March 31, 2011

An App to Make the World a More Handsome Place


Ever wanted to anonymously tell someone about their grooming gaffes? Well, now you can, because there's an app for that: Grooming Lounge's "Send A Tip"

"'s "Send A Tip" app helps make the world an even more handsome place by enabling observant individuals to anonymously alert gentlemen to their most glaring grooming faux pas.

Whether it's excess nose hair, uni-brows, or shaving redness that needs attention,'s "Send A Tip" gives grooming gaffe whistle blowers the courage to tell a gent what needs to be addressed."

Check out 'Send a Tip' here: Send a Tip: Grooming Lounge

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February 7, 2011

Opportunity: Best4Men Shaving and Grooming Site for Sale

I just got word of a fantastic opportunity to enter the grooming and shaving niche with an established brand:

"On March 17th, Best4Men will cease operations. If you are interested in buying this business, please contact the owner through the contact page. A description of what is available is here. For interested parties a list and valuation of inventory and supplies can be made available.

Business costs:
There is only 1 fixed cost, the hosting of the domains & hosted software. This cost will be covered by for one year. If no items are sold, there are no ongoing fees to the store owner.

For 1 year will host all of the currently running pieces of software and host all current domain names. Systems will be patched as needed. 4 Hours of technical / operational support will be provided each month for 1 year to help the new owner run the business. After 1, year hosting fees and support fees will be applicable."

Even if you're not interested in purchasing the business, you can still take advantage of this news, because until March 17th, you'll get 10% off your entire order at Best4Men by using the coupon code "BeenFun".

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September 29, 2010

Moustache Buttons for Web Designers

If you need some whimsical buttons for a new project, consider the moustache:


"This button set features 15 unique, realistically painted moustache styles ranging from the classic Magnum P.I. chevron to Frank Zappa's trademark bushy moustache and imperial soul patch."

Download the free buttons at Cute Little Factory.

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June 4, 2010

The Glory of the Beard

beardstencil.jpgBack in the day, when I was rocking a full beard, this happened to me as well:

"I didn't mean to. I couldn't help it. My beard caused a baby to cry. The other day I visited my cousin and her beautiful 10-month-old twin girls. Upon seeing me with my strange scruffy facial hair, one of the babies immediately narrowed her eyes, scrunched up her face and began bawling at the top of her lungs."

Read the rest of "Bask in the glory of the beard" for a view of one guy's beard experience, as well as the benefits of growing a beard.

Image: indy_slug at Flickr

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May 25, 2010

15 Awesome Moustaches

Kangaroomustache.jpgOne facial hair style I've never really tried is the mustache - every time I've begun one, I just can't look in the mirror at my face with a mo without laughing. However, I've known plenty of guys who can pull it off without looking foolish, so I don't discount the effect that a classic mustache can have.

Over at Gunaxin, there's a rundown of the "Most Awesome Mustaches Ever", starting with the Fu Manchu and covering 15 of the best mustache styles (or if not the best, then the most memorable). So if you're considering making the switch to a hairy lip, check out the post and see if there's one that you'd be proud to wear.

Read the post: The Most Awesome Mustaches Ever

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April 29, 2010

Facial Hair Grows On You

closeupbeard.jpgFrom Book of Odds:

"The phrase "growing a beard" never made much sense. It implies an active function carried out by the beard wearer. In actuality, facial hair grows on its own, its landlord merely condoning the process. This is not just a semantic grievance; in today's society, facial hair carries with it--besides the occasional food particle--a certain stigma.

The clean-shaven face implies youthful civility. The polar opposite--a beard that never saw the sharp end of a knife--demonstrates almost a carnal defiance of authority. Then there's everything in between: mustaches, goatees, Van Dykes, soul patches, mutton chops, and the Fu Manchu, among others. Many have graced the face of Brad Pitt."

Read the rest of the article: Facial Hair: It Grows On You

Image: zenobia_joy at Flickr

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March 29, 2010

ShaveBlog to Lifehacker: You Suck at Shaving Tips

the Shave.jpgFrom ShaveBlog:

Seriously, Lifehacker, enough with the shaving tips. Between this and this and this, you keep reminding me why ever since Trapani left your site's become the joke of the Intertubes, and considering this site is also in the running, that's saying a lot.

Hilarious. Read the rest here: Lifehacker: You Suck At Shaving Tips

Image: Greencolander at Flickr

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March 26, 2010

Are You Making a Facial Hair Mistake?

muttonchops.jpgWe all like to believe that the way we wear our facial hair is flattering to us, but if we ask the women in our life, we may find out that we're sporting a major facial hair fail on our face.

From AskMen:

"Apart from your hairstyle, the No. 1 way for a guy to make his face more appealing is with the right facial hair style. Of course, the converse is true: the fastest way to make women think you've got a fugly mug is to insist on sporting bizarre, over-the-top or just plain sloppy facial hair. To avoid committing a facial hair style faux pas and ensure that your bed stays busy, read on for our ultimate list of the facial hair styles that women hate."

What do you think? Are they accurate?

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March 10, 2010

Vote for Red Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis' Facial Hair

youkilis.jpgFrom The Sporting Blog:

"Red Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis understands the value of facial hair. He's allowing fans to vote on one of four facial hair designs he could sport on Opening Day against the Yankees. There's his usual goatee, the Magnum P.I. mustache, the clean shaven look that is bizarre and bound to lose and the Fu Manchu (which would copy the Youk Manchu he grew last year for his official photo)."

Head over to Youk's site and donate a buck or two to charity and vote on which style facial hair he should wear.

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March 9, 2010

NBA All Beard Team

Skinner_Brian.jpgFrom Dime Mag, The NBA's All-Beard Team (By Position):

"As a personal purveyor of the beard, I have a special affinity towards players that rock 'em on the court. So that's why I was so excited to see James Harden tweet the following question last week: In the NBA what's yall top 5 all beard team by position? At first you think this might be easy, but it's the by position that makes it hard."

Go check it out and see if you agree!

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