August 31, 2010

Newly Designed EverBlade to Debut

According to EverBlade:

"Most likely the razor blade you are currently using is designed to fail long before it's potential. EverBlade is designed to keep that same razor sharp - maximizing it's fullest potential.

Studies have shown that razor blades stay sharp 4 to 8 times longer using EverBlade.This saves hundreds of dollars a year. Plus, it gives the pleasure of many more fresh shaves with less cuts, nicks and razor burn. Additionally, EverBlade keeps billions of razor blades and their packaging out of our landfills.

How it works: The EverBlade's patent pending technology creates an energy field that gives blades a negative charge - so blades automatically repel the rust ions that would otherwise corrode and dull your razor. This is the leading cause of blade failure. Use EverBlade with any razor - even disposable razors."

For more information, visit: Green EverBlade

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August 30, 2010

The Male Grooming Feature Film (Call for Participants)

men's grooming aids.jpgFrom the folks over at Ape to Gentleman:

"It was only a matter of time before the world of male grooming was thrust under media spotlight and an acclaimed documentary film director and Academy Award nominee is giving our US readers (apologies to the rest) the chance to be the start of a definitive documentary on male grooming.

They are looking for men who take grooming to an entirely new level,men who are obsessed with the care of their skin, their hair, their nails, their eyebrows and their body hair.

We're not talking about the man who is partial to the occasional use of moisturiser, we're talking men who have more products than most women and cannot leave the house without looking immaculate.

This may be a bit much for most gents, but if you are interested in being part of this comprehensive documentary on the changing world of male grooming, send a brief email about you, your contact number and a picture to:"

Image: gailf548 at Flickr

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August 27, 2010

Manscaping the Unibrow

unibrow.jpgFrom the Telegraph: Male grooming: banishing the unibrow

"When Beckham started wearing rosary beads, Top Man put them on their shelves. Thierry Henry pulled his socks up over his knees and within weeks, the Sunday league was awash with woollen suspender-wearers. Cesc Fàbregas, Fernando Torres and Joe Hart decide to have their eyebrows shaped and suddenly British men are plucking, waxing and threading like centrefolds. Wayne Rooney shaved his head and... best to leave it there.

The eyebrows, however, are something of a phenomenon."

What's your preferred method for eyebrow 'scaping?

Image: Andrew 鐘 at Flickr

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August 26, 2010

Top Sexy Bearded Men

aragorn.jpgIt's always good to hear from the World of Female:

"For me, the words sexy and beards are mutually exclusive. However, being someone willing to be converted, I set about this assignment for hirsute hotties and bearded babes with an open mind. Of course, sexy does not have to mean classically good looking...

Beards have signified wisdom and dignity in many cultures for thousands of years and some thought beards represented virility and proved a man was a 'real' man. Alexander the Great may have agreed, but he still ordered his armies to be clean shaven in case enemies used beards to grab and hold onto a soldier and kill him."

Check out Top Ten Sexy Men with Beards

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August 25, 2010

My Dad's Beard is Made Out of Cotton Candy

Just when you think you've seen all the facial hair fashions... Along comes a beard made out of cotton candy.

From Boo Ya Pictures.

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Hot Deal: 50% Off Panasonic ES8243A Arc IV Nano Men's Wet/Dry Rechargeable Razor

panasonicES8243A.jpgRight now, you can pick up a Panasonic ES8243A Arc IV Nano Men's Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaver at a huge discount!

Regularly $199.99, this electric razor is going for only $88.70, a savings of over $111.00!

"The Panasonic Arc IV Nanotech Shaver offers remarkable shaving on the first pass. Equipped with a quadruple foil and four cutting blades, the cutting surface of this shaver has been expanded by 32 percent, offering a better shave with each stroke. The blades are powered by Panasonic's linear motor, which operates at an amazingly fast rate so even the thickest beards or no match for this shaver.

Innovative Technology Provides the Best Shave: Nanotechnology was used to polish the industry's sharpest 30-degree blades to achieve even better cutting performance. This razor's expanded cutting surface not only provides an efficient shave, but it also spreads the pressure, which naturally occurs when applying the shaver to the skin, so users have found it to perform without the irritation found on lesser models. The fourth finishing blade provides an additional cutting opportunity not found on triple-blade shavers. In addition, the foils and blades on this razor are "arced" so they nestle gently into the skin for our closest shave ever. The foil glides evenly for uniform shaving on all surfaces of the face.

Get Great Shaving Results with Ultra Speed:At the heart of razor lies Panasonic's patented Linear Motor. It operates at an amazingly fast 13,000 rpm to cut through the thickest of beards. Standard razors operate at a pedestrian 8,000 to 10,000 rpm. To top it all off, this razor also features wet/dry operation, so you can use it in the convenience of your shower or for dry shaving when you have less time. A liquid crystal display indicates battery charge level by 10 steps and a cleaning reminder. It also comes equipped with a convenient travel case.

There is nothing slow about this razor. Even clean-up is at hyper speed. Simply hold the razor under running water and activate the Turbo mode. The razor accelerates up to 17,000 RPM and vibrates off any remaining whiskers."

The Panasonic ES8243A Arc IV Nano Men's Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaver

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August 24, 2010

Portraits of Facial Hair Champions

worldbeardchampionship.jpgFrom Divine Caroline, photographer Dave Mead shares his pics of some competitors from the 2009 World Beard and Mustache Championships.

"Photographer Dave Mead traveled to Anchorage, Alaska, to capture portraits of men who competed in the 2009 World Beard and Mustache Championships. His portfolio can be found at"

31 photos for your beard curiosity at: Magnificent Beards

Image: spookyamd at Flickr

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August 23, 2010

The Male Brazilian: Going Bare Down There

hotwax.jpgFrom Salon, the real-life adventure of having a male Brazilian wax (ouch!):

"Spa professionals had assured me that waxing isn't that painful. But men's hair is coarser and thicker than women's, and the follicles deeper, which accounts for the spa legend that men make more noise than women when waxed. What got me, though, was the contrast between Janea's dainty, tender application of the wax and the brute force with which she ripped it off. She threw my leg over her little shoulder, like a sports therapist, and began raining baby powder down on the target areas. The pain was almost unbearable. "Why am I doing this?" I thought, staring at the elaborate, cherub-accented ceiling. Meanwhile, Janea modestly described the emboldening effects her Brazilians and personal advice have had on clients like Vanessa Williams, Naomi Campbell and Gwyneth Paltrow, but also on men like sometime actor and former pro ball player Rick Fox and, yes, Christopher Hitchens."

Read the full article: Why I got the male Brazilian wax

Image: Clearly Ambiguous at Flickr

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August 20, 2010

Intro to the GuyBrow

Looking to clean up the 'other' hair on your face? Get an introduction to the GuyBrow:

"It takes some, but not a ton of, skill to get a pair that are clean and neat without looking like a cast member from the Jersey Shore."

Read the rest of the article: Well Groomed: The GuyBrow

Or if you want more tips on grooming the eyebrows:

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August 19, 2010

Shaving Joaquin Phoenix

shavelicense.jpgFrom Esquire:

"So now we all know why Joaquin grew that beard, gobbled down all those Quaaludes, and acted all crazy on Letterman: method acting! Maybe, but only time -- and more trailers for the new documentary I'm Still Here -- will tell. What we do know is that it's high time Mr. Phoenix tamed those chin-locks. It is high summer, after all, and no one needs an overcoat on his face. Take it from a beardo who just took things down to his skin for the first time in a very long time in order to beat the heat. But shaving it off isn't that simple, so Joaquin might want to study up before the premiere, and so might you."

Read the rest of the article: 5 Quick Steps to Shaving the Joaquin Phoenix Beard

Image: thinboyfatter at Flickr

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August 18, 2010

Celebrating 200 Years of Moustaches

bigotes.jpgIn a nod to one of Mexico's most iconic national symbols, the macho mustache, Jose Cuervo is using the "Let's Celebrate 200 Years of Mustaches" campaign to reenergize drinkers:

"Jose Cuervo is challenging Mexicans to grow mustaches as outrageous as possible before the Sept. 16 celebration. Encouraged by a big TV and outdoor ad campaign, contestants upload pictures of their mustachioed selves to Jose Cuervo's site. Bigote is Spanish for mustache, and the site has even invented a Spanish word bigotizar to describe the act of mustache growing. For those unable to grow a luxuriant mustache (women, for instance), Jose Cuervo says, "You can just paint it on your face." - AdAge

You'll need to speak Spanish better than I do (which isn't hard to do...) to navigate the website, but you can upload a picture of yourself and try on a moustache over at Bigotes.

Check out the video:

Online voting will determine the people with the most impressive moustaches and then invite those winners to a grand party in the town of Tequila in Jalisco, Mexico, celebrating the country's 200th anniversary on September 16.

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August 17, 2010

Announcing the Winner of the Straight Razor Giveaway

cyrilsalterstraight.jpgBack in June, I reviewed the Cyril Salter Straight Razor, courtesy of Shaving Shack, and the company generously agreed to host a giveaway of one of the razors to a lucky Shaving Stuff reader.

We had almost 90 entries, and they picked a winner at random to receive the Cyril Salter Straight Razor (open razor).

The winner is Chris Whitehead, of the UK, and he will be getting a free razor from Shaving Shack. I'm hoping that once you've received it and put it through its paces, you'll leave us a comment telling us how you like it, Chris.

Thank you to all the people who entered!

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August 16, 2010

The Manliest of Manhunts

mark image one.jpgA survey by the makers of The Bluebeards Revenge, a new shaving product said to help reduce stubble growth by 40 per cent, found the following attributes would make the most attractive man:

"Britain's manliest man would have George Clooney's silvery hair, the piercing eyes of Gerard Butler, the nose of Brad Pitt, the strong jawline of Jason Statham and the body of Daniel Craig."

"The manhunt is open to any British male over the age of 18 who resembles the photofit and is willing to take on the challenge of a lifetime."

Read the rest of the article over at Express: The perfect man in the manliest of manhunts

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August 13, 2010

Challenger for Ultimate Shaving Gadget Coming Soon

sensotouch3d.jpgThe word on the street is that the shipments of Philips Norelco's newest electric razor, the SensoTouch 3D, will be released in September. After reading the press release and viewing some images of it online, I think this razor could be in direct competition with the Braun Pulsonic 790cc, which I had dubbed the Ultimate Shaving Gadget after an earlier review of it.

This thing is pure shaving geekery - the latest in shaving technology, with a futuristic look, is "the smoothest razor ever", according to Philips.

"GyroFlex 3D contour-following system adjusts easily to the curve, minimizing pressure and irritation. Philips SensoToucn RQ1280 has been engineered to conquer every curve, hugging the skin without rubbing, but cutting the hairs close, whatever direction they are growing. The GyroFlex 3D System provides impeccable attention to detail. Every component has been engineered and designed with one purpose in mind: to deliver a great shaving experience.

The new Philips SensoTouch shaver gives a soft touch for a smooth shave. The GyroFlex 3D system adjusts easily to the curves of your face and shaves even the shortest stubble with its flexi-moving 3D heads. The GyroFlex 3D system seamlessly follows every contour of your face and shaves every hair in just a few strokes with its UltraTrack heads."

There's a great review of the razor over here: Philips SensoTouch 3D Review (RQ1290cc)

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August 12, 2010

American Safety Razor Company Enters Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Gemrazor.jpgOne of the biggest players in the razor market is undergoing a major shift:

"American Safety Razor Company, which also does business as Personna American Safety Razor, filed Wednesday for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company said its first lien holders will purchase the company. It entered Chapter 11 to facilitate the transaction. The company's net sales were $330 million in 2009 vs. $351 million in 2008 . It listed assets of $100 million to $500 million and debt from $500 million to $1 billion, according to bankruptcy court documents.

The firm, founded in 1875, is currently the fourth largest manufacturer of wet shaving razors and blades. Its wet shaving razor and blade products are primarily sold under a retailer's store brand and/or under the company's brands such as Personna, Matrix, Magnum, Mystique, Solara and Gem."

In 1942, American Safety Razor introduces its first Double Edge Blade.

Like true patriots, Personna American Safety Razor Company does its part by complying to a recommendation of the War Production Board to cut production of blades by 40% and to stop the production of razors entirely.

It is estimated that this act alone frees up to 1,550 tons of steel annually for military use. Personna American Safety Razor Company also transfers most of its machinery to the production of 20 mm shell casings, magazines, munitions and various parts for airplane motors.

In 1963, American Safety Razor becomes the first maker of stainless steel blades.

"Originally sold under the Personna brand name, the new technology is quickly applied to all of Personna American Safety Razor Company's product lines."

Since then, it seems, they concentrated on disposable and cartridge razors, not the safety razors they are named for.

(via OC Register)

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August 11, 2010

The Thing the Makes Straight Razor Shaving Special

woodstraightrzr.jpgHaving a well-made razor for your daily shave is a beautiful thing.

"This is the thing that makes straight shaving special...

When you look at the other ways people take care of the hairs that grow in places they don't want, they're all pretty...utilitarian. Mass produced, faceless, just there to get the job done. Sure, there are all kinds of doohickeys and gewgaws, lube strips and guard wires,vibrating motors and whirling blades, but the basic idea is: make it as brainless and simple as possible, and make the tool as cheaply as possible."

Read the rest of the post: That Little Extra Something...

Image: Dharion at Flickr

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August 10, 2010

Facial Hair in Turkish Politics

facial-hair-turkish-politics.jpgI don't see the connection between facial hair and politics in my circle of friends, but in Turkey, it's another story all together.

From the Hürriyet Daily News:

"Facial hair is not just about fashion in Turkey, where a large, thick walrus-style mustache can mark a man as a leftist and a neatly trimmed almond-shaped one can mark him a conservative.

According to sociologist Hüsamettin Arslan, whisker politics in Turkey really got its start during the second period of the Tanzimat, the Ottoman Empire's modernization movement in the 1800s."

Read the rest of the article: Facial hair in Turkish politics: A tale of mustaches and men

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August 9, 2010

Shaving the Man Boobs

cheney.jpgIt might seem farfetched, but perhaps a man boob razor really ought to be produced.

According to this site, former VP Dick Cheney said:

"I'm here today, speaking at this luncheon, to tell you that there is a whole other market for you guys. You've got your razors for men and women and facial hair and leg hair and armpits. Have you ever developed or marketed a razor, electric or blade, just for man boobs?"

Whaddya think?

Image: Belltown Messenger at Flickr

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August 3, 2010

Track Your Beard Growth with This T-Shirt

beardruler.jpgThinking of growing out the facial hair? Track the growth of your beard with this fun T-shirt, the Beard Ruler. From BustedTees.

(via Beard Revue)

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July 2010 Shaving Stuff Wrap-up

Summer is in full swing, but I hope you've found the time to keep well shaved... If you've been too busy to stay up to date on the newest here on Shaving Stuff, here's a recap of all the posts from July of 2010:

Anthony Logistics

Electric Shaving

General News



King of Shaves

Old School Shaving

Regular Shaving

Shaving Gifts

The Art of Shaving


Image: TheBusyBrain at Flickr

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