October 29, 2010

New Survey says British Women Prefer Facial Hair on a Man

goatstubble.jpgFrom My Celebrity Fashion (who knew?) comes a new survey about women's attitudes toward facial hair on men:

"With the start of the famous Movember charity moustache month approaching, we thought it would be interesting to look into how women really feel about facial hair on men. Despite it being somewhat of a rumour that women aren't a fan of overly hairy men; our results proved quite the opposite, with the majority of women preferring both facial and bodily hair on a man, to a man with a smoother image.

This can probably be explained by going back to instinct, above all. Men with more testosterone were more likely to succeed as hunter/gatherers, and were as a result rather hairy. Luckily for hairy blokes, the likes of Beckham and Johnny Depp have made facial hair more than fashionable in recent years; so all men can don that tache with pride!"

According to the press release, in the sample of 1,832 women aged 18 and over:

  • 76% said that they found a man with facial hair more masculine
  • 54% stated that they preferred a man with facial hair
  • 32% said they preferred a clean shaven look
  • 51% preferred a hairy chest to smooth pecs
  • 63% favored all-over stubble on a man
  • 12% preferred a beard
  • 19% admitted that they preferred a moustache
  • 6% favored goatees

I dunno. What do you think?

Image: zieak at Flickr

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October 28, 2010

One Day Only: Pick Up Anything from Anthony's Top Ten for only $10

anthonysale.pngAnthony Logistics for Men is having a one day blowout on their top ten bestselling products - anything in that list is only $10. That's right, ten bucks.

And it's only for today, October 28, 2010, until 12 midnight PST.

So if you've been waiting for the right time to try Anthony for Men's products, that time might be now.

Check out the sale here: Anthony for Men bestsellers

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October 28, 2010

Facial Furniture for Every Occasion


"The beard - it is a wonder of nature, a simultaneously beautiful and ugly thing that tells the story behind the face. There are sexy beards and lazy beards, beards for the dignified and beards for the disgraced - facial furniture for every emotion and occasion.

And the men of the silver screen are no exception. Over the course of cinematic history, the leading man and his facial hair have evolved - rich and varied styles of beard in which we can immerse ourselves as easily as the movies themselves."

Check out the full article, plus pics: The Beard Truly Maketh The Man

Image: Ayleen Gaspar at Flickr

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October 27, 2010

The Rallying Power of Facial Hair


"Years from now, when the relief pitcher Brian Wilson looks back at the magical World Series run of the 2010 San Francisco Giants, he may rub his cheeks and wonder: "What in name of Zeus was I thinking?"

Mr. Wilson has captivated the country with his gutsy performances in pressurized moments during these baseball playoffs. He has earned one win, five saves and punched the Giants' unlikely Series ticket with a dazzling strikeout of Phillies slugger Ryan Howard on Saturday night.

But all anyone wants to talk about is The Beard."

Read the full article: Baseball Takes a Back Seat to The Beard

Image: kevindooley at Flickr

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October 26, 2010

Winter Warmth for the Shaved Face

beardling.jpgWe've previously covered a few other products to keep your face warm in the winter when you're not growing a beard, such as the Beard Head and the pre-made beard, but there's another contender: The Beardling.

"Beardlings! There are many uses for these wonderful crocheted hats; they are great for Halloween night, costume parties, skiing and snowboarding, or just riding your bike when it's cold outside!"

Check them out on caitypa's Etsy store. Lots of colors and variations.

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October 25, 2010

Bald is Hot, They Say.

Thinking of taking the plunge and shaving the rest of your head? From the Wall Street Journal:

"Bald is hot. Jason Statham, Guy Ritchie's burly leading man, is shorn. So are Bruce Willis, surfer god Kelly Slater and famous footballer Thierry Henry. Contrary to the ego-shrinking stereotype of baldness, the minimalist look gives these gents mettle.

A man's shaved head--whether it's to-the-skin or with slight stubble--can suggest a sigh-inspiring combination of intellectual depth and machismo."

Read the rest of the article here: The Shorn Identity

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October 22, 2010

Try on the Mo' before Movember with Mustache App

mustacheapp.jpgSo you're curious what your mouth would look like with a moustache before you commit to growing one for Movember? Well, (wait for it...) there's an app for that.

"Mustaches are a symbol of power and virility, who wouldn't want to grow one! Sadly, not everyone one can. But using the advanced technology of the iPhone even the follicly challenged can sport a stylish 'stache. Now, you too can feel the power that Salvador Dali, Friedrich Nietzsche and Mark Spitz felt.

Simply choose which mustache fits your current mood and hold the device up to your lips. Then speak normally and the on-screen mouth will calibrate with your voice! Everyone around you will be astounded by how regal you appear."

Check out Mustache at iTunes: Mustache, By Probably Interactive

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Who's got the Best Beard in Sports History?


"On Sunday, Charlie Casserly of CBS Sports reported that Tom Brady and Randy Moss got into an argument over their respective appearances. According to Casserly, Brady suggested Moss cut his beard to look more professional and Moss responded by telling Brady his long hair made him look like a girl. SI has already covered the best hair in sports history, but in tribute to Moss, here are the best beards in sports history."

Check it out: Best Beards in Sports History

Image: John P. at Flickr

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October 20, 2010

Join Me on Team Soul Patch for #Movember

I've never grown a moustache. I'm not really sure why, but it never seemed like the thing to do among the people I hang out with. I've had full beards, trimmed beards, goatees, and a soul patch (which has lengthened into more of a chin strip as the years go by). But never a moustache. Until now.

I've signed up for Movember, pledging to grow a 'mo for charity during the month of November. It's a great cause - prostate cancer and men's health, which is really overshadowed in the media by breast cancer, it seems.

movembershield.jpgWe don't have an official Shaving Stuff team, but I went ahead and registered, and because I had to pick a name, Team Soul Patch was the most creative thing I could come up with on the spot. And now I'm looking for more team members!

So guys, if you've ever known anyone with prostate cancer (probably all of us), or you've never been involved in a charity event, or if you've always wanted to try wearing a moustache, here's your chance!

And I'm not offended if you don't want to be on my team - heck, start your own team, or register as an individual if you like. But do something.

What can you do?

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Remington Facebook App Lets Your Friends Help Your Style

remingtonapp.jpgRemington has a Facebook app called "Get Ready" that lets you try on different body grooming and hair style trends and create a panel of your Facebook friends to say yay or nay to your potential new look.

I'm not sure if I'd open up my grooming or style to feedback from my Facebook friends, but I'm guessing that plenty of people will take a break from Farmville long enough to use Get Ready...

What do you think?

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October 19, 2010

Facial Hair in Alaskan Politics

joe-miller-scott-mcadams.jpgMother Jones gives us the skinny on the Alaskan facial hair face-off, an opportunity to (finally) see a beard in the Senate:

"The facial-hairiest race of them all is in Alaska, where tea partier (and GOP nominee) Joe Miller is locked in a three-way race with incumbent Republican Lisa Murkowski, who's running a write-in campaign, and Sitka mayor Scott McAdams, the Democratic nominee. If elected, Miller would be the only US Senator with a beard. (Miller's beard would also become the only senatorial beard with its own Twitter account.) McAdams, who sports a mustache, would join North Dakota GOP candidate John Hoeven (who's favored to win) as the only mustachioed senators."

Check out the rest of the article: Beard v. 'Stache: The Real Alaska Senate Face-Off

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October 18, 2010

Review of Wrath Shaving Gel from Red Devil Grooming

wrathshavinggel.JPGI'm a natural kind of guy, favoring the shaving products made with all-natural and gentle ingredients over the highly scented ones with lots of unpronounceable chemicals listed on the label. And there's some good ones out there, both foaming and gels. Here's a look at one that was new to me until last month: Red Devil Grooming Wrath Shaving Gel.

"Wrath Shaving Gel will help you take out the anger on your beard and leave your face feeling smooth and relaxed. Made from 94% organic content, this gel is non-foaming, certified vegan, and will give you a clean shave."

I received a small sample of Wrath shaving gel from Red Devil, and was pleased to know that it's sulfate-free, paraben-free, not tested on animals, and has no synthetic fragrances. I gave it a go in my usual shaving setting - after a hot shower, using my Merkur safety razor with a fresh blade.

Wrath Shaving Gel is virtually scent-free, and goes on very easily (though if you're used to a foam and not a gel, it takes some adjustment). It doesn't take much of the gel to coat my face, so I can tell this bottle will last me a while.

It's slippery as all get-out, so my razor slid right over my face with ease, and I got a great close shave on the first pass. As I usually do when I have the time, I did a second pass, and man, was it a slick experience... Not a whisker to be found afterward.

Having a great shave with no greasy or scented residue on my face is always preferred, and Wrath shaving gel came through there as well, rinsing quickly and cleanly.

I tend to prefer shaving foams, but I really enjoyed using this all-natural shaving gel from Red Devil Grooming, and at 8 ounces for just under ten bucks, it's also a really great deal.

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Movember Inspiration: The Glorius Mustache Challenge

Here's a little moustache inspiration, just in time for Movember: The Glorius Mustache Challenge.

Check out the Glorius Mustache Challenge.

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October 15, 2010

Get Ready, It's Almost Movember

And here you thought that the next thing to look forward to is choosing your Halloween costume...

"The Mo, slang for moustache, and November come together each year for Movember. Movember challenges men to change their appearance and the face of men's health by growing a moustache. The rules are simple, start Movember 1st clean-shaven and then grow a moustache for the entire month. The moustache becomes the ribbon for men's health, the means by which awareness and funds are raised for cancers that affect men. Much like the commitment to run or walk for charity, the men of Movember commit to growing a moustache for 30 days. The idea for Movember was sparked in 2003 over a few beers in Melbourne, Australia. The plan was simple - to bring the moustache back as a bit of a joke and do something for men's health. No money was raised in 2003, but the guys behind the Mo realized the potential a moustache had in generating conversations about men's health. Inspired by the women around them and all they had done for breast cancer, the Mo Bros set themselves on a course to create a global men's health movement.

In 2004 the campaign evolved and focused on raising awareness and funds for the number one cancer affecting men - prostate cancer. 432 Mo Bros joined the movement that year, raising $55,000 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia - representing the single largest donation they had ever received.

The Movember moustache has continued to grow year after year, expanding to the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Spain, South Africa, the Netherlands and Finland.

In 2009, global participation of Mo Bros and Mo Sistas climbed to 255,755, with over one million donors raising $42 Million US equivalent dollars for Movember's global beneficiary partners."

Are you in? Register here: Movember

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History of the Beard (video)

Zupi - History Of Beard from MOVIE&ART on Vimeo.

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Stop Motion Beard Film

A Beard Film (stop-motion) from Ian Robertson on Vimeo.

Via Build a Beard

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October 12, 2010

Sacha Harding Named Britain's Manliest Man

Sacha Harding Product 2.JPGBedford Blues flanker Sacha Harding has been crowned Britain's manliest man after narrowly beating rival Chris Brain in the public vote.

The rugby star polled more than 140,000 votes to win the nationwide competition and a one-year modelling contract to become the new face of The Bluebeards Revenge.

In August, the shaving brand carried out a survey to find what famous people's features were judged most manly before launching an appeal with the Daily Express to find men who matched the criteria.

The composite masculine man was a combination of George Clooney's hair, Scottish actor Gerard Butler's eyes, Hollywood star Brad Pitt's nose, British actor Jason Statham's mouth and James Bond-actor Daniel Craig's body. We dubbed this man 'Bradiel Buthney'.

Hundreds applied but, after much deliberation, eight ruggedly handsome suitors were shortlisted in Britain's biggest masculinity manhunt. And it was Sacha who came out on top of this masculine pile.

Paul Hunter, Elliot Stevens, Ken Townsend, Oliver Gwyn-Jones, Simon Thorne and Craig Stevenson were the other six finalists.

Tom Truman, spokesperson for The Bluebeards Revenge, said: "The Bluebeards Revenge is the most masculine shaving cream on the market for men with heavy stubble, and so we set out to find the British man out there who was separated at birth with the world's most manly fantasy man, 'Bradiel Buthney'.

"These eight rugged chaps were all worthy winners, but it was Sacha who secured the most public votes. We would like to thank all eight guys for their enthusiasm, hard work, commitment and manliness. They have all been a pleasure to work with and will always be considered part of the Bluebeards family"

Sacha took his campaign to become Britain's manliest man to BBC TV, BBC Radio, the Rugby Times and the Bedfordshire on Sunday newspaper as he looked to secure those all important votes.

The 27-year-old will now take part in photoshoots and TV ads; he will also shave in a host of extreme masculine locations, including a lion's den and while skydiving.

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October 11, 2010

Are We Ready for a President with a Moustache?


"The United States has not had a president with facial hair since a clean-shaven Woodrow Wilson won the election of 1912 and replaced the mustachioed William Howard Taft. Enter former United Nations ambassador John Bolton, who hinted he may run for office in 2012. Is America ready for its first hairy-lipped commander in chief in a century?"

Read the rest: Read My Furry Lip

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October 8, 2010

Fewer Blades Is More Manly


"I am a man. I use a two-blade razor.

This might surprise you. I have means, so why don't I use the latest five-blade-vibrating-titanium tool? Any razor good enough for Tiger Woods Derek Jeeter should be good enough for me, right?

Advanced technology doesn't always make a product better. Think of your universal remote control; it has half a dozen buttons you've probably never pushed and, if it's like mine, changing the channel is a complicated affair."

Read the rest of the article: Shaving: Fewer Blades Is More Manly

Image: Okko Pyykkö at Flickr

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October 7, 2010

Rate Photos of European Beard And Moustache Championship In Austria

The European Beard And Moustache Championship, held in the Austrian Alps last weekend, brought facial hair competitors from 8 countries:

"The event drew about 150 participants to the town of Leogang, not far from Salzburg. According to MSNBC, men competed in 17 eccentric categories, including "Freestyle Beard," "Natural Moustache" and "Verdi," with the winner of the latter category bearing a style akin to the famous 19th century Italian composer Giuseppi Verdi."

Head over to Huffington Post to vote on your favorites.

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October 6, 2010

Gillette's Twitter Twins Gauge Beard Approval

gillettetwins.jpgGillette is using identical twins, one with whiskers and one without, to find out how people feel about facial hair:

"The campaign from Gillette features identical twins Dean and George Georgiades, one of whom is clean shaven while the other has a beard. It sets them task to see which the general public prefers.

The experiment will be documented and shown online, mainly via Twitter through Gillette's profile. The twins will tackle challenges such as discovering whether shop assistants are more helpful to the bearded or not, and a pasta-eating competition."

The results depend on which twin has the most followers on Twitter: either @georgiogeo or @dino_geo.

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October 5, 2010

Schick Studies Scholarly Stubble


"Scholastic scruff may be on the rise at major American colleges and universities, at least according to new research from the makers of Schick Hydro® razors and Sperling's Best Places. According to the findings, Rutgers University (No. 60; 29.1% clean shaven), Harvard University (No. 59; 29.5% clean shaven), the University of South Florida (No. 58, 36.5% clean shaven), Georgetown University (No. 57, 37.5% clean shaven), and American University (No. 56; 41.5% clean shaven), are the hairiest colleges in the country.

What's more, the survey points to a hairy trend that may be impacting a growing number of schools, as nearly one in six student bodies observed beard rates of 50 percent or greater."

Check out the full results: State of Scruff Uncovered in First Annual Schick Hydro Hairiest Colleges Study

Image: CarbonNYC at Flickr

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October 4, 2010

Gillette's 34 Cent Razor: Only in India

gilletteguard.jpgWaiting for the $ .34 razor?

You'll have to go to India (or invest in a safety razor):

From the Consumerist:

"While here in the States -- and in many parts of the world -- Gillette is known for pricier devices like its Fusion ProGlide razors that will cost you upwards of $10-11 just for the handle and one blade (and replacement blades costing $2-3 each), the company is attempting to go the opposite route in India, where it is now selling a razor that costs the equivalent of $.34, with replacement blades going for only $.11 each.

Procter & Gamble, Gillette's parent company, says they first figured out what the customers in India were willing to pay for a razor and then aimed to give them the best razor they could get for that price."

Read the full scoop at the Wall Street Journal.

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October 1, 2010

Celebrity Facial Hair: Do They Look Better With or Without It?

celebrityhair.jpgSometimes I give a hearty thanks that I'm not a celebrity - otherwise, my facial hair might be fodder for blog posts, slideshows, and second-guessing by fans and critics.

At CBS New York:

"Celebrity guys are always switching up their facial hair - so who looks great with a bit of scruff and who needs to shave it off?"

Check out the full article: Facial Hair: Better With or Without?

Image: david_shankbone at Flickr

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