July 22, 2008

Review of Peter Thomas Roth Moisturizing Multi Tasking After Shave Balm

ptraftershave.jpegYesterday we shaved with Peter Thomas Roth 21st Century Shave Cream. Today we're finishing up with Peter Thomas Roth Moisturizing Multi Tasking After Shave Balm. Multi tasking? Why yes. This after shave is also good in the evenings, as a moisturizer after you've washed your face.

Skin-soothing after shave balm, formulated for normal to dry skin types. Helps discourage micro-inflammation as it delivers continuous hydration. Calming complex with allantoin and pro vitamin B5 helps prevent blotchiness and counteracts the discomfort associated with shaving and exposure to the elements. Refreshes and protects the skin, keeping it comfortable moisturized all day.

I liked Peter Thomas Roth's after shave quite a bit. Again, the scent is not the strong point here, but the after shave was mostly odorless. I enjoyed using it both in the morning and the evening, regardless of whether I shaved. Never needed to supplement with anything heavier, yet my skin never felt too oily after using it. I'd recommend this after shave to anyone.

Peter Thomas Roth Moisturizing Multi Tasking After Shave Balm is $24 for a 3.4 oz tube.

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July 21, 2008

Review of Peter Thomas Roth 21st Century Shave Cream

ptr21st.jpegJust got back from the 21st century and boy are my arms tired! Thank you. I'll be here all week. Try the Fusion.

Take a minute to refresh your memory about Hungarian skin-care prodigy Peter Thomas Roth, then come on back for our review of his shaving cream.

Actually, Mr. Roth has two shaving creams - 21st Century Shave Cream and Modern Classic Shave Cream. We're reviewing the former, which oddly enough is currently not available on his website, but is available from Details for Men (who supplied us with it).

Cutting edge 21st century technology delivers this unique, rich, velvety shaving cream that is formulated with skin-smoothing moisturizers that form a silky, protective barrier allowing for a closer, more comfortable shave without irritation.

"Velvety" is a decent description of this shaving cream. Close to the consistency of home-made whipped cream. Appearing thick and white, yet still loose and spreadable. Goes on easily with fingers but not thickly so you still have a decent view of your skin underneath.

The scent of Peter Thomas Roth's 21st Century Shave Cream is not it's strong point. Not bad, but not that interesting. Kind of vaguely reminds me of Elmer's Glue mixed with a little sun screen. It's a flat smell, if that makes any sense.

Here's the thing. I've had the privilege to shave with some pretty amazing products over the last few years, so the bar has been raised pretty darn high. Peter Thomas Roth's 21st Century Shave Cream is a huge step up from drugstore brands, but it's not at the level of a Billy, Art, or some other Gentlemen we've tried. The shave is solid with little to no irritation. It's close but not super-close. This is one of those brands I'd recommend to someone who's beginning their quest for the ultimate shave. You'll see a huge improvement over all those "foaming gels" and the like.

Peter Thomas Roth 21st Century Shave Cream is $21 for a 7 oz tube.

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July 16, 2008

Ford To Advertise On Cans Of Barbasol Shaving Cream

fordbarbasol.jpgYou heard me right. Those classic barber-pole cans of Barbasol are carving out a 4x3 inch section for advertising, and the Ford Motor Company will have pole position.

With a shelf life of up to 90 days, companies can capitalize on multiple and recurrent impressions to promote their products, services and events. [...] Ford Motor Company is the first company to choose cans of Barbasol, promoting the inaugural season of the Ford Racing Mustang Challenge for the Miller Cup professional racing series. Ford's version of the can features a white Mustang on the front. The cans, which will be on shelves in August 2008

Now it seems to me that it would have been a much better option to advertise on cans of Miller beer, given that this is the Miller Cup. Then again I'm sure there's some legal regulation about advertising on beer, given that you can't advertise for beer on virtually anything, so shaving cream is the next logical choice. Makes perfect sense to me.

Love shaving? And racing? Win a "Free VIP weekend for two, at Miller Motorsports Park, for the Season Finale of the Mustang Challenge for the Miller Cup." Go to MustangChallenge.com/Barbasol for all the details.

Read the full press release at MarketWatch.

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June 18, 2008

Reader Review of Barbasol Ultra Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream and Balm

barbasol_014.jpgShaving Stuff reader Keith recently wrote in with this review of Barbasol Ultra Sensitive Skin shaving cream and balm.

I switched to the Kiss My Face line of shaving lotions a number of years ago after trying a sample because I felt it did as good a job as my current shaving cream and better prevented razor burn. I chanced across this Barbasol shaving cream by accident and necessity and was impressed with how much nicer the shaving experience was. I felt it was both a smoother and more effective shave and haven't had any razor burn issues. It is now my new shaving cream. Oh - and the moisture balm is nice at conditioning the skin without any sting or discomfort which is a nice added bonus. I'd recommend these products to anyone with sensitive skin trying to avoid razor burn while getting a nice close shave.

Nice! Sounds like we've got a winner. You can find Barbasol Ultra Sensitive Skin at most major supermarkets and drugstores, typically for under $5.

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May 27, 2008

Gifts for Dad: Baxter of California

What do you get the father you never knew who happens to be hell-bent on crushing the rebellion and ruling the galaxy? Baxter of California thinks a good shave is all you need to overcome the lure of the dark side.

For the dark lord in need of a better shave there's SHAVE 1.2.3 ($60). For the aging emperor trying to recapture his youth there's the Anti-Aging Package ($55). For the smuggler constantly on the Kessel run there's the TSA-Approved Travel Kit ($50). And for the droid in need of new hardware there's the Baxter Manicure/Grooming Set ($200).

So no matter what your level of midi-chlorians, there's something for your father at Baxter of California. That is, as long as your father isn't a Wookie or an Ewok. I don't think they shave. Ever.

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May 21, 2008

Get All Products from Ritual in "The Kit"

boxset_200_ritual.jpgAll of the items we've been reviewing over the past week have come from Ritual's The Kit, which includes full size containers of all their products - Nature Calls, Razor Rinse, The Whip, The Balm and Trifecta. Plus, The Kit comes in an old-school wooden box (pictured) with Ritual's logo burned and branded on the top. All-in-all it makes for a sweet presentation.

Oh! Did say present-a-tion? Huh, Father's Day is coming up. The Kit might make a dad very happy.

The Kit from Ritual is $79.

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May 20, 2008

Review of The Balm Post-Shave Gel from Ritual

balm_250.jpgYour face needs a little healing help after you've taken The Whip to it. Good thing Ritual has you covered with The Balm post-shave gel.

Stand by the ritual. The Balm has fresh cooling Aloe and Lidocaine to extinguish your face after a shave. The Tea Tree Oil and Witch Hazel will continue to work throughout the day (or night) to soothe your skin and prevent irritation from shaving. It's the perfect ending to your Triple S.

(For those of you who missed a day in class, "Triple S" is shave, shower, and sh!t. Not necessarily in that order.)

The Balm works well as a post-shave gel. It's a great way to finish your shave and leave your skin rejuvinated and re-moisturized. Of all the Ritual products, though, this one was my least favorite. The scent was again a little too lemony and medicinal. And for me, there's an ingredient that I'm allergic to. Makes my lips and mouth go a little numb for about 20 minutes.

It's unlikely you will be allergic to it too. Several other shaving products have given me this type of reaction (Pacific Shaving Oil was one) and I've given them to friends and they've had no problem. I know, I'm delicate. One pea under my mattress and I'm a bruised mess. Guess I won't be the star of the ShavingStuff action-hero movie.

The Balm post shave gel from Ritual is $19 for a 4 oz tube. If you're interested in The Whip shaving cream, get the Balm to finish your shave off right.

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May 19, 2008

Review of The Whip Shaving Cream from Ritual

whip_250.jpgFinally! We've been shampooing, disinfecting, and even masking the smell of our sh!t business with products from Ritual. It's about time we shaved. Say hello to The Whip.

Abide by the ritual. The Whip is a richly lathered shave cream, which spreads easily across your face and neck no matter how thick your facial hair. It calms with Aloe, Chamomile, and Cucumber extracts and contains just enough Lidocaine to reduce the burning and redness that result from shaving.

I was totally happy with the shave from The Whip. Nice and close. No nick or cuts. No irritation. And even though they describe it as "richly lathered", the Whip doesn't foam or lather on your face, which is a plus in my book. It's white, not clear, but you can still see a fair amount of your skin underneath if you're trying to avoid a blemish or existing facial hair.

I think the only mark against The Whip from me would be the scent. Somewhere between medicinal and lemony, although not altogether unpleasant. This isn't a recommendation against The Whip. Just saying I've smelled better.

The Whip Shave Cream from Ritual is $18 for a 6 oz tube.

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May 16, 2008

Review of Trifecta Body, Hair, and Face Wash from Ritual

trifecta_250.jpgDay three of our tour of products from Ritual. We'll take a break from shaving-related products and talk about Trifecta Body, Hair and Face Wash.

Obey the ritual. Trifecta takes your three essential shower products and packs them into an all-in-one body, hair and face wash. It is specially formulated to lather up with ease in both hard and soft water. Trifecta has powerful dirt-defying suds and moisturizes with Soy and Wheat Proteins to leave you feeling spic-and-span from head to toe.

I'm no expert on shampoos, but Trifecta seems to do a great job on my hair. What I really like is the ability to take the lather from my hair and use it to wash my face. Easy, convenient, and efficient. I'm a big fan of these three-in-one products, although I admit that I usually only use two of their three capabilities. I still like a bar of soap for the body. Transferring lather to my various nooks and crannies isn't as easy as a good ol' bar of soap. I supposed I could attempt to use a washcloth, but hey, two out of three ain't bad.

Trifecta Body, Hair and Face Wash is $16 for an 8 oz. tube.

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May 15, 2008

Review of Ritual Razor Rinse

rinse_250.jpgDay two in our look at products from Ritual, and we're focusing on Ritual Razor Rinse, another product we wrote about a while back and have finally had the opportunity to use.

Here's the deal - you've taken a hot shower so your pores are wide open. Your skin is at its most vulnerable. And you're about to treat it to a razor which has been sitting around for a day with who knows what growing on it. Hey, there's a reason doctors sterilize their tools before using them, and maybe you should too.

Ritual Razor Rinse is largely alcohol, with a dose of tea tree oil and some lemony scent to cut any harshness. Also, it's more of a gel than liquid, so you can squeeze a little on the head of your razor and then carefully work it around with your fingers to cover the entire surface. Then, when you're ready to shave, rinse under hot water and away you go.

So does it work? Hard to say exactly, but I think the answer is yes. I seemed to have less red bumps and break out after using it. Also, dermatologist Howard Fein endorses it, so you know it's got to be good. I'd definitely give it a try if you've got sensitive skin and are looking for ways to reduce flair-up from shaving.

Ritual's Razor Rinse is $17 for a 4oz. tube.

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