October 31, 2007

October 2007 Wrap Up for Shaving Stuff

wolfman.jpgIt's the last day of October. Halloween. Have you been growing out your beard for that authentic wolf-man look? Nice! Props from us. And enjoy the shave tomorrow morning.

Braun Pulsonic
As much as I chide ritual unboxings, we did our very own unboxing of the Braun Pulsonic. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Check out this Braun-y grill. Mean! More photos of the Pulsonic here.

Looks like we only reviewed non-shaving products this month. Huh, not paying attention. We checked out Jack Black All Over Wash, Jack Black Pure Clean Daily Cleanser, and Billy Jealousy Combination Code Face Moisturizer. Then we also realized our review of Musgo Real was severely flawed because I didn't actually use their shaving cream. Yes, I am losing my mind. That's what having a new baby will do to you.

Pimp My Fusion
The Art of Shaving's Chrome Gillette Fusion Power with integrated spotlight. If there's one post you need to read this month, this is it.

Electric Razors
Aside from the Braun Pulsonic we met the Panasonic ES2045P Wet/Dry Two-Speed Epilator, available in pink, because women love pink. We also saw our second solar powered electric razor. Shaving goes green.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Ben Affleck are growing up and dealing with mature themes. That means they want to be taken seriously. That means beards.

Up Next
Coming up in November we'll have our review of the Braun Pulsonic, Jack Black shaving products, and our Holiday Gift Guide.

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October 30, 2007

Introducing the no!no! for Unwanted Hair You Know Where

The Daily Candy had a story the other day about the no!no! - a new hair removal system for hair you know where.

No!no! is based on an exciting new technology called Thermicon™, which uses the scientific principles of thermal transference to conduct a gentle pulse of heat to the hair. It features a unique innovation: a thermodynamic wire to transmit the heat to the hair.

There's a layman's write-up of how the no!no! works on their technology page. It's interesting, but I think most people would rather not read it. A thermodynamic wire? Why are you telling me about a wire when I'm about to shave my cooch? I'm sure the researchers who developed the no!no! are proud of their acheivement, but I think the rest of us just want to that it works, not how it works.

That said, this is professional hair-removal technology now available to the consumer. So expect a price which is somewhere in between. The no!no! will set you back $250.

"Everything you need to get started with no!no! is here: 3 short blades, 2 long blades, a storage bag..."

Sounds like we're playing Dungeons & Dragons.

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October 29, 2007

New York Times Article on Slowing Beard Growth

25skin190.1.jpgThe New York Times ran this article recently entitled Pushing Five O’Clock Shadow Back a Few Hours about the various hair retardant products on the market. That's right. I said "hair retardant." Not PC enough for you? Would you prefer hair-growth-challenged?

So why the need for a product which slows the growth of your beard?

Steven Horn, a director of international merchandising for Converse, said Lab Series for Men Triple Benefit Post-Shave Remedy was a face-saver on long overseas flights. “When I land 20 hours later, I don’t look like I need a shave,” Mr. Horn, 36, said. “I used to have to shave again once I reached my hotel and that was irritating to my skin, but now I can just go.”

Actually, if this stuff really works I'd totally use it. Don't get me wrong - I've come to love my morning ritual. But if I only had to shave every other day, I'd pay for that luxury. That said, seems the jury is still out on their efficacy.

Some of the products mentioned in the piece include Lab Series for Men Triple Benefit Post-Shave Remedy ($25), Clarins Men Skin Difference ($41), and Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Post-Shave Soother Beard Control Formula ($35).

Read the whole article here.

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October 26, 2007

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Ben Affleck

Hi. I'm Ben Affleck. You may know me from such roles as Driller #4 in Armageddon or Basketball Player #10 in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. [Look it up.] These days I'm sitting behind the camera for my directorial debut - Gone Baby Gone.

Directors demand respect, so called up my buddy Jake Gyllenhaal [featured last week on this very blog] and asked him how he was making the transition from baby-faced Hollywood heartthrob to well-respected entertainment mogul. He said, 'Grow a beard.' Actually, I think his publicist said that. Whatever. It seems to be working for him.

So come see my new movie Gone Baby Gone, starring my younger brother Casey Affleck, who you might remember as Townie #3 in Good Will Hunting, or Little Kid in Chasing Amy. [Look it up.] Someday he'll have a beard of his very own.


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October 25, 2007

Review of Jack Black All Over Wash

jackBlackShampoo.gifBeen using Jack Black All Over Wash for the past few weeks. It's a combination shampoo, face, and body wash. I've really only used it for the first two. Still like my bar of soap for the rest of my body. But here's the thing - morning is all about efficiency for me. So now I shampoo up my hair, use the lather to wash my face, rinse my whole head at once. Quick. Efficient. Genius!

This is the ultimate guy product--one product that does the job of three. Mild cleansers are pH balanced and gentle enough for face, hair and body. They work to get the rid of dirt and sweat without stripping skin and hair of essential moisture that keeps them looking healthy. Provides loads of thick, rich lather while special botanicals give a fresh scent without being too fragranced or heavy.

Jack Black All Over Wash is $14 for a 6oz tube.

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October 24, 2007

More Fun with the Braun Pulsonic

Starting to shave with the new Braun Pulsonic. Still a couple shaves away from being able to write the full review, but I thought I'd throw up some pictures of things I'm learning on the way.

Thing number one - in the cleaning station, the Pulsonic lists to the left. Looks like it's fallen over, but I'm guessing this is intentional. Probably makes self-cleaning work better since the fluid and excess beard trimming can flow out one side.

Thing number two - the trimmer pops up and out like so. Push the plate on the front upward, and the trimmer pops out. (Trimmer's pretty good too, but we'll save that for the review.)

Thing number three - the power cord fits both the charging station base as well as the trimmer itself. This is very cool, since if you're traveling and don't want to take the base, you can just take the cord. Also, if you're out of battery charge, the Pulsonic will work with the cord plugged in.

The Braun Pulsonic is currently $214 at Amazon.

(For those who like shaving and cats, click on over to see some outtakes from out photo session with the Braun Pulsonic.)

ArrowContinue reading: "More Fun with the Braun Pulsonic"

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October 23, 2007

Good Deal on Gillette Good News! Razors

GilletteGoodNews.jpgI am a firm believer in technology and innovation. In my opinion, the Gillette Fusion Power is the best cartridge razor system on the market today. That said, I know many of you are still firmly in the two-blades-is-enough camp. Well, good news! Gillette Good News! Pivot Plus Razors are now on sale at Amazon - $10.04 for a 12-pack. And, if you sign up for their automatic delivery service (which, incidentally, I know nothing about), it knocks the price down to $8.53 for a 12-pack. Crazy? You'd be crazy to pass this deal up.

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October 22, 2007

Bowling for Barbasol

A month ago we got shipment of Barbasol products in and created a tribute to Andy Warhol. Now we've received a few more of their shaving creams and are continuing to have some fun. I certainly don't mean any disrespect, but with ten cans of shaving cream, ideas start popping into your head other than shaving. Believe me, with Halloween coming up, setting up Bowling for Barbasol was the tamest I'd allow photographed.

So, some things you should know - along with the original line of Barbasol shaving creams, Barbasol now has new Barbasol Ultra, a premium version of their shaving cream. Also, they've got a cute website featuring a boxum Swede (?), a clever commercial, and a few silly takes on those inane Successories for you to create and/or print out.

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October 19, 2007

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Jake Gyllenhaal

"An Egyptian born chemical engineer. [...] A secret detention facility somewhere outside the U.S. [...] An unorthodox interrogation of a foreign national." Top story on CNN? Please! This is just Hollywood. And Jake Gyllenhaal's latest movie. That couldn't happen in real life. And besides, what's more interesting is whether he's gay or not. I mean, he was in Brokeback Mountain. Did you see that movie?

OK, enough of the sarcasm. Let's focus on facial hair. Today's Celebrity Facial Hair Friday pick is actor Jake Gyllenhaal, who has a movie called Rendition coming out today about some serious current themes. (See above) And what's more serious than a beard. A well-trimmed, stately beard. Is Jake finally growing up? Or is he trying to hide that perennial baby face to show he can take on more adult themes.

Well I for one like clean-shaven youthful Gyllenhaal. Or a Gyllenhaal who is a little more scraggly. Like in Brokeback Mountain. But only the facial hair part of the mountain. Not that there's anything wrong with it.

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October 18, 2007

The Art of Shaving's Chrome Gillette Fusion Power, with Spotlight!


OK, I don't even know where to begin here. A lot of companies like to put their logo on things, and men's grooming lines are no different. We've seen a bunch of branded razor handles which fit Gillette cartridges. La dee da.

Here's one that takes this to the next level - The Fusion Chrome Collection Power Razor from Gillette and The Art of Shaving. And yes, that is a tiny flashlight built into the Fusion.

The built-in spotlight, the first of its kind, reveals details normally in shadow - such as under the chin and jaw line - to help you avoid missed spots and make every stroke count. The sleek, contemporary handle is an ideal combination of ergonomics and innovative design, handcrafted in polished chrome and wrapped in a matte black, thermo-resin grip.

OK, so it's an Art of Shaving branded Gillette Fusion Power, decked out in chrome and thermo-resin, with a tiny flashlight near the head. Wow. I'm seriously impressed. As the writer/editor of ShavingStuff, I just may have come across my perfect Christmas present.

We recently had the chance to "ooo" and "ahh" at the display of our local The Art of Shaving store, and here are some semi-decent pictures taken with a cell-phone camera:

How much does it cost? $150. Pretty steep for a device that doesn't sync with iTunes, but hey - The Art of Shaving is a luxury brand catering to a certain class of clientele. I'll bet they sell a bunch this holiday season.

And one more thing? Imagine shaving in the dark with this baby? It might be the most dangerous shaving idea we've ever had.

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October 17, 2007

Another Solar Powered Shaver!


Back in July we posted about the Sabeco Solar Powered Shaver, which at the time seemed unique in its class. Looks like the idea is catching on.

Meet the Sol Shaver Solar Razor:

The Sol Shaver Solar Razor is ergonomically designed slim and handy and comes with its own brush for cleaning the razor head[.] Everything you could want in a travel razor and also makes a great gift idea for the man who has everything.

Well, everything except the Sol Shaver Solar Razor.

Aesthetically, this solar-powered razor is a huge leap ahead of the Sabeco. Looks like one of those high-end expensive lights which cost more, but who cares. (What was there name again?) Anyway, I can't imagine the shave beats a Pulsonic or an Arcitec, but as a shaving novelty, and a nod toward environmentalism, this solar razor can't be beat.

The Sol Shaver Solar Razor is £29.99 at Jill's Eco Store. Wow, those solar panels must be heavy!

Via ecofriend.

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October 16, 2007

Musgo Real Shave Cream - I'm a Moron

musgoRealShaveCream.gifI'm a moron. I really have no excuse for what I did, although I'm about to list a bunch. See, about a month ago I reviewed products from Musgo Real. And I didn't think the shave was that spectacular. Turns out I was shaving with their pre-shave soap, and not their actual shaving cream. Moron!

Here's my first excuse - my wife and I recently had a baby. Clearly my attention has been compromised. Here's my second excuse - the shaving cream got lost. When I started using Musgo Real products, I found the soap, after-shave, and pre-shave oil. I didn't remember there was a shaving cream. I only recently found the shaving cream on top of a very cluttered dresser.

So, apologies to Musgo Real and our friends over at Details for Men who sent the products over. And thanks to the many of you who politely wrote in telling me that I was a moron. I'll have revisit Musgo soon.

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October 15, 2007

Panasonic Epilator in Pink

We've been talking a lot of men's electric razors recently, so let's give a little time to the ladies. Here's the Panasonic ES2045P Wet/Dry Two-Speed Epilator, which comes in feminine-affirming pink. The ES2045P is actually three devices in one - an elipator, a shaver, and a trimmer. It's the Transformers of epilators! Legs, bikini, elsewhere, it's got you covered. And,
"Since the Panasonic ES2045P is rechargeable, you can epilate wherever it's most convenient for you."

Who writes their marketing copy?

Speaking of marketing copy, they might want to tone down their emphasis on the Panasonic's "36 tweezing discs". While this may be a technological advancement, it sounds more like an ancient torture device. Luckily, this country doesn't torture.

The Panasonic ES2045P Wet/Dry Two-Speed Epilator is $59.99. A bunch of cheaper models in other colors are available for as low as $29.99.

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October 12, 2007

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Nathan Petrelli

nathanPetrelli.jpgOh! Who's that? He looks familiar. But no. He's got a beard. It can't be him.

This week's Celebrity Facial Hair Friday pick is typically hyper-clean-shaven Heroes character Nathan Petrelli, seen here in episode one of season two sporting an outrageous beard.

"Wait? Didn't he die at the end of last season?"
"No, no, silly. This is television. Anything can happen."
"But why has he got that beard?"
"So no one will recognize him. No one."

Why is it that people think it's plausible that a simple beard will grant you anonymity? And why is it that in a show full of people with superpowers, I'm doubting the plausibility of a beard, and not, say, the ability to fly? I guess that's the magic of Heroes.

Spoiler alert! I think he shaves in an upcoming episode.

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October 11, 2007

Billy Jealousy Combination Code Face Moisturizer

ccode1.jpgBilly's hit another home run with the Billy Jealousy Combination Code Face Moisturizer. Got a little dry skin? Or maybe you want to re-hydrate after you've washed that that T-zone. Guess what? Combination Code has Green Tea. Perfect for T-zones.

GREEN TEA, CHAMOMILE & CALENDULA: Antioxidants; help protect the skin from environmental and endogenous damages

Funny side note: You know how they say "tea" in French? "the" With a little accent thingy. Must be impossible to search for tea on the Internet if you're French.

Billy Jealousy Combination Code Face Moisturizer has a pleasing scent. I can definitely smell the green tea, with subtle floral and citrus hints behind it. Also, it's thicker than most facial moisturizers I've tried, which I like. You need less of it to cover your face, and I think the extra thickness will be great for the winter when your skin is a little drier.

Billy Jealousy Combination Code Face Moisturizer is $26 for a 3.5oz tube.

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October 10, 2007

Jack Black Pure Clean Daily Cleanser

jackBlackCleanser.gifSage is the rage. If you're a foodie, you'll know what I mean. Not too long ago fried sage leaves started showing up high-end restaurants, magazines, and cooking shows. There are tons of recipes online if you're an aspiring chef. And it's not too hard to make.

Why am I talking about sage? Because Jack Black Pure Clean Daily Cleanser with Aloe and Sage Leaf really smells like sage. Not overwhelmingly like sage, but enough that if you closed your eyes and took a sniff, you'd be reminded of that amazing meal you had the other week which featured, you guessed it, fried sage leaves.

What benefit does sage have for your face? I have no idea. Here's what the experts at Jack Black have to say:

Oat and coconut derived, sulfate-free surfactants gently but effectively cleanse the skin. Witch Hazel acts as a natural astringent with soothing properties. Certified Organic Sage Leaf and Rosemary provide antibacterial and healing benefits. Certified Organic Chamomile and Aloe Leaf help soothe and reduce redness.

Me? All I know is that I've been using it for the last couple weeks and really like it. Leaves my face clean and doesn't dry it out. Love the smell. Washes off easily. Can't ask for more in a daily facial cleanser.

Jack Black Pure Clean Daily Cleanser is $18.00 for a 6 oz. tube.

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October 9, 2007

This Just In - Sharps

SharpsUsa.jpgHere's a relatively new kid on the block who's taking the shaving world by storm. Launched in 2003, Sharps' Kid Glove Shave Gel soon begat a whole line of men's grooming products which are now featured in top barber shops and retail stores.

Our friends over at Details for Men sent over a kit from Sharps which includes:

Sharps has a whole series of gift kits available from $29 to $85, plus you can design your own. I don't know about all of them, but mine came with a cool Sharps iron-on patch, a small book of matches, 4 pin-on buttons, and a T-shirt featuring the Sharps goat. All packaged in a classy brown box and wrapped with a lime green thick rubber band. We'll definitely be featuring Sharps gift sets on our holiday guide.

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October 8, 2007

The Quik Shave Razor

More random shaving products from more random web surfing...

Here's one called the Quik Shave. It's got a "Y" shaped top, presumably with two razors in it, so you shave twice as fast.

Quik Shave may save you up to 18 hours of time each year. You can safely shave each of your legs in one minute flat with QS. Guys, shave your head in less than one minute. QS also works for beards or underarms, by using a one-bladed shaving technique.

I think the operative word in that first sentence is "may". Frankly, I'm not buying it. Unless the blades are totally flexible, I'm guessing you'll miss hairs where the two blades come together.

The point is probably moot though. No info on how or where to buy it. Perhaps it's just a prototype.

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October 5, 2007

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Thom Yorke

radiohead.jpgThis week's Celebrity Facial Hair pick is Radiohead lead singer Thom Yorke. Radiohead is making a historic splash these days by not only releasing their latest album In Rainbows themselves (without a major record label), but amazingly by letting their fans pay whatever they think is a fair price for the music. True market-value capitalism? Socialized communism? I'm sure people are arguing everywhere.

But one thing's for sure - Thom Yorke needs a shave. I don't care about the couple day's stubble on his cheeks. Plenty of rock stars look far more scraggly. I'm talking about the neck. All you anti-Darwinists out there may scoff at the idea that we came from monkeys, but when you grow hair like one, it's time to invoke those methods we've evolved for removing it.

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October 4, 2007

Fake Mustaches for $2.62

Halloween is coming up and you may need a fake mustache to complete your costume. Or as the case may be you may need a dozen. Good thing DealExtreme.com has you covered with two each of six different styles - "The Smarty", "The Rogue", "The Scoundrel", "The Casanova", "The Partyboy", and last, and perhaps least, "The Bandit". For only $2.62, that's a hard bargain to pass up. Mustache Day at the office, anyone?
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October 3, 2007

Grrrr!!!! I Am the Braun Pulsonic Shaver!

You wouldn't want to meet this in a dark alley.

Fear not. These aren't the gnashing teeth of a pit bull. Rather they're the beard chomping shears of the new Braun Pulsonic.

Still, I wouldn't blame you if they gave you nightmares.

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October 2, 2007

The Braun Pulsonic Unboxing

Normally I cheerfully deride the ritual "unboxing" post on consumer-goods blogs. "Ooo! Look. I'm the first person to get an iPhone and take it out of the box." Good for you.

But now, with foot squarely planted in mouth, I present to you the unboxing of the new Braun Pulsonic:

What's the first thing you notice? It's in a box! Yes, that's right. None of that confounding indestructible plastic to wrestle with. Just slide the inner box out of the outer shell, and you're on to step 2.

Oh! Look inside. There's lots of stuff neatly displayed. The shaver. The self-cleaning based. Cleaning fluid. Instruction. Oh no... plastic! Dammit! How am I going to get that razor out of there?

What's this? A simple instruction on how to pop the plastic open? Push these four black dots in and... lo and behold...

The razor is free! And I barely had to struggle.

More to come...

The Braun Pulsonic is currently $233.90 at Amazon.

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October 1, 2007

September 2007 Wrap Up for Shaving Stuff

Bunch of reviews this past month. We spent five days looking at the new Philips Norelco Moisture Shaving System. It's the latest wet/dry electric razor from Norelco which dispenses Nivea lotion while you're shaving. Loved it. If you're considering a new electric razor soon then put this one on your must-research list. Or just buy it.

Also reviewed shaving products from Musgo Real. Didn't love it. Sometimes old-school is old for a reason. Unless you're over 65 I think you're going to want to stick with something more contemporary.

And somewhat related to shaving we reviewed Old Spice Pacific Surge Body Wash. Here's an old-school brand updating themselves for a new crowd. This ain't your daddy's Oldsmobile.

This Just In
Got a lot of new products in which we're looking forward to testing out. Jack Black, Barbasol, and The Art of Shaving, to name a few. In the immediate future I think we're going to stay electric though. Got a Braun Pulsonic just raring to go.

New Releases
Couple new products to mention - Combination Code Face Moisturizer and Golden Gloves Therapeutic Hand Lotion from Billy Jealousy. Also Venereous Mountain Mist from Newfbrand.

Finally the tireless shaving scribe LeisureGuy has a new version of his book Leisureguy's Guide to Gourmet Shaving: Shaving Made Enjoyable out. This guy puts out more updates to his book that Microsoft puts out updates to its operating system. I love it. Thanks for version 1.94.

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