September 30, 2010

Shaving with a Stone and Bluebeard's Revenge (video)

I've got an unopened review sample of Bluebeard's Revenge, and will be posting my own review soon. But this guy takes his review to the next level, eh?

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September 29, 2010

Moustache Buttons for Web Designers

If you need some whimsical buttons for a new project, consider the moustache:


"This button set features 15 unique, realistically painted moustache styles ranging from the classic Magnum P.I. chevron to Frank Zappa's trademark bushy moustache and imperial soul patch."

Download the free buttons at Cute Little Factory.

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September 28, 2010

Clouds of Moustaches

Who doesn't love a good moustache?


Well, maybe not everyone, I guess, but still...

This excellent moustache print is for sale at Etsy, from MursBlanc.

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September 27, 2010

The Butter Shave is Not Recommended

Michael Markman, otherwise known as Mickeleh on YouTube, shares his take on shaving with butter:

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September 24, 2010

Head Shaving Faceoff: Fusion Proglide with JB Smoove

Fusion Proglide, by Gillette

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September 23, 2010

Start Him Young with a Mr. Moustache Mobile


They're never too young to start exposing them to facial hair:

"Mr. Moustache is a baby-mobile for moustache lovers, young
and old. Constructed from 100% recycled paper and nut veneer."

Check it out: Mr. Moustache mobile

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September 22, 2010

Electric Razors and the End of America


"The first electric razor was patented in 1928. About six months later, the Great Depression hit. This is not a coincidence.

From the moment Col. Jacob Schick decided that electricity was necessary for men to shave their faces, the nation's fate was sealed. Because once American manufacturers realized they could sell Americans products that simply have no function or value, the entire economy was doomed.

Electric razors are one of the great breakthroughs in marketing history. Simply put, electric razors don't work. They've never worked. They never will work. You'll get an equally close shave from a pickle."

Read the rest of the article: The Electric Razor and the end of America

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September 21, 2010

New Facial Hair Book: Beards ... A Spotter's Guide

beardspotter.jpgHere's a fun new book: Beards ... A Spotter's Guide:

"William Shakespeare. Abraham Lincoln. Santa Claus. Behind (well, slightly in front of) every great man, lies a great beard. And now you too can join the ranks of the most illustrious beard-sporting gentlemen of history. Find out what each beard says about its wearer, which one will makes women fall at your feet (and not run for the hills) and most importantly, which ones will get crumbs stuck in it. With marks on each one's ease of grooming, growing and its potential to grate, whether you want to sport a French Fork or a Fu Manchu, a Soul Patch or a Chin Puff, we have the lowdown on the right set of whiskers for every occasion."

Get yours here: Beards ... A Spotter's Guide

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September 20, 2010

Vintage Straight Razors and Straight Razor Honing at Madaspen

blue straight razorIf you've ever wanted to pick up a vintage straight razor that's honed and ready to shave with, you'll want to check out Madaspen:

"We always try to choose from a variety of models and different prices to suit everyone. Some will be fifty years old or less - some a hundred years old or more. All our straight razors come pre honed, cleaned, sterilized and are always sold shave ready! We try to offer really nice, clean and excellent shavers! All our vintage razors go through a thorough inspection. We guarantee all our razors to be honed, shave ready and manually inspected. In addition to be great shavers these straight razors also make a nice collectable for your straight razor or shaving items collection."

straight razor black

If you've got an old straight razor that needs to be restored, Madaspen can do that as well:

"Tired of those old plastic, bakelite or celluloid straight razor handles? Are the original scales damaged or destroyed? Want or need to restore your scales or razor blade? Love to have nice looking wooden or acrylic custom made razor scales. Does the blade need some work? Look no further. We custom make wooden aand acrylic scales for your beloved and cherished straight razor with a choice of different exotic wood and acrylics."

Some of you may know the proprietor of Madaspen from the Straight Razor Place forums - he goes by the name Maximilian - and he's been sharing his passion for shaving and straight razors for over 25 years now. It's worth a visit to his site just to check out the gallery of amazing razors he's restored!

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September 17, 2010

iPhone App Lets You Try Out the Shaved Head Look


"Ever wonder what you would look like without hair? ShaveMyHead by HeadBlade® lets you shave anyone's head... right from your phone! Take a picture, then choose from a library of shaved heads at your fingertips. Whether you're thinking about sporting a newly cropped look, or just want to prank mom with a chrome dome, ShaveMyHead is your app!

Perfect for guys who are considering shaving, but want to 'test' the look first. Great tool to show people they look BETTER with a shaved head. Party favorite! Take an 'innocent' photo of a friend and have some fun!"

Download the ShaveMyHead iPhone App from HeadBlade.

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September 16, 2010

Moob Jobs and Male Makeup

Salon has a great piece from Steve Almond about the rise in sales for male vanity products, from men's breast reduction surgery to male grooming products:

Moob jobs are selling like hotcakes. According to one Ontario-based plastic surgeon, "I went from doing one to two a year to last year between 200 and 300 cases. My colleagues are seeing the same thing. It's one of the most rapidly increasing areas of surgery for men."

Is Dandyism the new macho? Read the rest: Is Don Draper to blame for the male makeup boom?

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September 15, 2010

Hair Portraits of the Presidents


From the NY Times:

"By the mid-19th century, beards returned after a long absence. Virile-looking and practical on the battlefield, beards were suited to the Civil War; Grant kept his when he entered the White House. The safety razor's invention around 1900 marked the beginning of the end for presidential facial hair. For the last 100 years, there have been very few stylistic developments of note; the most significant change of late comes with our current commander in chief, whose hair has brought welcome diversity to the presidential scalp."

See the Heads of State: Hair-Portraits of the presidents.

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September 14, 2010

The Shaving CoverPop


Check out the interactive version of this CoverPop: Shaving

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September 13, 2010

Absolutely Ridiculous Moustaches You Must Grow

moustachelady.jpgFrom Guyism:

"We all have lofty goals: find a job we love, make a lot of money doing that job we love, start a family, retire early, so on, and so on. But let's face it... There are not too many things that are more satisfying to a guy than growing out an absolutely ridiculous mustache.

See them all: 11 ridiculous mustaches every guy should sport

Image: makelessnoise at Flickr

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Hot Deals on Shaving Gear 9.13.10

campshave.jpgBetween 'Back to School' expenses and recovering our finances from our vacations, who couldn't use a great deal, especially on stuff you use every day, such as shaving gear?

The Gillette Fusion Proglide Power Razor, regularly $11.99, is now only $8.99, a 24% savings. And you can pick up some Gillette Fusion Proglide Power Cartridges, an 8-count package, for only $27.95, down 15% from the usual $32.99. Fancy a ProGlide Power combo pack? It's only $15.93, a 16% savings.

Grab a smokin' deal on the Schick Hydro 5 Blade Razor. Usually sold for $9.99, it's now just $1.62! That's a savings of 84%!

Use a Philips Bodygroom for your manscaping needs? Pick up a Philips Norelco Bodygroom Replacement Trimmer/Shaver Foil for only $9.24, regularly $24 (that's 62% off!).

For the electric shaving enthusiast, grab the Panasonic ES8243A Arc IV Nano Men's Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaver at 44% off the regular price of $199.99. It's now only $111.79.

Interested in old-school shaving? Pick up a Merkur Model 178 Classic Safety Razor for just $35, down from the usual price of $48.50 - a savings of 28%!

Image: Nationaal Archief at FLickr

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September 10, 2010

A Passion for Beards

A Passion For Beards

This graphic courtesy of:

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September 9, 2010

Young Men in UK Outspend Women for Beauty Products

bobbypic.jpgIn an interesting turn of events, young men in England are spending more for their beauty products each week than their female peers.

"The young British male's weekly spend on looking good has now overtaken that of the fairer sex, according to a survey carried out by sports nutrition company, Multipower. A cross-section of the country's 18 to 35 year olds were questioned about their health, fitness and beauty regimes, and it emerged that on average, men are now spending £11.72 per week on grooming products compared to their female counterparts who spend exactly one pound less."

Read the rest and see the survey: Young men spend more on beauty products
than women

Image: Steve Punter at Flickr

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September 8, 2010

The Edge Anti-Irritation Zone


"Visit the Edge® Anti-Irritation Zone to get relief from life's daily irritations. Featuring comedian John Caparulo. There's also $500 up for grabs each week, plus a chance to win a trip to Vegas with your buddies. Relief starts now."
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September 7, 2010

The Shaving Cycle



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September 6, 2010

How Moustaches Grow

From Fake Science:


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September 3, 2010

RazorsDirect Razor Donation Program Helps Less Fortunate

One_for_one.jpgSince the beginning of 2010, has been growing their highly successful "One-for-One Pledge" razor donation program. In turn, they have helped hundreds of underprivileged people obtain the clean, smooth shave that they so greatly deserve.

The "One-for-One Pledge" program by donates one disposable razor to a local charity group or non-profit for every order the company receives through its online store.

"People often forget that there is a large need for grooming products--especially razors--at places like homeless shelters, clinics, and halfway houses. We receive letters of gratitude from our donation locations all the time, telling us powerful stories of hope--the huge difference our razors have made in the lives of their residents.

"It doesn't sound like much, but a clean shave can make a very large impact. A shaved face and smoothly shaved legs present a more sophisticated and qualified job applicant to employers; it also allows the confidence within that applicant to shine--companies see that and are more willing to hire that person."

For more info: RazorsDirect

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September 2, 2010

Casting Call for the Unkempt Male


"Know a guy who is clueless when it comes to his hair...or are you one? Does your Dad have a comb over that he thinks looks natural, but is definitely not fooling anyone? Maybe your co-worker wears a toupee that is a different color than his normal hair, or is constantly out of place on his head. Is your husband's moustache outdated and you're ready for him to change it (or even get rid of it)? If there's a guy in your life who has a "do" that's really a "don't"...we're a national TV show and we want to hear about it! Please include your name, age, phone number and a recent photo."

Details at Reality Wanted

Image: schmilblick at Flickr

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September 1, 2010

Don't Get Waxed, Get Sugared!

sugared.jpgThere's a trend toward manscaping these days, with a lot of men looking into how they can remove the hair from their back and chest, most often through waxing. But waxing isn't the only option.

There's sugaring.

"it's reportedly been around since ancient Egyptian times, when women removed hair to look virginal. The paste is made from sugar, water and lemon and is rolled into a ball, which the technician (a.k.a. sugarer) rolls over the area where the hair is to be removed and flips it up sharply to remove the hair.

So why sugar instead of wax? I'll tell you why. For starters, it's much less painful than waxing."

Read the rest of the article: The Newest Oldest Form of Hair Removal

Image: kaibara87 at Flickr

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