February 29, 2008

Celebrity Facial Hair Monday - Kevin Dillon

kevinDillon.jpgYo Drama! What's that shit on your grill? You got a caterpillar on your face?

Look, I know you're always striking out with the ladies, but this is not a good change. Stick with the clean-shaven look, or go way out there with the facial hair. The mustache says sleazy and over-confident.

By the way, this image is from ZIRH's regular emails, and has the caption:

Kevin Dillion from HBO's hit show Entourage picks up a complimentary ZIRH Body Bar at the Official Superbowl XLII Talent and Player Gift Lounge.

Bonus points for anyone who remembers the brand of products Johnny Drama was using in season one of Entourage.

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February 26, 2008

The Gentlemen's Refinery Introduces Unscented After Shave

gr_unscented_after.gifJust got word that The Gentlemen's Refinery has introduced a new Unscented After Shave "Designed For Those With Skin and or Scent Sensitivities". Now I understand skin sensitivities, but scent sensitivities? What's that? Like, hey, this smells like crap! I'm sensitive to it.

Thing is, Gentlemen's Refinery products smell great. Aside from being among the finest shaving products we've ever used, they are also among the finest smelling shaving products we've used. But who knows. Maybe they got feedback from a couple of nasally challenge complainers. Whatever. I haven't used their new unscented after shave, but based on our past experience with Gentlemen's Refinery's "The Standard" After Shave Balm, I have no doubt it will rock.

The Gentlemen's Refinery Unscented After Shave Balm is $40 for a 3.4 Ounces/100 ml.

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February 20, 2008

Review of Zia for Men's Triple Action FACE/BODY/HAIR 3-in-1 Wash

ZiaTripleActionWASH.jpgAs we mentioned the other day, we got a bunch of other Zia for Men grooming products in. We've been using their Zia for Men's Triple Action FACE/BODY/HAIR 3-in-1 Wash in the shower. Seems to be a trend, these 3-in-1 shower products. It's like men want something quick and easy. Actually that does describe most men I know when it comes to grooming.

So basically we've got a shampoo, a face wash, and a body wash all combined into one. As a shampoo it works well. Not that I feel qualified to say much here, but my hair seem fine after using it. And after working up a big lather on my head, I'd use the suds to wash my face. Nice two-in-one usage.

My personal preference is still to use a bar of soap. It's (mostly) easy to hold, you can place it where you want to go, and it's familiar. So I really only used Zia for two of it's three possibilities.

One thing to note - the tube has a funky cap. You push down on one side of the top, which raises the other side of the top, and then you squeeze the tube. Took me a minute to figure this out. Best to know how to operate the bottle instead of trying to figure it out while you're still waking up.

My only complaint with Zia's Triple Action was that it smelled slightly too much like lemony Pledge. Not overbearing by any means, but other Zia products have smelled better. My hair doesn't smell lemony all day, so I'm continuing to happily use it.

Zia for Men's Triple Action FACE/BODY/HAIR 3-in-1 Wash is $13.95 for a 6.7 oz tube.

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February 13, 2008

Review of Zia for Men's ActiClean Skin Clearing Face Wash

ziaActiclean.jpgA while ago we reviewed Zia for Men shaving products. And recently we received a shipment of other men's facial products from Zia. We've been using Zia for Men's ActiClean Skin Clearing Face Wash for a month now, and here's our report.

Good stuff.

Once again Zia has managed to create a high-quality product using natural ingredients, free of dyes and perfumes. Even if you actively seeked out a face wash with radioactive blue dye and ingredients with names a mile long, you'd have a hard time turning Zia ActiClean down.

Zia's face wash is a clear gel with a pleasing peppermint scent. I tended to use it once a day when I was washing up before going to bed. A quarter size amount is all you need. Apply to a warm wet face, work up a light lather, and rinse. Follow up with a light moisture cream. Easy. My face felt nice and clean, and wasn't left too dry.

Zia for Men's ActiClean Skin Clearing Face Wash is $8.95 for a 5 oz tube. Get some.

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February 12, 2008

Review of the Philips Norelco Nose and Ear Trimmer

nt9110.jpgI know, it's not something we all want to talk about. But every man should have a nose trimmer in his hair-battling arsenal. Woman may have their waxing kits hidden under the vanity. Men should have their nose hair trimmer hidden right next to them. Take a minute to read our unboxing of the Philips Norelco Nose and Ear Trimmer, then come on back for our full review.

foilHeadtrimmer.jpgLate last year Philips Norelco introduced the NT9110, aka the "Precision Nose and Ear Trimmer", a radical departure from traditional rotary tops. How is different? Well, while most nose hair trimmers have a spinning blade under a foiled head, (see picture left), the Norelco has "Tube Shave" technology.

Tube Shave is a next-generation shaving technology that delivers fast, one stroke efficiency for significantly better hair catching than foil shaving. You also get significantly closer results than current precision trimmers. Tube Shave technology shaves at skin level. The shaver can be applied to every angle of the skin without losing shaving effectiveness.

"Tube Shave" seems like kind of a funny name for it. I'd call it "Vertical Shave". Or "Shaft Shave" (given the innuendo Philips Norelco tends to use). Basically, you stick that long shaft, er... stalk up your nose and wiggle it around. You'll be surprised at how far up it can go. Kind of freaked me out. The good news is that it never once caught or tugged a hair, which would have been very painful.

The Philips Norelco Nose and Ear Trimmer also comes with two eyebrow attachments which easily snap on over the shaft. Er... tube. They actually work pretty well at trimming out-of-control eyebrows. You'll definitely want to go against the grain. Running them in the direction that your eyebrow hair grows will only work as a comb (which is sometimes all that you need). I'd definitely recommend starting with the longer attachment first. Can't recover from too close. For me the longer attachment was all I needed, although I have pretty thick eyebrows. No need to go all Bob Geldof in The Wall.

Finally, the NT9110 is also an ear hair trimmer. You don't need any attachment. Just run it along your lobes where hair grows, and occasionally in the folds of the ear. (I'm embarrassed to admit that hair grows there too.)

So, how does the Philips Norelco Nose and Ear Trimmer really stack up? As a nose-hair trimmer, it's decent. I think the rotary foil trimmers I've used in the past have done slightly better, but the Norelco does well, and you don't get the occasional painful snag. As an eyebrow shaver it's great. Your alternative is a comb, a pair of scissors, and a lesson from your barber. And as an ear hair shaver it's mixed. For hair along the lobe I prefer an electric razor. For hair in the folds of your ears, it can't be beat.

In summation, I'd give the Norelco an A for effort, and a B+ for execution. At $12.99 (which includes battery!), it's definitely worth it.

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February 11, 2008

15% Off Shave the Males and Soothe the Shaven Beast from Mensgroom

ShavetheMales.jpgWe're currently in the midst of reviewing the full line of Mensgroom products, from Shave the Males all the way to Be Cleansed My Son. Advanced word is very positive, but you'll have to check back in a week or two for the full report.

In the mean time Mensgroom is having a Valentine's Day sale which you should check out: Save 15% when you order Shave the Males shaving cream and Soothe the Shaven Beast after shave from their website. Not too shabby. Might make a good Valentine's gift for someone special...

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February 5, 2008

Introducing the Gillette Phenom Fusion Power Razor

GillettePhenom.jpgPop quiz! What do you do when you've got a hit product? If you've been a regular Shaving Stuff reader, you'd know the answer. If not, check out this post. The answer: release it again. And again. And again.

Two Superbowls ago in 2006 Gillette released the Gillette Fusion and Gillette Fusion Power, the world's first five-bladed razor. (Or six-bladed, depending on how you count the "Precision Trimmer" blade.) At last year's Superbowl Gillette released the Gillette Fusion Power Phantom, which included a slightly redesigned handle and a darker color scheme. Well, the Superbowl was two days ago, and guess what? Gillette introduced the Gillette Fusion Power Phenom.

Gillette Fusion Phenom and Gillette Fusion Power Phenom combine the breakthrough technology of the Gillette Fusion shaving system, with a cool new design featuring metallic blue and silver satin chrome handles.

Don't worry. It takes the same blades you've been using. And if you already have a Fusion Power or Fusion Power Phantom, don't feel the need to rush out and get the Phenom. That said, if you haven't tried any of the Fusion Power razors, you'll be in for a treat when you do. Personally, I think they rock.

So it's pretty clear we'll have another Fusion release at next year's Superbowl. And given the current trend of naming the new razors with the "ph" sound, I recommend next year's product be called the "Gillette Fusion Power Phoneme". Remember, you heard it here first.

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January 30, 2008

Follow Up to Shaving With The Art of Shaving's Shaving Cream

taosShavingCream.gifGot an email from someone at The Art of Shaving in response to our recent review of their Unscented Shaving Cream, specifically about my application technique. Or lack thereof. Here's the advice:

Next time you shave, wet the brush with warm water...take about a 1 finger amount of shaving cream and put it inside the center of the brush. Then lather up. No need to put it on your face first to mix-you don't need to use that much of any of our products.

Not surprisingly, that method works really well. And, if I were a little more observant, I would have seen that their website had similar instructions on the "more about shaving cream" link. Should have been doing that for a while. Could have saved a little bathroom mess.

The Art of Shaving's Unscented Shaving Cream is $22 for a 5.3 ounce jar.

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January 29, 2008

Review of The Art of Shaving - Unscented After-Shave Balm

taofAfterShave.gifIf you're just joining us, we've layer some pre-shave oil on our face, shaved with unscented shaving cream, and even rubbed a rock on our face. We're finally ready to apply after-shave.

Formulated with grapeseed extract, shea butter and vitamin C, it moisturizes, rejuvenates and revitalizes to promote healthy skin. After-Shave Balm is recommended for normal, sensitive and dry skin. Antiseptic and alcohol-free.

I loved The Art of Shaving's Unscented After-Shave Balm. Went on smooth and easily, and helped my skin recovery from the radiation fallout of my Gillette Fusion Power. Very little scent, although it vaguely reminded me of some vanilla soy milk I tried at Whole Foods.

I'm going to complain about one thing here, and it's a nit. As much as I love the thick glass bottle, it's not the greatest choice for dispensing the after-shave. A squeeze tube would be better. Instead you're left thwacking the bottle against your palm to get an unpredictable amount. I often end up with a little too much after-shave on my hands.

That said, The Art of Shaving's Unscented line receives a big thumbs up from us. They had a high bar to hit, and they cleared it. If you're interested in taking your shave to a new level, you will not be disappointed.

The Art of Shaving's Unscented After-Shave Balm is $38 for a 4 ounce bottle.

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January 28, 2008

Review of The Art of Shaving - Alum Block

alumBlock.jpgSo we've thrown some pre-shave oil and shaving cream on our face, we've shaved, and now we're ready to soothe our skin with some after-shave balm. Slow down tiger! Don't you want to rub a rock across your face?

That's right. A rock. The Art of Shaving's Alum Block is a quartz-like block of alum whose "antiseptic properties calm razor burn and soothe irritations, and help stop bleeding in the event of a nick or cut." And guess what. It kind of works. Well, at least it definitely stops the bleeding of a minor nick or cut. I don't usually get razor burn, so I couldn't easily verify that, but there's no question that rubbing this rock over your freshly shaven skin will seal up any little cut you might have gotten. And it doesn't sting.

After shaving, moisten stone with cold water and rub it gently on abrasion or cut. For minor cuts, moisten stone with cold water and hold it over cut for a few seconds until bleeding stops.

This got me thinking - would any rock due? Now I took science in high school. Four years of science. I think one of those years was earth science. Heck I'm practically a scientist. So I went out back, dug in the earth, found a nice looking flat rock, and rubbed it on my face. Guess what. Hurt like a mo@*&!!%*#er.

So the real questions to me are - who in their right mind was the first person to think that rubbing a rock on your face might be helpful, and who was the first person to realize that it actually was? I'm guessing it was probably one of the Rockefellers. Those guys are smart.

Anyway, if you get a bunch of nicks and cuts from shaving, switch to The Art of Shaving products, and stop trying to get 30 shaves out of your disposable razor. If you can't do that, get an Alum Block and rub it over your face.

The Art of Shaving's Alum Block is $15 for a 4.4 ounce block.

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