November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday Shaving Deals 2009

artofshavingset.jpgCyber Monday: Today is that day when we're all working off the holiday feast, perhaps recovering from Black Friday, and now perusing the best deals to found online. I've been looking around a bit myself, and wanted to share some deals and a cool find with you.

The folks at ZIRH have a few specials going right now - Free shipping on all orders until December 22nd, a free ZIRH Holiday bar with all orders, and a free messenger bag with all orders. That's a lot of free! Make sure you ask for free samples as well.

Philosophy is offering free shipping on all orders, and grab a free gift worth $100 with orders over $75 from now until 12/1, or until supplies run out. Make sure you check out the Gingerbread instant win game for a chance to win a $2500 shopping spree!

ThinkGeek is offering free shipping on orders over $25 today - and check out the sweepstakes for your chance to win a $1000 shopping spree. May we suggest the Freedom Dynamo Electric Shaver?

Over at Razors Direct, save 5% on your next order with the promo code "SNOWFLAKE" - expires December 20th, 2009.

And now the cool find: The Art of Shaving Fusion Chrome Collection Power Shave Set. Absolutely awesome. Seriously, go check it out.

Don't forget about our 2009 Holiday Gift Guide for Shaving Stuff!

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November 27, 2009

Shaving Gift Ideas for the Gadget Lover

showermirror.jpgI found a few great geeky gifts for the shaving crowd, in case you're still looking for something to give that gadget lover in your life:

The Moie' Fog-Free Shower Mirror and Weather Station: Get the latest weather information along with the date and time while you're getting your shave. It's got current outdoor temperature, indoor temperature, outdoor humidity and even a weather forecast, right in your shower! The mirror is fog free, on a swivel hinge, and it provides easy storage for two razors, as well as your shaving cream.

The Fog-Free Shower Mirror with LED Light and Clock: Not quite as fancy as the above mirror, this fog-free mirror is conveniently equipped with twin white LED lights to illuminate your face and a generously sized digital clock.

For adding tunes or the news to your shower, check out the Sharper Image Fog-Free 'Power Zoom' Shower Mirror/Radio: Zooming from 1x to 5x with a push of a button, this auto-adjust fog-free magnifying mirror has twin, ultra-bright LED spotlights, and an AM/FM radio built in.

On the road a lot? The USB Travel Shaver Laptop Rechargeable Razor charges up while you're checking your email.

While not exactly geeky, the Razorba War Hammer Back Hair Shaver has an irresistible name. The War Hammer holds most standard razors and allows you to shave your back by yourself.

Don't forget to check out the 2009 Holiday Gift Guide for Shaving Stuff for more great gift ideas!

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November 26, 2009

6 Great Straight Razor Honing Videos

I've been studying up on straight razors a bit, and came across a few great videos showing the basics of testing your edge and honing it. I thought all of you considering the switch to a straight razor (or those new to it) would enjoy these.

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November 25, 2009

Black Friday Deals for Shaving Stuff 11.25.09

Penhaligon's Castile.jpg
There's no reason to pay full price for holiday gifts if you don't have to. We've found some more deals on shaving stuff and grooming products for you, so you can pick up some great gifts before the holiday rush and save some cash while you're at it.

Over at Matte for Men, get $10.00 off any Matte For Men purchase over $25.00. Use the coupon code "1109" when checking out to take advantage of the savings. Coupon is valid until Friday, November 27th, 2009

At Body Tools, there's a buy one, get one free, sale beginning tonight, Wednesday November 25th at midnight. The sale runs until midnight on Monday, Nov 30th.

John Allan's has a 20% off sale on hair, skin and shave products (plus gift certificates to John Allan's). Use the promo code "GIFT20" at checkout to get your savings. Also, get 50% off John Allan's custom designed Travel Roll Up and '63 Razor shave set. Use the promo code "GIFT50" for this deal.

Don't forget the hot deals over at Amazon, and be sure to check out Details for Men and DE Razor Blades for more savings.

Image: Dharion at Flickr

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November 24, 2009

Black Friday Deals for Shaving Stuff 11.24.09

halston1-12.jpgGet the jump on your holiday shopping with these hot Black Friday deals, and the best part is, you don't have to wait for Black Friday, and you don't have to wait in line!

Halston 1-12 By Halston For Men: Regularly sold for $44.00, now only $7.70! A classic fragrance, with sweet florals, wood and musk scent.

Diesel Plus Plus By Diesel For Men: Regular price is $39.50, now only $11.86! A rich scent, with notes of sandalwood.

Calvin Klein Obsession For Men: Regularly $55.00, now only $30.86. A great daytime scent, with notes of mandarin and spice, and low tones of musk, sandalwood and amber.

Philips Norelco 7340 Men's Shaving System: Regular price is $59.99, now only $39.00. Fully washable men's rechargable shaver with patented Reflex Action System that automatically adjusts to the contours of your face and neck.

Braun Series 1 1-150 Men's Shaver: Regularly sold for $59.99, now only $38.11. Forget the bells and whistles. Forget the fuss and hassles. Series 1 150 Men's Shaver, with its unique FreeFloat shaving system gives you a close shave, effortlessly, at an unbeatable price.

Braun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic Shaver: Regularly $269.99, now only $229.99. I love this razor - I call it the 'ultimate shaving gadget'.

Don't forget the batteries! Duracell AA batteries, two 16 count packages, regularly $25.98, are now only $19.65. Duracell AAA batteries, two 16 count packages are also cheap, only $19.23.

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November 23, 2009

Get Your Shaving Tips From Oprah?

Fort Benning.jpg
I don't know if I can speak for most men (I'll try, though), but is probably the last place I would think of to get tips on shaving or male grooming. However, there's a pretty decent guide up there right now.

"Stylist Diana Schmidtke is the woman who keeps Hollywood's leading men--George Clooney, Jon Hamm and Taylor Lautner--looking their best. Get her expert advice on the right way to shave, how to prevent ingrown hairs, proper eyebrow maintenance and more!"

Give it a read and tell me if you think it's right on or just so-so, would you?

Full article: A Man's Guide to Grooming

Image: IMLS DCC at Flickr

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November 20, 2009

Woody's Exfoliating Pre-Shave: A Non-Abrasive Invigorating Cleanser

woodyspreshave.jpgThey say it's a sign of maturity to admit your mistakes, so I'm gonna fess up about one of mine...

When I received some review products from Woody's Grooming, one of the items was the Exfoliating Pre Shave, and I set it aside, thinking "Men don't need any facial cleansers." I went ahead and used and then reviewed the Foaming Shave Gel, which is a solid shaving gel, but didn't try the Pre Shave.

This morning, as I headed for the bathroom, I remembered that I had the Woody's Pre Shave sitting in my cabinet, and decided "What the hell, I'll give it a go." So before shaving, I put a big dab of the Exfoliating Pre Shave on my face and started scrubbing with it. The directions say to leave on your face for 30 to 60 seconds, to let the bromelain (an enzyme from pineapple) go to work, and that part was a little difficult - I'm impatient.

After rinsing it off, I could feel a difference in the texture of my face - definitely smoother and cleaner. I went ahead and shaved with the Foaming Shave Gel, and followed it up with Woody's Rescue Post Shave.

Wow! What a great shave!

For the record, I use a Merkur safety razor, and lately, I've been rocking the Feather blades - they last a long time before dulling, and give a close shave.

I don't know if the Pre Shave was to thank for the smoothness I got this morning, or if it was the combination of all three, but my face is really thankful - no razor burn, no irritation, close shave, and on top of that, I smell great as well. Kudos to Woody's!

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November 19, 2009

Hot Deal: Philips Norelco 1050CC arcitec Shaving System

philipsnorelco1050CC.jpgIf you're looking for a great deal on a super shaving system, you might want to take a look at the Philips Norelco 1050CC arcitec system:

  • Flex and Pivot Action: Three independently flexing rotary heads with a 360 degree range of motion to shave perfectly close, even on the neck
  • Jet Clean system automatically cleans shaver
  • Triple Track shaving heads offer 50% more shaving surface for a faster and closer shave
  • Dual stainless steel blade system gently lifts hair to cut it comfortably below skin level, for an ultra close shave

The unique flex & pivot technology delivers an exceptionally close shave. Three individually flexing shaving heads are connected by a ball joint system making them swivel, rotate, and pivot with a full range of motion. The maneuverability allows arcitec to adjust to the contours of your face ensuring optimum skin contact and a closer shave -- even on the neck. The new arcitec Shaver is designed to push the boundaries of shaving and to conquer those hard to shave areas.

Cutting edge innovation doesn't stop with the shaver. The arcitec 1050CC comes with a Jet Clean system, to keep it clean between shaves -- it automatically detects which cleaning program the shaver needs: economy, normal or intensive, and it has active drying to have your shaver ready to go in no time. Beyond cleaning, now you can recharge your shaver while you store it, with the Power Pod travel case that plugs into the wall and protects your investment!

The Philips Norelco 1050CC arcitec is normally priced at $209.99, but right now, it's only $183.99, saving you $26.00. Pick up a NT9110 Precision Nose and Ear Trimmer from Philips at the same time - it's only $12.99!

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2009 Holiday Gift Guide for Shaving Stuff

When you're looking for a great shaving gift this holiday season for the men in your life, be it brother, uncle, father, son, or husband, you probably want to not only give a useful gift, but you also want to get the most bang for your buck.

There's so many choices for great shaving stuff at the store and on the web, that it can be hard to choose the best products, but we here at Shaving Stuff have spent all year using and reviewing the latest and greatest shaving accessories so you don't have to make a wild guess. For this year's gift guide, we're focusing on value - the products that work the best, for the best price.

Best Value Shaving Creams

creamocream.JPGAt the top of the list is Cremo Shaving Cream. For only $8, this shaving cream is a great value - it shaves well, smells good, and a single tube will last a long time. Pick up some Cremo for all the men you know!

speickshavecream.jpgSpeick Shaving Cream is another quality cream - I personally think it's the best smelling one, manly and earthy, with a hint of lavender - and I'm super happy with the shave I get from it. It's all natural, with beeswax and glycerin, leaving a smooth and happy face!

ErasmicMerkur.jpgOne of the favorite creams in my shaving cabinet is Erasmic. It's an old-school cream with a great, traditional scent and it lathers up into a thick cream once applied. At $6.50 a tube, it's also a bargain, considering the excellent shave it gives you.

Ingram.jpgLast, but not least, is Ingram. If you haven't tried Ingram Lather Shaving Cream yet, you're in for a treat! Made in the UK, Ingram has been around since 1932. It runs about $6.50 a tube, and is a solid, traditional-style shave cream, with a minty freshness to it.

Best Value Manual Razors

It's probably not a big secret that I'm a big fan of safety razors. The investment is initially more than your standard cartridge razor, but after that, buying double edged razor blades is pretty cheap. Here's my picks for best value in manual razors:

retrorazor.jpgRetroRazor offers modern versions of the old safety razors that lived for decades in nearly every bathroom medicine cabinet or drawer in America before the advent of the plastic disposable razor. The razors are well made, with a price point below that of my personal favorite, Merkur.

Merkur1.jpgThe Merkur feels great in the hand - solid and hefty, like a good tool should. It's a thing of beauty. I consider my Merkur an essential man's tool. It will be something you'll be proud to give as a gift, and will make a prized heirloom to pass down to the next generation.

Badger & Blade Straight Razor.jpg
Straight razors
are making a comeback. It takes some practice to get a great shave without worrying about slicing off a piece of your face, but I'm willing to bet that once you shave with one, you'll be the proudest man around!

There's plenty of cheap straight razors out there, but you'd be better served picking up a quality blade, like the Fromm Straight Razor or the Ultimate Pro 150 Straight Razor, to save on frustration with sharpening.

If you're looking for the ultimate in style for straight razors, and price isn't an issue, you've got to check out the Dovo 5/8" Carbon Steel Genuine Mammoth Razor. Sure, it's $579, but it's a collector's item - with a 20,000 year old mammoth tusk handle!

Best Value Electric Razors

For a solid performer, check out the Philips Norelco 7340 Men's Shaving System. At only $39, it won't break the budget, and it will last for many a shave - Philips makes great razors.

Stubble Trimmer.jpgKnow anyone who's rocking the stubbly, five o'clock shadow look? The your best bet is the Philips Norelco QT4021 Stubble Trimmer. Priced at only $35, this razor runs on a charge or on a cord, and has a well-designed length settings adjustment. I use it when I'm drawn to the well-trimmed beard look, and the removable guide lets you trim sideburns with ease.

Vortex.jpgThe Panasonic ES8109S Vortex Wet/Dry Shaver is a step up in price, but you can take it in the shower with you, plus the built in cleaning system keeps the razor in top shape. It runs about $115 - well worth the price.

BraunPulsonic.jpgIf you want to invest in the ultimate shaving gadget for the man in your life, you'll want to take a look at the Braun Pulsonic. The Clean & Renew System automatically cleans, lubricates, dries and charges the shaver at the touch of a button, giving the feel of a brand new razor everyday, and it shaves close ( with 10,000 microvibrations a minute) with no pain or pulling of whiskers.

Best Value Manscaping Razors

When it comes to manscaping and trimming of excess body hair, two razors have risen to the top.

bodygroom200.jpgThe first is the Philips Norelco BG2020 Bodygroom Shaver. It trims and shaves hair from chest & abs, underarms, groin area, legs, back and shoulders, and can even be used in the shower! The Bodygroom can be used with length guides for precision trimming, or without, to remove all of the hair. It runs about $33.

The other top pick in manscaping razors is the Braun bodyCruzer. It combines a Braun electric precision trimmer to shorten hairs and a Gillette blade for a clean and comfortable shave anywhere on the body. Also waterproof, with up to 50 hours of shaving on a single charge, it runs $59.99.

Here's to happy shopping, and if you have any other gift suggestions, please leave us a comment!

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November 18, 2009

Bert's Unibrow Gets Boycotted by Grooming Lounge

Sesame Place.jpgYou wouldn't think that Sesame Street would be the target of a boycott, but I'm here to tell you - some people have taken issue with Bert's grooming habits.

The guys over at Grooming Lounge have a hilarious letter to Bert (and to Sesame Street in general) about the unspeakable - his unibrow.

"This has gone on long enough. For awhile we brushed it off as being quirky and cute, letting it slide because of your status as an iconic character on a classic children's series. We bit our collective tongues as you continually ignored what was apparent to everyone -- turning a blind eye to the monstrosity right above your own eyes.

Now, with Sesame Street's 40th Anniversary upon us, we've hit our limit. Somebody has to do something about it. And as two guys tasked with promoting good grooming to a new generation of men, it might as well be us. This ends today. Bert...


Check out the rest of the letter over at Grooming Guys, and leave them a comment if you disagree.

Where do you stand on grooming the eyebrows? Do you cultivate the "manbrow"?

Image: at Flickr

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November 17, 2009

Mantic59's 5000 Subscriber Celebration: Four Contests

If you're not familiar with Mantic59, you must be living under a rock.

He's been rocking out the shaving videos over at YouTube for quite some time, and in honor of reaching 5000 subscribers there, he's celebrating with four contests.

For the full details, see the 5000 Subscriber Contest over at Mantic59.

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November 16, 2009

Survey: Women Want Men To Do More Body Hair Grooming

Motherly Love.jpgAccording to a new survey by Remington Products, both men and women prefer a clean-shaven face and said grooming is key to making a first impression. The nationwide poll asked 435 males about their personal grooming habits and 440 females about what male grooming styles they find the most attractive. More than half the women (57%) think poor grooming is a major turn off - if not a total deal-breaker.

The sexes are at odds about how much to trim. For example:

Back hair - Nearly three-quarters of the women (71%) prefer men at least trim their backs to avoid looking like Neanderthals, and 33% would prefer a complete shave. Three-quarters of the men, however, said they don't.

The bum - 83% of women think men should do a little neatening back there, too, but nearly two-thirds of the men (63%) said they don't.

Ears, eyebrows and nose hair
- 44% of women find it troublesome when this hair is left untouched, but nearly a quarter of the men (24%) said grooming there isn't even a factor in whether they think they look their best.

Chest - More than half the women (53%) who are casually dating or divorced think a man should at least give his chest a simple trim so it doesn't look like a sweater. Overall, 40% of the women agree. However, 43% of the total women surveyed prefer men keep all their chest hair, considering it a sign of masculinity. And 17% want a smooth chest without a single hair. For the men, 83% said they have just let their chest hair grow.

Groin - 60% of the women who are casually dating said there should be some trimming around the groin, as did more than 56% of the women who are younger than 40. Of the total women surveyed, 42% prefer that look, but another 42% think any grooming down under would comprise a guy's manliness. The other 16% ? They'd like it clean as a whistle. Nearly two-thirds of the men (63%) said they're still as hairy as God made them.

One key take away from the survey: men and women should tell each other what styles they think look best. 52% of the men said they would consider shaving if it was important to their significant others, and 34% of the women said their men do, in fact, need to spend more time grooming. Yet one in five (21%) of the women said they wouldn't broach the topic to avoid hurting feelings.

"The survey results reveal information I've not seen aired publicly on women's preferences for men's grooming habits and that women rarely say it. Women want their men to spend more time manscaping and at Remington, we have quality, affordable tools to help men do just that." - Kim Hegel, Marketing Communications Manager, Remington Products

To test different grooming and hair styles, Remington has created the Face of Success Challenge, an online game centered on creating a "look" or "style" with the help of various Remington and grooming shaving tools. In the game, guys create their own avatar by choosing from a combination of hair styles and facial hair looks then try their skills with the game's female characters, including the fitness instructor, the blonde bombshell and the girl next door. While playing the game, guys have a conversation with the women, gauge the responses and see how much face time they get. Afterward, a "wingman" offers tips on what might have worked better, including suggestions on how to improve their look with help from Remington.

Speak up - what do you think about these results?

Image: digitalART2 at Flickr

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November 13, 2009

Wet Shaving Resource: Mug and Brush

badger brush.jpgIt's really cool to see so many sites devoted to the art and tools of shaving on the web, and I just found another one to share with you.

This one's called Mug and Brush:

"In the process of learning these techniques, I'm finding that shaving is no longer a chore, but something that I look forward to. There's something very manly about the smells, the act of making your own lather and even the sound of a double edge safety razor as it glides over your face.

This site is a collection of what I've learned about classic wet shaving - the use of a brush, the proper razor & blade, the pre-shave and post-shave rituals, and anything else I can think of that belongs here."

What other good shaving sites should we know about?

Image: scottfeldstein at Flickr

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November 12, 2009

Death by Shaving

Coffin Chains.jpgYou probably aren't thinking about your shaving routine as a risky activity, other than the odd nick or bumps, but evidently it could be hazardous to your health.

"Shaving was once a dangerous and sometimes lethal endeavor. Before the advent of safety razors and sanitation laws, a man risked his life when he decided to clean up with a close shave. Here are three stories of men who met their end in pursuit of a baby smooth face."

Read the stories over at Mental_Floss, and leave us a comment if you know any other scary shaving stories.

Image: Orin Zebest at Flickr

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November 11, 2009

How's the Health of Your Moustache?

Got a great 'stache? Do you take it to the doc?

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November 10, 2009

Men, Why Do You Shave?

shaved.jpgI found this in an article on the site Thels Talk:

"Among the many reasons I found while doing some research men began shaving in Stone Age times were:
  • To reduce the breeding grounds for lice, fleas and small rodents.
  • To eliminate the beard as a place for an enemy to hang on during combat.
  • To make it easier to eat.
  • Superstition associated a heavily bearded man with old age and death, in addition to the superstitious belief of spirits which entered the body through hairs on the head.

I don't know about you, but I don't think any of those apply anymore.

The comments (over 400 of them) are hilarious (and insightful). One man said "I shave because James Bond shaves." and another says "I don't shave my beard because I don't have to submit to another man's will to survive. My beard represents freedom, self-determination and control over my own destiny."

I shave because I've grown a beard many different times in my life, and now that I'm 40, a shaved face helps me to look younger.

What about you? Why do you shave?

Image: Amadeus Serey Yàñez at Flickr

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November 9, 2009

Woody's Grooming Products Giveaway

Woody'sPostShave.jpgWant some free stuff? Here's your chance to pick up some shaving accessories for free from us: Woody's Grooming Products sent us a Holiday Travel kit to give away to one lucky Shaving Stuff reader.

Included in the Travel kit are small bottles of Daily Shampoo, Exfoliating Pre-Shave, Foaming Shave Gel, and Rescue Post Shave, perfect to bring along wherever you are headed this fall. I've been using Woody's Foaming Shave Gel for the last couple of weeks, and I think it's a quality product.

To enter, leave a comment on this post through Friday at midnight telling us your favorite shaving product (shaving cream, gel, soap, razor, or aftershave), and we'll randomly pick one reader to receive the Travel kit. (One entry per person, and continental U.S. addresses only.)

If you're on Facebook and wish to get the latest posts in your news feed, become a fan of Shaving Stuff!

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November 6, 2009

Woody's Foaming Shave Gel Review

woodysshavegel.jpgWant your face to be as smooth as a supermodel's bottom?

That's what Woody's products will do for you - if you can trust a label...

The people over at Woody's Grooming sent me a couple of testers of their shaving products to try out, and I've used the Foaming Shave Gel over the last week. It's full of vitamins and antioxidants, plus something called Galactoarabinan - a natural sugar from larch trees that exfoliates, moisturizes, and smooths wrinkles.

I can't speak for the 'smoothing wrinkles' claim, as I haven't noticed that for myself, but I did really enjoy the refreshing and healthy look of my skin afterward. Maybe that's related to the aloe, hemp, and shea butter in the formula?

Woody's Shave Gel is a gel, as the name implies, but it foams up for a nice lather. The scent is light and citrusy, with a bit of a woody smell as well. The gel rinses cleanly, with a nice smooth feeling after the shave.

You can check out the rest of the Woody's line at the company's site, which also includes hair, body, and lip care.

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November 5, 2009

Win an NFL Luxury Box and a Game Day Shave

Football Laces .jpgAre you down with Urban Daddy? I just recently subscribed to their email magazine (It's free), and have found lots of great info so far. I think you'll enjoy it as well.

In today's email is a link to enter to win a luxury NFL sky box for a game (for you and five friends!). Included is a the game day box at the stadium of your choice, plus an old-school barber to shave you, and all the finest refreshments you can handle during the game. You can't shake a stick at that!

To enter, head over to the Gillette/UrbanDaddy Suite Life contest and put your name and email in the hat. (Must be 18 or over.)

More about Urban Daddy:

"We start from the premise that there's a lot of noise out there when it comes to your city--poor recommendations, shills, plants, promoters, liars, enemies, and exes. Our goal is to be your friend. The kind of friend who knows everyone--the maitre d's at all the right restaurants, the bouncers at all the right clubs, the addresses of all the great parties. And the kind of guy who lives to share the wealth.

We also get you little perks along the way--Invitations to some great underground parties, exclusive give-aways (we hear Aspen is great this time of year) and private sales with some of the coolest brands around. We call them Perks. You can call them just another reason to love us."

Image: √oхέƒx™ at Flickr

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November 4, 2009

Sideburns and Mutton Chops Gallery

There's nothing like a little sideburn or mutton chop action to change your look, but you might want to take a gander at some of these guys to explore your options.

Beard Antics 4.jpg

Eric Brown .jpg



stranger 27.jpg



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November 3, 2009

One Shaving Device for Life: Braun Continuum Concept

continuum01.jpgWhat if you could have just one electric shaving device for all of your shaving needs, one that handles multiple heads?

The Braun Continuum Shaving System could be that device. It was developed as a concept project at Bergishe Universität Wuppertal, sponsored by Braun.

"It's got a ball and socket connection so it can follow the contours of the face and body. The LCD screen on the side recognizes which head is attached, and displays this information along with battery life along the side."

The Continuum System isn't for sale (yet), but it could be a serious contender in the ultimate shaving gadget niche.

[via YankoDesign]

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November 2, 2009

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