May 30, 2008

Send Us a Funny Shaving Story - Win $169 Philips Arcitec Razor


shaving_story_ad_shavingstuff_small.jpg Have a Funny Shaving Story You'd Like to Share? - The best stories will win a new Philips Norelco arcitec shaver just in time for Father's Day!

Philips has given us five - count them five! - Philips Norelco arcitec electric shavers (a favorite), and we're giving them away to our faithful readers. The Philips Norelco arcitec shaver is something you can use every day and it features unique technology that makes shaving easier and more convenient. It retails for $169.99.

You can win by one of TWO ways:

1. Submit a Funny Shaving Story - Have you ever had a funny or embarrassing shaving moment? Do you remember the first shaving disaster you ever had? Send it to us and we'll post it if you're one of the lucky 3 winners. Pictures are always a PLUS! Send your story to:

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2. Sign Up for our Mailing List - We'll pick two winners from our mailing list randomly. Sign up is below.

We'll be giving away 3 arcitecs to story tellers and 2 to newsletter subscribers.

Enter your Email to Win!

Whichever method you decide, you have a double chance of winning if you sign up for our mailing list and also send in a shaving story. Thanks again to Philips Norelco for sending us the Philips Norelco arcitec to give away. Contest ends June 13th, so we can have time to send out the razors to the lucky winners.

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May 29, 2008

MenScience's Father's Day 'Dad that Shines the Brightest Award' Contest

mensciencefathers.jpgGot an awesome dad in your life who makes a point of spending time with you outdoors? Nominate him for the 'Dad that Shines the Brightest Award'. MenScience is running a contest between now and June 14th where the winning father receives $150 worth of MenScience products. Not too shabby. Regular readers of ShavingStuff will know MenScience products received high marks in past reviews here.

So how does this work?

To submit a nomination, email with the subject line 'Dad that Shines the Brightest Award.' Include your name and the nominee's name along with the full contact information for both of you (phone number and mailing address).

Tell them why your dad is the greatest, and don't forget the outdoors bit. Full details of the contest are here.

In the meantime, just in case your dad doesn't win, click on over to MenScience kit page and pick out a fathers day gift to be safe. You don't want to show up empty handed for dad.

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May 28, 2008

Gifts for Dads in the Military

best4men.jpgOnly a few days left to take advantage of Military Appreciation month at Best4Men. Here are the details:

May is Military Appreciation month, so let's thank those who serve for our better tomorrow. Use offer code Mil08 and receive 20% off any purchase of $50 or more when shipping to a US military installation anywhere in the world.

Have you seen Best4Men's Men's Ultimate Grooming Toolkit ($250)? Um, that kicks ass. Might be better for a military dad at home, but it also might make your father the envy of his platoon.

Also from Best4Men:

As a special thank you this month, we will include an exclusive "Live in Love" leather bracelet from Lucky Brand Jeans Company in every purchase over $35. These bracelets are very popular and are worn by people of all ages - a cool, stylish alternative to those rubber "Live Strong" bracelets. (While supplies last!)

Remember, Best4Men stocks only the best items in each class, so shopping is easy. No choices or comparisons to make. Know you're getting the best. Easy as pie. No, cake. Cake? Simple as pie? Whatever. Easy.

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May 27, 2008

Gifts for Dad: Baxter of California

What do you get the father you never knew who happens to be hell-bent on crushing the rebellion and ruling the galaxy? Baxter of California thinks a good shave is all you need to overcome the lure of the dark side.

For the dark lord in need of a better shave there's SHAVE 1.2.3 ($60). For the aging emperor trying to recapture his youth there's the Anti-Aging Package ($55). For the smuggler constantly on the Kessel run there's the TSA-Approved Travel Kit ($50). And for the droid in need of new hardware there's the Baxter Manicure/Grooming Set ($200).

So no matter what your level of midi-chlorians, there's something for your father at Baxter of California. That is, as long as your father isn't a Wookie or an Ewok. I don't think they shave. Ever.

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May 23, 2008

Gifts for Dad: aMENity Limited Edition Gift Set

amenity-gift-set.jpgHere's another idea for dad in the pricey but high-quality arena. It's the a|MEN|ity Limited Edition Gift Set, and it comes with everything you need to cleanse, shave, and moisturize:

  • Gel Face Cleanser
  • Shave Cream
  • After Shave and Face Moisturizer
  • The Balm (moisturizer)
  • Anti-Breakout Gel

We reviewed a|MEN|ity products way back when with very positive results, so click on over and familiarize yourself with them and their magical PRO-FORM 6 concoction. In the meantime, here's the straight dope on the dopp:

This five-product kit comes in a classic shape, sleek and sporty Italian leather dopp kit. [...] This travel kit will meet all his needs and become a staple in the bathroom and on the road. Designed by Amenity for added simplicity and convenience, style and durability for the discerning gentleman. [...] The limited edition set comes in a custom-designed black, one-piece gift box to make the presentation of this gift unique in every way.

All that and it's gift-boxed too? Sweet! Gotta love one-stop shopping. The a|MEN|ity Limited Edition Gift Set is $250. Make a dad happy.

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May 22, 2008

Gifts For Dad: John Allan's Roll Up

Father's Day is about a month away, and you've still got time to get the special dad in your life something special. May we recommend you take a look at the Roll Up from John Allan's. We profiled this amazing travel kit back in January shortly after it was introduced. The kit contains:
  • Sport shampoo
  • Bodywash cleanser
  • Scrub exfoliant
  • Shave cream
  • Face Moisturizer
  • Plus an additional empty JA [John Allan's] bottle

As good as John Allan's products are, (and they're good - see our past reviews), the leather roll up is what really sets this kit apart. You roll out this roll up and heads will turn. Of course, you'll probably be in a hotel room when you roll out your roll up, but if there were other people there, their heads would turn. Trust me.

We're currently testing the scrub, shaving cream, and moisturizer in the ShavingStuff labs, and we'll have reviews soon. In the meantime, make a dad happy for Father's Day. The Roll Up from John Allan's is $245.

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May 21, 2008

Get All Products from Ritual in "The Kit"

boxset_200_ritual.jpgAll of the items we've been reviewing over the past week have come from Ritual's The Kit, which includes full size containers of all their products - Nature Calls, Razor Rinse, The Whip, The Balm and Trifecta. Plus, The Kit comes in an old-school wooden box (pictured) with Ritual's logo burned and branded on the top. All-in-all it makes for a sweet presentation.

Oh! Did say present-a-tion? Huh, Father's Day is coming up. The Kit might make a dad very happy.

The Kit from Ritual is $79.

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May 20, 2008

Review of The Balm Post-Shave Gel from Ritual

balm_250.jpgYour face needs a little healing help after you've taken The Whip to it. Good thing Ritual has you covered with The Balm post-shave gel.

Stand by the ritual. The Balm has fresh cooling Aloe and Lidocaine to extinguish your face after a shave. The Tea Tree Oil and Witch Hazel will continue to work throughout the day (or night) to soothe your skin and prevent irritation from shaving. It's the perfect ending to your Triple S.

(For those of you who missed a day in class, "Triple S" is shave, shower, and sh!t. Not necessarily in that order.)

The Balm works well as a post-shave gel. It's a great way to finish your shave and leave your skin rejuvinated and re-moisturized. Of all the Ritual products, though, this one was my least favorite. The scent was again a little too lemony and medicinal. And for me, there's an ingredient that I'm allergic to. Makes my lips and mouth go a little numb for about 20 minutes.

It's unlikely you will be allergic to it too. Several other shaving products have given me this type of reaction (Pacific Shaving Oil was one) and I've given them to friends and they've had no problem. I know, I'm delicate. One pea under my mattress and I'm a bruised mess. Guess I won't be the star of the ShavingStuff action-hero movie.

The Balm post shave gel from Ritual is $19 for a 4 oz tube. If you're interested in The Whip shaving cream, get the Balm to finish your shave off right.

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May 19, 2008

Review of The Whip Shaving Cream from Ritual

whip_250.jpgFinally! We've been shampooing, disinfecting, and even masking the smell of our sh!t business with products from Ritual. It's about time we shaved. Say hello to The Whip.

Abide by the ritual. The Whip is a richly lathered shave cream, which spreads easily across your face and neck no matter how thick your facial hair. It calms with Aloe, Chamomile, and Cucumber extracts and contains just enough Lidocaine to reduce the burning and redness that result from shaving.

I was totally happy with the shave from The Whip. Nice and close. No nick or cuts. No irritation. And even though they describe it as "richly lathered", the Whip doesn't foam or lather on your face, which is a plus in my book. It's white, not clear, but you can still see a fair amount of your skin underneath if you're trying to avoid a blemish or existing facial hair.

I think the only mark against The Whip from me would be the scent. Somewhere between medicinal and lemony, although not altogether unpleasant. This isn't a recommendation against The Whip. Just saying I've smelled better.

The Whip Shave Cream from Ritual is $18 for a 6 oz tube.

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May 16, 2008

Review of Trifecta Body, Hair, and Face Wash from Ritual

trifecta_250.jpgDay three of our tour of products from Ritual. We'll take a break from shaving-related products and talk about Trifecta Body, Hair and Face Wash.

Obey the ritual. Trifecta takes your three essential shower products and packs them into an all-in-one body, hair and face wash. It is specially formulated to lather up with ease in both hard and soft water. Trifecta has powerful dirt-defying suds and moisturizes with Soy and Wheat Proteins to leave you feeling spic-and-span from head to toe.

I'm no expert on shampoos, but Trifecta seems to do a great job on my hair. What I really like is the ability to take the lather from my hair and use it to wash my face. Easy, convenient, and efficient. I'm a big fan of these three-in-one products, although I admit that I usually only use two of their three capabilities. I still like a bar of soap for the body. Transferring lather to my various nooks and crannies isn't as easy as a good ol' bar of soap. I supposed I could attempt to use a washcloth, but hey, two out of three ain't bad.

Trifecta Body, Hair and Face Wash is $16 for an 8 oz. tube.

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May 15, 2008

Review of Ritual Razor Rinse

rinse_250.jpgDay two in our look at products from Ritual, and we're focusing on Ritual Razor Rinse, another product we wrote about a while back and have finally had the opportunity to use.

Here's the deal - you've taken a hot shower so your pores are wide open. Your skin is at its most vulnerable. And you're about to treat it to a razor which has been sitting around for a day with who knows what growing on it. Hey, there's a reason doctors sterilize their tools before using them, and maybe you should too.

Ritual Razor Rinse is largely alcohol, with a dose of tea tree oil and some lemony scent to cut any harshness. Also, it's more of a gel than liquid, so you can squeeze a little on the head of your razor and then carefully work it around with your fingers to cover the entire surface. Then, when you're ready to shave, rinse under hot water and away you go.

So does it work? Hard to say exactly, but I think the answer is yes. I seemed to have less red bumps and break out after using it. Also, dermatologist Howard Fein endorses it, so you know it's got to be good. I'd definitely give it a try if you've got sensitive skin and are looking for ways to reduce flair-up from shaving.

Ritual's Razor Rinse is $17 for a 4oz. tube.

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May 14, 2008

Review of Nature Calls from Ritual

naturecalls_200.jpgBeen shaving with products from Ritual recently. Their line of men's grooming products includes several unique offerings, including today's subject of review.

A while back we came across a most interesting product - Nature Calls from Ritual - which purported to eliminate the unpleasant smell of a particular part of your morning routine.

Just two drops of Nature Calls in your toilet prior to doing your business obliterates all odor. This truly revolutionary solution is derived from plant extract and doesn't just cover up unpleasant smells, it completely eliminates them.

I was skeptical. I made a few jokes. And then Ritual sent over a sample.

Guess what - it actually works pretty well. Look, I'm not proud of my morning business. And neither is my wife. And while I could go the match or candle route, I usually opt for the bathroom fan, which doesn't quite cut it. Two drops of Ritual and there's really no need to fumigate. I wouldn't say all odor is eliminated, but it's a good 80% - 90% reduction. And that can save a marriage. If you've got a powerful colon, I'd definitely recommend giving this stuff a try.

Nature Calls from Ritual is $9 for a 0.5 oz bottle (which will last a long time).

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May 13, 2008

Moom Organic Hair Remover for Women

MJ12.jpgHere's an interesting product reviewed recently by Treehugger. It's MOOM® Organic Hair Removal - basically a wax without the wax. Instead the main ingredient is sugar. In fact, the only ingredients are sugar, chamomile, lemon juice, and tea tree oil. That's it. You could probably whip that up in your kitchen in minutes. Who doesn't have tea tree oil lying around.

Anyway, the review is positive:

I've tried waxing before and never really got the hang of it so I was skeptical when I first tried Moom, but it won me over. I like that its less mess, less stress and less waste when its all said and done. Your legs don't like they're on fire and if you have to stop at any point you can just wash the product off and walk away. The only downside is that I can't find refill jars in stores - so when I run out of product, I have to buy a whole new package. This defeats the beauty of reusable applicator strips if I'm buying new ones each time.

Did you catch that "stop at any point"? Try doing that with wax. Not even peanut butter is going to get that stuff out of your hair. Major plus in my book.

MOOM® Organic Hair Removal is $15.

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May 9, 2008

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Robert Downey Jr

iron-man-site-tony-stark.jpgThis week's Celebrity Facial Hair Friday pick is Robert Downey Jr, star of the latest Marvel superhero movie Iron Man. And what a star he is, helping to bring in over $100 million during opening weekend. Damn! That's a box office smash. Gotta love it when the studios decide to do a sequel within a day.

I'm a big fan of Downey's acting. In my opinion he's one of those guys you'd love to dismiss (like Rob Lowe), and then they turn in a stellar performance. OK, I'll admit it. Tom Cruise is on that list too. Sadly, most of these guys' off-screen lives leave a little something to be desired. We'll admire the artist, not the man.

To the facial hair! I love Downey's goatee in this film. Usually the goatee is reserved for the bad guy, or the cheesy sidekick, but Downey's Tony Stark bucks the trend and makes a bold statement. We declared the goatee dead on the site a few years ago. Robert Downey Jr may have just resurrected it.

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May 8, 2008

Schick and YouTube Pick a Winner!

A big congratulations to Eric Michael Hopper, winner of the Schick "Get Experimental" contest on YouTube. Eric's winner entry was "Clean Up Your Act", which follows the life of an aspiring singer and his feline companion. Personally, I think the cat stole the show.

I have to say - advertisers on Madison Avenue won't be fearing for their day jobs. The armchair director in me says they're all about 15 seconds too long. They're fun, and they incorporate the Schick Quattro Titanium, but they all have an amateur feel. Don't get me wrong - there's some great work here. My personal favorite - A Hobbit's Tale to Smoothness - is worthy of Peter Jackson short. Just not feature length. (I know, everyone's a critic.)

See all the entries at

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May 7, 2008

Checking Back In On The Search for the Next Phenom

I'll admit it. I have a special place in my heart for juggling. I used to juggle. (Nerd alert!) Balls, pins, even handkerchiefs. Perhaps I should have tried razors.

This kid jeremy923 kicks some major ass on Gillette's Search for the Next Phenom contest. What's he got in the air? Five balls? Seven balls? Gee, that's a hell of a lot more impressive than that kid who made two free throws in a row from the end of his driveway. Sorry, not that exciting, free-throwing-kid. Learn to juggle.

A quick runner-up mention to the guy who shoots a bow and arrow using his legs and hits a moving target while spinning a basketball. Definitely the most unique thing I've seen in the contest. I don't think he's going to win, but he's definitely cornered the market.

Now, back to that juggling kid. If only he were old enough to shave... He'd be a shoo-in.

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May 6, 2008

What is the Braun SupreX3?

braun_suprex3.jpgPerceptive ShavingStuff reader Janus wrote in a while ago after noticing something odd on the Braun website. Seems he was casually browsing user manuals for his Pulsonic when he came across this electric razor, mysteriously called the SupreX3. To see it, click on this link, which brings you to the user manual page for various Pulsonic models, and then click on the image of the black Pulsonic in the upper right. Unlike all the other Pulsonic razors, this one is labeled SupreX3.

What is the Braun SupreX3? No idea. Google doesn't know either. Janus speculated that is might be the name of the Pulsonic in another country, like the Pulsonic is called the Prosonic in countries like Japan. A good guess, but so far unconfirmed.

If anyone has any more info, please send it in. In the meantime - good eyes Janus! Have you considered a career in forensics?

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May 5, 2008

This Just In - The Recycline Preserve Triple Razor

recycline_razor2.jpgWhat do you get when you cross old Stonyfield Farm yogurt cups with renewable wood sources? You get the Recycline Preserve Triple Razor, and handy travel case.

An innovation in shaving, the Preserve® Triple Razor provides an eco-friendly shaving option that doesn't sacrifice performance. With our titanium-coated blades and lubrication strip for comfort, Preserve's Triple Razor delivers a clean, close shave for both men and women.

And, to reinforce their commitment to recycling, if your community doesn't have a recycling program you can simply print out one of these free postage-paid labels and send it back to them when you're done. Also you can move. Or you could call your local city hall and say "Hey, why aren't we recycling?"

Everything about the Preserve is recyclable, with the exception of the blades. To good news is that the handle fits "Personna® Acti-Flexx® and Gillette® Sensor® blades", so you can buy your blades just about anywhere.

We'll be trying out the Recycline Preserve Triple Razor ($7.49) over the next week or two. Tune back in soon for our review.

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May 2, 2008

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - David Blaine

DavidBlaine.jpegYou gotta hand it to a guy like David Blaine. It's not easy making a living doing magic. Especially after David Copperfield has already made a 747 and the Statue of Liberty disappear.

Instead, Blaine has focussed on the more personal. Street magic, as he called it. Ever see one of his TV specials where he appears to levitate right in front of random people on the street? How does he do that?

Anyway, this week Blaine made history by breaking the record of holding your breath under water. And as if that weren't enough, he did it live on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Submerged in a water-filled sphere on the stage of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" during a live broadcast, Blaine held his breath for 17 minutes and 4 seconds. That bested the previous record of 16 minutes and 32 seconds, set Feb. 10 by Switzerland's Peter Colat, according to Guinness World Records.

17 minutes?!? That's insane!

Turns out he spent 23 minutes breathing pure oxygen before performing the feat. And while it's still an amazing accomplishment, it kind of feels like doping. The current record of holding your breath without breathing pure oxygen beforehand is 8 minutes and 58 seconds. (Blaine has attempted unsuccessfully to beat it.) Again, insane.

Anyway, as much as I like and respect David Blaine, I don't like his facial hair. It's kind of sloppy, kind of sleazy. It's like bad Prince. I either want to see more or less. Shave it or grow it. It's time for a change. I'm holding my breath.

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May 1, 2008

Computer Languages and Facial Hair

jamesgosling.pngCame across this blog post from my favorite online source for nerd news - Slashdot. Microsoft "Senior software consulter and developer" Tamir Khason wrote this amusing piece on Computer Languages and Facial Hair. As someone who spends his day job coding up a storm, this piece was right up my alley.

His thesis - the more facial hair you've got, the more popular the programming language you invented will be.

And he's got a point. The creators of C - Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie and Kenneth L. Thompson - facial hair freaks, and their language is still thriving. The creators of Fortran, Ada and Simula - clean shaven, and fathers of dying languages.

Pictured on the right is my man James Gosling, creator of java, and facial hair fanatic. I owe quite a bit of my career to him. So James - please don't shave! I've still got a lot of apps to write.

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