November 28, 2006

The Close Shaves of Kent Waddington

Punk_Shaving_Waddington_Exhibit.jpgAbout four years ago, photographer Kent Waddington started taking pictures of men shaving. Why? You don't ask an artist why. The reasons are not always apparent at the beginning. And now some greater good is coming out of his work.

In early October, a web master ( and university professor in communications in The Netherlands saw Waddington’s work online and approached him to participate in a fundraising site featuring guys shaving - benefits to help Villa Pardoes (, a themed holiday resort for children with life threatening diseases.

(full story here)

The result is the website Close Shave, or the Dutch version Scherende Heren, where you can you can browse over 300 pictures of over 30 men in various states of shave. It's shaving porn. And it's guilt-free! Couple of favs - Henri-Pierre's around-the-neck technique (gotta try that one tomorrow) and this mess from an anonymous shaver (dude, take a deep breath and chill).

Check out for all the photos, and if you're feeling generous, make a donation to the Villa Pardoes charity. Finally, if you're up in the Ontario, Canada area between now and the end of the year, stop by the Barry’s Bay and Area Public Library to see about a dozen of the photographs on display.

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November 22, 2006

shavingCreamCom.gifIn case you haven't come across this site, is another great online retailer of high-quality shaving products. They sell a wide selection of men's shaving brands, with a focus on old-school straight-razor and shaving brush shaving - Truefitt & Hill and Proraso, to name a few. (I have to admit there are several brands here I don't recognize.) The site also has a brick and mortar presence in the non-virtual world, so if you live around Silicon Valley, head on over to S H A V E in Palo Alto, CA.

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November 21, 2006

German Shaving Site -

Attention German-speaking readers - just got word of (The Groomed Man), a German shaving website with high-quality men's grooming products from brands like ZIRH, Nickel, and more. They also run Jack's Grooming Blog with posts on shaving news, men's style issues, and the occasional over-the-top piercing. You may notice some of the posts look familiar. Looks like they've been a fan of ShavingStuff for a while now. Always wanted to know what our site would look like translated into German. Looks... German.

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November 16, 2006

This Just In - Nickel

NickelMorningAfterRescueGel.gifGot a few more products in from our friends over at Details for Men. This time they sent us a couple of items from the world famous Nickel Spa for Men in New York. Now, if you happen to be in New York (or Paris, London, or San Francisco), you can book yourself a little appointment for a facial, pedicure, massage, the works. And if you're not in the area, Nickel products can come to you.

In the shaving category they've got Smooth Operator Shave Gel ($15)

Even tough guys can be sensitive, especially when it comes to their beard and skin. So that shaving is not a nightmare, Nickel has created the first shaving gel for every type of skin and beard.

FireInsuranceAfterShave.gifFollow that up with a little Fire Insurance After Shave ($30)

Razor burn demands fast action. This extra-fresh and light gel instantly calms and soothes your skin with its peroxygenated corn oil.

You know, I've always heard that peroxygenated corn oil is good for putting out fires. And making french fries.

Finally, we got a tube of Morning After Rescue Gel ($40)

Alcohol, tobacco, fatigue...after a night of partying, your face says it all. The Morning After Rescue-Gel is a shock treatment for those mornings when waking up is tough.

I know nothing about what you speak.

To validate their claims, it looks like we'll have to have several late nights of partying. Oh, the things I do in the name of shaving...

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November 8, 2006

The MenScience Blog

MenScienceBlogs. Everybody's got one. Even my sister's blogging now. But shaving blogs are still few and far between. That's why when I find one, I blog about it. Blogs - they're self-perpetuating.

MenScience. You've read our reviews, you've perused their site, now it's time to check out their blog. Updated every few days/weeks with product announcements, shaving facts, and random musings. Add it to your RSS feeds and be pleasantly surprised.

From my favorite entry

There are over 30,000 beard hairs on the face of the average man (the greatest concentration on the chin and upper lip).
Hair grows an average of half a millimeter a day.
Hair grows faster during the day than at night.
The average guy begins to shave regularly when he begins to work regularly.

Yep. That's about when I started shaving regularly too.

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October 18, 2006

Buzzskin Says It's Time To Start Thinking About Gifts

buzzskinLogo.jpgSure, Christmas isn't for another two months, but just think - Christmas is only two month away! Time to get a jump on your gift buying. Wasn't that your resolution after last holiday season?

Buzzskin's got you covered in the shaving world with their Gift Guide. Neatly categorized into Under $25, $25 - $40, and Over $40, there's something for everyone. Me - I hope I get the Baxter Journey Man - Travel Kit or the Jack Black Shave-In-A-Bag. Santa, I've been good. Honest.

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October 11, 2006

Review of Superior Brushes and QED Shaving Stick from Leisure Guy

LesiureGuy's been busy again. This time he's trying out a new shaving brush from and a shaving stick from QED. He wrote in:

A couple of firefighters in Clovis NM make shaving brushes to order: 22mm, 25mm, and 30mm knot sizes, including silvertip. They turn the handles in the color and style you want, and the brushes are really reasonably priced. I have all three sizes and used the 22mm this morning---great brush, soft like an Omega Silvertip. I used it with a Mocha-Java shaving stick (soap in stick form) from QED and got a terrific and wonderful smelling lather.

Firefighers who make shaving brushes in their spare time? How did he find these guys? Brushes range from $40 to $100 and are hand-made of "100% real Asian badger hair imported from China". Is that even legal? You can ask them for custom requests too. More info here, and read LeisureGuy's full review here.

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October 10, 2006

This Just In - John Allan Shaving Products

Our good friends over at Details for Men have just sent over a tube of John Allan's Shave Cream and a bottle of John Allan's Calming Aftershave Balm. A history lesson, it you'll permit me... In 1988 John Allan branched out from New York's Jean Louis David International Salons and launched his own salon, store, and product line.

He designed his formulas specifically for the needs of men, and used the latest ingredients containing vitamins, botanicals, and marine plant extracts. John Allan also addressed the issues of performance, packaging and scent. In formulating his products, he used the best testing lab he could find - his thousands of New York City clients. Utilizing feedback from a select group of clients and members who splashed, spread, scrubbed, shaved, shampooed and showered with each and every product, John Allan and his team developed a high quality line with proven performance.

Well, we're not exactly one of his New York city clients, but we are ready to splash, spread, scrub, and shave. Currently in the ShavingStuff test lab we're finishing up our MenScience review, and up next is the Anthony's Logistics for Men shaving kit (also from Details for Men). There just aren't enough shaves in a day.

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September 28, 2006

A Guide to the Gourmet Shaving Experience

LeisureGuy-60x60.jpgEvery so often it's good to get put in your place. And today that's happening to me. I recently was emailed by the author of LeisureGuy's blog about a specific post he had written entitled A guide to the gourmet shaving experience. As I clicked over and watched my browser's scroll-bar start to shrivel, I felt that twinge of embarrassment set in. Here was a true shaving master.

LeisureGuy's post a guide to the gourmet shaving experience is easily the most broad and informative piece I've ever read on shaving with safety razors. He gently guides you through shaving creams, soaps, razor types, lather bowls, shaving brushes, how to hold a razor, how to clean a razor... - the list goes on. There's also personal experience, reader comments, PDFs, video, links, and more. "How's his punctuation," you ask? "Exemplary."

Here's an example of this style:

Using a safety razor puts you in charge, and going from a multi-blade cartridge to a safety razor is akin to going from an automatic transmission to a manual: you can get better performance by being more in control, but you must learn how to use it and practice your technique and pay attention to what’s going on.

LeisureGuy keeps this post up to date with the latest news, anecdotes, and advice. It's a living document. He's also recently published a list of recommended products for safety razor beginners. I have no doubt that page will grow to rival the other. Check back every so often and find out what's new.

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September 21, 2006

John Allan's Shave Cream Free with $50 Purchase at Details for Men

Details for Men has got a great offer this month. Buy $50 worth of products from Details for Men by September 30th and you'll get a free tube of John Allan's Shave Cream. That's like getting a $14.50 value for free! No, that is getting a $14.50 value for free. (Remember when your high school English teacher told you not to use "for free", but just use "free" instead? Well, I just used "for free". Twice. Take that Mr. Chamberlain.)

A conditioning shave cream formulated with a special combination of advanced polymers and silk conditioners to deliver an extraordinarily close, slick shave. Creates a slick, protective barrier between the blade and skin, reducing nicks and cuts. Soothes and moisturizes using Oat and Willow Bark Extracts. Conditions and balances the skin.

See all the details of this Details for Men offer here.

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