August 3, 2006

4 X-Games Participants Profiled at the Schick Shave Lab

If you haven't been over the the Schick Shave Labs recently, now's a great time to go. The X-Games are in full swing, and so is the Schick Quattro Titanium Xperiment. While it's probably too late to win a day with some of the stars, you can still see a goofy little video on these guys, including shots of all of them somewhat unwillingly shaving. (Click on "The XPeriment" on the top right.) My favorite moment was when motorcross racer Adam Jones seems to not know what the term "mojo" means. Is this guy for real, or did Schick just out a phony?

Here's the link to the win-a-day-with-X-games-contestants contest, where you can still get yourself a free Schick Quattro Titanium. Special thanks to ShavingStuff reader Ben for sending this in.

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July 20, 2006

Brooke Burke and Kelly Monaco Join

Remember that little story we ran back in May about Gillette's viral marketing site Looks like the virtual organization crossed over into the real world last week at a rally in New York. And the best thing about it is instead of fictional Terry Tarentelli, we got real live Brooke Burke and Kelly Monaco. HOT!

Big thanks to for posting these super high quality pictures of the event. Definitely click over their site if you want to see more. I also enjoyed the 50+ comments from people ranting about how ridiculous, only to find out it's fake.

Well... kind of fake. They did have a rally, didn't they? Damn, I'm sorry I missed it. Any chance there'll be one near me soon?

(More pix at HollywoodTuna and FilmMagic.)

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July 17, 2006

Review of Baxter of California's Herbal Mint Toner

I used to work with a guy named Zak, who every day between 3:00 and 4:00 would wash his face with that harsh, industrial pink soap from the men's room dispenser, and then dry off with those dark, supermarket-bag-brown paper towels. Had I known about Baxter of California's Herbal Mint Toner then, I would have recommended it to him. Baxter's toner is a great way to remove a layer of oil without removing half your skin. And, it's quick and easy. No splashing water on your face and the top half of your shirt. No going to the opposite extreme and ending up with dry skin. Just pour a little into a cotton ball or pad, wipe across your face, and you're done. No need to even dry off.

There is one gotcha with all toners, not just Baxter's, and that applies to people who grow an especially thick beard. Rubbing a cotton ball in any direction other than with the grain can result in an annoying thin layer of white shredded wisps. I've actually gotten pretty good at applying toner over a five o'clock shadow, but be warned - if you've got a heavy beard, the first few times may lead to some unintended results. That said, I much prefer a quick application of toner than the wash, rinse, dry, moisturize routine in the late afternoon.

Baxter of California's Herbal Mint Toner is available from their website at $16 for a bottle. It's alcohol free, smells great, and a single bottle will last forever. If you get oily skin in the afternoon, or just want to feel refreshed at any time during the day, give Baxter's Herbal Mint Toner a try.

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July 13, 2006

Win Baxter Products on

One of our favorite sites recently relaunched with a slightly updated look, a new focus on community, and a healthy dose of ajax. To help jump-start their new community initiative, they're giving away cool stuff, including products from another one of our favorites Baxter of California. You've got until midnight on Friday July 14th to create an account which automatically enters you in the drawing. 59 prizes in total will be awarded, and best of all - you get to pick your prize! So sit by your email at 11:00am PST on Monday and respond quickly if you're selected. Me, I'm going for the Baxter.

For all the details, click over to this productdose article and read up.

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July 12, 2006

She Blinded Me With MenScience

MenScienceEverybody's heard of pharmaceuticals. If you've been reading ShavingStuff you'll know about cosmeceuticals. Now MenScience is here to introduce us to androceuticals. What's an androceutical? I'm glad you asked.

A category of products formulated with active ingredients used by doctors and skincare professionals for their demonstrated impact on the skin's appearance. The word combines the prefix Andro (for men) and the word pharmaceuticals.

And to help us learn more, MenScience has sent over a nice array of shaving-related products, including: Advanced Shave Formula, Post-Shave Repair, Advanced Face Lotion, Daily Face Wash, and one that totally piqued my curiosity - a Face Buff Brush. Click into that last link and see what I'm talking about. Can't wait to rock out in the morning with my very own face buff brush.

Here's one more tidbit from the MenScience about us page:

Our undivided focus is on efficacy and visible results; we avoid distractions such as fancy packaging or marketing fluff.

Hallelujah! The way to a man's heart is the removal of bullshit. I think I'm going to like these guys.

Stay tuned for the MenScience review in a couple of weeks.

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July 5, 2006

Introducing Cashmere Coat from Billy Jealousy

After a long holiday weekend it's tough to get back into the swing of things. So how nice was it to come home to the latest product from Billy Jealousy - Cashmere Coat strengthening conditioner. You may remember that Billy recently introduced Fuzzy Logic shampoo, and now the long awaited companion conditioner is available.

Sun, wind and pollution can rob your hair of its natural strength and luster. Banish these to the dark side with Cashmere Coat Hair Strengthening Conditioner: a peppermint infused conditioner with DHT blockers that restores strength and essential hydration to your cherished locks.

Cashmere Coat is available now online at $22 for an 8 oz bottle. And don't forget - "A portion of the proceeds [...] is donated to the BIlly Jealousy Fund supporting human needs, the environment and the arts." Think about it - you can have great hair and save the world.

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June 24, 2006

12% Off ZIRH Coupon for ShavingStuff Readers

zirh.gifAttention ShavingStuff readers! Blue light special on aisle 12. The good folks over at blue and silver ZIRH are here to take away your shaving blues with this ShavingStuff exclusive web coupon: visitors receive 12% off all orders of $40 or more.
To receive your discount, please enter code ‘ShavingStuff‘ at checkout.

This coupon is good through January 2007, but hey - why wait? Check out ZIRH products right now!

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June 22, 2006

Consumer Reports' Take on the Gillette Fusion

Here's a quick article from the July 2006 edition of Consumer Reports on the new Gillette Fusion. Mach-3 Power users were asked to try the Fusion Power, and Mach-3 unpowered users were asked to try the regular Fusion. Basic feedback was that "Testers liked their usual razor just as well."

If you haven't read the ShavingStuff review of the Gillette Fusion I encourage you to check it out. For Mach-3 unpowered users I didn't think there was a reason to switch to the Fusion. However I do think the Fusion Power is an improvement over the Mach-3 Power, and I am pro-powered razors in general. The Fusion Power has some major design improvements, better vibrations, and that lovely little sixth blade.

Read the entire Consumer Reports article by clicking on the image to the right. Read the ShavingStuff review here. Special thanks to Dave Zatz for sending this scan in.

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June 21, 2006

Reminder - Baxter and ShavingStuff on 107.1 The Point

kqpt107.gifJust a friendly reminder that tomorrow, Thursday June 20th, is Baxter/ShavingStuff day on 107.1 The Point, Chico's Music Alternative. OK, maybe it's really just Baxter day, but ShavingStuff's getting a nice mention. Big props to Peter at Baxter of California and Kim at 107.1, and everyone else involved, especially for the ShavingStuff shout out. Check out their Point This Out page mentioning our lovely little site! And don't forget to tune in at 7:25AM Pacific time to learn about Baxter's Bergamot Pear Body Wash. Who knows, you just might win a free bottle.

Don't live in the greater Chico area? They're streaming online at

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June 14, 2006

ZIRH in the HiZZouse!!!

ZIRHUm... holy crap! The good folks over at ZIRH sent over a major shipment of shaving cream and skin care products for us to review. They include CLEAN Face Wash, PREPARE Pre-shave Oil, SHAVE GEL, SHAVE CREAM, SCRUB Face Exfoliant, FIX Blemish Control Gel, DEFEND SPF 15 Face Moisturizer, and ERASE Aftershave Relief Tonic.

Wow, that's a lot of products to try out. Thanks guys! We'll be putting these through the ShavingStuff ringer over the next month and letting you all know how they do. Probably split the review into two parts, so stay doubly tuned...

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