January 8, 2010

Close Shave or Big Miss?

I happened to catch this Barbasol commercial on YouTube, not the TV, so I can't judge it in context with other TV commercials, but it left me just shaking my head.

Give it a watch and tell me what you think:

Is this really going to get you to buy Barbasol? I don't get it. It's got cool 'wide open road' imagery, and semi-trailers, but it's not making me run for the Barbasol.

Are they trying to sell to truck drivers? Or are they selling to the wives?

Leave a comment and explain this to me, please. Maybe I'm dense.

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August 5, 2008

Review of Barbasol Therapeutic Shaving Cream

barbasol_th.jpgFor one day and one day only, we're changing the name of this site from ShavingStuff to ShavingSnob. Look, I've been very fortunate to have shaved with some of the best. Billy and Baxter? They're my buddies. They're on speed dial. I know a lot of people out there don't want to pay a lot for shaving cream, but hey - it's your face. If you're spending more on carwax than your cara, we need to talk.

So I've been shaving with Barbasol Therapeutic Shaving Cream (between $4 and $5) for the last couple weeks, and I'll admit it. I'm a shaving snob. I like the high-end brands, and I think you will too if you give them a shot.

First, let's talk about scent. We've used products with scents that range from coconut to citrus, from sandalwood to soap. This products falls in the soap range, but sadly there's something artificial in the end result. If you're used to soap smelling like detergent, you won't mind. If you've spent the last five year sampling the creme de la creme of the shaving world, you'll be mildly turned off.

The shave with Barbasol Therapeutic Shaving Cream is fine, especially if you have a sharp razor blade. I found that once my blade started to dull after a few uses, the number of nicks and cuts increased. You don't get that extra lubricating protection of a shaving oil or higher-end cream here, so make sure you have a tough face or a sharp blade.

Also, I don't think Barbasol does much to stand your whiskers up straight. The shave I got wasn't the closest, and I always ended up doing the re-apply/double-shave to get to a level I was used to.

I know. I'm a shaving snob. I'm all about the aroma, the experience, the 100% organic free-range conflict-free botanicals. But have you read the ingredient list on some of these drugstore brands? Remember the breakdown of Edge Sensitive Skin?

Chances are you're at this site because you're looking for a better shave. I'm glad you found your way. Your journey is just beginning, grasshopper. Check out our reviews section for some ideas on where to start. Then go forth and shave.

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July 24, 2008

Photo of the Barbasol/Ford Shaving Cream Cans

ford-racing-mustang-challenge.jpgA picture is worth a thousand words. And a unique marketing campaign is worth a thousand impressions.

Figured you might want to see a picture of the Barbasol Ford Shaving Cream Cans which we were talking about last week. Surprisingly, I think it works. The cars use the same black, white, and red of the Barbasol can. Looks like it belongs there.

As odd as this marketing stunt may be, it still doesn't beat my favorite mash-up: trivia questions printed on Pringles potato chips. Hey Schick - put the image of a Quattro on some BBQ-flavored Ruffles and you'll sell a ton.

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July 16, 2008

Ford To Advertise On Cans Of Barbasol Shaving Cream

fordbarbasol.jpgYou heard me right. Those classic barber-pole cans of Barbasol are carving out a 4x3 inch section for advertising, and the Ford Motor Company will have pole position.

With a shelf life of up to 90 days, companies can capitalize on multiple and recurrent impressions to promote their products, services and events. [...] Ford Motor Company is the first company to choose cans of Barbasol, promoting the inaugural season of the Ford Racing Mustang Challenge for the Miller Cup professional racing series. Ford's version of the can features a white Mustang on the front. The cans, which will be on shelves in August 2008

Now it seems to me that it would have been a much better option to advertise on cans of Miller beer, given that this is the Miller Cup. Then again I'm sure there's some legal regulation about advertising on beer, given that you can't advertise for beer on virtually anything, so shaving cream is the next logical choice. Makes perfect sense to me.

Love shaving? And racing? Win a "Free VIP weekend for two, at Miller Motorsports Park, for the Season Finale of the Mustang Challenge for the Miller Cup." Go to for all the details.

Read the full press release at MarketWatch.

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June 18, 2008

Reader Review of Barbasol Ultra Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream and Balm

barbasol_014.jpgShaving Stuff reader Keith recently wrote in with this review of Barbasol Ultra Sensitive Skin shaving cream and balm.

I switched to the Kiss My Face line of shaving lotions a number of years ago after trying a sample because I felt it did as good a job as my current shaving cream and better prevented razor burn. I chanced across this Barbasol shaving cream by accident and necessity and was impressed with how much nicer the shaving experience was. I felt it was both a smoother and more effective shave and haven't had any razor burn issues. It is now my new shaving cream. Oh - and the moisture balm is nice at conditioning the skin without any sting or discomfort which is a nice added bonus. I'd recommend these products to anyone with sensitive skin trying to avoid razor burn while getting a nice close shave.

Nice! Sounds like we've got a winner. You can find Barbasol Ultra Sensitive Skin at most major supermarkets and drugstores, typically for under $5.

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October 22, 2007

Bowling for Barbasol

A month ago we got shipment of Barbasol products in and created a tribute to Andy Warhol. Now we've received a few more of their shaving creams and are continuing to have some fun. I certainly don't mean any disrespect, but with ten cans of shaving cream, ideas start popping into your head other than shaving. Believe me, with Halloween coming up, setting up Bowling for Barbasol was the tamest I'd allow photographed.

So, some things you should know - along with the original line of Barbasol shaving creams, Barbasol now has new Barbasol Ultra, a premium version of their shaving cream. Also, they've got a cute website featuring a boxum Swede (?), a clever commercial, and a few silly takes on those inane Successories for you to create and/or print out.

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September 27, 2007

This Just In - Barbasol

Got a shipment of Barbasol in recently. Set up the cans on a shelf because they looked cool. People keep coming by and saying it reminds them of an Andy Warhol. The funny thing is that the folks over at Barbasol sent a CD of product images we could use. They're really good; professional quality. And here we are displaying their product with a consumer-grade camera against my painted wall. That's art, right? I assume Andy Warhol would be proud.
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