September 7, 2007

Review of Musgo Real Pre Shave Oil

musgoPreShaveOil.gifWe're doing things a little backwards here. Yesterday we wrote about Musgo Real Glycerine Lime Oil Soap and today we're going to talk about Musgo Real Pre Shave Oil. When you shave you'll use the oil first and then the soap. Mixing things up! Making sure everyone is still awake.

Musgo Real Pre Shave Oil comes in a glass bottle with a design reminiscent of the early part of the last century. Kind of reminds me of a flask you might stash in your overcoat for a cold night. The oil comes out easily (perhaps a little too easily). A small amount is all that is needed to cover your entire shaving area. I must say, after using products from Gentlemen's Refinery I've become a fan of the layer of pre-shave oil followed by a layer of cream.

Once you're lubed up it's time for the Glycerine Lime Oil Soap which we talked about yesterday. One thing I didn't mention yesterday was that when I was spreading a lathered up Glycerine Lime Oil Soap with my shaving brush, I'd invariably get some in my ears. The lather, made up of tiny soap bubbles, would start popping, and for the next 60 seconds I'd listen to a loud snap-crackle-pop of Rice Krispies. Funny the first time. Kind of annoying after that.

The overall shave was decent. Not the best I'd had, but not the worst. Very little irritation or cuts, but just not the closest. I imagine old-school jedi-shave masters might do the second pass against the grain, but in the morning I often need to shave and then move on. I'm curious to know what other people's experience with these shaving products is. I think I may be a little too amateur to appreciate them, and I wouldn't be surprised that some straight-razor shavers swear by this stuff. For me, I'll probably stick with something a little more modern.

Musgo Real Pre Shave Oil is $22 for a 3.33oz bottle.

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September 6, 2007

Review of Musgo Real Glycerine Lime Oil Soap

musgoRealSoap.gifBeen shaving with products from Musgo Real courtesy of our friends at Details for Men. A quick refresher - these are Portuguese shaving products based on a 1920s cologne. These are also a more old-school shaving style than I've been used to - bar of shaving soap to be applied with a brush.

The large rustic bar is made especially for cleaning the face before shaving. Glyce contains lime oil to refresh the face, castor oil to soak and soften whiskers before shaving, and a trace of alcohol to remove the dirt which restricts razor glide.

Now I know some of you readers are masters of the blade and brush, but the rest of us are happy for the modern day convenience of cream and cartridge. Here's my first question - what do I do with this bar of soap? I could put it in a mug. I could put it in a bowl. In fact I've done both of these. But from my research, you want to put your soap in a container with a lot of drainage.

Next question - what if the bar of soap doesn't fit? More research suggests you can melt the soap by applying gentle heat (like on a stove) and then pour it into your container of choice. Really? Look, my time is valuable. I barely have time to heat up a bowl of soup at night. Last thing I want to do is prep my shaving cream.

Whatever method you go with, the next step is to wet your brush and swirl it around to work a little soap into it. This may take longer than expected, especially if it's the first few times you've used the soap. I will say this - in the end you use a surprisingly small amount of soap to cover your face. This bar is going to last a long, long time.

Tomorrow we'll talk about Musgo Real's shaving oil in conjunction with the soap, and the shave itself.

Musgo Real Glycerine Lime Oil Soap is $6 for a 5.8oz bar.

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September 4, 2007

Old Spice Pacific Surge Body Wash

oldSpicePacificSurge.jpgYou'll remember a couple weeks ago we got a shipment of Old Spice products in to try out. Well, last week we were on vacation and guess who came with me? That's right, Old Spice High Endurance Body Wash, Pacific Surge.

See, we had easy access to the beach, a nice grill, and my favorite - an outdoor shower. And after a full day of swimming in the Atlantic, nothing felt better than showering off with a little Pacific Surge. And a beer. Actually, the beer gave the Old Spice a run for its money. But we're really talking two different categories here. Whatever.

Old Spice High Endurance Body Wash, Pacific Surge comes in a giant 18oz container and contains enough for a tons of showers, if you have a wash cloth. If you don't (I didn't bring one), you'll still get plenty of use out of the bottle, but plan on lathering up a wash cloth for maximum efficiency. I was concerned that Pacific Surge would have an overwhelming artificial scent, but the truth was it was rather mild which I liked. Now don't get me wrong, this isn't a purely natural Pacific ocean aroma a la some of the other products we've reviewed on this site. But at $4.99 for a zillion uses, I don't think anyone's going to be complaining too loudly.

Old Spice High Endurance Body Wash, Pacific Surge is $4.99 for a 18oz bottle.

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August 22, 2007

This Just In - Philips Norelco Moisturizing Shaving System 8060X

Norelco-8060X.jpgYou may have seen our previous posts on the new Philips Norelco Moisturizing Shaving System which comes in three models. Well, we just got one of these bad boys in and I am so excited to try it out. It looks awesome. Similar design as the Arcitec with the three floating heads, but the Moisture Shaving System is a wet/dry electric razor which dispenses moisturizing lotion as you shave. Now I have no excuse not to get a shaving mirror for the shower.

The top-end 8060X comes with the integrated charging and refill station seen in the picture to the right. (The other models have a mere manual process for refill the Nivea moisturizing cream.) The floating heads snap off and can be replacing with a sideburns clipper, and there's also a handy spot on the side of the charging stand to store the clipper when it's not in use.

For traveling there's a lycra and mesh travel bag (with pocket for the sideburns clipper) and a tiny stand so you don't have to bring the big charging stand.

So here's my question - with a product which looks this cool, why not give it a cool name? I love "Arcitec". Sounds high-tech. And like the arctic. And like that guy in the Matrix III - The Architect. I gots to shave me with one of those.

But the Moisture Shaving System? How about, the "Arcitec Wet/Dry"? Or the "Equitec"? Or the "Super Cool Shaving System 2000"? Ok, maybe I ought to leave the product naming to the pros.

The Philips Norelco Moisture Shaving System 8060X is $149.99.

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August 15, 2007

Comparison of the Norelco 8020X, 8040X, and 8060X

Norelco-8060X.jpgOK, here's the difference between these three new electric razors from Norelco:

Norelco 8020X ($79.99)
Your base level Norelco Moisturizing Shaving System. Highlights include:
  • Cool Skin Lotion Dispensing Razor Shaver Dispenses Nivea Lotion Or Gel
  • Dual Blade System Gently Lifts Hair To Cut Below Skin Level
  • Wet / Dry Shaving
  • Use In & Out of Shower
  • Flex Tracker
  • Protective Cap
  • LED Charge Indicator
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Charging Stand
  • Charge Status Lamp Flashes When Shaver Is Fully Charged
  • Full Charge Time 8 Hours
  • Corded / Cordless Operation
  • Up To 30 Minutes Operation Time
  • AC Adapter Included
  • Worldwide Voltage Adjustment 100V to 240V AC
Norelco 8040X ($99.99)
All the features of the 8020X plus:
  • Precision Tube Trimmer Cuts Hairs Closer To The Skin
  • 3 LED Indicators Low Battery / Charge / Power
  • Quick Charge
  • Full Charge Time 4 Hours
  • Up To 40 Minutes Operating Time
  • Travel Pouch
Norelco 8060X ($149.99)
All the features of the 8040X plus:
  • Charging Stand With Integrated Automatic Conditioner Refill (pictured)
  • Update: Full Charge Time 1.5 Hours (Thanks Chris)
There you have it! Special thanks to for helping out on the details.
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August 14, 2007

Meet the Philips Norelco Moisturizing Shaving System

norelco8060X.jpgNot too long ago we took a look at the Philips Norelco Arcitec, a totally re-designed electric razor with three seemingly floating heads. Turns out the Arcitec was only half the plan. This snippet from a recent Philips Norelco press release explains:

"The idea of a one-size fits all shaver is just that: an idea," said Arjen Linders, vice president, marketing, Philips Norelco. "Different men have different shaving needs so we've redesigned our classic shavers to deliver meaningful innovation that addresses specific consumer needs -arcitec for the man who wants a meticulous shave on the face and neck and Moisturizing Shaving System for someone who wants his shaver to help promote healthy skin."

While the Arcitec is still based on the standard dry electric razor, the Moisturizing Shaving System can be used on a wet face (meaning in the shower!) and releases Nivea for Men moisturizing lotion on your freshly shaven skin to help condition and heal. This isn't the first lotion-dispensing razor Philips Norelco has made, but it is the first to follow the new floating head design.

The Philips Norelco Moisturizing Shaving System comes in three models: the 8020X for $79.99, 8040X for $99.99, and the 8060X for $149.99. What's the difference? Err... I knew you'd ask. I think the 8060X comes with a self-cleaning dock. Need to find out more. Hang on...

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August 13, 2007

Nature Calls from Ritual

I surf. You surf. We all surf for ice cream. Or shaving. Here's what happens when you follow a few links - You come across something like Ritual brand shaving products. Innocuous enough at first, but wait - what's this? Nature Calls? That's interesting...
Just two drops of Nature Calls in your toilet prior to doing your business will obliterate all odor. This truly revolutionary, plant-extract-derived solution doesn't just cover up unpleasant smells, it eliminates them. The perfect way to kickoff your Triple S.

In my morning ritual the "S" they're talking about usually come last, but still, I wonder if it works. Honestly, I could use something like that now that I'm no longer single.

Ritual has an entire line of men's grooming products from sh!t, shower, to shave. Prices are all under $20 except the multi-pack kits.

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August 3, 2007

Review of Ikhala Shaving Gel

ikhalaShavingGel.jpgDay two of two in our mini Ikhala products review. Today we're talking about Ikhala Shaving Gel. If you missed our post yesterday about Ikhala Smooth Face Scrub or our post from a while ago about the social mission behind Ikhala, be sure to take a minute and catch up. Ready? OK...

Ikhala Shaving Gel is a clear gel which works itself up into a slightly sudsy lather. Doesn't feeling drying like soap, but the lather does approximate soap bubbles. The shave with Ikhala is good. Not the closest I've ever had, but I think that's actually preferable if you're suffering from frequent in-grown hairs. (Someone please correct me if they've heard otherwise.) And the scent of Ikhala Shaving Gel is like the cleanest swimming pool you've ever swam in. Not one of those over-chlorinated pools with lots of kids. I'm talking about your own private pool overlooking a mountain range on a clear sunny day. (Hey - you try describing smells sometime. I'm serious. This stuff smells like an awesome pool.)

As with all Ikhala products, Ikhala Shaving Gel is formulated for the African male who occasionally struggles with ingrown hairs and razor bumps. For more info check out their website at

Ikhala Shaving Gel is $14 for a 6oz tube.

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August 2, 2007

Review of Ikhala Smooth Face Scrub

ikhalaScrub.jpgWorking through quite a backlog of shaving products. Got samples of Ikhala from Kevin Jackson of the Chicago men's grooming store Manifold back in December and I'm embarrassed to say we're just getting to them now.

First up, a reminder. Ihkala is "a luxury skin care line developed specifically for men of African descent." They've also got a great commitment to people. A percentage of sales of Ikhala goes to help rural South African farmers who provide some of the ingredients. See our original post for more info.

Razor bumps and ingrown hairs occur in a higher percentage of African-American males than others. Ikhala's Smooth Face Scrub is one great way to combat that. Exfoliation

[...] deep cleanses pores and gently exfoliates by removing dead cells, leaving the skin looking clean, healthy and revitalized

I found Ikhala's Smooth Face Scrub to work great. I'm not their target demographic, so I'm really not best suited to make a judgment. But I liked that the grit in Ikhala's scrub wasn't too coarse, so I didn't feel like I was scratching my face. Also, the smell is totally unique in facial products I've tried. Kind of reminded my of a nice old leather sofa. Seriously.

Ikhala's Smooth Face Scrub is $18 for a 5oz tube.

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July 13, 2007

Review of Gentlemen's Refinery Eye Gel

gr-eye-cream.gifLast day of our Gentlemen's Refinery review week and we've come to The Gentlemen's Refinery Eye Gel. Now I don't know much about eye gel, but if you've had a late night bender and need to recover for a 9am meeting, you're going to want some eye gel. Helps relieve those bags.

An outstanding product made with hyaluronic acid (naturally occurring compound), responsible for the moisture and elasticity of human skin. Designed for everyone who desires to decrease dark color and lift the under eye area, The Gentlemens Refinery Eye Gel, gently and visibly performs the rejuvenation of sensitive under eye area.

As we said yesterday, there are the shaving necessities, and then there are nice-to-haves. Gentlemen's Refinery's Eye Gel definitely falls into the latter category when it comes to shaving. But if you're in the market for an eye gel, I'd definitely recommend this one. I've tried it, and while I can't claim to be an expert, the rest of the Gentlemen's Refinery is so overwhelmingly good, there's no way you'll go wrong here.

The Gentlemen's Refinery Eye Gel is $40 for a 15 ml bottle.

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