May 29, 2009

Manscaping: the Movie

manscapingmovie.jpgManscaping is a new independent short film, a "mockumentary", exploring the issue of 'trimming the hedge'. The film is by Shanra J. Kehl, and is being shown at the Staten Island Film Festival on June 6th.

"William: a Los Angeles stud, Jimmy: a fun-loving Miami boy and Farrell: a hard-working Kansas man all reached an important moment in their lives...Manscaping. Each man chooses the best option for himself as they embark on a journey towards genital hairlessness. The road is wrought with danger, embarrassment and pain. As these three men look down and see who they are underneath their manes of manhood, they begin to question if the journey is really worth it."

For more information, go to Manscaping, the Movie.

More manscaping at Shaving Stuff.

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May 28, 2009

Free Shaving Cream from Kiehl's


"Just go to Kiehl's with your old shaving cream can, and they will swap it out with a new 5.0oz Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream."

Offer is good until June 7th.

To find a Kiehl's near you, try the Kiehl's store locator.

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May 27, 2009

Father's Day 2009 Gift Ideas

fathersday.jpgFather's Day is coming up quickly - the date for Father's Day 2009 is June 21st - and gift ideas for dads, fathers, and husbands are being suggested fast and furiously in the media. So when you come to Shaving Stuff, what do you think we're gonna suggest for a Father's Day gift? That's right. Shaving gifts!

My picks for gift ideas for Father's Day:

For the gadget guy, pick up the ultimate shaving gadget, the Braun Pulsonic Series 7.

Guys like gadgets.

Manly, easy in the hand, full of buttons, useful gadgets.

For the man who loves a well made tool, grab a Merkur safety razor.

The Merkur feels great in the hand - solid and hefty, like a good tool should. It's a thing of beauty.

For the headshaver in the family, give him the HeadBlade:

Maybe your hairline is receding, or maybe you're a cage fighter, or maybe you just need a new spring look. Whatever the reason, if you're going to be scraping your skull with a razor on a regular basis, you're going to need a tool that works its wonders without taking forever to get the job done.

Is he hairy? Needs to do some manscaping? The Philips BodyGroom is one of the best selling grooming tools on the market, and it consistently scores 4 out of 5 stars on customer reviews. You can't go wrong with that.

Maybe you just want to pamper him with a luxurious shave cream, in which case you'll want to check out the Speick Men Shave Cream.

It smells out of this world - manly and earthy, with a hint of lavender. The shave itself was very smooth, and the cream contains beeswax and glycerin for a gentle, moisturizing feeling.

I also highly recommend the Jack Black Supreme Creme Triple Cushion Shave Lather. It's thick and rich, and kind of nutty. What other shave cream has macadamia nut oil in it?

Men who shave in the shower will love the ShavWet - a very handy shaving mirror, fog-free, and fits in a travel bag nicely.

Does he rock the goatee? Give him a GoateeSaver to help him keep it in line.

Maybe your dad, husband, or son doesn't shave? How about a beard shirt?

No matter who you're buying a gift for this Father's Day, you're sure to stumble across some great suggestions in our archives.

Remember, only a month to go, so start looking now!

Image: FABIOLA MEDEIROS- direção de arte at Flickr

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May 26, 2009

Jack Passion: Leading With His Beard

George & Jack Passion.jpg

"In 2007, those majestic whiskers earned Passion a first place in the "full beard: natural" category of the World Beard and Moustache Championships (WBMC) in Brighton, England, and overnight celebrity in the insular subculture of competitive facial hair.

Since then he has incorporated, launching a line of organic cotton T-shirts silk-screened with the likeness of that full ginger beard. Last week he put the finishing touches on a self-published how-to tome called "The Facial Hair Handbook." In addition, Passion, a bass guitarist, is recording his first solo album, "At the Opera."

Read the rest of the article in the LA Times.

Image: spookyamd at Flickr

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May 25, 2009

New Double Edged Safety Razor Blades Site: DeRazorBlades

razor blade.jpgIf you use a safety razor to shave, you'll want to check out

"DERazorBlades is the premier internet retailer for hard to find double edge razor blades and classic wet shaving products.DERazorBlades strives to provide a great selection, convenience, information, personal service, and a trustworthy and reliable web experience.

DERazorBlades carries the widest assortment of quality double edge razor blades from around the world including Merkur, Feather, Personna, Wilkinson, Lord, Astra and many more.

DERazorblades stocks classic shaving products to provide a smooth close wet shave including Proraso, Speick, Musgo, The Art of Shaving, just to name a few."

And right now, get free shipping with orders over $25 - just enter the code "freeshipping" at checkout!


Image: scottfeldstein at Flickr

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May 22, 2009

A Fantastic Collection of Safety Razors

Safety_razor_kit.jpgAt Collector's Encyclopedia is an amazing collection of over 2500 safety razors, complete with photos and descriptions. Here's the intro:

"Jean-Jacques Perret was a well-known French cutler who wrote "La Pogonotomie, ou l'art d'apprendre a se raser soi meme..." in 1770. In this treatise, he described and showed a razor, which he manufactured and called " a rabot" (rabot = plane). Perret's razor would allow unskilled men, including the old and handicapped, to shave themselves, even by using only one hand. This razor led the way to the next hundred years when the development of safety razors began in earnest. All razors listed in this collection pertain to Perret's razor, or rather all razors made to hold blades and using any type of edge guard (different from guarded straight edge razors), in other words, all guarded and wet razors having a blade (removable or not)."

Check out this collection, but set a timer, 'cause you might get lost in there...

Collector's Encyclopedia

Image: Hustvedt

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May 21, 2009

Do It Yourself Shaving Cream Recipe

Shavingcream3.jpgIf you're a DIY type, or just want a cheaper or cleaner version of shaving cream, try making your own with this recipe from the folks at Planet Green:

Here's what you'll need: 1/2 teaspoon of sunflower oil 1/4 cup of unscented glycerin soap Double boiler A cup or mug for the cream

Here's what you'll do:

1. In your double boiler, melt chunks of the glycerin soap.

2. Stir in the sunflower oil.

3. Move the mixture into a mug as soon as all of the glycerin chunks are melted.

This formula will set quickly. When you need to shave, simply work water against the soap until a lather builds and use it the same way you would regular shaving cream.

Image: asobitsuchiya at Flickr

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May 19, 2009

Shaving News 5.19.09: Green Cremes, Manscaping, Moustache Mugs, and Fancy Whiskers

this is the way the world ends.jpgThis week in Shaving the Web:

3 Green Shaving Cream Alternatives Better than the Norm:

"Many people buy canned shaving creams. But those pressurized cans hold surprisingly little cream. They're also hard to recycle. The final nail in the canned cream coffin is that after using them, you smell like whatever cheap scent comes with the can. Not great if you want to impress your date. You have better options, but first let's consider how to properly apply shaving cream."

Hair today, groan tomorrow:

"On a lazy Saturday morning, a few Melbourne blokes are chatting online about life, footy -- and the way they remove their pubic hair."

Win A Custom-Made Moustache Mug!:

"As we've been talking about all month, May is truly the month of moustaches. In honor of everyone's particular enthusiasm for facial hair this month, The Unusual Times is giving away a custom-made, personalized, moustache mug to one lucky winner at the end of the month."

Men strut fancy whiskers in world championships:

"The world's fanciest whiskers are coming to Alaska so their owners can strut their manly stuff in the land that has long appreciated furry faces."

Image: glitter feet at Flickr under CC License

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May 18, 2009

9 Great Shaving Sites

Self-Portrait Shaving.jpg
Eastern Smooth: My adventures keeping a smooth shave in the Land of the Rising Sun

Later On: Hedonism does have its pleasures.

Mantic59's Shaving Journal: What your father didn't teach you about shaving.

Wet Shavers Blog: Wet shaving. Because Grandpa was right.

The King's Blog: News and Views from Will King, Founder of KMI / King of Shaves

Shaving Gallery: Changing the Way America Shaves

Punk Rock Shaving: What's so punk rock about shaving? Nothing. Sod off.

Straight Razor Place: Shaving Forum

American Moustache Institute: Protecting the rights of, and fighting discrimination against, mustached Americans by promoting the growth, care, and culture of the mustache.

Got more shaving sites to suggest? Leave a comment!

Image: saintbob at Flickr

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Merkur Safety Razor: A Manly Razor, An Awesome Tool

Merkur1.jpgI have a new love in my life: the Merkur Safety Razor.

I received my Merkur Barber Pole Razor this weekend, and for once, I couldn't wait to shave!

Sorry, Braun Pulsonic. You are still the ultimate shaving gadget, but the Merkur isn't a gadget. It's a tool. A manly tool. No buttons, no gimmicks, just a great shave and a step back in time...

The Merkur feels great in the hand - solid and hefty, like a good tool should. It's a thing of beauty. I put the blade in (the blades feel like they weigh nothing, paper thin), lathered up, and with the first stroke, I fell in love.

Do you wonder what makes such a difference between a classic razor and a Merkur Razor? All new razors are made of plastic, have multiple blades and other vibrating functions. Do they provide a good shave? Not really! Merkur Razors are designed with stainless steel and a single razor blade for a close and comfortable shave based on the balance provided by the razor handle. Using this high quality tool, you will reduce considerably ingrown hairs, post-shave pimples, or razor bumps.

The construction is very solid, so there is no flexing, or twisting when shaving and the satin finish allows it to just glide along the skin. The razor's body is fairly heavy, almost no pressure is needed to shave. Merkur Razors are well built and will become your lifetime shaving companion.

Without a doubt, this will be the finest razor you will ever used!

I'm still learning the ropes of shaving with a double-edged safety razor, but I found some great info here: How to Use Your Double-Edge Safety Razor

If you pick up a Merkur safety razor for yourself or a friend, you won't be disappointed!

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May 15, 2009

Manscaping Mojo: Braun Bodycruzer


Need a new tool to take care of your manscaping needs? Check out the Braun bodyCruZer!

"Introducing a revolutionary body grooming experience: the new Braun bodyCruZer. Equipped with a precision power trimmer to effectively to trim body hair and a Gillette Fusion blade for an incredible level of closeness and comfort, the new Braun bodyCruZer helps you get the groomed body look you want.

Recommended for all body areas. Braun bodyCruZer is the only body groomer in the world that combines a Braun electric precision trimmer to shorten hairs and a Gillette blade for a clean and comfortable shave anywhere on the body. You can use the trimmer alone, the blade alone, or use both in combination. An attachable comb also lets you trim hair to a preferred length. The World's only body groomer with a powered trimmer and a Gillette Fusion blade, all in one! 100% waterproof / in and out of the shower."

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May 14, 2009

Shaving Cream Song: 5 Versions

You've probably heard the shaving cream song, but here's five video versions for your viewing pleasure:

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May 13, 2009

Guide to Facial Hair Styles

image018.jpgJohn Cawley III has a whole page devoted to facial hair styles, and I have to give kudos to him for putting the time and energy into developing it. What a cool project! Here's an excerpt:

"I distinguished facial hair styles on four criteria:
  • area: region of the face from which they are grown
  • shape: shape of the hair mass; this is what distinguishes a spade beard from other beards, or a handlebar mustache from other mustaches, for instance
  • style: more complex than simple shapes, this includes braiding, twisting, forking, etc
  • length: sometimes length of hair determines a style, which is partially the case with Fu Manchu mustaches or Wolverine-type sideburns

My primary criteria was area, from which three primary facial hair style categories derived:

  • mustaches: include hair growth in the upper lip region; technically, in the epilibial and optionally the synlabial or buccal areas; if they connect with the hairline at the preauricular area, they fall into another category (see below)
  • chin-whiskers: include hair growth in the chin region; technically, in the mental or sublabial and optionally gastromental, mandibular and buccal areas; if they connect with the hairline at the preauricular area, they fall into another category (see below)
  • chops or burns: includes hair growth in front of the ears; technically, at the preauricular and optionally buccal and mandibular areas; must connect to the hairline (or potential hairline if the individual shaves his head) at the preauricular area

From these three primaries, three secondary dual-area categories, one combination category, and one tri-area category derived:

  • chin-curtains: a chin-whiskers-chops combination; if chin-whiskers meet the hairline at the preauricular area, they move into this category
  • lip-curtains: a mustache-chops combination; if a mustache meets the hairline at the preauricular area, it moves into this category
  • circle-beards: a chin-whiskers-mustache combination; if chin-whiskers and a mustache meet, the resultant style falls in this category; if they do not meet, they do not form a circle and fall instead into the next category
  • chin-whiskers-mustache Combination: if a mustache and chin-whiskers together are considered a single style, but the two components do not meet, they fall into this category
  • note that the other two logical combination categories are missing; the addition of sideburns or chops to a mustache or chin-whiskers is generally considered a secondary facial hair style that supplements the primary mustache or chin-whiskers style, without actually recategorizing that primary style
  • beard or full-beard: although the term "beard" in general use is very vague (does it include chin-curtains? circle-beards? lip-curtains? etc), I would apply it or the term "full-beard" to the combination of mustache, chin-whiskers and chops

For the full guide, see Facial Hair Styles (copyright John Cawley III)

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May 12, 2009

RetroRazor: A Greener and Cheaper Way to Shave

retrorazor.jpgIn the midst of the high tech and expensive multi-blade razors is RetroRazor, a small Seattle-based company offering a decidedly low-tech, simple, and green solution to an everyday ritual.

RetroRazor offers modern versions of the old safety razors that lived for decades in nearly every bathroom medicine cabinet or drawer in America before the advent of the plastic disposable razor.

"The RetroRazor handle will last for years, and replacement blades cost at least 90 percent less than cartridges. Blades will run most users between 15 and 75 cents per week. Safety razor blades have very little packaging or materials, almost 97% less waste!" - Chadd Bennett, RetroRazor founder and Chief Lathering Officer

"Change is coming to America, and people are adjusting their daily habits," Bennett added. "We're becoming cost conscious and sensitive to the environment. Safety razors are one small step that can make a difference in our pocketbook and ecological footprint - and give a much better shave."

Through two world wars, cultural revolutions, and moon landings, safety razors have provided amazing shaves for millions of men and women. And today, 50 percent of the world continues to use them, spending mere dollars per year for a close shave.

Bennett was working as a tour guide for Rick Steves in Italy, when he discovered the simplicity and effectiveness of a safety razor.

"I was in a small remote village and realized I was out of blades and badly in need a shave," he recalled. "Staying in a friend's home, I found a safety razor and blades in the medicine cabinet. I decided to see if it would work."

He loved it - and so did his friends when he purchased a couple of safety razors online and encouraged them to try one.

He admits a retro shave may not be for everyone. "But for those who want to save some money and show some kindness to the environment without sacrificing the quality of their shave, the new-again, old -fashioned safety razor might be just the thing," he said.

Check out the RetroRazor Weishi Double Edge Safety Razor Starter Kit (plus 15 Blade Sampler Bonus) or the RetroRazor Weishi Deluxe Starter Kit (includes Razor, Brush, Blades, Soap, and Styptic Pencil)

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May 11, 2009

Calling All Straight Razor Enthusiasts

Straight_Razor.jpgThe world is awash with cartridge razors and disposables, which have taken the lion's share of the market from safety razors and straight razors over the last 50 years or so. But it's not the only way men are shaving.

There is a growing movement of straight razor enthusiasts, and a site called Straight Razor Place has a great forum filled with advice on methods and purchasing tips for both the newbie and the seasoned shaver. It looks like there are thousands of registered users over there, and I just signed up so that I can glean the wisdom of those straight razor 'pros'.

I have to admit that I've used either an electric razor or cartridge razor for the 25 years of my shaving 'career', but I just ordered a Merkur safety razor for myself. I can foresee buying a straight razor in the near future as well (mostly because I really like rituals, and I think the old school methods of shaving are a great 'manly' thing to bring back).

My questions for all of you readers:

Do you use either a safety razor or straight razor? What converted you?

Please leave a comment, and if you Twitter, follow @ShavingStuff and take our Poll!

Image: Horst.Burkhardt

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May 8, 2009

Get a $40 Certificate from Amazon on Philips Products

philips_arcitec_vertical.jpgFrom now until May 31, get a promotional certificate good for $40 off a future purchase when you spend $139 on select Philips products offered by in Health & Personal Care.

May we suggest the Philips Norelco arcitec 1060 Men's Shaving System? Other very popular products are the Philips Norelco BG2030 Professional BodyGrooming System, and the Philips Norelco 8060X Moisturizing Shaving System.

The promotional code will be emailed to you between July 12 and July 26, 2009, redeemable for $40 off your next purchase of products offered by

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May 7, 2009

Pick Up $25 of Billy Jealousy Products and Get Free Facial Cleanser

BillyJealousy.jpgDetails for Men now has Billy Jealousy products in stock, and if you order $25 or more of the product line, you'll get a free 2 oz. LiquidSand Face Cleanser.

"Billy Jealousy is a line of cosmeceuticals developed exclusively for men to care for the skin, hair and body. Cosmeceuticals are scientifically designed formulas that are expertly blended and created with only the highest quality raw ingredients. Each unique Billy Jealousy formulation features a variety of hand chosen ingredients that work synergistically to perfect and protect your appearance. Billy Jealousy bases their formulas on scientific research, ensuring effective, hard working products."

Check out the Hot Towel Pre-Shave Treatment and the Lightning Bolt Electric Pre-Shave Solution, or maybe the Shaved Ice After-Shave Balm.

Be sure to ask for a free sample of Billy Jealousy Hydroplane Super Slick Shave Cream while you're there!

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May 6, 2009

Facial Hair on Acid

34214_2_468.jpgFrom Trendhunter:

"These bizarre beard and facial hair fetishes raise an inevitable question: Why? Why grow your sideburns into these hideously ridiculous shapes? Is there nothing else for you to do, or is this a case of excessive doses of acid over the years? If you have the urge to grow, why not grow a nice herb garden, or grow your own tulips?"

Check out the rest of the gallery: Ridiculously Outlandish Sideburns

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May 5, 2009

Deal: Remington CleanXChange Disposable Foil Shaver for $14.99

remingtoncleanxchange.jpgPick up a Remington CleanXChange Shaver at Amazon for only $14.99!

"Remington's CleanXChange is the industry's first shaver with a cutting system (foils, cutters, cartridges) that is disposable after 30 shaves! The anti-microbial coating on the foil inhibits the growth of irritation-causing bacteria. There is no messy cleanup and a like new performance with every cartridge change. The pop-up trimmer is great for detailing facial hair. It comes with a deluxe travel pouch, two-year warranty and a money-back performance guarantee."

And, if you spend more than $59 on eligible Remington products sold by through May 31st, you'll save $15. Use the following promotional code at check out: RMGTNMY9.

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May 4, 2009

May 1, 2009

Shaving News 5.01.09: Bears, a Shaving Myth, Celebrity Pubes, and Mel Gibson

Merkur.jpgShaving the Web 5.01.09

From ESPN, Bears and straight razors may not mix very well:

"Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs may have given himself an old-fashioned shaving injury while trying to get an old-fashioned shave. Briggs told autograph seekers at an appearance Saturday in Algonquin, Ill., that he cut his right hand while attempting to shave with a straight-edged razor. He made the appearance wearing a heavy wrap on his right hand, according to the Chicago Sun-Times."

From CBS 21 News, a body hair shaving question:

"If you shave your body hair, will it grow back darker and thicker? The theory has haunted women for decades, since the bikini became popular on the beach. For men, the modern practice of "manscaping" has brought shaving back into the forefront of culture."

From Bild, a celebrity's husband is on shaving duty:

"I'd say, 'Dean, how's it looking down there? Do I need to shave?' But of course I couldn't shave. So Dean had to do it."

From the LA Times, Mel Gibson and the road to the World Beard and Moustache Championships:

"Few celebrities engage in the kind of hyper-zealous facial manscaping that Mel Gibson does. Which makes him the perfect candidate to help us learn some of the 18 categories of competition in the upcoming World Beard and Moustache Championships taking place in Anchorage on May 23.

Image: scottfeldstein at Flickr

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