August 29, 2008

Can Someone Please Explain This Joke To Me?

tt_logo.jpgI scour the web looking for the very latest in shaving-related stories every day. Well, pretty often. Anyway, I came across the joke-of-the-day at, - "America's Trucking Newspaper". Maybe truckers have a different sense of humor, or maybe I'm just incredibly dense, but I don't get this joke about a man shaving his horse.

It starts like this:

A fellow walks into a bar very down on himself. As he walks up to the bar the bartender asks, "What's the matter?" The fellow replies, "Well I've got these two horses (sniff, sniff), and well... I can't tell them apart. I don't know if I'm mixing up riding times or even feeding them the right foods." The bartender, feeling sorry for the guy, tries to think of something he can do. "Why don't you try shaving the tail of one of the horses?"

Read the entire text of the joke and then please tell me why it's funny. Or why I'm a moron.

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August 27, 2008

Stop The Bleeding With The Nick Stick From Pacific Shaving Company

NickStick_crop.jpgOK, everyone gets the occasional nick while shaving. Some shaving creams are far better than others at preventing it, but once in a while you let your guard down, use a blade once too many times, and ouch! Dammit! Reach for the toilet paper. I've got one of those alum blocks for just this reason, but it really is just that - a hunk of rock.

Pacific Shaving Company is building a better mouse trap with their Nick Stick introduced earlier this year. Don't worry, the first ingredient is still alum. But it's also got Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Aloe, something only Moses could conjure from a stone.

We'll be getting a couple of these sticks in next week, so check back soon for our review.

The Nick Stick is only $5.95 from Pacific Shaving Company.

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August 25, 2008

Hip Shaving T-Shirts from Ritual

shirtsa_400.jpgThose machosexuals over at Ritual must be hitting the creative juice hard again. They've got two new T-shirts for your shaving wardrobe. Shave Guevara - a clever take on the classic South American icon; and my personal favorite Shave Anything - a "homage to [a] monumental moment in 80's movie history". Mmm... Ione Skye... whatever happened to you? (Actually I saw what happened to you on E! and it ain't pretty.)

Both shirts are $18 and available in large and extra large. What, you need a larger size? Time to shave a few pounds!

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August 22, 2008

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - LeRoi Moore

leroimoore.jpgOh man. What sad news. Dave Matthews Band's saxophonist LeRoi Moore passed away this week from complications stemming from an earlier ATV accident. I always heard those things were dangerous.

So we honor him today by declaring him our Celebrity Facial Hair Friday pick. Look at that total musician beard. What would you say if I described it as little ants marching down his face, frozen just before they crash into me. Do you think they look like dancing nancies? Kind of looks like a jimi thing. There really is so much to say about it. And now we have to say goodbye.

(I'm only referencing their first two commercially successful albums, because after that I think they went downhill.)

Anyway, that sucks. Thanks for the great music LeRoi. You will be greatly missed.

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August 21, 2008

The Yellow Panasonic Pro Curve for $15

panasonicProCurveYellow.jpgIt takes a pretty bold designer to suggest yellow accents on a men's electric razor, and it takes an even bolder product manager to approve it. But that's what must have happened to produce the Panasonic - Pro-Curve Men's Shaver and Trimmer Combo. What? Scared of a color? What are you - yeller?

OK, at $15 the Panasonic - Pro-Curve Men's Shaver and Trimmer Combo ain't gonna be no Braun Pulsonic. In fact the reviews aren't exactly stellar. But then again you will have an extra couple hundred in your pocket. And a set of nostrils devoid of hair, which might be worth $15. So if you're really enterprising, buy the Panasonic, keep the nose hair trimmer, and sell the shaver on Craig's List. You might actually come out ahead.

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August 20, 2008

The Epila Personal Laser Hair Remover

epila-silver-SM.gifWhy is there a shortage of sharks with lasers? Most likely because they're all being diverted to the Epila production facility, adjacent to the subterranean lair of one doctor of evil, PhD. And that's good news for you, if you're looking for to rid yourself of unwanted hair, epilation style.

Check out the Epila laser hair removal system. How does it work?

Epila is an 808 nanometer (nm) wavelength diode laser device designed to be used by consumers. Epila conforms with the health and safety requirements set out in International directives and is CE Certified making it safe to use at home. The 808 nm wavelength is currently being used throughout clinics worldwide for permanent hair removal. This technology has been proven to have over 90% effectiveness for permanent hair removal by leading research institutes and universities.

OK, I'm not a marketing guru, but when I click on the "How It Works" link on a website, I expect hyperbole and spin. Not science and reality. Please, just tell me it works better than anything else in the world and include at least one pull quote from some random academic at John's Hopkins.

If you really want to get a feel for the Epila, click over to this eHow link and learn eHow you'd actually use one.

The Epila is normally $299, but for a limited time is only $199. How limited? No idea.

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August 18, 2008

Save 10% Off Orders $50 Or More At Details For Men

detailsformen.gifDetails for Men is one of our favorite online sites for top-shelf shaving and men's grooming products. They carry perennial favorites like Baxter of California, John Allan's, and The Art of Shaving. They carry old-school brands like Proraso and Musgo Real. And now they're offering a special deal to ShavingStuff readers.

Enter promo code STUFF10 at checkout and save 10% on orders $50 or more. Sweet! You'll get free samples with every order, and if you reach $75 you'll get free shipping.

Go on. Indulge yourself. Spend the extra $25 and feel like you're getting a steal.

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August 15, 2008

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Sting

Have you seen The Sting recently? He's getting up there in years, accented by a graying (and in my opinion somewhat unkempt) beard. Time for a shave. So who does he call? Billy from Billy Jealousy? Nope. Art from the Art of Shaving? Negative. He calls John of John Allan's. In the middle of the show.

That's right. In the middle of Madison Square Garden, at the last concert of The Police's tour, Sting got a deluxe shave and spa treatment live onstage from a couple of John Allan's "mobile grooming club" hotties. As an audience member I don't know what I'd be more surprised about - the fact that Sting is getting a shave during the show, or the fact that The Police didn't break up before the end of it.

Singer and bassist Sting took a surprise break after the main set and before the first encore -to step into a John Allan's mobile grooming club back stage. Sting laid back in a vintage barber chair as two John Allan's grooming pros shaved the salt-and-pepper beard with an exclusive John Allan's 63 Series Razor, John Allan's new SlickWater Pre-Shave and JA Shave Cream.

Luckily the world has learned to appease Andy and Stewart's egos, and while they didn't receive the same public pampering as their frontman, they did receive the generous parting gift of the John Allan's 63 Series razor and a special handmade John Allan's python razor set. Not a bad deal to ride on Sting's coattails, even if you're talented musicians in your own right.

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August 14, 2008

Cash In On The Latest Promotion At Best4Men

best4men_02.jpgOur buds over at Best4Men have got a new promotion going on featuring some of our favorite brands. Here are the details, and I quote (because I'm lazy):

  1. Purchase $75 or more (applies to all products) and receive a FREE tube of Razor Rinse by Ritual ($17 value).
  2. Buy any two products by John Allan and receive a FREE 2 fl oz bottle of John Allan's BODYWASH.
  3. Buy two Hair Raiser Follicle Restorer treatments by Billy Jealousy and receive a third one for FREE ($75 value).

What's cool about this promotion is there's no promo code to remember, and the free items don't even need to be in your cart. What could be simpler? Can't remember if it's PROMO08 or PROMO_08? Guess what? It's neither!

We've recently gave some very positive reviews to Ritual and John Allan's shaving products, so here's a great way to check these lines out if you're looking to step up your shaving game.

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August 13, 2008

Shop OTCWholesale, If You Dare

Titanium_4_pack.jpgShavingStuff reader Joseph recently sent in mail about a site he occasionally uses for razor blades - OTCWholesale. If you're a Gillette user you can do better at Amazon or Razors Direct, but if you're a Schick man (or woman) OTCWholesale may save you a couple bucks. For example, an 8-pack of Schick Titanium razors at Amazon is $16.99, at Razors Direct is $16.99, and at OTCWholesale is $11.99.

Prices this low they can't be legal? Well, might not want to poke at that one too hard. Joseph says that while he's always gotten perfectly good quality razors from OTCWholesale, occasionally some of the UPCs indicate that the product was destined for another country. Maybe they accidentally fell off a truck somewhere. Who knows? Why do you care? How you doin'?

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August 12, 2008

Somebody Please Save the Goatee Saver

goateesaverfront.jpgLet's say you were one of those kids who couldn't color within the lines. And let's say you're all growns up and have decided that the goatee suits you. (It doesn't, by the way.) Have we got the perfect device for you! Vigilant ShavingStuff reader Daniil sent in a link to what might possibly be the best innovation in goatee technology since the goat. It's the Goatee Saver, and while it might not save your coolness, it'll definitely save your goatee.

goateesaverback.jpgHere's how it works. Adjust the Goatee Saver's width to your desired thickness. Chomp down on the adjustable orange strips to hold said saver in place. Then shave around the edges. Viola! A perfect goatee. (Oxymoron?)

OK, first of all, that's mouthpiece is going to smell after a couple days. Remember your retainer from junior high? Secondly, I don't want anyone coming in the room while I'm sucking this contraption. Hey, what's up cyborg mouth? Seriously, watch the video of this guy using this thing on their homepage.

So, if you have a goatee and suck at shaving, the Goatee Saver is $19.99 and available exclusively at

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August 8, 2008

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Jason Giambi

30_giambi_lgl.jpgToday's Celebrity Facial Hair Friday pick is none other than Yankee first baseman/designated hitter Jason Giambi. Giambi is somewhat of a polarizing player - you either love him or your hate him. And your opinion can change, often, even if you're a New York fan.

So why is he in the news now? Well, he's kind of been sucking recently. Then he grew a mustache. An ugly one. And then he started hitting.

Baseball is all about superstition. Many pitchers never step on the foul lines when walking to and from the dugout. Batters perform mind-numbing rituals before each at-bat. And some guys grow crazy facial hair. Now we've got Giambi mustache day at Yankees Stadium, where everyone wears ridiculous fake 'staches. Thankfully I stand to make a mint with my dealings in faux mustache futures.

I've never liked Giambi, and it's not just because I'm a Red Sox fan. There's no way that guy's not still juicing. Come on. A simple apology and we're supposed to look the other way? I seriously don't understand how these guys get away with it. Oh right, Congress is looking into it.

Whatever. I can't wait until he shaves. Because that'll mark the day he realized that the magic stache ain't doing it for him anymore. Until then I'm sure we'll see a shaving commercial starring Mr. Stache.

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August 7, 2008

Shaving 101 by SimpleHuman (and Bullz-Eye)

Every so often it's good to go back to the basics. Examine the fundamentals and work on technique. SimpleHuman recently posted this shaving guide on their blog.

My favorite pieces of their advice - "Rinse your razor often and take short strokes" and "Shave slowly--consider it meditation. You'll save time going slowly up front as you won't waste any later cursing or nursing wounds." Amen to that. (This morning I was in a rush and had to break out the alum block. You know it's going to be a bad day when you draw first blood.)

We're cribbing here from the SimpleHuman post, which in turn is cribbing from this Bullz-Eye post. Oh blogs. Sometimes I think there's no original content left on the web. And I'm a part of that endless cycle.

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August 6, 2008

Industrial Size Hydroplane Shaving Cream From Billy Jealousy

indus_hydro.jpgLet's say you've got to shave an industry. Or more likely you're a futures trader hedging against the rising price of shaving cream. Either way, you're going to want to know about the industrial size Hydroplane shaving cream from Billy Jealousy. A full one liter of their "super-slick" shaving cream for a mere $65. How many shaves do you get from a liter? A lotter. I don't think I can count that high.

Now if you don't know about Billy Jealousy's Hydroplane, I suggest you click on over to our November '05 review and read up on the magic of tiny silicon balls.

Historically, the best way to achieve a close shave was to create a thick foam so your blade would ride a cushion of bubbles. Today with the creation of water-soluble micro silicone beads, thick foam has become obsolete. Water-soluble means that water doesn't permeate the silicone. As a result, Hydroplane becomes slicker and slicker when you add more water as you shave. The upshot? Your razor now floats over your face without any razor drag or irritation.

Two things: 1) Billy Jealousy industrial size Hydroplane shaving cream should not be used as a lubricant for anything other than your face. And 2) Don't try to board a plane with it in your carry-on.

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August 5, 2008

Review of Barbasol Therapeutic Shaving Cream

barbasol_th.jpgFor one day and one day only, we're changing the name of this site from ShavingStuff to ShavingSnob. Look, I've been very fortunate to have shaved with some of the best. Billy and Baxter? They're my buddies. They're on speed dial. I know a lot of people out there don't want to pay a lot for shaving cream, but hey - it's your face. If you're spending more on carwax than your cara, we need to talk.

So I've been shaving with Barbasol Therapeutic Shaving Cream (between $4 and $5) for the last couple weeks, and I'll admit it. I'm a shaving snob. I like the high-end brands, and I think you will too if you give them a shot.

First, let's talk about scent. We've used products with scents that range from coconut to citrus, from sandalwood to soap. This products falls in the soap range, but sadly there's something artificial in the end result. If you're used to soap smelling like detergent, you won't mind. If you've spent the last five year sampling the creme de la creme of the shaving world, you'll be mildly turned off.

The shave with Barbasol Therapeutic Shaving Cream is fine, especially if you have a sharp razor blade. I found that once my blade started to dull after a few uses, the number of nicks and cuts increased. You don't get that extra lubricating protection of a shaving oil or higher-end cream here, so make sure you have a tough face or a sharp blade.

Also, I don't think Barbasol does much to stand your whiskers up straight. The shave I got wasn't the closest, and I always ended up doing the re-apply/double-shave to get to a level I was used to.

I know. I'm a shaving snob. I'm all about the aroma, the experience, the 100% organic free-range conflict-free botanicals. But have you read the ingredient list on some of these drugstore brands? Remember the breakdown of Edge Sensitive Skin?

Chances are you're at this site because you're looking for a better shave. I'm glad you found your way. Your journey is just beginning, grasshopper. Check out our reviews section for some ideas on where to start. Then go forth and shave.

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August 4, 2008

Free Seat Cushion from Anthony Logistics for Men

anthonyseatcushion.jpgLet's say you've been really good. You're eating well. Exercising. Those pounds are coming off. And where do you feel it? Your ass. That's right. It's getting harder and harder to sit for long periods of time, because, well, your bottom is getting harder and harder.

Thankfully Anthony Logistics for Men has got you covered. Between now and August 24th, spend $75 or more on Anthony products and get this Anthony Logistics for Men seat cushion for the special low price of free.

Lost 20 pounds but still have season tickets? No problem. Your slim tush will easily make it through the three hour game.

OK, is it me, or does that photo of the seat cushion look totally Photoshopped? I'm no computer forensics expert, but the angling of text doesn't look quite right. I'm totally calling CSI.

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