August 31, 2006

August Wrap-Up

Time for the end of August wrap-up. What happened this month, you ask? Well, read on...

We completed the first installment of what's shaping up to be a three-part review of ZIRH products - ZIRH's Scrub and Clean, the lead-up to a great shave. Next up will be ZIRH's pre-shave oil, shaving cream, and shaving gel.

We checked in with Josh Shockley again, of anti-shave fame. Josh is still going strong in the hot summer months. Should get easier now.

A new high-end online shaving supplies site launched - Details for Men. All the top-shelf brands you've come to know and love, in one convenient URL.

The third week in August was "Best of..." week. Five full days of big winners. Missed it? Here's your chance to be a winner. Best Razors. Best Shaving Cream. Best Aftershave. Best Shaving Oil. Best Shaving Online Store.

I attempted to be funny with the Epilation/Depliation post, only to have reality handed to me in the form of the real Depilady.

And finally we profiled celebrities Colin Farrell, Edward James Olmos, and Samuel Snakes-On-A-Motherf***ing-Plane Jackson. Did you rush out and see it? Er.... yeah... neither did I.

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August 30, 2006

50% Off Discontinued a|MEN|ity Products

top_logo.gifBig changes going on over at a|MEN|ity. On Friday September 15th, a|MEN|ity is launching a whole new product line. Everything's been redesigned, from ingredients, to packaging, even their website. To clear out their existing inventory, a|MEN|ity is offering a whopping 50% off existing products. Here's an excerpt from the email announcement:

Amenity is pleased to announce that we are clearing out our warehouse to make space for six fantastic new products that hit shelves next month. We are offering 50% OFF on all products (Original Pink shave cream jars have already sold out), including gift sets. The sale runs online for 1 week – Saturday August 19th through Sunday August 27th. Simply go shopping at and proceed to the check-out and enter coupon code “CLEARANCE” for 50% off which will be deducted from your order total.

Time to get while the getting's good. This offer ends this Sunday, hurry up! Supplies are limited, and this time they really mean it. More at

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August 29, 2006

The Depilady Is Real

Earlier in August I put up a post entitled Definition: Epilation and Depilation where I suggested that the origin of the word "epilation" came from the product Epilady, and the origin of the word "depilation" came from the failed predecessor product Depilady. Ha ha ha. I'm so funny.

Even funnier - there was no failed predecessor to the Epilady called the Depilady. I just made that up. Yeah, I know. I'm a regular laugh riot.

But my friend Karl called me on it, and it turns out he's right. There actually is a product out there called the Depilady, it bears no relation to the Epilady, and it seems to be doing quite fine, at least in Europe. Now I had a little trouble figuring out what exactly this thing is, so I will leave that as an exercise to the reader. Here are the relevant quotes from the page:

Packaging: transparent blister applied on resistant paper with Europe hole, in exhibitor from bench to tear 12 pcs

Material of merchandising: showing totem

In sale:great organized.

Europe hole?!? There's one phrase that's not found on Wikipedia. If you figure out exactly what this thing is and how to use it, please write me. Read more about the Depilady here.

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August 28, 2006

BlogPire Podcast - Summer WrapUp 08.28.06

Blogpire 144We talk about the summer "best of" from as well as other products and news from around the 'pire. We also answer your questions from the past couple of weeks so keep sending them in to podcast at blogpire dot com.

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With Hosts: Russell Miner and Jay Brewer


2:30 Best of
3:30 Best Razors
3:55 Best shaving cream
7:20 Best aftershave
8:30 Best shaving oil
10:30 Best shaving online stores

13:30 The Scotch Blog
14:15 Guest Review: Tanqueray Rangpur Gin
16:03 Home Composter
19:14 Organic Beer
21:10 Prefab Sunset Cabin
23:55 Tivo Series 3
28:25 Oppo Digital LCD/DVD TV
29:25 Samsung 70' LCD TV
33:02 Mix and Measure Bowls
34:44 Gourmet Basting Brush
36:01 Electrolux Cyber Fridge
39:27 World of Warcraft Collectible Card Game
43:37 Lost the Game
43:38 Gametap
53:06 Questions
60:00 Ending

Contact the BlogPire Podcast: podcast at blogpire dawt com.

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August 28, 2006

Reminder: The 3rd International Shaving Collectibles Meeting

shaveworld.gifAs we mentioned back in July, the third annual International Shaving Collectibles Meeting is coming up - October 21-22 - in West Chester, Ohio. Whether you're a collector, vendor, or just a casual shaving enthusiast, there's something for everyone.

From the recent email:

A few of the highlights of this year’s meeting on October 21-22 are presentations on Straight Razors, the Resurgence of the Vintage Schick Safety Razors, and a new Patent-Finding Feature on the International Organization for Shaving Memorabilia’s Web site. And, of course, there will be beautiful displays, buying and selling, a great deal of “Shaving Collectibles” talk, and more.

All the information you need, including links to the 2004 and 2005 meetings, is at this page. Registration is $75. Bring your wife for an additional $20. "Coffee and sweet rolls will be available in the morning." Mmm... sweet rolls. That's reason enough to go.

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August 25, 2006

The Best Shaving Online Stores

The web is a great place to find what you want, but what if you're looking for something new? Sure, you could read articles, reviews, blog posts, but wouldn't you rather leave the analysis to someone else?

detailsForMen.gifHere are two of the best sites on the web for high-quality shaving supplies - BuzzSkin and Details For Men Whether or not you're looking for that one new aftershave or a whole kit, these sites have weeded out the wheat from the chaff. With brands like MenScience, Sharps, Anthony Logistics, and The Art of Shaving, you know you're getting quality.

Both sites offer free samples with your orders, so you can try something new. Both sites have email lists which keep you up to date on specials. Sign up, and let the deals roll in.

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August 24, 2006

The Best Shaving Oil

kosOil.jpgShaving oils are a leap of faith. The first time you oil up your face, you'll swear there's nothing there. But for some, shaving oils are the wave of the future. They're small in size which makes them ideal to travel with. A few drops cover your entire face, so they last forever. Shave for shave they're the best bang for the buck.

Shaving oils are not for everyone. Experience indicates that they're best for lighter beards and heartier skin, but that's an unscientific survey of only a couple people. Also, shaving oils shouldn't be confused with pre-shave oils, which go on before a layer of shaving cream or gel. When using shaving oil, you don't use anythng else.

The two best shaving oils we've tried are the all-natural Pacific Shaving Oil and the mostly natural King of Shaves Formula Alpha Shaving Oil Supercooled Menthol. Both are available online for about six bucks, and King of Shaves has recently become available at local drugstores. You can read the ShavingStuff review of Pacific Shaving Oil here. You can read the review of King of Shaves... oh wait - you can't read the review because the reviewer never wrote one. (You know who you are.) But I have heard back from him that King of Shaves scored very highly, and he used up the whole bottle.

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August 23, 2006

The Best Aftershave

DualAction.jpgZia for Men DualAction Face Lotion.

What? You were expecting a longer post? Nope. This is the stuff. Whether you're into the all-natural thing or not, get some. To quote myself:

This stuff kicks so much ass, I only wish I had more of it.

Read the full ShavingStuff write-ups in Review of Zia for Men, part 1 and Review of Zia for Men, part 2.

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August 22, 2006

The Best Shaving Cream

hm_btn_logo.jpgThere's still nothing like the killer combination of Billy Jealousy's Hot Towel pre-shave cream treatment and Hydroplane shaving cream. Mix a little of each into your palm and apply to a warm wet face. Let those magical little silicon balls form a slick surface for your razor to glide over, cutting only the whisker. Read the full ShavingStuff review of Billy Jealousy here.

zirh.gifIf you're more of a gel shaver, the advance word around the ShavingStuff shave studios is Zirh Shave Gel. While we're still in the process of reviewing it, ZIRH shaving gel looks to take top prize in the gel department. Key factor (aside from a great shave) - completely transparent. Perfect for the modern facial sculptor.

baxter_cream2.jpgFinally, if you're a fan of applying your shaving cream with the soft hair of a badger shaving brush, we recommend Baxter of California's Super Close Shave Formula. No false advertising here. You will get a super close shave. Read the full review of Baxter's Super Close Shave Formula here.

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August 21, 2006

The Best Razors

fusionPower.jpgIt sounds like a gimmick, but it's actually the greatest advancement in safety razor technology in our lifetime. I'm talking about power. Razor power. Whether or not you shave once a day or once a week, you need to get yourself a powered razor.

What does that power actually do? Vibrate. Simple, right? And so smooth. While powered razors shave as close as their unpowered counterparts, they glide effortlessly over your face without the pull and drag of their powerless cousins.

mach3power.jpgquattroPower.jpgThere are currently three models of powered razors on the market:

Here's the question I hear most often - will my blades fit the powered version of the razor? The answer is yes. Mach3 Turbo or Nitro blades fit Mach3 Power. Quattro Titanium or Midnight blades fit Quattro Power. As long as you stay within "family", you're all set.

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August 18, 2006

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Samuel Jackson

How could we possibly let this Friday go by and not give a shout out to Samuel Jackson, star of cult-classic Snakes on a Plane which opens today. How can Snakes on a Plane already be a cult-classic before it even opens? Chalk that up to the New Economy. The Internet changes everything.

Now, are you ready for the segue?

The line is already famous: "I've had it with these mutha-f---in snakes on this mutha-f---in plane!" Well, Sam Jackson has also had it with the mutha-f---in hair on his mutha-f--in head.

I can't claim to be the genius behind that transition. Credit goes to my good friend Denis, who is one of my sources for all things pop culture.

But you have to admit, that clean shaven head does look good. We'll assume the moustache goes with the cheesy nature of this film, and that it wasn't Mr. Jackson's preference. By the way, I chose this image because in just about every still I've seen from the movie, if there isn't a snake in the shot, Samuel Jackson is pointing at someone. Awesome. I hope he points down a snake.

Anyway, if you're losing hair up top, consider helping nature along and shave it all. The look is sleak and timeless. Actually you look a little like you're from the future. Which is even cooler. Just remember to wear some sunscreen on your head when you go out.

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August 17, 2006

Definition: Epilation and Depilation

Put on your thinking caps. Sharpen your number 2 pencils. And eyes on your own paper. Think you know the meanings of "Epilation" and "Depilation"? I'm going to need definitions and a usage in a sentence. OK, show me what you got.

Epilation - clearly derived from the Mepro term Epilady introduced in the 1980s, means the act of removing the entire hair, including folical, from the skin. As in "Hey, those legs are silky smooth. Did you epilate recently?"

Depilation - clearly derived from the failed Mepro product Depilady introduced in the 1970s, means that act of severing hair above the surface of your skin. As in "Hey, those legs are silky smooth. Did you just depilate?"

Sources: Wikipedia, and some late-night drunken Googling.

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August 16, 2006

How To Get That Perfect Shave

msnbc.gifI'll admit it - I wouldn't have thought MSNBC would be the place to find an excellent article on shaving, but here it is. Written by tech editor Corey Greenberg, this long and informative article is a step-by-step tutorial on old-school double-edge razor shaving. That's double-edge, or "DE". Not straight razor, not cartridge razor, not disposable razor. We're talking about those little flat rectangles of metal your parents thought might be in the apple you got trick-or-treating.

... it’s the same type of razor that your father, your grandfather, Cary Grant, Lee Marvin, JFK, and John Wayne used, and in the opinion of many shave-o-philes, the classic DE wipes the floor with any modern razor.

Greenberg then walks you through what type of shaving brush you'll need (and how not to spend $500 on it), what type of razor you'll need (Merkur’s HD “Hefty Classic” at $27 available at, and most importantly, how to shave with them.

There's more info on shaving creams, barbershop shaves, and online shaving communities. Read the whole article at MSNBC.

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August 15, 2006

"Best of..." Week Next Week

Sadly, we're approaching the end of summer. According to my sources at, you've only got a couple weeks left to wear white pants. While the days don't appear to be getting shorter, mentally you're probably getting ready to hunker down. So take stock and stock up. Whether you're heading back to school or back to work, we've got you covered in the shaving world.

Next week we'll feature five "Best of" posts on topics like best razor, best shaving oil, best online shaving store, and more. Be sure to tune in for our shaving round-up starting this coming Monday. In the meantime, what are you doing on the Internet? Go to the beach!

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August 14, 2006

Introducing Details For Men

detailsForMen.gifJust got word of a new online shop specializing in high-end men's shaving products, as well other grooming areas like hair, body, and face. Introducing Details For Men, with quality brands like Anthony Logistics, Jack Black, and The Art of Shaving. More brands have just been added - including one of our favorites Baxter of California.

Some details for you about Details for Men:
* Free shipping on orders over $75.
* Free samples of your choosing with every order. (Nice!!!)
* Monthly Contests for Free Product (No membership required to win)

And Details For Men isn't just an online store. They've got articles on fitness, nutrition, and grooming and personal care. That last link is a ShavingStuff reader must. Great info on how to get the perfect shave, how to shave with an electric razor, and buried near the bottom I found this little nugget: "DO NOT EVER ATTEMPT TO SHAVE DRUNK" Sage words to live by.

And to keep up with the web 2.0 Jones's, Details For Men plans to have RSS feeds out by next week. We'll post the link when it's available.

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August 11, 2006

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Edward James Olmos

adamaMit.jpgLast week's Miami Vice-themed celebrity facial hair Friday segues nicely into this week's pick - Edward James Olmos. Back in the day, Olmos played the aloof and understated Lt. Martin Castillo, head of the Miami Vice squad. These days Olmos commands one of sci fi's most triumphant revivals - Battlestar Galactica.

As Commander Adama, Olmos reprises the role made popular by Lorne Greene, way back in the groovy 70s when I was a kid. Olmos, like Greene, has always been clean-shaven. No beard. No moustache. No facial hair.

adamaSans.jpgNow, if you've been watching the new Battlestar Galactica, or BSG as the text-shortenistas like to call it, you'll know that last season ended with the remains of the human race settling on a newly discovered planet. Then, in the blink of an eye, the magic of television fast-fowarded us a year later to show what had happened to this new colony. That's a pretty abrupt jump, and the writers needed to give us viewers some sort of queues so that we remembered the quick advancement of time. So they went to an old standby - the moustache.

The picture on the top right is the Adama/Olmos who will start the next season. The picture below is the Adama/Olmos we've known and loved. What do you think? I think the moustache has to go. Number one - it's not that attractive. Number two - it's clearly just a writer's crutch to mark the passing of time. Number three - why change a good thing?

OK. I've clearly worked myself up into a tizzy here. And tipped my hand in revealing my BSG addiction. The next season of Battlestar Galactica starts October 6th on the SciFi channel. We're so close!!!

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August 10, 2006

The Conair Hot Lather Machine - Also For the Ladies

Oh Conair Hot Lather Machine. How you've shown me up. I started out deriding you. Soon I became more intrigued. And now it appears I have fully accepted you.

And it's not just me, or men, who have accepted you. Turns out women also like hot lathery goodness when shaving their legs. Jane L. Bullock writes for about a magical night where she and some hot lather get busy:

As it happened, there was a great movie on TV that I didn’t want to miss, so I plugged in the hot lather machine in my bathroom (which faces the TV). Inside of a minute, I had loads of lovely, hot lather to slather all over my hairy legs. I shaved them over the sink, and was pleasantly surprised at how silky my legs felt afterward. The hot lather not only softens up the hair, but moisturizes the skin as well. It’s something I could really get used to—anything remotely resembling a spa experience is ok with me!

Jane goes on to give the Conair Hot Lather Machine an 8 out of 10 on the Jane scale. Not bad.

The Conair Chrome Hot Lather Machine is currently $11.89 at, $5 lower than when we first wrote about it. Get one, and check what's playing on Turner Classic Movies tonight.

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August 9, 2006

Josh Shockley's Antishave Adventures Continues

Time to check in with Josh Shockley over at Antishave 2006. Remember him? He's the guy who's not shaving for a year. Read up from last post if you need a refresher.

So summer's in full swing. It's hot. Must be tough to have a full beard. Here's Josh's comments from last month:

It's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be, though it can be pretty annoying at times. The warm weather really doesnt bother me too much. The beard acts like a radiator. In the heat, it keeps my face cool by taking the brunt of the warmpth. In the cool, it keeps my face warm by locking in my body's natural body heat (much like a winter coat).

Keep it up Josh. It only gets colder from here. Unless that bit about global warming is true.

Want more of the Antishave? Click on over to Antishave on MySpace and become a friend.

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August 8, 2006

King of Power from King of Shaves

King of Shaves sponsored the team of James Sheppard and Chris Parsonage in the Class 1 Powerboat World Series this past weekend. How'd they do? Well, according to this website:

Championship leader Spirit of Norway dropped from third to seventh after returning to the pits to replace a broken propeller with Chris Parsonage and James Sheppard aboard King of Shaves capsizing during lap eight.

Oof! Not good.

But never fear. You can rectify the situation by winning your own speedboat competition at from King of Shave - a Flash game where you control a speedboat while listening to the latest British pop sensation Rocketchild. Notice I say you can rectify the situation, and not I. I sucked at this game. But I suck at most games. So click on over and win one for her majesty.

More info on the King of Shaves' sponsorship is available here.

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August 7, 2006

Review of ZIRH Scrub and Clean

The start of a good shave begins with a clean face, and to that end we've been trying out two ZIRH products - Scrub, an exfoliant, and Clean, a facial cleanser.

Exfoliation removes the top layer of dead skin, along with dirt and other junk that builds up there. It's also key to avoid ingrown hairs and other irritations from shaving. Exfoliation basically works by rubbing something slightly coarse and gritty over your skin, kind of like sand paper to wood. Only really gentle sandpaper.

I had bought this St. Ives stuff at my local Target, which I assumed was decent exfoliant. Then I tried ZIRH Scrub. Imagine going from rubbing gravel over your face to using confectioner's sugar. The grain in ZIRH Scrub is super fine, making it a joy to exfoliate, rather than a burden. ZIRH recommends you exfoliate one or two times a week, depending on how sensitive your skin is, and use it in the shower just before you shave. Even though ZIRH Scrub lists its key ingredients as "Aloe Vera, Diatomaceous earth, Sage," I though it had a mild banana smell. Deelish. Made me want to throw some vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce on my face and see what happened next. ($16)

Step 2 to a great shave is ZIRH Clean, a facial wash. Before we get into Clean, let's talk about the metal bottle it comes in. Love it! Look, there are plastic bottles which are recyclable, foil tubes like toothpaste tubes which you squeeze, and then there's industrial metal. Nothing says man-product more than metal. I have no idea if ZIRH Clean does better in metal than plastic. I have no idea if it's eco-friendly or not. I just know love this rock-solid metal jar sitting on my counter.

All right. That's out of my system. While the key ingredients are "Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Linalool, Malic Acid, Peppermint Extract, Salicylic Acid," I think you'll agree it smells mostly lemony. ZIRH Clean is thick like syrup, goes on clear, and then turns into a light lather on your face. They recommend you use it once or twice a day, depending on your skin's sensitivity and oiliness. Use a small amount. A little will go a long way. ($16)

Now even though these products are targeted toward men, they work great for women too. Women already know tons more than you about exfoliation, and will probably love to try your Scrub. ZIRH Clean can remove make-up in a pinch. If the two of you are fighting over counter space, muscle in with the ZIRH and reclaim some of your dominance.

ZIRH products are available online, and also at a bunch of store including Bloomingdale's and Sephora. Every time I've seen them there have been testers available for you to sample. Step right up and see what you like.

And don't forget - enter the code "ShavingStuff" at checkout and receive 12% orders off $40 or more.

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August 5, 2006

BlogPire Podcast - The Pilot 08.05.2006

Blogpire 144We've been working hard to get it together on the podcast front and can now officially say - we've got a podcast for the entire BlogPire! Hosts Jay Brewer and Russell Miner will take you through the best news and reviews from around the BlogPire. If you're not familiar with podcasts - they're basically a web based radio show and you can read more about them here.

The Pilot show features exclusive chat and banter about the launch of our new blog, a run down of the latest from,, and many others. We take a look at the latest in BBQ, Poker Drinkware, and of course high definition TV stuff. We hope you enjoy the BlogPire Podcast and expect it to show up on whatever BlogPire weblog you read every 2 weeks!

[RSS] Add the BlogPire Podcast feed to your RSS aggregator and have the show delivered automatically (MP3).

[MP3] Download the show (MP3).

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August 4, 2006

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Colin Farrell

Tubbscrockettvice2006.jpgToday marks the triumphant return of Miami Vice. 22 years after the ground-breaking show debuted on NBC, Miami Vice is headed to the silver screen, this time with Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx playing Crockett and Tubbs. Seems only fair to highlight one of these guys today on Celebrity Facial Hair Friday, and so we're going with Colin.

Now I'm not saying Don Johnson's Crockett was facial hair perfection, but what I think made the perpetual five o'clock shadow work was its evenness. Even if it looked like Johnson hadn't shaved in 3 days, you knew he had previously shaved his whole face.

Farrell's Crockett has the moustache, the soul patch, and the beginnings of some mutton chops. His five o'clock shadow looks like a mess. How does he maintain that thing? Shave here? Trim there? Clippers on the sides? I don't want to know. Call me old fashion, but I croon for the rugged, simplistic look of the 80s. Shave it. Shave it all. And then let it grow in naturally.

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Learn the Art of Easy Espresso at

B00004Rbre.01. Ss400 Sclzzzzzzz V1099448119 Easy Ad-1Blogpire Productions is pleased to announce the addition of to its growing family of product and especially kitchen focused Web logs. will provide news, insights and reviews of espresso coffee, and espresso machines, especially the newer easy to use ESE Pod espresso machines and Super Automatic Espresso machines, both of which make espresso at the touch of a button that rivals the corner café.

" is the natural out-growth of that has seen great success in the Web log world," says Jay Brewer, founder of Blogpire Productions and editor of "While covering the explosive growth of single serve coffees, our readers kept asking us to cover the growing trend of espresso, and the newer easy to use E.S.E. machines that are becoming a lot more popular. With, we’ll be able to do a better job of helping our readers sort through the new espresso coffee market and help them enjoy great tasting espresso at home."

Please visit and also sign up for the mailing list.

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August 3, 2006

4 X-Games Participants Profiled at the Schick Shave Lab

If you haven't been over the the Schick Shave Labs recently, now's a great time to go. The X-Games are in full swing, and so is the Schick Quattro Titanium Xperiment. While it's probably too late to win a day with some of the stars, you can still see a goofy little video on these guys, including shots of all of them somewhat unwillingly shaving. (Click on "The XPeriment" on the top right.) My favorite moment was when motorcross racer Adam Jones seems to not know what the term "mojo" means. Is this guy for real, or did Schick just out a phony?

Here's the link to the win-a-day-with-X-games-contestants contest, where you can still get yourself a free Schick Quattro Titanium. Special thanks to ShavingStuff reader Ben for sending this in.

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August 2, 2006

Factory Reconditioned Braun Syncro Smart Logic Shaver

Amazon is offering the factor reconditioned Braun 7526 Syncro Smart Logic Shaver for only $39.99. That's $100 off the list price. What exactly does "factory reconditioned" mean?

Reconditioned generally means that the shaver has been returned to the manufacturer from the retailer due to packaging damage. Each shaver undergoes extensive testing, cleaning, and repairs to bring it back to like-new condition. Includes a 2-year warranty against defects, excluding the foil and cutter block.

2 year warranty. That's all you need to know. It's like you're getting a low-mileage Porsche because someone's dot-com options just vaporized. And with 261 customer reviews for an average rating of 4 stars, I'd say we have a winner here.

The Braun 7526 Syncro Smart Logic Shaver is available now from Amazon for $39.99 and is eligible for free shipping. Get yours now before the supply of referbs runs out.

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August 1, 2006

July Wrap-Up

Time is moving too quickly these days. Seems like July just started.

Only one review this month, and that was of Baxter of California's Herbal Mint Toner. We noted the launch of Billy Jealousy's Cashmere Coat conditioner, which I've been using all month. All I can tell you is that ShavingStuff wife is thrilled. We've been testing out lots of ZIRH products and had planned to start reviews by now, but again, time is moving too quickly. Expect lots of ZIRH reviews in August.

My personal favorite post this month was Famous Deaths in Shaving History, in which we learn of the unfortunate demise of Henry David Thoreau's brother, and the subsequent reason for him ending up on Walden Pond. I hope to share more pivotal moments in shaving history, but they're tough to find.

ShavingStuff reader Robert sent in two great sites for those interested in old shaving gear - and Tons of great old pictures, plus a community out there waiting to accept you.

Celebrity facial hair Fridays including World Cup Soccer, home run derby winner Ryan Howard, Clerks II stars Kevin Smith and Brian O'Halloran, and musician Damien Rice.

On the topic of pubic shaving we linked to a review of the wildly popular Philips Norelco BodyGroom from Popular Mechanics. We also checked out mini razors from Noxzema, which are easier to find at a regular store than online.

Finally we watched fiction materialize into reality with Brooke Burke and Kelly Monaco showing their support for the NoScruf movement. Please let this trend continue.

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