May 19, 2006

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - David Spade

This week's Celebrity Facial Hair Friday pick is comedy's own David Spade. A former SNL cast-member, star of countless Hollywood B movies, and now host of Comedy Central's The Showbiz Show, David Spade has definitely made a name for himself.

These days Spade is sporting the slacker, unkempt look - several days growth of beard and moustache coupled with a few missed haircut appointments. Blonde hair often makes for tough facial sculpting, and I'm not sure this works. Personally, I prefer his clean-shaven baby face to this attempt at rugged. Take a sharp razor to that sharp wit. And keep on cracking us up.

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May 12, 2006

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Richard Schiff

rschiff.jpgIn honor of the series finale of TV's The West Wing this Sunday, we're choosing full-bearded Richard Schiff as today's Celebrity Facial Hair pick. Schiff has faithfully played moral high-grounded Toby Ziegler during the show's 7 year run, whose recent actions of divulging classified information of a military space shuttle have left his character facing a prison sentence. Will he or won't he be pardoned by the outgoing president? Tune in Sunday to find out.

Schiff's look is classic - full beard, full moustache. But don't let it's simplicity fool you. To maintain this look you need to carefully shave your upper cheeks and neck line. One errant stroke and you've got some serious damage control. Also, you need to constantly trim your beard so you don't go all crazy professor. I like to think of Schiff's beard as "academic kept in check." Well done.

Shave it or save it? While the West Wing's time is definitely up, Schiff's beard is timeless. I say save it.

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May 5, 2006

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Emiliano Zapata

Today is Cinco de Mayo, a holiday most Americans lovingly embrace with shots of tequila and an overindulgence in beer. Hmm... sounds like a typical weekend at a frat house. So in honor of Cinco de Mayo, and general American ignorance, we're picking Emiliano Zapata as our Facial Hair Friday Celeb. Even though Ignacio Zaragoza led the Mexican army in its defeat against the French on May 5th, 1862, he has no facial hair. Zapata (which is a female shoe if high-school Spanish serves), and his brother Eufemio pictured right, have wonderful, big, bushy, stereotypical moustaches. Those things are old-school. Don't see many of them these days.

And, to bring things to an even lower level, here's a little article from Ohio State University's U Weekly which introduces the concept of Cinco de Moustache. Hmm... any chance this idea was formed after shots of tequila and an overindulgence in beer?

Once again special thanks to Wikipedia for the history lesson, and apologies to my high-school spanish teachers.

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April 28, 2006

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Bruce Springsteen

bruceNewsImage_alt.jpgYou may know him as "The Boss", "Bruuuuuuuuuuce!!!!", or maybe just "that guy who does those old folks songs," but one way or another, you know him. Today's Facial Hair Friday Celeb is musician Bruce Springsteen, whose new album "We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions" came out this week. That's Pete Seeger, for all you young'uns.

Bruce has sported all types of facial hair throughout his career, from scraggly beard in his early days, to clean-cut, to five o'clock shadow, to goatee. These days The Boss has been wearing the soul patch, a simple tuft of hair under the lips. I think the subtly works. Also, there's a fair chance the rest of his beard is starting to gray, so the patch is a good compromise.

Shave it or save it? I'd save it for now, but I'm sure he'll shave it soon enough.

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April 21, 2006

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Wilmer Valderrama

This week's star of Celebrity Facial Hair Friday is none other than Wilmer Valderrama. You know him now as Fez on That '70s Show, but soon the world will know him as Francis "Ponch" Poncherello in the upcoming 2008 remake of CHiPs. Wilmer had maintained a young, clean-shaven look during his TV tenure, but is now sporting several days of growth to make him look tougher and more mature. And a little dangerous. I like it!

Oh, and what's Mr. Valderrama reaching for in this picture? Why it's Baxter of California shaving products! (This week has somehow turned into Baxter week.) Yep, the stars were out at Sundance recently, and many of them wandered into the Gibson / Intuition House. Here's a link to many of the celebs (courtesy of Getty Images) who perused the shelves, including Timothy Hutton, Crispin Glover, and Terrence Howard. Hey, they like Baxter... maybe I should too... See how that works?

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April 14, 2006

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Jesus

Good Friday to you all! In celebration of today, and the upcoming Easter, we feature Jesus as our Facial Hair Friday celeb. I think he needs little introduction.

Jesus (pictured, right) is often depicted with a full beard and moustache, probably because back then the Fusion hadn't been invented yet. (Actually if you're interested in how people shaved B.C. check out this post from late last year.) The Jesus look is quite popular in the music scene - Waylon Jennings, Greg Allman, Jason Lee in Almost Famous, to name a few.

How do you achieve "the Jesus"? It's simple, really. Stop shaving. I'd recommend talking to your wife or your boss before doing this, but hey, sometimes you've got to heed the lord's calling.

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April 7, 2006

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - The Edge

the_edge.jpgThis week's celebrity facial hair Friday pick is none other than U2's guitarist - The Edge. Born David Howell Evans in 1961, The Edge is known for his innovative guitar style which some have said comes from his early attempts to imitate the bagpipes.

Throughout his career The Edge has sported variations of the goatee, which as you know, has fallen out of favor recently on this site. But somehow he makes it work. Perhaps it's the scruffiness, perhaps it's the intensity. Whatever it is, the man is an original, and for that, we salute you.

OK Edge, play the blues...

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March 31, 2006

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Michael Douglas and Friends

Today's celebrity facial hair Friday star is movie star and lucky, lucky man, Michael Douglas. Seems my loyalty to T-Mobile and the Sidekick isn't enough to woo Catherine Zeta-Jones away from his loving arms. Or his scraggly beard. Yo Zeta. Have you looked at your hubby recently? Dude needs a Fusion.

The scary photo on the right comes from USA Today's Pop Candy Blog, where writer Whitney Matheson has assembled a list of 8 star studded beards, ripe for your sarcastic wit. There's Beastie Boy Adam Yauch, Orthodox Jewish rapper Matisyahu (I'm not kidding), Daniel Day-Lewis looking a little rounder than usual, and even the freaky dude from the Skittles commercial. Once you're through ridiculing them make sure you vote for your favorite. I went for the Beastie, and at last check he's in the lead with 21% of the vote.

Michael Douglas - shave it.
Beastie Boy - save it.
Orthodox Jewish Rapper - oy.

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March 24, 2006

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Terry O'Quinn

normal_2x16-truth-cap196.jpgDid you guys see Lost this week? Did you notice the major shaving faux pas committed by John Locke, AKA actor Terry O'Quinn? The lack of shaving cream? Well, that might be one. But I'm talking about the up-shave. The egregious, inexcusable, uncomfortable up-shave. And you'll remember this wasn't just one upward motion. This was stroke after futile stroke, tearing away skin, destroying a face. Haven't we been warned enough? The up-shave means in-grown hairs, razor burn, and more.

normal_2x16-truth-cap195.jpgThis week's celebrity facial hair pick is Terry O'Quinn, but for the wrong reasons. Please. Terry is not a role model. Do not emulate this man.

Oh, and if you're stuck on a deserted tropical island for a while, use an aftershave with a little SPF. And stay out of the sun.

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March 17, 2006

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Moustache Review!

burtreynolds1.jpgToday's celebrity facial hair Friday features a huge selection of be-moustached celebs. Big thanks to for compiling this mostly horrifying compendium.

johnoates.jpgFreddy Mercury, Gabe Kaplan, Gallagher? They're all there. Gene Shalit and Geraldo? Yup. How about John Oates, Keith Hernandez, and Tom Selleck? Of course. And we'll throw in Burt Reynolds and Carl Weathers to boot.

wilfordbrimley.jpgOnly Wilford Brimley seems to really pull it off, although have you seen John Oates recently without the moustache? Might be best if grew it back.

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