July 29, 2011

Why do the Amish Wear Beards with No Moustaches?

File this under "Things I didn't know I didn't know."

"Today I found out why Amish men grow beards but not mustaches.

While mustaches are not allowed, beards are practically a requirement among the Amish due to beards being common among men in the Bible."

Find out more: Why Amish Men Grow Beards But Not Mustaches

Image: badoir at Flickr

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July 28, 2011

Where Women Love Man Hair: The Buzz on Fuzz


From The Stir:

"Up until pornography and glossy magazines started waxing and shaving our men (and women of course), society seemed to like hair. But now, not so much. A poll showed that mature women prefer hairy men, but younger women like less hair. Do women under 45 like man hair too? I conducted my own informal survey to find out the buzz on his fuzz.

Check it out here: The One Neanderthal Quality We Actually Want Guys to Have

Image: marc falardeau at Flickr

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July 27, 2011

Utahns: Share Your Facial Hair Pics

yourbestbeardpics.jpgIf you live in Utah and you're sporting some fine facial hair, then you may want to think about sending your pics in to the Standard-Examiner:

It's the time of year when we honor Utah's pioneer roots -- and if there's one thing our forefathers did well, it's facial hair. These men sported it all, from small soul patches and goatees to fluffy Santa beards.

We think modern Top of Utahns could give the old guys a run for their money -- so we want to see the best beards in Utah today.

Find out more: Send us your best facial hair photos

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July 27, 2011

Facial Hair and Computer Languages


Back in 2004, Tamir Khason wrote an article about the relationship between facial hair and the success of computer languages.

Want to see how those predictions fared? Check out Computer languages and facial hair - take two

Image: dullhunk at Flickr

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July 25, 2011

Your New Look: There's an App for That

If you're getting a little bored with your hairstyle and want a new look, or you're curious how you'd look with different style of facial hair, you're in luck. There's an app for that.

Hair & Beard 1.1 for iOS allows men to see how they would look with a different style of hair and/or beard.

Starting with a photo, either shot live or pre-existing, users can try out: more than 150 of the latest, professional hairstyles; 70+ beards, goatees, or moustaches; the bald or thinning look; and 53 different hair and facial color options.

Pick up Hair and Beard for just $0.99.

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July 21, 2011

The Bluebeards Revenge Adds Expanded Product Range

Dubbed the 'world's manliest shaving brand', The Bluebeards Revenge™ has added a luxury pre-shave oil, post shave balm, affordable shaving brush and a silver technology anti-perspirant deodorant to its range of quality skincare products. The firm has also launched a smaller version of its award winning and beard reducing shaving cream, promising every man "50 great shaves".

"Guaranteed to pamper with attitude, each product in the new range offers seriously great smelling and excellent performing formulations for real men, all packaged in not-so-serious fun and funky and eye-catching and unique packaging." - company spokesperson Nick Gibbens

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King of Shaves Master Barber to Shave Guests at New Duane Reade

For those of you in the NYC area, you might want to swing by the grand opening of Duane Reade's huge new flagship location at 40 Wall Street this Friday, July 22nd from 11am-1pm.

The new location is massive (22,000-square-feet) and open 24-hours, and includes a nail salon, sushi bar, and blowout stations.

King of Shaves master barber, Diane Wood, will be on hand at the event doing live shaves for guests and giving away King of Shaves by Remington razors, gels, and oils!

Duane Reade 40 Wall Street

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July 19, 2011

The Hipster Advantage

From AskMen:

"The whole hipster look -- and the look is about 90% of what a hipster is -- strikes us as a costume, a distraction from the truth that there is no deeper truth. A zebra acting like it's not a horse. Wyatt Earp wearing a handlebar moustache meant "don't f*ck with me, I'm a dangerous gunslinger." The silliness of the facial hair was counterweighted by the gravity of the dude. If Iggy Pop wants to wear skintight jeans, well, the man's earned it. When hipsters appropriate these bits of culture's past, it seems somehow goofy and cynical. We don't like it.

But a Better Man has to admit a good thing when he sees it, and hipsters sure know how to hang out and have a good time on the cheap -- this is mostly what they do, after all. We can get down with that, especially in times like this, when money's tight."

Read the rest: In Praise Of The Hipster

Image: Lorena Cupcake at Flickr

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July 18, 2011

BRUT Launches News Network

brutbnn.jpgBRUT has just launched the BRUT News Network (BNN), their own news network featuring original video content which is said to be "part sports, part humor".

"The BNN features the latest Internet videos along with commentary on hot topics and discussions that often include the insight of America's #1 sports talk radio host and sports expert, Jim Rome, via frequent cameo appearances. The two BNN hosts, Bob and Ned, who love sports, explosions and people falling down as much as the next guy, grab audience's attention by providing two minute videos of comic relief with episodes featuring topics such as Parkour, extreme sports fails, office pranks, and much more."

Check it out at Facebook.com/BRUT.

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Poetic Gravity: At the Intersection of Literature and Facial Hair

longfellowbeard.JPGYour facial hair read of the day:

"Poets Ranked by Beard Weight is a classic of Edwardian esoterica, a privately printed leaflet offered by subscription to the informed man of fashion and as a divertissement au courant for reading bins and cocktail tables of parlor cars and libraries and smoking lounges of gentlemen's clubs.

Typifying a once-popular, but nowadays seldom-encountered species of turn-of-the-century ephemera, Poets Ranked by Beard Weight has become a rarity much prized by bibliophiles, and one that still stands out as a particular curiosity among the many colorful curiosities of the period. Its author, one Upton Uxbridge Underwood (1881 - 1937), was a deipnosophist, clubman, and literary miscellanist with a special interest in tonsorial subjects."

Read Poets Ranked By Beard Weight at 50 Watts

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July 15, 2011

Handlebar Moustache Ad: Heineken Light

Is the handlebar 'stache on its way back? Thanks to this ad from Heineken, it very well may be:

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July 14, 2011

Vote for Your Favorite Beard for the Whisker Wars Hall of Fame

Yup, Whisker Wars is almost here, and you've got a chance to decide who makes it into the Hall of Fame. From Jerry Garcia to Yosemite Sam, from Moses to Charles Darwin, and from Abraham Lincoln to Fidel Castro, the lineup is ready and waiting for your votes.

Check it out: Whisker Wars Hall of Fame

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Electric Shavers Tested by Consumer Reports


How does a guy know which electric razor to buy? One way to know is to look at the results of testing, such as the recent Consumer Reports electric shaver testing:

"Whether guys go for that rough and scraggy look or the smooth, suave appearance of a debonair actor, keeping up with facial hair can be a chore. Making the task even more complex: The range of electric razors--from cheap $10 models to others that cost more than 20 times as much! To find out which shavers really cut "as smooth as a razor," Consumer Reports uses an interesting item: Sandpaper."

Check it out here: Consumer Reports

Image: photosteve101 at Flickr

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July 13, 2011

Talk to the Beard


Does your facial hair speak for you? Or do you speak for your beard?

[via Austin Town Hall / Ed Booth]

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July 11, 2011

UFC and Edge Shave Gel Partner in Edge of Greatness

The makers of Edge® Shave Gel and the folks at the Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®) just announced a partnership to identify fighters on the "Edge of Greatness" which delivers an opportunity for them to be an official spokesman for Edge Shave Gel. Under the leadership of former two-division UFC champion BJ Penn, four rising UFC stars will compete for the public's endorsement to become the next face of "Team Edge."

This collection of the UFC's most exciting up-and-coming stars will be mentored by Penn as they continue their journeys in the UFC's hallowed Octagon®. Motivated by the chance to earn a year-long Edge sponsorship, the following fighters will compete in the "Edge of Greatness" contest:

  • Phil "Mr. Wonderful" Davis - a Pennsylvania native and Division I NCAA champion wrestler who is quickly climbing the ranks in the 205-pound division. He will fight former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans in the main event of UFC 133 on August 6
  • Chad "Money" Mendes - a two-time All-American wrestler, currently undefeated and going for his second UFC victory in UFC 133 on August 6
  • Michael "Mayday" McDonald - currently the youngest UFC fighter who boasts a 13-1 MMA record and 2-0 record within the UFC
  • Brian "All American" Stann - a former Marine Corps Captain and Silver Star recipient who has won his last three fights, including Fight of the Night honors at UFC 130

"Every fighter has a dream to make it big, and he knows he can get there if he only gets the right edge. I know what it's like to work for a shot at glory, so I'm excited to work with these four guys to help them make it in the UFC as part of 'Team Edge,' and I encourage all UFC fans to go online and vote for who's ready to achieve greatness." - BJ Penn

To help Edge decide who should be the next face of "Team Edge," UFC fans can vote at www.edgeshave.com/UFC. The fighter who receives the most votes will be sponsored by Edge, helping propel him one step closer to the "Edge of Greatness."

Fans can vote up to five times a day, and each time they can be entered to win a weekly prize pack or a trip to an upcoming Las Vegas event to meet Team Edge and see a live UFC showdown.

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Gillette Honors Derek Jeter's 3000th Hit with Crowdsourced Card

Want to personally congratulate Derek Jeter on his latest milestone? Gillette is making it happen:

New York Yankee star Jeter has long been a pitch-man for Gillette, the Boston-based razor-blade brand. So Gillette has decided to pay tribute to Jeter on the occasion of his 3,000th career hit, something Jeter did in a ball game on Saturday. In honor of this grand event, Gillette has placed 15-foot-tall congratulatory card in New York's Grand Central Station.

For today only, Jeter fans can join Gillette in saluting the Yankee star. Thanks to Gillette's use of social media, fans can submit a tweet using the hashtag #GilletteJeterCard or they can post a message to Gillette's Facebook page.

And if you happen to be in NYC, you can show up Grand Central Station and sign the card yourself.

[via Boston.com]
Image: Rubenstein at Flickr

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July 7, 2011

Hot Deal: Save 77% on the Emjoi RotoShave

rotoshave.JPGRight now, you can pick up the Emjoi RotoShave AP-3RS Rechargeable Electric Razor for just $27.75, a savings of 77% off the regular price of $119.95.

"At the heart of the Rotoshave are nine rotating blades that operate at 30 revolutions per second, which means that your face will be shaved with an amazing 270 strokes per second. No other shaver can match this performance or give you a closer, faster or smoother shave. In addition, the Rotoshave makes shaving safer and more comfortable than ever, with two unique design features: the shaver's patented safety guards protect your skin from each blade stroke, ensuring fewer nicks and cuts than other razors, while its patented Spiral Windings virtually eliminate irritation.

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How Double Edged Razor Blades are Made

Ever wonder just how they make razor blades? This segment from the Science channel explores how blades for safety razors are made.

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July 5, 2011

The Dangers of Shaving and Waxing Pubic Area

It turns out that for some people, shaving or waxing their pubic area could have scary effects: severe scarring and increased infections.

"Shaving and waxing of the pubic area is now the norm, but is leading to severe scarring and infections in young men and women, says a Nelson sexual health practitioner.

Independent Nursing Practice director Annette Milligan said their staff had seen quite a number of young men and women with significant skin problems and susceptibility to infections from shaving, or in some cases waxing, their pubic hair.

Read more: Dangers of a good bikini line

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New Shaving Gel for Cyclists: Leg Lube

leglube.pngAre you a competitive cyclist or triathlete? Or maybe you just like shaving your legs? There's a new shaving product just for you: Leg Lube.

"I've been competing in cycling, running and triathlon events for years and noticed that the majority of participants shaved. When I asked athletes what product they used, the common reply was soap, and most were unhappy with the experience. It became apparent to me that there was an opportunity to create a shave gel that performed at a much higher level." - Austin Baskett, president of Leg Lube.

"We purposely designed LEG LUBE Performance Shave Gel to deliver a better shaving experience than soap or other shave creams. Our ultra-lubricating clear formula allows both men and women to shave in-or-out the shower, and our packaging was designed to dispense the product efficiently, and travel without leaking. Add a fresh, clean scent that appeals to both sexes and you've got a fantastic product that solves every athlete's shaving needs."

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July 1, 2011

Winning Wimbledon by a Beard

andymurray.jpgAccording to Keith Flett, of the Beard Liberation Front, a bearded Andy Murray has a good chance of winning at Wimbledon as long as he keeps his beard:

"Players have beards as lucky charms and don't shave until the end of a tournament or until victory.

"The beard also gives Andy a stronger look, a psychological advantage - there is definitely something to it. Opponents don't like to look over the net and see the beard - it's the face of a warrior. Andy can go all the way if he stays away from his razor."

Read more: Beard 'can propel Murray to title'

Image: Mark Howard Photography at Flickr

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Shaving Stuff Monthly Wrapup for June 2011

dogdays.jpgSonofagun. July already. Half the year has gone by already, and what do we have to show for it? Well, for one thing, we hope you've gotten another six months of quality shaving in... And we still have the dog days of summer to look forward to.

As we look the Fourth of July in the eye, let's don't forget about the past - June was another month full of shaving and grooming articles, some of which you may have missed. Check out the full month's worth of info here:

What's new in Back Shaving

Brand: Baxter

Blogs and Websites for more facial hair fun

Deals on shaving stuff

General News about shaving and grooming

Brand: Gillette

Facial Hair Humor

More on Manscaping

Marvelous Moustaches

Old School Shaving

Brand: Pacific Shaving

Pubic Shaving News

Product Reviews

Brand: Schick

Shaving Accessories

Shaving Creams & Gels

Image: mike@bensalem at Flickr

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