April 30, 2008

April 2008 Wrap Up for Shaving Stuff

April has come to an end and the weather is finally getting warmer. Looking forward to getting outside with the spring weather. And more shaving. In the meantime, here's what we learned.

Our shaving with Sharps series came to an end with a review of Sharps Kid Glove Oil-Free Pre-Shave Stick, Sharps Kid Glove Shave Gel, Sharps Daily Prep Foaming Scrub, and Sharps Daily Prep Concentrated Foaming Wash. All in all we were somewhat luke warm on the shave, however the scrub and face wash were really good. Currently in the Shaving Stuff shave studios are products from Ritual, so expect a review of them next.

Both Gillette and Schick are getting into the YouTube these days, looking for videos of you doing something clever with a razor. Or just being clever. Schick's got its Get Experimental contest, Gillette's got its Trickstars 08 for the Europeans, and The Search for the Next Phenom for those of you who live in North America. If you've got a video camera and some talent, you could win big.

New Stuff
Got some great new products in from eShave and from John Allan's. Can't wait to try those out. Also ZIRH launched their new Platinum line, for the high-end man. Still waiting for them to add a Platinum shaving cream.

Electric Boogie Woogie
Two razors enter. One razor leave. Who run Bartertown? Braun Pulsonic runs Bartertown. (Yes, I did just reference Mad Max, Beyond Thunderdome.) And for the Tina Turners out there, check out the Silk'n Laser Hair-Remover which uses lasers. 'Nuf said.

David Schwimmer joined the growing list of actors-turned-directors who felt the need to show maturity in the form of facial hair. Wesley Snipes joined the list of actors who feel that they are above the IRS. And Charlton Heston left the list of actors. Period. (Sorry, that's probably too harsh. But I liked the symmetry.)

And we'll end with the first post of the month, my April Fools story about Gillette attempting a hostile takeover of Schick. Was it funny? I don't know. My story about the eight-bladed Schick Octo from a few years ago got some good reactions. This one fell on deaf ears. OK, I get it. I'll do better next year. Promise.

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April 29, 2008

This Just In - More Products from John Allan's

Believe it or not Father's Day is only about 6 weeks away, and John Allan's is not wasting any time. They've sent over five grooming products they think would make a great gift for dad:

About a year ago we had a chance to review a couple John Allan's products and we found them to be "top shelf". (Is it weird to be quoting myself?) If these new products are anything like the previous ones, we'll be singing their praises in no time. Check back soon for our review, plus other Fathers' Day gift ideas. Six weeks may seem like an eternity, but it'll pass before you know it.

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April 28, 2008

ZIRH Platinum is Here

zirhR2REVOLUTION250.jpgAs we mentioned earlier in the month, ZIRH is launching a new premium brand of men's grooming products called ZIRH Platinum. And now it's here! Yup, ZIRH Platinum is online and available for your face and your skin. With eight new products to choose from, you're certain to find the right formulation for your necessitation.

Except for shaving. Hey Platinum ZIRH! What gives? You've got ZIRH R2 R-EVOLUTION Resurface and Remedy Post Shave Healing Balm, for post shaving. But no shaving cream? That's like having a toothpaste but no toothbrush. Or a buggy and no horse. Or a thing and not the other thing that the first thing needed. You know what I mean.

ZIRH R2 R-EVOLUTION Resurface and Remedy Post Shave Healing Balm is $65 for a 1.7 ounce tube. For the moment you're still shaving with ZIRH platinum-free shaving cream, gel, or foam. I hope they rectify platnify this situation soon.

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April 25, 2008

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Wesley Snipes

wesleysnipes.jpgRemember that old adage - "In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes"? I'll bet Wesley Snipes wishes he didn't. Seems Mr. Snipes tried to cheat certainty and not pay the government $41 million dollars in taxes.

$41 million dollars.

OK, if he owed the government $41 million, that means he made like $100 million. Which leaves $59 million that he would get to keep. Legally. Dude. Pay up and enjoy your $59 million.

Instead he's sporting the evil Spock goatee and claiming that his sinister twin from a transporter accident is actually to blame. Not buying it. Shave, and pay up.

And enjoy your Benjamins. Now who is credited with that old adage again...?

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April 24, 2008

Review of Sharps Daily Prep Concentrated Foaming Wash

sharpsfoamingwash.jpegDay four of our review of Sharps products and we've come to Sharps Daily Prep Concentrated Foaming Wash.

Foam up and break down the grime with this oil-free face wash. Concentrated means one shot goes a long way. A mild foaming complex delivers a healthy lather while hydrating botanicals ensure moisture replenishment for all skin types. Use it before signing on or signing off for the day.

I will totally agree with the concentrated. You really don't need that much to get your face nice and squeaky clean. I will take issue with the foaming. This stuff didn't foam. I tried using a little. I tried using a lot. I tried in different waters. Couldn't get this stuff to foam. Sharps exfoliant - that foams. Sharps face wash - not so foamy.

Not that this really matters. Sharps Daily Prep is a great face wash and I'm happy using it every day. My only complaint (besides the silly lack of foaming) was that it took a little extra effort to wash off. Not as bad as some other products I've tried, but not the easiest. No biggie. If you're looking for a new daily face wash and an exfoliant, Sharps is a good choice.

Sharps Daily Prep Concentrated Foaming Wash is $18 for an 8.5 ounce tube.

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April 23, 2008

Review of Sharps Daily Prep Foaming Scrub

sharpsDailyPrep.gifAh exfoliation. A time to EX-tract the FOLIA-ge from the naTION (that is your face). I'm reaching here. Bear with me.

If you're into exfoliation, and really, who isn't, you should check out Sharps Daily Prep Foaming Scrub. I think this was my favorite product from Sharps. Why? Probably the foaming. But the scrub wasn't too far behind.

Get it all with this oil-free wash and scrub combo. Dissolve dirt. Unplug pores. Brighten dull skin. Spherical marble powder grains deliver results without irritating even the most sensitive skin. A 7-day outlook for clear skin.

I will vouch for the spherical marble powder grains. This was one of the most gentle yet effective exfoliants I've tried. Not too gritty, not too fine. Lathered up to a nice foam as well, and washed off easily. What more could you ask for?

Sharps Daily Prep Foaming Scrub is $20 for a 4.25 ounce tube.

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April 22, 2008

Review of Sharps Kid Glove Shave Gel

sharpsshavegel.gifDay two of our review of Sharps products. Yesterday we applied some Kid Glove Pre-Shave Stick, today we're shaving with Sharps Kid Glove Shave Gel.

Go ahead and make fun of my lack of manliness. I read the directions:

  1. Massage a thin layer onto damp skin.

  2. Wait 30 seconds. Contemplate the goat... feel the kick!

  3. Using short strokes, shave with the grain of hair growth.

  4. Repeat (for you Grizzlies, repeat against the grain).

Have you ever really stared at the picture of a goat? I have. Many times now. In 30 second increments. Here's my free association:

My wife and I had our first baby nine months ago. The boy is awesome. He's staring at me. He likes it when I shave. I remember when he was born. That was an awesome day. We learned a lot about childbirth. Huh... Look at that picture of a goat. You know, that kind of looks like a uterus. And two fallopian tubes. And a... Ok, must be time to shave now.

Where was I? Oh yeah. Shaving with Sharps.

The pluses - easy to apply; clear, so you can see what you're doing; very few nicks and cuts.

The minuses - not the closest shave. Not the worst shave by far, but solidly in the middle. I recommend following step 4 (from above) and doing the repeat shave. Maybe not necessarily against the grain, but perpendicular.

I'd rate Sharps' shave along the lines of Anthony Logistics for Men. A good first step out of the world of drug-store shaving creams. But like anyone trying to expand their horizons, you won't truly appreciate the finer things in life if you jump straight to the end. So consider Sharps for the man who needs to learn there's a better shave out there.

Sharps Kid Glove Shave Gel is $13 for a 5 ounce tube.

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April 21, 2008

Review of Sharps Kid Glove Oil-Free Pre-Shave Stick

sharpsKidGlove.gifBeen shaving with products from Sharps these last few weeks. Sharps - whose website is sharpsusa.com. USA! USA! I love freedom. And so do they.

Anyway, first up is a unique product - Sharps Kid Glove Oil-Free Pre-Shave Stick. While several brands have a pre-shave oil meant to accompany their shaving cream, Sharps is the first line of products I've tried which has a pre-shave stick.

The perfect sidekick to layer under Kid Glove Shave Gel for the closest shave possible. Oil-Free Pre-Shave Stick is a clear protective barrier and a botanical-rich blend of soothers providing up close, comfortable, skin-to-blade contact. Prep skin. Soften whiskers. Never a greasy moment. A lifesaver for guys with sensitive skin, brawny beards and ingrown hairs.

Same basic concept as a pre-shave oil - an undercoating for extra protection - although in non-oily form. And while I'm totally sold on products of a pre-shave nature, I miss the oil. Frankly I didn't see much of a difference with or without the stick.

That said, Sharps Pre-Shave Stick definitely wins on ease of application and neatness. Pre-shave oils can be a bit of a challenge to apply to your face, especially if the bottle containing them isn't designed well. Sharps' stick is like a giant container of chapstick for your face. And it kind of smells like an ice cream cone. There are worse things to get on your face.

Sharps Kid Glove Oil-Free Pre-Shave Stick is $16 for a one ounce stick.

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April 18, 2008

Gillette Presents The Search for the Next Phenom

A couple days ago we blogged about the Gillette Trickstars 08 contest on YouTube where your video of you being tricky could win you fame and fortune. Or maybe a Phenom. Turns out Trickstars is a European contest. But fear not, citizens of North America. The Search for the Next Phenom is for you!

Yes, we interrupt this normally scheduled Celebrity Facial Hair Friday to bring you not one but three celebrities - Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, and Thierry Henry. And this time, it's personal.

Create a video of 90 seconds or less showcasing your skill in a ball sport. Your video may include the biggies--basketball, baseball, soccer, football, golf, tennis--the lesser obvious ones-- volleyball, water polo, cricket, rugby, croquet--and even the fooseballs and Super Balls of the world. You can kick it, throw it, shoot it, catch it, juggle it, dribble it, heck do a dance with it if you like. If you're phenomenal enough, you could win.

What could you win? A cool 30 grand. Or a Blu-Ray DVD player. Or a 42" plasma. Or more. You've got until May 20th to upload your video, so start practicing. Based on the videos that have already been submitted, you've still got plenty of chances to win.

(A word to all you bowlers out there - don't include any cuts in your videos. Show me three strikes on three lanes in a single cut. Then I'll be impressed. Otherwise, I ain't buying it.)

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April 17, 2008

A Trio of TSA-Approved Travel Kits

When the TSA announced their crazy rules about liquids and gels on airplanes, who would have predicted they'd create a new market. Well, that's exactly what happened, and we're seeing an explosion of TSA-approved travel kits from all the major players in the men's grooming world.

Take Billy Jealousy's Wanderlust Travel Kit ($36), which comes complete with regulation 2 ounce containers of Hydroplane Shave Cream, Fuzzy Logic Shampoo, White Knight Facial Cleanser, ILLICIT Body Wash, Cool Medium Hair Gel, and most importantly - a Clear Vinyl Pouch.


Or, if you're a Baxter man, check out Baxter of California's Travel Kit + Dopp ($50). Baxter's gonna outfit you with 2 ounce bottles of Daily Face Wash, Oil Free Moisturizer, Super Close Shave Formula, After Shave Balm, Daily Protein Shampoo, a couple of hotel size EDA cleansing Bars, and a custom travel dopp bag. That means you're going to have to supply your own zip-lock clear plastic bag.


Finally, Anthony's in the TSA game with Anthony Logistics for Men's Grab + Go Travel Kit ($35). Two ounce bottles of Glycolic Facial Cleanser, Facial Scrub, Shave Cream, Astringent, Coconut Shampoo, Cleansing Gel, and the requisite zip top plastic bag.

Most of your favorite brands now sell these airplane-safe travel packs, so click on over to your products of choice and get set to sail through the airport.

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April 16, 2008

This Just In - eShave

eshavewhiteteashave.jpegOur friends over at Details for Men just sent over two products from eShave - eShave White Tea Shave Cream ($20), and eShave White Tea After Shave Cream with Shea Butter ($22). Mmmm... white tea... One of my favorite scents.

eShave, or êShave, as they are actually called, was founded by Danielle Malka.

Danielle successfully marketed European brands in the prestige market. In the early 90's, Danielle changed the way the world thinks and talks about shaving. By introducing the concept of education to barbers in the U.K., and then passing their trade tips onto consumers, she developed a reputation for herself as the premier shaving expert.

That's better than my credentials - shaves a lots/writes about shaving a lot.

eShave has a full line of men's and women's shaving supplies, including hand-sculpted razors, stands, and brush handles.

To this day, ê Shave is the only company that hand-sculpts its own fashionable, modern, artistic designs to appeal to the tastes of aesthetically discriminating and design conscious women and men.

In fact, this month is Shaving Brush Month. Get a free one ounce shaving cream when you purchase a shaving brush from eShave. And if you really want to jazz up your bathroom, snag one of these slick and modern shave stands. This isn't your father's Oldsmobile shaving stand.

We'll be putting eShave to the ShavingStuff test, so stay tuned for our review.

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April 15, 2008


powerset.jpgAs a proud member of a former dot-com, and a veteran of several technology start-ups, I know what it's like to work crazy hours with a small team on something you hope will be huge. And nothing brings a team together like a beard growing contest.

The guys over at Powerset are building a next-generation search engine based on natural language processing. And they're growing beards. Check out Powerstache.com for the latest facial hair internal release. The team has vowed not to shave until their product has been released. For the sake of all of them, I seriously hope they haven't vowed not to shower either.

Good luck guys! And in the meantime, have fun with those beta beards.

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April 14, 2008

The Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

groomMatePlatinum.jpgAre you one of those eco-friendly save-the-whales old-school shavers? Really? Nice to meet you.

If you're living off the grid, or simply have an aversion to batteries, check out the Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer. Made from "the finest corrosion-proof stainless steel" and crafted right here in the good old US of A, the Groom Mate is your best manual mechanical option.

GroomMateInHand.jpgAt 2.6 inches, this thing is pretty darn small. Click on the picture to the right to see an enlarged view. Still pretty small. Great for throwing in a travel bag, although I have no idea what the TSA will make of it. Just tell them it's a laptop accessory... that you like to keep in your dopp kit.

The Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer is $19.88 at Amazon. Also at Amazon are 122 customer reviews, which are worth reading if you're ordering one. Different techniques work better for different people. It's worth a quick look to learn from their experiences.

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April 11, 2008

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Charlton Heston

charlton_heston.jpgThis week's Celebrity Facial Hair Friday pick is legendary Hollywood actor Charlton Heston. Mr. Heston's roles produced some of the most memorable quotes in movie history:

"Damn you! God damn you all to hell!" - Planet of the Apes

"Soylent green is made of people!" - Soylent Green

"Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!" - Planet of the Apes

Notice a theme? (Hint, it's the exclamation point!)

CharltonHestonTheTenCommandmentsC101021021.jpgMr. Heston's roles also produced some of the most memory beards in movie history.

"Ben Hur" - upper right, looking authentic.

Moses from the "Ten Commandments" - lower right, totally fake. And what's with the mane? Are you a Flock of Seagulls fan?

Anyway, Charlton passed away this week. We will miss him. I may not agree with his right to bear (military-grade semi-automatic) arms, but I will protect his right to bear facial hair. So long, and thanks for all the beards.

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April 10, 2008

The Braun Pulsonic vs The Gillette Fusion

pulsonic_v_fusion.jpgAre you ready to rumble?!?

In this corner... weighing in at a "reassuring" six ounces... with a retail price of $270... forget the brains, this thing is all brawn... it's the Braun Pulsonic!!!

And in this corner... weighing far less... with a retail price of $13... harnessing the power of the atom... it's the Gillette Fusion!!!

Gentlemen, start your vibrations. It's shavin' time!

Sure, some men prefer the convenience of an electric shaver, in which case we'd recommend the Pulsonic, the gold standard of face mowers. But for a flawless shave that won't mar your mug, we'd opt for the Fusion. One caveat is the steep cost, as with most razors, of the replacement blades: $14 for a package of four. In the long run, the Fusion could end up costing you more than the Pulsonic, so it's no bargain: just a better shaver.

Read a full account of the bout at this Business Week article. (Pulsonic v Fusion starts on page 3.)

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April 9, 2008

Gillette Embraces Women's Inner Goddess

21adco.190.jpgHere's an interesting little article from the New York Times on Gillette's recent launch of the Venus Embrace, the five-bladed women's razor meant to complement the men's Fusion. The article starts with the ad campaign Gillette and BBDO Worldwide have created, and the differences between marketing to men and women.

When Gillette pitches razors to men, it tends to emphasize technological innovations. But on the women's side, "we focus more on the emotional end benefits," Ms. Frivoll said.

To that end, the Venus Embrace brings out a woman's inner goddess - "Goddess of Communication" or "Goddess of Trailblazing". And lord knows goddesses want to look good. Anyway, here's how to market a woman's razor to a man:

The Venus Embrace has some slick design innovations. In addition to the five blades, it has a soft rubber handle and -- instead of the moisturizing strip above blades on many razors -- has upgraded to an oval-shaped Ribbon of Moisture that completely encircles the blades.

I think my level 15 paladin had a +4 Ribbon of Moisture. Hard to remember my junior high school days.

There are some interesting tidbits of information in the article. Definitely worth a read for the shaving-inclined. The only thing left out in my opinion is an explanation for how someone can go from designing jet engines at Rolls-Royce to becoming the director of the Gillette Technology Center in England.

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April 8, 2008

Gillette Trickstars 08

trickstars.gifHmm... weren't we just talking about Schick's YouTube contest? Seems like all the major players are flocking to the 'Tube.

Gillette is running its Gillette Trickstars 08 contest where you, yes you!, can win fame, fortune, and Fusions. Just upload a video of yourself doing something sporty and tricky, and who knows? You could score big!

Personally, my favorites are Jimmy the urban heroes, for his mastery with a soccer ball, and Dads silly golf ball juggling tricks, for the kid playing the theme to Inspector Gadget on the piano in the background. Sure, Dorm ball and Catch of the century! look cool, but my guess is that for every cool catch (or basket), there are 20 outtakes of misses.

Check out the full set of video submissions at youtube.com/user/gillettetrickstars and see which is your favorite. Or even better, film your kick-ass self doing something awesome and win!

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April 7, 2008

The Silk'n Laser Hair-Remover

silk-hair.jpgIf Dr. Evil invented a hair-removal system, it would undoubtedly include sharks with lasers. And given that the FDA has a poor history of approving products with sharks, he'd probably end up with with just the lasers. Cut to the Israeli company Silk'n (Dr. Evil front?) which has just won US FDA approval for their Home Pulsed Light (HPL) product.

The patent pending Home Pulsed Light™ technology (HPL™) of Silk'n™ is a new and innovative light-based technology designed exclusively for doing safe and effective removal of unwanted hair at home.

HPL - is that the good kind of cholesterol?

So basically this is an alternative to shaving your legs, or elipation. Not intended for a man's beard, and not clear if you can use it "elsewhere" (for all you people with your heads in the gutter). Does it work? A key quote from the press release:

An average reduction of 50% in the hair count was monitored three months post three bi-weekly treatment sessions. No adverse effects were noted in the course of the study, and the users of Silk'n™ recorded an extremely high level of satisfaction with the device and their results.

So I think it's cool that their measuring results in addition to gauging customer satisfaction, but 50% hair count reduction? That ain't going to cut it. Imagine if you used a product which reduced your beard hairs by 50%. Would you be satisfied? Hell no. You'd still have to shave every day.

Via Engadget.

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April 4, 2008

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - David Schwimmer

schwimmer-col.jpgThis week's Celebrity Facial Hair Friday pick is former Friends star David Schwimmer. David's feature film directorial debut "Run, Fatboy, Run" opened last week to mixed reviews, so David grew a beard.

What is it with first time directors and beards? First Jake Gyllenhaal, then Ben Affleck, and now David Schwimmer. It's like they all are trying to look like sophisticated and brooding artists. I'm convinced they all have the same publicist.

Hey! We get it. You did a bunch of acting. Some of which you're not proud. Now you want to direct. And be taken seriously. It's a natural progression. But who's telling you all to grow beards? And how long after the last junket do you shave it? I'm guessing 24 hours. Max.

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April 3, 2008

Vote For the Best Schick "Get Experimental" Videos

schickContestYouTube.jpgYou may remember back in February we told you about Schick's Get Experimental contest where one of your videos uploaded to YouTube would win $25,000 and 15 minutes of fame. Well, submission time is over, and now you've got until April 8th to exercise your constitutional right to vote.

And vote you should! There are some pretty awesome videos out there. I was particularly impressed with The Razor that gives you confidence!, Schick Quattro Titanium-It's out of this world!, and SCHICK QUATTRO - GET EXPERIMENTAL! (although that last one should be about half the length). Amazing what you can do with a PC these days. If I were an ad agency I'd outsource all my commercials to the YouTube crowd.

Click on over to www.youtube.com/schick to see them all. Vote for your favorite. The winner will be announced April 15th.

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April 2, 2008

ZIRH Platinum

zirh_platinum.jpgZIRH's latest email announced the launch of a new line of products - ZIRH Platinum.

Designed for the man who demands only the best of the best. Now his skincare commands the same high standards.

Not much additional info is available, however here's the expected line-up according to Basenotes:

  • Drenched - Ultra-hydrating moistuizer ($95)
  • Revive - Under-eye complex ($75)
  • Accli-matte - Mattifying moisturizer ($95)
  • Age Defense - Enviromental Response Cream ($125)
  • R2 R-Evolution - Resurface and remedy post shave healing balm ($65)
  • PM Rescue - Night time renewing serum ($125)
  • Repair - Deep wrinkle concentrate ($145)
  • Total Re-charge - Retexturizing Facial serum ($125)

The launch date is April 15th. No word yet if there'll be a shaving cream in the Platinum line. We'll have more info as it becomes available.

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April 1, 2008

Gillette Attempts Hostile Takeover of Schick

schickGillette.jpgHere's one I did not see coming - Gillette's parent company Procter and Gamble is making a bid for Schick's parent company Energizer Holdings. According to this New York Times article:

Procter & Gamble (NYSE:PG) is offering $100 a share for Energizer Holdings (NYSE: ENR), a 10% premium over the stock's Monday close. Sources close to the deal expect a tough road ahead. It's likely that Energizer's board will reject the initial offer, however the recent rash of shareholder lawsuits in the Microsoft/Yahoo deal might make them think otherwise.

The two companies would form a consumer goods behemoth, and that might spell trouble when the Federal Trace Commission examines it for anti-trust issues. Already the European Union has expressed concern that a joint P&G/Energizer would create a monopoly in the razor and battery market, leaving the consumer with few alternatives.

I for one would not like to see this happen. Competition is a good thing. (Somebody please bring FiOS to my neighborhood so I have an alternative to Comcast.) A single razor giant would stifle innovation, and I for one have been looking forward to my eight-bladed razor ever since I fantasized about it two years ago.

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