March 31, 2008

March 2008 Wrap Up for Shaving Stuff

In like a lion, out like a lamb. March has marched on.

Big set of reviews of Mensgroom products this month. If you missed them be sure to check out all seven (!) starting with Shave the Males Shaving Cream and ending with Time Fighter Face Cream. Great products for the witty, sarcastic shaver.

Currently up in the ShavingStuff test kitchen are products from Sharps. Look for our review of those soon.

Web 2.0
Schick is ready to make you and your YouTube buddies famous by looking for the best video on shaving with the Schick Quattro. They seemed to have run out of free razors when I tried to sign up, but I got word late last week that their stocks are replenished.

Web 1.5
A recent Wired magazine article had an excellent primer on King Gillette. A must read for any shaving history buff, and a fascinating look at today's Web 2.0 business models.

Web 1.0
Thomas Goldsmith's article Men Drawn to Shaving Wars came out this past month. I had the privilege to talk to Thomas a couple months ago as he was gathering material for his investigative report. Good stuff in there about the reality behind the claims of Schick and Gillette.

Big month for celebrity facial hair. Baron "Boom Boom" Davis's site went live, where he's issued the beard-growing smackdown to all fans. Emilio Navaira survived a horrific bus crash, perhaps with the help of his mustache. And I personally made amends for my previous ragging on Ben Affleck. Some days I need to come down off my horse.

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March 28, 2008

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Emilio Navaira

emilioNavaira.jpgThis week's Celebrity Facial Hair Friday pick is Tejano music star Emilio Navaira. The Grammy winning artist has been in the news recently, unfortunately not for his music. Seems Emilio was driving his tour bus overnight, coming back from a gig, when the bus went off the road and Emilio was hurled through the windshield. That pretty much sucks.

After several experimental procedures and brain surgeries, it looks like there might be hope for Emilio. What helped him through this? The love of his family? Most certainly. Care from the best doctors? No doubt. But I think any man that can pull of a mustache has got an 18 constitution to match his 18 charisma. Yes, I did just make a D&D reference. Now normally I'm not a fan of the mustache, but in this case it seems defining. And fortifying. So get well soon Emilio. Que te mejores.

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March 27, 2008

4mind4body... for man

Just got wind of a new men's grooming site from the guys who run Foreman called 4mind4body. Here's the skinny:

This blog is part of Foreman where we are all about providing a pleasurable, masculine environment filled with quality men's products for the mind and body. Therefore, a majority of our topics will tend to be men's grooming related, but we're not going to limit ourselves to just that! We cover a wide range of stuff we are interested in like: gadgets, music, cool tools, and anything else we find interesting.

Only one thing I like more than a pleasurable, masculine environment, and that's... not something I can mention here.

There are already several shaving-related posts on the site including Purchasing a Shaving Razor and A Good Shave - Buying Quality Men's Shaving Supplies. Good info in these articles, as well as links to quality shaving products from MenScience, Jack Black, and The Art of Shaving. Click on over and check it out.

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March 26, 2008

Best4Men's BFF4Eva

best4men.JPGLook, I don't want to start thinking about Father's Day in March. I'd rather wait until the last minute and then spend extra on overnight shipping. That's just part of my commitment to stimulating the economy. But if you're an eager beaver and always have your homework done early, check out Best4Men's special deal on BestFaceEver.

This month be good to your face! Check out The Best Face Ever - Men's Face Care Kit and get everything you need for that perfect mug shot. This collection contains six of the best facial products on the market, bundled in a Samsonite overnight kit. Valued at $182, this month The Best Face Ever is yours for $126 with a total savings of $56.

Best4Men's BestFaceEver is normally $140, but with promo code "BESTFACE" you'll knock that price down 10% to $126. Oh, and there's free shipping. Oh oh! And gift wrapping is only $3.99. So act fast. When March ends, this deal ends.

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March 25, 2008

Men Drawn to Shaving Wars

newsObserver.jpgGot a call from Thomas Goldsmith of the North Carolina newspaper The News and Observer a while back. Thomas was looking to write a story on the reality behind all the claims of "world's best shave" and world's closest shave". How do they really know that?

Well, Gillette and Schick like to play their cards close to their vests. Pretty much the only scientific evidence around is in court hearings where the two companies sue each other (quite often, in fact). Goldsmith found that

deep in federal court records, it seems that the companies do get down to measuring micrometers of whisker length, if sometimes only as part of litigation. In 2005, Schick carried out its own tests to successfully challenge Gillette's claim that its M3Power razor caused facial hairs to "stand up," producing a better shave.

"Schick's study took place over three days and included 37 test subjects," a verdict in Schick's favor said. "With respect to each test subject, twenty hairs were measured before and after strokes with an M3 Power razor." Science did not support Gillette's "stand-up" claim, the court found.

Totally fascinating. I'd love to know more about the study.

Anyway, check out the whole article here for a little shaving history, a presidential shaving faux pas, and a quote from yours truly.

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March 24, 2008

Emjoi Light Caress Cordless Epilator

emjoi.jpgEpilation time. C'mon! Let's epilate.

Can't remember if I've used that one before. Anyway, ladies and... well, mostly ladies, allow me to introduce you to the Emjoi Light Caress Cordless Epilator.

The Emjoi Light Caress offers an ergonomic, hypoallergenic, rechargeable epilator with a light attachment for easy and effective epilation. The Emjoi Caress uses a 36 tweezer disc system, with 24k gold tweezers.

Let's see. 36 tweezer disks times 24 karats equals 864 disk-karats. Yeah, I took AP physics in high school. Still got it.

Want to see those 36 tweezer disk?


Whoa! Kinda wish I hadn't.

Our Pain Reduction technology coupled with a massaging finger attachment (included), greatly reduces discomfort.

Well that's nice to hear. Look, I don't know anything about epilation. But these guys promise a 30 day money back guarantee. So if you're at all interested, just save your receipts.

The Emjoi Light Caress Cordless Epilator retails for $89.95, but is available from Amazon for $72.31.

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March 21, 2008

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Ben Affleck (again)

meAndBen.jpgBack in October I railed against Ben Affleck and his directorial beard. Ben had just debuted his new film Gone Baby Gone, decked out in take-me-seriously facial hair, and I wasn't buying it. Perhaps I was a little less than generous in my picks of roles to highlight. I mean, despite Armageddon being somewhat preposterous, he really did play a convincing driller.

Anyway, I got the chance to meet Mr. Affleck last weekend, along with his lovely wife, and it turns out he's actually a pretty sharp guy. And he and I shared matching one-day's worth of growth. Now if I could only learn to face the camera like a movie star (and my wife).

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March 20, 2008

$2.95 Shipping at

buzzskinshipping.jpgQuick shout out to my buddies over at, who are running a shipping special for the rest of the month of March. FedEx ground shipping is only $2.95 for all orders under $75.

But wait! What if my order is over $75?!?

Relax kid. Just split it into two. Kidding. Orders over $75 continue to be free.

So stock up on all the cool brands like Billy Jealousy, MenScience, Baxter of California, Jack Black, and more.

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March 19, 2008

A Short History of King Gillette

kingG.jpgRegular ShavingStuff readers know that I'm a fan of Wired Magazine, and I often cite shaving-related stories from there. The recent issue of Wired had a great story by editor-in-chief Chris Anderson entitled Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business. How is this related to shaving? Allow me to quote from the beginning of the article:

At the age of 40, King Gillette was a frustrated inventor, a bitter anticapitalist, and a salesman of cork-lined bottle caps. It was 1895, and despite ideas, energy, and wealthy parents, he had little to show for his work. He blamed the evils of market competition. Indeed, the previous year he had published a book, The Human Drift, which argued that all industry should be taken over by a single corporation owned by the public and that millions of Americans should live in a giant city called Metropolis powered by Niagara Falls. His boss at the bottle cap company, meanwhile, had just one piece of advice: Invent something people use and throw away.

Got your attention? I thought so.

The first couple paragraphs cover the story of King Gillette, and then article takes a more modern turn and discusses how today's companies can give away services and still make money. (Think Google.) Definitely worth a read even though the rest is not shaving-related.

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March 18, 2008

Review of Mensgroom Time Fighter Face Cream

mensgroomtime.jpgHere's the last product we're going to look at from Mensgroom - Time Fighter face cream.

If you haven't been ID'd in a while, maybe you should use some of this cream. Made with Mannetake Mushroom and Soy Protein, it's lightweight and is absorbed instantly into the skin.

Now you, me, and most readers will be saying to yourself, "wasn't there a moisturizing cream from these guys a couple days ago?" You are correct. In fact, the FAQ has anticipated your next question:

What's the difference between Daily Defender and Time Fighter?

Daily Defender protects your face from things like dryness, fine lines - the coffee-breath of that guy in human resources. Time Fighter improves skin firmness and elasticity, and fights wrinkles. Plus it's got Soy Protein, so it's safe for those who are lactose intolerant.

Speaking as a member of the lactose community I can attest to this product's safety.

Time fighter absorbs instantly into your face and does a great job moisturizing too. I tended to use it on my forehead after a shave while putting Soothe the Shaven Beast on my beard area. Kind of smells vaguely like coconut. I used it in place of Daily Defender, alternating between the two on different days. Comes in a similarly styled clear plastic case holding a brown inner center, although with this jar you can see exactly how much you've got left.

Mensgroom Time Fighter face cream is $45 for a 1.7 oz / 50 ml jar. "Women don't dig guys with wrinkles. Unless they're loaded." Hey loaded guys - you should take care of your faces too.

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March 17, 2008

A Word About Mensgroom Packaging

mensgroomtriple.jpgSeveral of Mensgroom's products come in this very cool, transparent pump. Actually the products are in a brown circular plastic pump within a transparent square plastic case. Looks pretty smart on your bathroom counter. One problem - which is which?

The only discernible difference between the bottles is the writing on them, and the writing isn't the easiest thing to read unless you're holding the text straight on. Several times I have almost moisturized with Be Cleansed My Son, or attempted to wash my face with Daily Defender. Very easy to make a mistake early in the morning before your coffee.

Don't get me wrong - I love the unique packaging. Someone at Mensgroom cares about design, and I give them props for that. My suggestion to them would be to put a simple thin colored band around the bottles somewhere so that you could easily identify them without reading the text on them. That and maybe a transparent sliver in the brown containers so that you can tell when you're running out. Sucks to have to reorder after the well has run dry.

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March 14, 2008

Review of Mensgroom Daily Defender Moisturizer

mensgroomdefender.jpgWe interrupt the normally scheduled Celebrity Facial Hair Friday to bring you the fifth entry in our ongoing Mensgroom product review week. Product five - Daily Defender Moisturizer.

Next time you're outside, think on this - Mother Nature and her pals the elements are out to turn your face into something resembling the ass-end of an armadillo. So do yourself a favor and use this cream. Its Mannetake Mushroom, Aloe Vera and Pea Extract let you go outside without fear. And no matter what you do, this stuff won't drip into your eyes. Important for when you're at the beach ogling women.

I liked this stuff a lot. I want to tell you all about it, but you have to promise to keep reading.

Mensgroom Daily Defender is a clear moisturizer in one of the standard Mengroom pump bottles. I used four squirts - one on each finger - every time I applied. Daily Defender's scent reminds me of a swimming pool. KEEP READING! Not the town pool with the town kids. I'm talking the pristine exclusive pool set aside for the rich. Like the pool you'd find on Richard Branson's tropical island that he rents out for like a million dollars a day. And not just any pool on that island. The one Sir Richard keeps to himself. How would I know what that pool smells like? Good question. One I'm not going to answer.

So again, I really liked this stuff. I think it makes your skin feel a little tacky for the first hour, but I also noticed that my skin was significantly less oily at the end of the day. That's huge for me. Exxon Mobile has expressed interest in my face.

Mensgroom Daily Defender Moisturizer is $40 for a 3.4 oz / 100 ml bottle. "Lasts for 12 hours straight. Or about the same amount of time a trucker goes between pee breaks." Actually I happen to know they... er... never mind.

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March 13, 2008

Review of Mensgroom Be Cleansed My Son Facial Cleanser

mensgroomson.jpgDay four in our ongoing Mensgroom review week. Today we're looking at Mensgroom's Be Cleansed My Son facial cleanser, an excellent way to clean your face as well as wash away your sins.

Does more in 5 minutes than most government employees do all day. Formulated with Mannetake Mushroom and Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, this mild cleanser reduces the appearance of fine lines, improves skin firmness and counteracts irritating skin conditions. So take that irritating skin conditions!

I wonder if the solution to government productivity is Mannetake Mushrooms. Couldn't hurt.

Anyway, not much to say on Be Cleansed My Son other than the stuff is good. Mild, pleasant scent. Washes off easily. Doesn't overdry your skin. If you're considering checking out the Mensgroom line of facial products, add it to your cart. You won't be sorry.

Be Cleansed My Son is in the same style bottle as Soothe the Shaven Beast, which means you'll want to pick it up and tilt it to squirt some into your hands. I typically used six or seven squirts. The squirts are small.

Mensgroom Be Cleansed My Son facial cleanser is $20 for a 3.4 oz / 100 ml bottle. "Designed specifically for guys. Hence the short directions in the box." Thanks. As a guy I appreciate that.

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March 12, 2008

Review of Mensgroom Scrubbed the Right Way Facial Scrub

mensgroomscrubbed.jpgDay three of our Mensgroom safari brings us to the Fisherman's Wharf section of San Francisco. Ever been there? Total tourist trap. Fried dough carts. Ripley's Believe or Not "museum". And mimes.

Much like those mimes you see on the street, dead skin cells should be dealt with extreme prejudice. Do the job with this special scrub. It's formulated with Tea Tree Leaves for a polite, yet firm exfoliation. Use it just thrice weekly, preferably before you shave. Then go around work saying 'thrice' until everyone gets really annoyed. It's a blast!

Hold on. This is the thrice product we've reviewed from Mensgroom, and it's missing a distinctly defining ingredient. Are you telling me we've found a Mensgroom product without shrooms?

Aloe Vera and Mushroom Extract are added to soothe, calm and moisturise the skin.

Phew! Had to click into the What Makes This Product Extra Awesome link to see the mushrooms. But they're there!

superball.jpgMensgroom Scrubbed the Right Way Facial Scrub is one of the gentlest exfoliants I've used. Scrubs tend to have course or fine grit. Mensgroom's is mostly a thick gel with some sort of flecks. Might be tea tree leaf powder. Not sure. Frankly it looks like the stuff they make superballs out of. I'm tempted to leave some in a round mold and see what happens.

I'm never sure about exfoliants, but every line of men's grooming products has one, and women have been using them long before men. I assume that some smart people probably think it's a good idea. Or that we've succumbed to some sort of circular peer pressure ring. Who knows.

Mensgroom Scrubbed the Right Way Facial Scrub is $20 for a 3.4 oz / 100 ml tube. "Use just three times a week. Like Monday, Wednesday and Friday." Easy.

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March 11, 2008

Review of Mensgroom Soothe the Shaven Beast After Shave Balm

mensgroomsooth.jpgDay two of our tour of Mensgroom's facial products. Yesterday we shaved. Today we after-shave.

Mensgroom's Soothe the Shaven Beast is a light white lotion with a vaguely old-school barbershop scent. Just a hint of your grandpa's aftershave without his overwhelming halitosis. Three little squirts were all I needed to cover my face after each shave. One tip - pick the bottle up and squirt it into your hands. The spout really isn't long enough to dispense when it's sitting on the counter.

Contrary to what those annoying spandex-clad health freaks say, you don't need to feel the burn. At least not on your face. This after-shave will cool, soothe and stimulate you with a mixture of Birch Sap, Mannetake Mushroom and Menthol. And unlike most oil-tanker captains, it's alcohol free.

See? Shrooms again. Sweet!

Despite this after shave balm being very light, it was all my face needed. I've used several other after shaves which were so light I needed to apply something heavier, especially around my nose and lips where skin gets drier in the winter. Not so with Mensgroom. Another point for the shrooms.

Mensgroom's Soothe the Shaven Beast after shave balm is $30 for a 1.7 oz / 100 ml bottle. "We know it's hard to believe something can soothe and stimulate you with no alcohol. But trust us, it's true." Yup. Alcohol is for rubbin' and drinkin'.

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March 10, 2008

Review of Mensgroom Shave the Males Shaving Cream

mensgroomshave.jpgA while back we got a big shipment of products from Mensgroom. It's taken some time to get through them, but we're finally ready for the reviews. So here we go...

First up - Shave the Males shaving cream. What's in it? "Menthol, Mannetake Mushroom, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E."

Hold on. Did you say shrooms? Ok. Now you've got my attention.

Actually Mannetake Mushrooms seems to be the secret sauce to most Mensgroom products. I'm sure there's some health-related reason like blah blah lubricating oils and yada yada amino acids, but seriously dude. One tab of this sh!t and I was shaving with a rainbow Medusa-headed Hendrix. Does your morning shave get any better than that?

Mensgroom Shave the Males is a white cream which goes on easily and does not foam up. Why doesn't the Shave Cream foam up?

You want to know why? Because it's not supposed to, that's why. Because its Mushroom Extract and Aloe Vera, meant to calm and moisturise your skin for a smoother shave, will never, ever foam. Ever. Now leave us alone.

(Answers and other insults can be found at their FAQ by clicking on the above link.)

The shaving cream provides a slick surface for your razor, and I had little to no nicks or cuts while using this stuff for a month. Great close shave everyday. We've already covered the foaming bit, but that means you use a regular amount with each shave. Not a ton, but this isn't one of those magic soaps where a tiny smidge lathers up to a bubble bath. Just don't skimp on your first shave, and then start cutting back to see how little you really need.

I've read a bunch of shaving reviews on other sites, and one thing some people worry about in general is shaving cream gunking up their razor. Not an issue for me, but I imagine this might bother some people if they tried Mensgroom. So you rinse your razor more often. You should be doing that after every stroke anyway.

Mensgroom Shave the Males shaving cream is $22 for a 6.8 oz / 200 ml tube. As they say on their site, "Shaving usually sucks. Now it sucks a lot less." We agree.

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March 7, 2008

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Baron Davis

BaronDavis.jpgThis week's Celebrity Facial Hair Friday pick is Golden State Warriors guard Baron Davis. Just another NBA player with a beard, you ask? Maybe. But also a businessman who has issued a facial hair smackdown.

That's right. According to his recent post on Yardbarker, a site "where athletes and fans debate, read and write about sports", Davis is calling you out at his site

I created a competition on the site called The Best Beard...grow out a beard and join the comp. See if ya'll can top mine!!! FYI, there are a limited number of invites attached to the button so get it while its HOT!! LOL!!

OK, for those of you who are old, "comp" means competition; "LOL" means laugh out loud; and "HOT" means hot.

Of course, is in alpha (which means it probably has a lot of bugs (no, not those kinds of bugs - too much to explain)), so you can't sign up unless you get an invite. So if you were one of the cool kids who got in, share the love and let us know the details. If not, watch Baron Davis's beard and judge for yourself.

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March 6, 2008

Free Messenger Bag from ZIRH

zirhMessaginerBag.jpgCheck out this stylish messenger bag. All the cool kids are going messenger these days. Er... maybe... I wish I were cool.

Whatever. You want this bag? It's yours.

ZIRH wants to say thank you for being a loyal ZIRH customer. Order $75 or more and receive a FREE Corduroy Messenger Bag while supplied last. Shop Today - LIMITED QUANTITIES!

This was from a recent ZIRH email which also said "call 1-800-295-8877 for your free courduroy messenger bag with any $75+ order." Not sure if that means you won't get it if you order online. I'd call if I wanted to be certain.

And if you're uncertain as to which ZIRH products to buy, spend a few minutes in our ZIRH archives and read about which products are right for you.

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March 5, 2008

Shaving Products from The Refinery

refinery.gifShavingStuff reader Terry recently wrote in to tell us about The Refinery:

This is NOT the Gentlemen's Refinery website (based in Glasgow and totally inferior). This is The Refinery website based in the best bits of London and with its own elite HQ in Brook Street in the West End of London, as well as at Harrods, etc. I'm a recent customer of Refinery Shave Oil and Refinery Shave Gel for Sensitive Skin. Click the Products tag on the website. On their own, either of these two products are stunning, simply the best in the world, but TOGETHER they are a well nigh spiritual experience (as in miraculous). They have outlets in the USA as well. Go there and be born again as a shaver. Don't say you weren't told...

Bold statement, as we're big fans of the Gentlemen's Refinery. "The Refinery" shaving products are here. I haven't tried them, but if anyone else has I'd love to hear about.

If you're looking for where to buy these products, check their list of retail stockists. (Is that even a word?) Looks like here in the US you'll need to hit up Barney's or stay in the Four Seasons for a night. I'm going to go with the Four Seasons and grab a few extra off the maid's cart in the hallway.

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March 4, 2008

Another Shot at a Free Schick Quattro

freeSchick.jpgLast week we mentioned the contest by Schick and YouTube where you could win your 15 minutes of fame by uploading a video of your groomin', groovy self. Here's a little tidbit we overlooked - you can get a free Schick Quattro when you register. Just head on over to and click on "Register here first" (which takes you to this page). Pretty simple.

I have to say, Schick is pretty generous with their razors. Seems like every other month there's another opportunity to get a free razor from Schick. There's really no excuse not to have one if you're at all interested.

OK, I spoke to fast. I just went through the registration process, clicked the button for the free Schick razor, and got this somewhat truncated message:

Sorry, our supplies for this sample have been

Have been what? Depleted? Stolen? Infested? Condemned?


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March 3, 2008

February 2008 Wrap Up for Shaving Stuff

Not something we all want to admit, but the older we get, the more we grow hair in strange places. If you suffer from aging, and really, who doesn't, read our review of the Philips Norelco Nose and Ear Trimmer and get comfortable with the fact that you probably need one.

We checked out a couple grooming products from our old friends Zia for Men - specifically their Zia for Men's ActiClean Skin Clearing Face Wash and Zia for Men's Triple Action FACE/BODY/HAIR 3-in-1 Wash. Zia is a great brand even if don't care about natural or organic ingredients. These two products didn't disappoint.

This Just In...
Gillette introduced the Gillette Phenom Fusion Power Razor, the third incarnation in their powered Fusion line. No fundamental changes aside form color and styling, although the original and the Phantom appear to be phasing out.

Got some new shaving products in by Peter Thomas Roth courtesy of our friends at Details for Men. Still got a backlog of shaving creams to get through, so look for that review later.

I observed that famous film directors have beards. I got angry at Tom Petty. I took a cheap shot at Kevin Dillon. I have no love for Fidel Castro (or Raul, for that matter).

Misc, Myth, and Mex
Become a YouTube sensation with Schick's 15 Minutes of Fame contest. Treat razor burn with a tea bag. Treat yourself to shave ice the next time your in Hawaii. Mythbusters busted a mythical can of shaving cream. Don't shave and drive in Mexico.

Next up in the review process - MensGroom products.

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