June 7, 2006

Baxter's Back

Just received a new shipment of Baxter of California products which we'll be trying out over the next couple weeks. First up it's the Herbal Mint Toner for $16:

Alcohol free formula controls shine and removes excess oil without stripping away vital moisture

Second, we've got a tube of the Oil Free Moisturizer at $18

A lightweight formula that replenishes the skin’s essential moisture. Leaves skin feeling smooth and refreshed with a shine-free matte finish. No fragrance or oil.

We'll be trying these out over the next few weeks and reporting back with a review. Stay tuned...

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More Father's Day Shaving Ideas from ZIRH

Right now ZIRH is offering a Father's Day special package - create a custom shaving kit for dad and they'll ship it for free in a complementary ZIRH bag. You've got until Monday June 12th to take advantage of this offer. Prices range from $49 to $85. For example, the Starter Kit (pictured, right) includes shave gel, face wash, and two types of creams.

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May 30, 2006

New Shave Kit from Anthony Logistics for Men

Hot of the press from Anthony Logistics for Men, it's a new shaving package featuring everything you need from pre- to post-shave:

[A] complete shave kit that includes Facial Scrub (56.5 g/2 oz), Shave Cream (56.5 g/2 oz), After Shave Balm (70 g/2.5 oz) and two BONUS Pre-Shave Oil samples.

For $30.00, this shave set is a great introduction to Anthony's shave. Father's Day is coming up...

And if you're interesting in other skin care products, check out Anthony's Face Kit, featuring "Glycolic Facial Cleanser (118 ml/4fl oz), Deep Pore Cleansing Clay (56.5 g/ 2 oz), All Purpose Facial Moisturizer (70 g/ 2.5 oz)", also $30.00. A clean face is the precursor to a clean shave.

Other kits in include the Body Kit and Sun Kit, $30 and $35 respectively. Lots of ways to learn if Anthony Logistics for Men is right for you.

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May 22, 2006

Review of Baxter of California's Super Close Shave Formula

baxter_cream2.jpgIt's been nearly a month to the day that Baxter showed up in our house, and what a smooth shaven month it's been. We first learned about Baxter last September when ProductDose.com ran a week-long online shaving seminar with them. Well, now it's ShavingStuff's turn, and we're so efficient we can do it all in a single day. Here we go...

Baxter of California's Super Close Shave Formula is a soft, white, virtually odorless cream, which smooths over your warm, wet face easily. This shaving cream doesn't foam up, which is great because it means you can see what you're doing. If you've got some facial sculpting going on, you'll still be able to draw within the lines. Baxter recommends you wait 30 seconds after applying before you start shaving, to let the cream work its magic. And work its magic it does.

Here's a consistent problem of mine, and perhaps yours as well - instead of my beard growing straight out of my face, some of my hairs grow parallel to the skin. It's like they grow directly downward, and unless I do some crazy skin contortions or the dreaded up-shave (big no-no), these hairs remain like little black specks after shaving. Enter magic. The best thing about Baxter's shaving cream is that it somehow gets these mutant hairs to straighten up, enough to give me a darn close shave.

Now I know you won't believe me when I tell you that until moments before writing this review I had completely forgotten that the full name of this shaving cream is Super Close Shave Formula, but I'm telling you the truth. And so is Baxter. This shaving cream will give you a super close shave.

Because Baxter shaving cream is a nice and loose cream, I also started experimenting using it with a shaving brush. No need for precision technique here, just smear a little Baxter on your face and then use a slightly wet shaving brush to work the cream into your skin, creating a nice even coat. Takes an extra minute, but badger fur feels a lot nice than your fingers on your face.

So have I convinced you to try Baxter's Super Close Shave Formula? Do I have to bring in a hot Hollywood celeb? How about Party of Five's Jennifer Love Hewitt, seen here buying her sweetie a Baxter Shaving 1,2,3 Kit, which, for $50, includes 8oz of Super Close Shave Formula, 4oz of After Shave Balm (awesome stuff!), and a pure badger hair shaving brush. (Oh, and I guess something's going on with Nick and Jessica.)

So that's it. Great shaving cream, with or without a shaving brush. Super close shave, even in the face of errant whiskers. And just like Jessica, no nicks. Baxter of California's Super Close Shave Formula is available on their website - $10 for a 5oz tube. Get some. And while you're on their site, get a 6-pack of free samples for an additional $4.25 and try out a few of their other great skin care products.

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May 18, 2006

Review of Zia for Men, part 2

It's been a while since we first reviewed Zia for Men's Skin Clearing Set, which you may remember us giving some of our highest marks. For those of you who haven't read our first review, Zia is dedicated to bringing you "natural skin care products using whole foods, pure essential oils and healing botanicals." Well, now it's time for round two. In this corner, weighing in at a 12.5 fluid ounces, in the orange trunks, all the way from Boulder Colorado, it's the Skin Hydrating Set. And in the other corner, weighing in at 165 lbs. (on a good day), in the green towel, all the way from Blogpire Productions, it's ShavingStuff.

OK, now you know the rules. I want a good, clean shave. None of those little cuts and nicks. The first sign of blood and I'm calling it.

Ding! Ding!

(Is this getting dorky or what?)

hydraclean_facewash.jpgLet's start with the HydraClean Face Wash. The face wash is a clear gel made with sea algae, aloe, and chamomile, and enriched with vitamins A and C. Now when I say clear, I mean super clear. This stuff is so clear it's actually hard to see. Once you've got it on your face the HydraClean Face Wash lightly foams up to gently clean your skin. I would recommend this gel to all skin types, oily to dry. The thing is getting it on your face can be quite a challenge. The gel is so clear, and has such high surface tension, that it's actually really hard to get it to stick to your skin. And if you accidentally drop your little squirt in the sink, good luck finding it.

Now it may sound like I'm going off on this stuff, but the truth is that I liked it so much I completely finished the tube, and I'm ready to go buy more. This gel has my full endorsement. Just some advice to Zia - maybe add a little color, so we can see it more easily, and make it a little more mushy, so application is easier.

hydrasheild_shavecream.jpgNext up is the HydraShield Shave Cream, made from glycerin, algae, grapeseed oil, aloe, and chamomile for good measure. I'm just going to cut to the chase. I liked Zia's ActiShield Shave Gel better. Again, I don't want this to sound like a negative review, because I truly thought this shaving cream was good, it's just that ActiShield Shave Gel is better. For me, HydraShield wasn't as slick, and I didn't feel like I was getting the same level of protection against cuts or nicks. Both gave great shave in the end, it's just the HydraShield didn't leave that slickness which I like for the second touch-up strokes. Also, even though the HydraShield is fragrance-free, it has a slightly lemony scent which wasn't my favorite.

DualAction.jpgOK, last but not least, DualAction Face Lotion. This stuff kicks so much ass, I only wish I had more of it. I use it in the morning after I shave, after a shower when I don't shave, in the evening after I wash my face. I'm sure it also cures the common cold, solves world hunger, and is a renewable source of energy. I love it. To quote my previous review:

Especially great if you have an oily face, the lotion adds just the right amount of moisture and nothing more. None of the Zia shaving products have an overwhelming smell, but I think the face lotion is the most pronounced. Slightly lemony or citrusy with a hint of black pepper. Can't quite put my finger on it, but it's good.

So there you have it. The Zia Skin Hydrating Set is $19.95 from their website, and is a total steal. I personally liked the Skin Clearing Set a little better, but I liked the HydraClean Face Wash from this set better than the ActiClean Face Scrub from the other. So get them both and decide.

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May 9, 2006

Gillette's Viral Marketing Site - NoScruf.org

noscruf_logo.gifOn first glance, NoScruf.org looks like a forgotten website, built in the late 90s, and somehow still faithfully serving up its content. From the once-cute javascript text which annoyingly follows your mouse, to the horribly-colored animated buttons, to the spinning globe at the bottom, NoScruf.org appears to be a relic of the web's infancy.

noscruf_terry.jpgBut look a little closer and you'll see the beginnings of a viral marketing campaign, aimed squarely at today's young web-savvy men. Remember Burger King's Subservient Chicken? The site purports to be about a movement of women rebelling against scruf - the several day's of sandpapery growth made famous in the '80s by Don Johnson and recently revived by Sawyer and Jack on Lost. In reality the site is owned by Procter and Gamble, and is an experiment in marketing for Gillette.

The quality of the content is extremely high. The movie "In Your Dreams, Stubble Boy" is in league with any of the BMW Films of recent years, and is actually pretty darn funny (if you're into shaving, which of course you are), as is the fake newscast "Latest Live NoScruf Coverage". A word of warning before you view the movies (which you must) - you're about to look at a lot of very attractive women with intentionally hairy armpits, legs, and unibrows. This content is for mature audiences only.

Quite a good time for shaving/web/humor. Last week we had the Norelco BodyGroom site ShaveEverywhere.com which offers to make your d!$% look bigger, and who could forget Schick's kitschy infomercials at ThatsThePowerOf4.com starring Kato Kaelin. We're glad to see the major players in the shaving world pushing the envelope in online marketing. Keep it up! Oh, and keep shaving.

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May 8, 2006

I'm Old

bj_on_myspace.jpgHi. I'm old. Know how I know I'm old? Because I don't get MySpace.

Now you might say "Russ, you blog. That's young and hip." And to some extent, you'd be right. But the real generation gap in my book is MySpace. If you get it - young, if not - old. I, sadly, am old.

Billy Jealousy is now on MySpace. You remember Billy Jealousy - one of our favorite shaving creams out there. And now he's on MySpace. Smart move. Why? I have no idea. I just know it's smart.

So if you use MySpace, and chances are you do, click on over to www.myspace.com/billyjealousy and become a friend. Or leave a comment. Or do something. And then tell me what you did, so I can learn how to be young again.

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May 3, 2006

Reader Review of King of Shaves' Micro Magnetically Enhanced Shaving Gel

magnagel_mme.jpgBack in December we posted about King of Shaves' Micro Magnetically Enhanced Shaving Gel. Recently ShavingStuff reader Jeff tried a little science experiment and wrote in with this review:

I bought some of this stuff recently, and I gotta tell you, I was really surprised to learn that the stuff truly does appear magnetic. I squirted some on the head of my Norelco electric shaver (the one with the gel packs) and then turned it on. No joke, this stuff started to ooze in the direction of the blades rotation! It truly did! Just to make sure this wasn't normal and perhaps I've never noticed before, I washed it off and repeated the same process with some kinda face goop my girlfriend uses. It isn't meant for shavning or anything, but it's about the same consistency. Well, with that stuff on the shaving heads, turning on the blades didn't do a thing. They just spun and spun under the goop. It didn't budge. I rinsed it off, added some of this stuff again, fired it back up, and sure enough, it started moving around the rings. The spinning metal really did draw the gel closer. It was crazy; crazy-awesome! =)

King of Shaves' MagnaGel MME Shaving Gel is $6.74 at shave.com. 6.74? Crazy exchange rate!

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May 1, 2006

Review of Billy Jealousy's Fuzzy Logic

As we mentioned a couple weeks ago, our friends over at Billy Jealousy have introduced a new shampoo into their line of skin care products called Fuzzy Logic. They sent us a sample which we've been using now for about 5 days. Now I don't really know much about shampoo, or what to look for when reviewing it, but here's my one piece of anecdotal evidence - ShavingStuff wife remarked (totally unprovoked) "Hey, you smell good." after I used it for the first time. Is it possible that I've never smelled good before? Naw. Must be the shampoo.

Fuzzy Logic has a nice, pepperminty smell to it. It also has ingredients to block DHT, which leads to hairloss. (I had to look that up.) And, according to the back of the bottle:

Unfortunately, Fuzzy Logic does not come with a small stick to beat back your anxious hordes of admirers.

So, to rectify this obvious omission, here is a list of ShavingStuff recommended small sticks:

Fuzzy Logic is available now at BillyJealousy.com for $22.

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April 21, 2006

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Wilmer Valderrama

This week's star of Celebrity Facial Hair Friday is none other than Wilmer Valderrama. You know him now as Fez on That '70s Show, but soon the world will know him as Francis "Ponch" Poncherello in the upcoming 2008 remake of CHiPs. Wilmer had maintained a young, clean-shaven look during his TV tenure, but is now sporting several days of growth to make him look tougher and more mature. And a little dangerous. I like it!

Oh, and what's Mr. Valderrama reaching for in this picture? Why it's Baxter of California shaving products! (This week has somehow turned into Baxter week.) Yep, the stars were out at Sundance recently, and many of them wandered into the Gibson / Intuition House. Here's a link to many of the celebs (courtesy of Getty Images) who perused the shelves, including Timothy Hutton, Crispin Glover, and Terrence Howard. Hey, they like Baxter... maybe I should too... See how that works?

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