April 4, 2008

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - David Schwimmer

schwimmer-col.jpgThis week's Celebrity Facial Hair Friday pick is former Friends star David Schwimmer. David's feature film directorial debut "Run, Fatboy, Run" opened last week to mixed reviews, so David grew a beard.

What is it with first time directors and beards? First Jake Gyllenhaal, then Ben Affleck, and now David Schwimmer. It's like they all are trying to look like sophisticated and brooding artists. I'm convinced they all have the same publicist.

Hey! We get it. You did a bunch of acting. Some of which you're not proud. Now you want to direct. And be taken seriously. It's a natural progression. But who's telling you all to grow beards? And how long after the last junket do you shave it? I'm guessing 24 hours. Max.

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March 28, 2008

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Emilio Navaira

emilioNavaira.jpgThis week's Celebrity Facial Hair Friday pick is Tejano music star Emilio Navaira. The Grammy winning artist has been in the news recently, unfortunately not for his music. Seems Emilio was driving his tour bus overnight, coming back from a gig, when the bus went off the road and Emilio was hurled through the windshield. That pretty much sucks.

After several experimental procedures and brain surgeries, it looks like there might be hope for Emilio. What helped him through this? The love of his family? Most certainly. Care from the best doctors? No doubt. But I think any man that can pull of a mustache has got an 18 constitution to match his 18 charisma. Yes, I did just make a D&D reference. Now normally I'm not a fan of the mustache, but in this case it seems defining. And fortifying. So get well soon Emilio. Que te mejores.

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March 21, 2008

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Ben Affleck (again)

meAndBen.jpgBack in October I railed against Ben Affleck and his directorial beard. Ben had just debuted his new film Gone Baby Gone, decked out in take-me-seriously facial hair, and I wasn't buying it. Perhaps I was a little less than generous in my picks of roles to highlight. I mean, despite Armageddon being somewhat preposterous, he really did play a convincing driller.

Anyway, I got the chance to meet Mr. Affleck last weekend, along with his lovely wife, and it turns out he's actually a pretty sharp guy. And he and I shared matching one-day's worth of growth. Now if I could only learn to face the camera like a movie star (and my wife).

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March 7, 2008

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Baron Davis

BaronDavis.jpgThis week's Celebrity Facial Hair Friday pick is Golden State Warriors guard Baron Davis. Just another NBA player with a beard, you ask? Maybe. But also a businessman who has issued a facial hair smackdown.

That's right. According to his recent post on Yardbarker, a site "where athletes and fans debate, read and write about sports", Davis is calling you out at his site www.ibeatyou.com.

I created a competition on the site called The Best Beard...grow out a beard and join the comp. See if ya'll can top mine!!! FYI, there are a limited number of invites attached to the button so get it while its HOT!! LOL!!

OK, for those of you who are old, "comp" means competition; "LOL" means laugh out loud; and "HOT" means hot.

Of course, www.ibeatyou.com is in alpha (which means it probably has a lot of bugs (no, not those kinds of bugs - too much to explain)), so you can't sign up unless you get an invite. So if you were one of the cool kids who got in, share the love and let us know the details. If not, watch Baron Davis's beard and judge for yourself.

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February 29, 2008

Celebrity Facial Hair Monday - Kevin Dillon

kevinDillon.jpgYo Drama! What's that shit on your grill? You got a caterpillar on your face?

Look, I know you're always striking out with the ladies, but this is not a good change. Stick with the clean-shaven look, or go way out there with the facial hair. The mustache says sleazy and over-confident.

By the way, this image is from ZIRH's regular emails, and has the caption:

Kevin Dillion from HBO's hit show Entourage picks up a complimentary ZIRH Body Bar at the Official Superbowl XLII Talent and Player Gift Lounge.

Bonus points for anyone who remembers the brand of products Johnny Drama was using in season one of Entourage.

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February 22, 2008

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Fidel Castro

fidel_castro.gifNo big surprise on this week's pick - none other than Cuban President/Commander/Comrade/Jefe Fidel Castro. I'll skip the politics (although maybe I've started on some already) and get right to the beard.

It's big. It's bushy. And it's iconic.

Whether you love him or hate him, that bearded face and green military fatigues have become emblematic of a radical Latin American military dictator. Watch any cheesy movie set in South or Central America and you'll easily be able to spot the leader.

So who will take over Castro's position? Normally we'd ask if the next president could fill Castro's shoes. I think it's better to ask if he (or she) could fill his beard.

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February 8, 2008

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Tom Petty

tomPetty.jpgSuper Bowl XLII was this past Sunday, and in keeping with the tradition of hiring tame half-time acts (since Justin, Janet, and her wardrobe malfunction), Tom Petty got the nod. Actually, I think first Springsteen got the nod, who gave them the nix. Then the Eagles got the nod, and they also gave the no. So it was third string Petty who graced the halftime platform and robotically sang his three most boring songs from Full Moon Fever, the jump-the-shark album of his discography.

Are you feeling my love?

American Girl is a good song. Thanks for singing that one. What about Refugee? Here Comes My Girl? The Waiting? Not commercial enough, apparently.

Whatever. Tom Petty is old. And he's grown a ridiculous beard to try to mask it. But I know he hasn't written a decent song since 1989. That beard ain't fooling me.

Hey Tom - Don't Come Around Here No More.

(Yes I'm angry the Pats didn't win.)

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January 18, 2008

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Brad Pitt

bradPitt.jpgOh look! It's an old picture of The Edge.

Wait. That's... um...


No no no no no.

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January 10, 2008

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Writers Guild of America

conanObrien.jpgnewyorkerbeards.jpgOn Monday we did a special edition of Celebrity Facial Hair featuring the once be-bearded and now de-bearded David Letterman. I figured I'd bookend this week with a shot of Conan O'Brien, who is also showing his solidarity. Thing is it was surprisingly hard to find a current picture of O'Brien. And, the real bearders are the Writers Guild of America, so let's focus on them for a minute.

I found this New Yorker article amusing, as well as these seven photos of striking writers, all in various stages of facial hair flourish. There's Rob Dubbin, a writer for “The Colbert Report." Colin Jost, a writer for "Saturday Night Live" (and possible Sylar look-alike). And more.

John Solomon, another "S.N.L." writer, said he was sporting "kind of a Dan Haggerty," referring to the actor who played Grizzly Adams, and that he'd just been called the Unabomber by a visiting acquaintance from Greece. "The person who blew everybody's mind was Paul Shaffer," he said, recalling an impromptu pep talk that Letterman’s bandleader had delivered to the strikers outside Rockefeller Center. "He had a pretty full white beard, and no one recognized him for the longest time."

Paul Shaffer can grow a beard? Well, we may have our candidate for next week. Off to find a picture...

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January 7, 2008

Celebrity Facial Hair Monday - David Letterman

amd_letterman.jpgI like TV, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Let me qualify that. I like good TV. Bad TV is unwatchable. So while I tend to side with the writers during the current writers' strike, I miss good TV.

Some of the late night talk shows have started broadcasting new episodes again. I'm not sure what back-room bargaining went on to achieve this, but Letterman, Leno, Conan, Colbert, and John Stewart are back. Apparently Conan and perhaps Letterman have been growing beard as a sign of support for the writers. Or maybe they finally had an excuse not to shave every day. Whatever it is, Letterman's beard comes off tonight.

"Monday, I think the beard is going away," the late-night funnyman says on tonight's telecast. "Can we get a guy in here Monday to shave me? Now, a good guy, because the last time we did this, I looked like - when he was done, I looked like I'd been in a knife fight."

Ouch. We suggest you review our site for some shaving tips and good quality products so that doesn't happen. And if you do end up looking terrible, well, that's good comedy!

Via the New York Daily News.

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