April 28, 2011

The Worth of Brian Wilson's Beard


"Brian Wilson, with all due to respect to Tim Lincecum, is the face of the Giants.

And the face of Brian Wilson is, um, his face.

Or, more specifically, his beard is his face, which has become a symbol of all things warlock-y within the Giants organization, as well as a World-Series-winning team that took the country by storm with their collective wackiness.

It's not just in a literal sense either, because Wilson's beard is probably one of the more valuable things in the entire Giants organization. It sells merchandise, it galvanizes fans, it's the basis for commercials and it brings the team attention.

But how much is Wilson's beard actually worth?"

Find out here: How Much Is Brian Wilson's Beard Worth?
Image: btwashburn at Flickr

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April 25, 2011

Restoring a Vintage Straight Razor


"While newly made blades are available from companies like Dovo and Muhle, finding a vintage straight razor is not only more economical, but can often prove to pack more punch for the time and money you invest into it. Like anything made in the 19th and early 20th centuries, vintage straight razors can be found in very high grades of steel from classic old world cutlery empires such as England, Sweden, and Germany. However, you may be asking yourself, where do you find such a razor?

The first place to look could be closer than you think."

Read the full article: How to Buy and Restore Vintage Straight Razors

Image: AFresh1 at Flickr

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April 25, 2011

Bearding is a Sport: Whisker Wars

Coming soon from the IFC: Whisker Wars

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April 20, 2011

Enforced Facial Hair for Charity: Brothers of the Brush


"The mayor and Coshocton County Commissioners have decreed all adult men in Coshocton County need to grow facial hair in support of the Coshocton bicentennial event. Sideburns, beards, mustaches, goatees, any sort of hair is fair game.

Those who don't want to participate can buy a permit to be clean shaven for $5. They'll be given a token to carry that indicates they've paid. If they can't produce it, they'll have to pay again. Mercer said the proceeds from the fines will go to area food pantries.

Enforcement will begin during First Friday events on May 6. A "police" force known as Keystone Cops will patrol downtown looking for men who are lacking facial hair."

Read the rest of the article: County men invited to join Brothers of the Brush

Image: SPDP at Flickr

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April 20, 2011

Conan's Beard Threatened by Will Ferrell

Ferrell says, "You're going to feel the sting of my blade on May 2. The razor sleeps for NO ONE!"

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April 18, 2011

Full Body Shaving: It's the Curling, Dummy

Yup. It's a Bic Flex 3 ad, so don't look for tryouts anytime soon...

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Price for Shaving Richard Branson's Legs: $600,000


"Billionaire Richard Branson's next cutting-edge risk will expose him like never before: he will have his legs shaved in public and dress up as a female flight attendant after losing a bet to a rival airline chief.

The winner of a charity auction will pay at least $616,757 for the honour, according to Malaysian budget carrier AirAsia.

The Virgin Atlantic founder will hand the razor to one of 160 passengers on a special charity flight from London to Kuala Lumpur on which he will serve on May 1 while wearing a female attendant's uniform."

Read the rest of the article: $600,000 to shave Richard Branson's legs

I wonder what razor they're using? Could be a great PR opportunity for a razor company...

Image: D@LY3D at Flickr

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April 15, 2011

A Roomba for Your Face

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Enter to Win the Schick 'Have a Blast' Campaign

schickhydroblast.JPGSchick Hydro® Blast is kicking off their "Have a Blast" campaign, with chances to win free travel gear, vacation trips, and other exclusive prizes, ranging from iPads to digital cameras.

Enter to win on the Schick Hydro Facebook page. Daily prizes will be awarded on the site from April 4th through July 1st, and a grand prize trip will be awarded in September.

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April 14, 2011

A Sweet, Heady and Herbaceous Moustache Wax

foadwax.pngDoes your moustache wax come up short? Then you'll want to check out Foad Wax, from moustachioed film and TV make up artist Patt Foad:

"After much trial and error on myself, and on supporting actors in Film and TV productions, the majority of moustache waxes on offer left me wanting. I needed a grooming product that the everyday moustache fancier would appreciate, but also one that would uphold the high standards demanded for Film and TV.

I believe that versatility is the key to a good moustache wax. Firm yet yielding, stiff yet malleable with staying power! Innuendos aside, these are very important qualities in a facial hair grooming product. Qualities that I feel FOAD WAX delivers with gusto!

FOAD WAX is home made, sports a warm honey colour due to the naturally occurring pollen and Propolis in the pure English Beeswax, but dries and sets clear. After the facial hair has been dressed or tonged to the desired effect, enjoy your new face decoration and wear it with pride, whilst enjoying the scent of sweet, heady and herbaceous essential oils."

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Dude No. 1: A Scented Beard Oil

dudeno1.jpgDoes cologne scare you off? Consider a "Beard Oil".

Dude No. 1 All Natural Beard Oil:

"Fresh, spicy, and woody, this fragrance is the new classic manly scent that will make you want to get close. With Virginia cedarwood, green coriander and pink peppercorn. This formula is 100% natural and uses only essential oils, organic hemp seed oil and American jojoba oil.

Because your man deserves the safest ingredients to scent his delicate face."

Hat tip to NYT Magazine

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April 11, 2011

Twizzle Up Your 'Stache


"Moustache wax is a must for any 'stached (or would be heavily 'stached) Gentleman to keep your moustache in shape, and will perhaps even lead to some more adventurous styling. Furthermore, for those with more prolific moustache growth, using moustache wax to train your 'stache horizontally and hence prevent the hair from growing into your mouth."

Read more about it at Ape to Gentleman: Mr Natty Twizzle Moustache Wax

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"It's probably not considered "normal" for men talk about exfoliating their faces over a pint of beer at their local bar but that doesn't mean it's not important. As men age their skin will start to play some cruel tricks on them that they are not always ready for - it will start to sag, wrinkle and will generally leave them looking a lot older than they might feel. It's a good thing that men have recently become more conscious about their skin and have started to follow the women's lead in adopting a daily sign care regime. One popular method of making the skin look younger and fresher is exfoliation."

Read the rest at King of Shaves: Exfoliating - It's Not Just For Chicks!

Image: robstephaustralia at Flickr

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April 8, 2011

Win a 3 Year Supply of Pacific Shaving Cream

pacshavingcan.JPGOne of my favorite shaving creams is the Pacific Shaving Company's All Natural Shaving Cream, and right now, you can enter to win a massive, 3 year supply of it!

"Be the talk of everyone who enters your bathroom when you win this one-quart paint can (yes, paint can!) full of Pacific Shaving Company's All Natural Shaving Cream. We've never offered this before, but it looks to be about a three-year supply. Trust us. It's a lot of product.

Made from natural and organic ingredients -- a $90 value.

BONUS: If you get a friend to enter the sweepstakes and you're the winner, we'll send a second quart to the friend/entrant of your choice"

Enter to win on Pacific Shaving Company's Facebook page, through April 19, 2011.

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April 7, 2011

Whiskey Jelly and Face Bombs

whiskeyjelly.JPGWith all of the hoo-haw around the advertising of big name shaving brands, it's easy to miss the little guys in shaving products. But I just came across a great little company called Portland General Store, and their line includes shaving accessories like "Whiskey Wet Shave Jelly", "Tobacco Natural Aftershave Splash", and "Face Bombs".

No, you can't drink or smoke or attack anyone with them, but if you're looking for some manly natural shaving and grooming products, I think you'll like these.

"Whiskey old-fashioned wet shave jelly: Enriched with aloe vera, fruit extracts, and oils to soothe and calm the skin while shaving. Lightly scented with our very popular Whiskey scent, this is truly a luxurious yet masculine jelly.

It is not a scent for every man - this is a powerfully masculine scent that if a young Marlon Brando were to wear a Portland General Store scent, it would be this one. Elegance, strength, and charisma describe the fragrance of this shaving jelly. A deep woodsy and amber fragrance with a surprising hint of spice and floral complexity that reveals itself over the hours. The result is a masculine scent with the magnetism of a Hollywood star."

Feel intrigued? Portland General Store products are affordably priced and uniquely packaged, and can be found at Etsy or their own website.

And if you thought we were really talking about whiskey jelly, we're sorry. You'll have to make your own. But if you need any taste testers for it, sign us up!

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April 6, 2011

Players with the Best Facial Hair in the History of MLB


"A man's facial hair can be his calling card. It is a statement of his personality and an extension of the image he wishes to project.

In baseball, Rollie Fingers is remembered not just for his pitching, but also for his throwback-style moustache which stood out in a crowd.

Other players have taken their hacks at the best facial hair in baseball. The "best" of the bunch may have been chosen a variety of reason like neatness, sharp style, iconic qualities or even outlandishness. Some are not pretty, but all are interesting and memorable."

See all 25 picks at the Bleacher Report: Rollie Fingers and the 25 Players with the Best Facial Hair in MLB History

Image: Rubenstein at Flickr

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April 5, 2011

Guide to Straight Razor Shaving

Have you ever been drawn to try shaving with a straight razor? If so, you'll quickly realize that it isn't like any other kind of shaving experience, and you might have to work at it a bit to really get the hang of it. Check out this guide to straight razor shaving:

"The old-world, masculine charm of the straight razor shave is undeniable. Not since the days of Al Capone or the Old West have high end men's grooming salons and products been so in demand as they are now, thanks to vast improvements in the technology, service and availability of the classic shave. But straight razor shaving still remains an art, and in most cases should be left to well-trained professionals; however, for those interested, this little practicum will provide you the basics to properly care for your face and skin before, during, and after so you can enjoy the pleasures of the gentlemanly shave."

Read the full article: Guide to Classic Straight Shaving

Image: Jake Sutton at Flickr

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April 4, 2011

The Interactive Beard of Brian Wilson

Get the inside scoop on San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson's beard with an interactive tour through his whiskers.

"A lot of people ask, "Can I touch that beard?"

Nope. You cannot."

But you can discover hobos, Bigfoot, and ninjas in the thicket of awesomeness...

Brian Wilson's beard at Always Epic MLB

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April 1, 2011

Shaving Stuff Monthly Wrapup for March 2011


Blogs and Websites

General News




Old School Shaving

Pubic Shaving

Regular Shaving


Shaving Accessories

Shaving Creams & Gels

Shaving Gifts

Straight Razors


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A Fantastic Straight Razor from Recluse


Part of the allure of straight razor shaving is the appreciation of a tool which is not only functional, but beautiful as well. Check out this project:

"Boston's own Recluse, more known for their work in the bicycle world, moves into new territory with their metalsmith work. This straight razor is a helluva way to get things going. Dana DiPlacido is the designer. He's currently still at Mass College of Art working towards a BFA in jewelry and metalsmith."

More pictures at Selectism: Recluse Straight Razor

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