm sorry I missed it. Any chance there'll be one near me soon?

(More pix at HollywoodTuna and FilmMagic.)

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July 19, 2006

The Ultra-Popular Bodygroom, Reviewed by Popular Mechanics

How popular has the Philips Norelco Bodygrom become? Popular enough to warrant a review in Popular Mechanics. No, they don't go into the mechanics of the Bodygroom, but they've clearly tried it enough to learn the ins and outs:

This thing does exactly what it's supposed to—so long as you don't shave "against the grain," it clips body hair with nary a nick nor scratch. Particularly bushy regions (and against-the-grain operations) can lead to a few minor tugs. At first, you can't help but fear this tiny reaper. But you'll realize how painless full-body grooming can be.

Oof. Minor tugs. I don't even want to think about it. Read the entire review from Popular Mechanics here. The Bodygroom is available from Amazon for $39.95.

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July 18, 2006

Famous Deaths in Shaving History

Here's something they probably didn't teach you in school - a fatal shaving accident lead to one of the finest works of American literature. Henry David Thoreau and his brother John were very close, and took many trips together, often exploring the New England region. When his was 25,

...his brother [John] cut himself shaving in the winter of 1841 and caught lockjaw. He died in Thoreau's arms. For weeks after his brother's death, Thoreau couldn't write in his journal, or even talk to his family and friends. For a brief period, he even experienced all the symptoms of lockjaw himself.

(from The Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor.)

Ralph Waldo Emerson, a family friend, suggested Thoreau spend some time on his land in Concord near Waldon Pond and deal with his grief. They rest, as they say, is literary history.

So what have we learned from this? Well, I'm sure we're all thankful for the invention of the safety razor, which came into existence in the late 1880s through the ingenuity of the Kampfe Brothers. And secondly, if you've got a bad case of writer's block, consider giving your brother a crappy razor for his birthday.

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July 17, 2006

Review of Baxter of California's Herbal Mint Toner

I used to work with a guy named Zak, who every day between 3:00 and 4:00 would wash his face with that harsh, industrial pink soap from the men's room dispenser, and then dry off with those dark, supermarket-bag-brown paper towels. Had I known about Baxter of California's Herbal Mint Toner then, I would have recommended it to him. Baxter's toner is a great way to remove a layer of oil without removing half your skin. And, it's quick and easy. No splashing water on your face and the top half of your shirt. No going to the opposite extreme and ending up with dry skin. Just pour a little into a cotton ball or pad, wipe across your face, and you're done. No need to even dry off.

There is one gotcha with all toners, not just Baxter's, and that applies to people who grow an especially thick beard. Rubbing a cotton ball in any direction other than with the grain can result in an annoying thin layer of white shredded wisps. I've actually gotten pretty good at applying toner over a five o'clock shadow, but be warned - if you've got a heavy beard, the first few times may lead to some unintended results. That said, I much prefer a quick application of toner than the wash, rinse, dry, moisturize routine in the late afternoon.

Baxter of California's Herbal Mint Toner is available from their website at $16 for a bottle. It's alcohol free, smells great, and a single bottle will last forever. If you get oily skin in the afternoon, or just want to feel refreshed at any time during the day, give Baxter's Herbal Mint Toner a try.

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July 14, 2006

Get the Latest Each Week from BlogPire Productions

Criticalgamers Blogad-1We know you have a busy life and a busy schedule, and that's why everyone here at BlogPire Productions wants to make it easier for you to get the latest news from any of our sites. It's really easy - just click the link - sign up and you'll get the list of headlines sent to you via email each week.

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July 13, 2006

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Ryan Howard

This week's celebrity facial hair Friday pick is 2006 Home Run Derby winner and Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard. Howard hit a whopping 23 home runs, edging out New York Mets Dave Wright who came up one short. Howard also hits home with a tasteful bit of scruff below chin. Baseball is full of goatees these days, and as you probably know, we at ShavingStuff declared the goatee passe earlier this year. However we're all about Howard's subtle sub-soul patch for its simplicity and style.

Shave it or save it? Well, the baseball world is full of superstition. Once a hitter starts slumping it's time to start changing things up. So save it for now, but after a few Ks, that thing'll be gone faster than a Brad Penny fastball.

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Win Baxter Products on productdose.com

One of our favorite sites productdose.com recently relaunched with a slightly updated look, a new focus on community, and a healthy dose of ajax. To help jump-start their new community initiative, they're giving away cool stuff, including products from another one of our favorites Baxter of California. You've got until midnight on Friday July 14th to create an account which automatically enters you in the drawing. 59 prizes in total will be awarded, and best of all - you get to pick your prize! So sit by your email at 11:00am PST on Monday and respond quickly if you're selected. Me, I'm going for the Baxter.

For all the details, click over to this productdose article and read up.

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July 12, 2006

She Blinded Me With MenScience

MenScienceEverybody's heard of pharmaceuticals. If you've been reading ShavingStuff you'll know about cosmeceuticals. Now MenScience is here to introduce us to androceuticals. What's an androceutical? I'm glad you asked.

A category of products formulated with active ingredients used by doctors and skincare professionals for their demonstrated impact on the skin's appearance. The word combines the prefix Andro (for men) and the word pharmaceuticals.

And to help us learn more, MenScience has sent over a nice array of shaving-related products, including: Advanced Shave Formula, Post-Shave Repair, Advanced Face Lotion, Daily Face Wash, and one that totally piqued my curiosity - a Face Buff Brush. Click into that last link and see what I'm talking about. Can't wait to rock out in the morning with my very own face buff brush.

Here's one more tidbit from the MenScience about us page:

Our undivided focus is on efficacy and visible results; we avoid distractions such as fancy packaging or marketing fluff.

Hallelujah! The way to a man's heart is the removal of bullshit. I think I'm going to like these guys.

Stay tuned for the MenScience review in a couple of weeks.

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July 11, 2006

The AVID4 Travel Shaving System

Here's a razor for all you jet-set world travelers looking to slim down your shaving gear. It's the AVID4 Shaving System, and it's about as tiny as you're going to get without attaching a razor to a thimble. The AVID4 actually holds 4 twin-blade razor cartridges in its handle, making this shaving system ideal for long trips on the road. Pop a cartridge out, snap it on the end of the handle, and you're ready to shave in that brightly lit fluorescent hotel bathroom.

FHM Magazine voted it "Best Grooming Innovation" of 2002 in their annual Groomng Awards.

FHM. Mmm....

HeadShaver.org wrote a quick review for using it on your scalp. The basic gist no doubt applies to the face. Great travel razor, but for home use go for something with at least three blades.

The AVID4 Shaving System is £2.99 at www.avid4.co.uk or $8.49 at TrafalgarShop.com. No replacement blades option - just buy another handle/4-razors and dispose of the previous one.

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July 10, 2006

ShaveWorld.org - International Shaving Collectibles

shaveworld.gifShavingStuff reader Robert wrote in with a couple websites to check out. The first is ShaveWorld.org,

...the largest, most comprehensive website for the collecting and preservation of implements and historical records related to the art of shaving.

And they're not kidding. Want to see 683 pictures of different brands and models of razor blades? You bet you do. Especially when there's this razor with Mickey Mouse on it. Hey kids - playing with shiny, sharp objects is fun! Or how about 1297 pictures of safety razors? Take that Wikipedia.

The site requires a login, which is kind of a bummer, but no doubt it's how they keep their quality so high. Definitely go through the registration dance. It's worth it just to browse the photos. If you're feeling a little more gregarious, click on over the to forums and discuss. (Sadly, the forums don't look too happenin'.)

And if you become totally sucked in, clear your calendar this October for the 3rd International Shaving Collectibles Meeting in beautiful West Chester, Ohio - October 21-22. $64 gets you in the door. ($75 if you register after July 31st.) "Spouses, at a reduced fee, are encouraged to attend." Yeah, I think we'd be testing the bonds of our marriage if I dragged ShavingStuff wife to an event like that. But, judging by the photos from the 2005 Shaving Collectibles Meeting, there's some swanky food and wine. And tons of shaving stuff.

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July 7, 2006

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Soccer Style

best-player-trophy.jpgWith the World Cup finals this Sunday I thought it would be appropriate to find a footballer (as they say in England) with funky facial hair and feature him today. While there may be a few players who are into facial sculpting, the only player on France or Italy's team who seemed to sport anything meaningful was Gennaro Gattuso of Italy (who looks suprisingly like my step-brother Nick). Most players are clean-shaven, and a lot shave their head, probably because they sweat so much during a match.

Instead I invite you to check out Gillette's Yound Player Award, where you can vote for your favorite under 21 year old rising star. The current leader is Luis Valencia of Ecuador, followed by the always exciting Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal.

So what do they win? Well, as far as I can tell, they win the trophey pictured on the right.

The trophy which stands at 300mm high and weighs 4.2 kilograms is made from a copper alloy with zinc (90%-10%) and is plated with nickel, rhodium and oxidized sterling silver. The integral design came to life using a number of state-of-the-art techniques and weighs just over four kilograms.

Huh. That's it? No money? No lifetime supply of Gillette Fusion razors? Well, maybe they can win something on Gillette's FIFA World Cup contest website. Everytime it asks me which continent I'm on I deadend at the two unclickable North American choices. Looks like you'll have better luck if you're from Europe.

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July 5, 2006

Introducing Cashmere Coat from Billy Jealousy

After a long holiday weekend it's tough to get back into the swing of things. So how nice was it to come home to the latest product from Billy Jealousy - Cashmere Coat strengthening conditioner. You may remember that Billy recently introduced Fuzzy Logic shampoo, and now the long awaited companion conditioner is available.

Sun, wind and pollution can rob your hair of its natural strength and luster. Banish these to the dark side with Cashmere Coat Hair Strengthening Conditioner: a peppermint infused conditioner with DHT blockers that restores strength and essential hydration to your cherished locks.

Cashmere Coat is available now online at $22 for an 8 oz bottle. And don't forget - "A portion of the proceeds [...] is donated to the BIlly Jealousy Fund supporting human needs, the environment and the arts." Think about it - you can have great hair and save the world.

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