October 8, 2009

Win a Home Theater Makeover in Best Buy's Scary Technology Contest

Haunted by old technology?

Zelda Rubinstein, the eccentric medium from Poltergeist, wants to help you rid your house of the fright-inducing ancient technology that may be haunting your home -- just in time for Halloween.

Frightening gadgets, like tape-eating VCRs, TVs that send a shock through fingers when touched and 10 lb laptops that take a toll on the shoulder, are prime suspects of Scary Technology and should not be brushed aside. Got an old electric razor that pulls your whiskers out instead of trimming them? Definitely scary technology.

From now until October 26, 2009, submit a photo of your most fear-inducing technology to ScaryTechnology, accompanied by a 140-character caption to bring your photo to life.

Winners will be announced on Halloween and one grand prize winner will receive a $3,500 Insignia Home Theater makeover including Geek Squad Installation. Additionally, the first runner-up will receive a $1,500 Best Buy Gift Card, while the second runner-up will receive a $1,000 Best Buy Gift Card.

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October 6, 2009

Entourage Star Emmanuelle Chriqui Partners with Braun BodycruZer

BraunBodycruzer.jpgEmmanuelle Chriqui, star of HBO's Entourage, has partnered with the new Braun bodycruZer to launch a new web site dedicated to male bodygrooming.

Emmanuelle will be posting blog entries to the site on a weekly basis and encouraging women to share their thoughts about male bodygrooming topics as well as praising the men in their lives who are dedicated to good bodygrooming habits by sending them a customizable Mr. bodycruZer video starring Emmanuelle.

Men, you can also get in on the bodygrooming conversation by posting comments on the site and by showing off your well-groomed - or not so well-groomed - bodies by entering the Mr. bodycruZer contest.

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September 23, 2009

Facial Hair and Presidential Elections: What's the Connection?

Abraham Lincoln.jpgAccording to Facial Hair and Presidential Elections, Republicans are historically the hairiest party:

"Only five US presidents have sported full beards, and another four had moustaches of varying degrees of glory. These were all during the half century run of the dozen Presidents between Lincoln and Taft, of whom only Andrew Johnson and McKinley were clean-shaven.

The Republicans have historically been the hairier party. Every Republican candidate from 1856 to 1892 (with the arguable exception of 1860) had a beard, with a later run of moustaches on Roosevelt in 1904, Taft in 1908 and Roosevelt and Taft in 1912 followed by a final beard in 1916 (and a postscript for the moustache in 1944 and 1948). We should not forget also the vast mutton-chop whiskers of Chester A. Arthur, who was elected Vice-President on the Republican ticket in 1880 but served most of that term as President after the assassination of the bearded Garfield.

The Democrats have never had a properly bearded candidate; the only successful Democrat who even went as far as a moustache was Grover Cleveland, who won the popular vote three times running in 1884, 1888 and 1892. (Cleveland lost the electoral college in 1888 to Benjamin Harrison, so far the last American President with a proper beard.) The hairiest Democrat was Winfield Scott Hancock, whose huge moustache did not help him in the 1880 election, and Democrats with moustaches lost in 1864 and 1904."

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September 15, 2009

Are You Wearing a Chin Loofah?

[Via Bad Gods]

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September 10, 2009

You have enough

If you're a beard aficionado, you need to check out The Beardly:

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August 21, 2009

Use that 'Stache to Raise Money for Prostate and Testicular Cancer Research

"Growing a 'tache is fun, it's intriguing and it can get you a lot of attention (particularly from the ladies), but let's not forget it's also about raising those funds for Everyman - the UK's leading men's cancer charity."

Check out TacheBack, and be sure to catch the TacheBack Style Guide!

Hat tip to the Grooming Guru

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July 24, 2009

Follow the Shave Tutor: Mantic59

shavetutor.JPGMaybe I'm preaching to the choir here, but if you've not seen any of the Shave Tutor's shaving videos on YouTube yet, I think you'll pick up some great tips and come away with an education.

If you're on Twitter, follow @mantic59 for more insights, and be sure to check out his blog Mantic59's Shaving Journal: What your father didn't teach you about shaving.

Who else should we be reading/watching/following?

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July 6, 2009

Eco Shaving

merkur razor.jpgGot a hankering to go green? Your shaving gear might be one place you've not looked for green options.

From EcoSalon:

"Dude! You're clean shaven but are you green shaven?

Yes, the eco marketing of all consumer goods has reached the scratchy male whisker. Despite the notion that the greenest face is the hairiest one, not all men like sporting facial fur and not all females like going into-the-wild to make out.

What steps can you take before going under the knife? Don't roam far from the healthy foam; don't be a fool with the wrong disposable tool; never brace your face with a jug that's mean to your mug."

The recommendation for using the Preserve Razor is a good one if you're still using a plastic cartridge razor, and the article points out the fact that the Braun Pulsonic has an Energy Star charger, but the one piece missing was a mention of using a double edged safety razor, which is a lot less wasteful (and cheaper) to use.

Image: scottfeldstein at Flickr

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May 22, 2009

A Fantastic Collection of Safety Razors

Safety_razor_kit.jpgAt Collector's Encyclopedia is an amazing collection of over 2500 safety razors, complete with photos and descriptions. Here's the intro:

"Jean-Jacques Perret was a well-known French cutler who wrote "La Pogonotomie, ou l'art d'apprendre a se raser soi meme..." in 1770. In this treatise, he described and showed a razor, which he manufactured and called " a rabot" (rabot = plane). Perret's razor would allow unskilled men, including the old and handicapped, to shave themselves, even by using only one hand. This razor led the way to the next hundred years when the development of safety razors began in earnest. All razors listed in this collection pertain to Perret's razor, or rather all razors made to hold blades and using any type of edge guard (different from guarded straight edge razors), in other words, all guarded and wet razors having a blade (removable or not)."

Check out this collection, but set a timer, 'cause you might get lost in there...

Collector's Encyclopedia

Image: Hustvedt

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May 18, 2009

9 Great Shaving Sites

Self-Portrait Shaving.jpg
Eastern Smooth: My adventures keeping a smooth shave in the Land of the Rising Sun

Later On: Hedonism does have its pleasures.

Mantic59's Shaving Journal: What your father didn't teach you about shaving.

Wet Shavers Blog: Wet shaving. Because Grandpa was right.

The King's Blog: News and Views from Will King, Founder of KMI / King of Shaves

Shaving Gallery: Changing the Way America Shaves

Punk Rock Shaving: What's so punk rock about shaving? Nothing. Sod off.

Straight Razor Place: Shaving Forum

American Moustache Institute: Protecting the rights of, and fighting discrimination against, mustached Americans by promoting the growth, care, and culture of the mustache.

Got more shaving sites to suggest? Leave a comment!

Image: saintbob at Flickr

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