January 27, 2006

Gillette Fusion is Available!


The Gillette Fusion is available in stores as of Thursday January 26th. Readers from around the country are reporting availability in Costco, Walgreen's and CVS. We've even got out first reader review from Greg in Texas:

I got my Fusion last night (1/26/06) in Houston. I used it and I think it's a winner. The blade cartridge is much larger but the individual blades are about 50% smaller than the Mach3 Turbo. The shave feels much different than the M3T. Maybe it was because it was a new cartridge, but the shave seemed closer with less razor burn. The single blade on the back is a great addition too, but I think it will take some practice to get the perfect sideburns.

Huge day in the shaving world. HUGE! 15 and 30 second teaser ads are starting to air now, and then the big media kickoff starts during Super Bowl XL next Sunday. Here's the press release detailing to rollout. Suggested price for the non-powered Fusion is $9.99, while the Fusion Power will retail at $11.99. I have no doubt you'll find them on sale over the next few weeks. A quick check at Amazon shows that the Gillette Fusion Power is down to $9.57.

Gentlemen, start your razors!

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January 26, 2006

Gillette Fusion Available in Chicago

top_costco_logo.gifReader Alert!

ShavingStuff reader Chris has written in to say that the new 5-bladed Gillette Fusion is now available at Costco in Chicago. I was under the impression that the national launch was next Sunday during the Superbowl, but perhaps they're seeding the market early.

Just wanted to see if anyone spotted the Gillette Fusion yet and have tried it. I thought it was going to be out in a week or so. However, I was at Costco in Chicago today and they had a huge crate of them sitting out. I was somewhat surprised.

So, if you want to be the first kid on the block with the cool new tool, head on over to Costco and score yourself some cred.

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Text to the X with Schick


Time for you to win free tickets to the the X Games this summer, courtesy of Schick. And while you're at it, pick up a free Schick Quattro razor while supplies last. How does it work? Click here to register (which of course means you give up your address, phone number, email, and first born). Then, as you're watching the winter X Games on ESPN, you text your magic code when you see the "Text to the X" symbol flash on the screen. Note that's the winter X Games, and not the winter Olympics. And you'll need to be watching live, for all you TiVo owners.

Peronally, I can't wait to see a snowboarder whip out his Quattro Power while doing a 720 and shave his goatee. It's shaving... to the EXTREME!

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January 25, 2006

Walmart Soundcheck and the new Gillette Fusion

logo_always.gifWe're only weeks away from the launch of the Gillette Fusion, which will coincide with the Superbowl on Feb 5th, and here's the first inkling of the upcoming media blitz which will surely come. The Gillette Fusion is sponsoring Walmart's new Soundcheck promotion -

a new, original music performance series dedicated to bringing exclusive, cutting-edge and popular music content to customers both in stores and online at Walmart.com

If you're in a Walmart, head on over the the HDTV wall (as if you weren't going there anyway) and you'll see performances by known and emerging artists in glorious high-def, as well as promotions for the new Gillette Fusion. If you're on a computer, click on over to soundcheck.walmart.com to see those same perforamces in slightly less glorious streaming video, as well as promotions for the new Gillette Fusion. Sorry Mac users (including me), Soundcheck is Internet Explorer only. Somebody tell me if Yellowcard is any good.

Read the full press release here

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January 24, 2006

Numb Your Face with The Common Man by Philosophy

Here's one for the sensitive man, and by that I don't mean emotional. I mean raw, gritty, bristly skin which abhors a shave. Say hello to the common man by philosophy. Corey A. Mathers, a fellow blogger, sums up the common man's secret sauce thusly:

What sets The Common Man apart is the addition of a mild anaesthetic to the mix; it numbs your face! The effect lasts long enough to emerge from the shower and apply lotion. No burning, no redness. It is simply outstanding stuff.

Read all of Corey's post on his blog thedeadhand.com.

And here's another distinguishing tidbit about the common man - philosophy recommends you do the upshave.

...shave in the shower if you have a mirror. apply a thin, see-through layer to a warm, wet face. shave down first. re-apply another see-through layer. shave upwards. follow with hope in a jar.

Now as we all know shaving against the grain is a big no-no. And, as we all know, shaving against the grain gives you an even closer shave. Is this the first shaving cream designed for the unthinkable? the common man is $12 for 3.3 oz. Try it if you dare.

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January 17, 2006

Kristan Bromley - British Bob Skeleton Champion

Oh baby, have I got Olympic fever. I've always loved the winter olympics more than the summer. More speed. Whether is screaming down a mountain or careening down an ice chute, the winter olympics are all about going fast over the ice and snow. And this year I'll be taking time out from rooting for team USA to cheer for Kristan Bromley, sponsored by our good friends over at King of Shaves. Excuse me - that's Kristan Bromley Ph D.

32 year old Kristan Bromley from Bath is the current World Cup and European Bob Skeleton Champion, winning five out of the seven World Cup events in 2004. He is very hopeful of winning a British medal at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin. This would be one of only six Gold medals ever won by Britain in the winter Olympics, which began in 1924. The King of Shaves sponsorship deal will enable Kristan to develop his Skeleton bobsleigh and remain on track in his quest to win the event.

Read more here. And while you're there, check out the Flash game where you can pretend to sled like a champ. I landed in a tree the first time I tried, but the next time I finished in style. Maybe I can get Gillette or Schick to sponsor me at the olympics...

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January 16, 2006

Review of Zia for Men, part 1

About a month ago we received two shaving gift sets from Zia, their Skin Clearing Set and their Skin Hydrating Set, both of which are available from their website for only $19.95. If you haven't checked out their site, Zia is dedicated to bringing you "natural skin care products using whole foods, pure essential oils and healing botanicals." Now you've heard me say in the past that I don't care what's in my shaving creams as long as I get the best shave, but with Zia you can have the best of both worlds. For the last month we've been testing the Skin Clearing Set and today we're declaring it a big winner. Great shave. Great products. Great ingredients.

Each Skin Clearing Gift Set contains:
  5 oz. ActiClean Face Scrub
  5 oz. ActiShield Shave Gel
  2.5 oz. DualAction Face Lotion

First the ActiClean Face Scrub - As you probably know, shaving works best on a clean face. But it also works best on an exfoliated face - one that's been clensed of that upper layer of dead skin and dirt. The ActiClean face scrub is your all-in-one solution here. Turns out corn cob and pineapple unblock pores. Who knew? Also, tea tree and willow bark fight breakouts and razor bumps. Again, did not know that. But they do. In the month that I've been using this Zia set my skin has been noticably clearer of breakouts, and while I don't usually suffer from razor bumps, I'm inclined to believe it will work there too.

Next up, the ActiShield Shave Gel - This is a shaving gel, so if you're one of the few who got the Conair Hot Lather Machine for Christmas, make sure you got the model which handles gel. Some are only made for cream. But I digress. The ActiShield Shave Gel goes on clear but works up a nice subtle lather as you work it in your face. What's in this one? I'm glad you asked - why, it's eucalytpus and plantain to treat razor bumps and breakouts. What else? Glycerin and algae to prevent razor drag. And I'll attest to that - the ActiShield shave gel worked great with a new and old razor, and after one, two, and three days of growth. Very few nicks in the entire month I shaved. Also, ActiShield worked great around common trouble spots - Adam's apple, under the nose, around the lips. I liked that it left a smooth layer of slickness after I had made my first pass with a razor, so if I needed a second clean-up pass I didn't need to re-apply. This is great stuff. Seriously. I would have no hesitation recommending this shaving cream to anyone.

Finally we come to the DualAction Face Lotion - I liked this so much I used it after a shave in the morning and then later in the evening after I washed my face before going to bed. Especially great if you have an oily face, the lotion adds just the right amount of moisture and nothing more. None of the Zia shaving products have an overwhelming smell, but I think the face lotion is the most pronounced. Slightly lemony or citrusy with a hint of black pepper. Can't quite put my finger on it, but it's good. So what's in this one? Would you believe extract of cork tree? Also more plantain and some barley.

Final summation - the Zia Skin Clearing shaving set rocks. And for $19.95, it's a steal. If you're into all natural products this stuff was made for you. If not, this stuff was still made for you. Again, I would recommend these shaving products to anyone.

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January 12, 2006

The King Has Entered the Building

kosfa_info.jpgBig thanks goes out to the good folks over at King of Shaves who just sent over some new products to review. Starting with a clean face we have the XCD Primer Pre Shave Face Wash. Next we'll slick up with Formula Alpha Shaving Oil Supercooled Menthol (pictured) for a smooth shave. Finally we'll top it off with XCD Defender Facial Moisturiser. Sounds like a good regimen to me. As an added bonus the King sent over a tube of their Jellyfish Firm Hold Styling Gel. Thanks your highness! ShavingStuff is getting the royal treatment. We'll be trying these products out over the next month and have a review up soon.

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January 7, 2006

Review of KENMEN products, part 2

I've been struggling a bit on how to write the second part of the review of KENMEN products. If you remember from our first review, we were very happy with the products they sent over. These next four, however, didn't live up to the first. It's always tough to write negatively about a product when a manufacturer has sent over a free sample, but no one ever said writing a shaving blog was going to be easy.

So let's talk about these products. Actually, let's first talk about the product names. You'll notice that the three tubes look quite similar, and each has a somewhat mystifying name. Even though the website calls the shaving cream "Baby Face Healing Shaving Cream", the tube says "Baby Face Cure-Gel Rasage". The website may say "Battlescars - Healing Body & Face Cream", but the tube says "Battle Scars Cure Detoxifiante". At 6:00 in the morning I had a tough time remembering which was for shaving and which was for after. A little bit of French might have helped, but I took Spanish in high school. Que lastima.

Next, let's talk about the actual containers. Each is a 6 oz. tube which unscrews and allows you to squeeze out the contents. There's a little plastic insert in the hole where the contents comes out which essentially makes the hole smaller. My guess is that there's one standard opening for the tube, and then this insert is added if you want a smaller flow of cream or gel to come out with each squeeze. The thing is, if you squeeze too hard, the plastic insert comes out, and you've got quite a mess on your hands. Not a huge deal if you're using the exfoliant in the shower, but a bit of a pain when you're cleaning up shaving cream from the sink. Squeeze these tubes gently, and mind the insert.

h20showergel.jpgSpeaking of exfoliant, H2O-Synergie Shower Gel & Scrub ($28) was probably my favorite of the three. A nice, gentle exfoliant for use on the face and the body. Smells a lot like ginger ale. I'm not kidding. But not in a bad way. And you can use it in place of soap.

ArrowContinue reading: "Review of KENMEN products, part 2"

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December 19, 2005

King of Shaves' Micro Magnetically Enhanced Shaving Gel

magnagel_mme.jpgI love technology. People, we are living in great times. Remember Billy Jealousy's silicon beads? Well say hello to the King of Shaves' MagnaGel MME Shaving Gel, winner of FHM's 2005 "Best Shave" and runner-up in the "Best Grooming Innovation" awards. What makes MagnaGel MME Shaving Gel so special? Science.

MagnaGel MME (Micro Magnetically Enhanced) shaving gel sets the new standard for shaving software. Micro-magnetically enhanced particles 'stick' to the blade throughout the shave, delivering an unsurpassed level of lubrication and protection [...] our DDS [Dual Delivery System] is now incorporated at a micro-pore level as well as in the capsules! Vitamin E and grapeseed oil are contained in tiny capsules which break when massaged on the skin, delivering a skin-perfecting burst of ingredients to heal and lubricate more quickly and effectively than ever before. helping to give excellent razor glide.

Magnetic particles?!? Vitamin-filled capsules?!? Yes! Yes! Yes! Look, there's a time and place for all that natural stuff. And then there's a time for man-made genius. I don't see a team of flowers and vines working to make your shave better. Plus, if you use this stuff long enough you'll probably get superpowers.

King of Shaves' MagnaGel MME Shaving Gel is $6.74 at shave.com for 175ml. I think that's like 3 gallons or something.

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