August 17, 2007

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - John Lennon

This week's Celebrity Facial Hair Friday pick is the fab-ulous John Lennon. John, or rather the estate of John, has been in the news recently because John's solo songs have recently shown up on iTunes. Seems there was a long-standing trademark lawsuit between Apple, the computer company, and Apple, the Beatles recording company. Well, the interested parties have decided to give peace a chance, and try to turn a buck.

"John would have loved the fact that his music will now be available in a format suited to a new generation of listeners," Lennon's widow Yoko Ono said in a written statement.

Maybe he would have. Or maybe he would have thought all this lawyerly arguing was plain silly. Who knows?

But I do know was that John Lennon occasionally looked like Jesus. Crazy long hair and full beard. And at times he was clean shaven. And early on, he looked like every other bowl-cut Beatle. I like a guy who's willing to change his image on a regular basis. Too bad he hasn't been around for the last 27 years making more music.

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August 10, 2007

Celebrity Facial Hair Wednesday - Eddie Vedder

eddieVedder.jpgThis week's Celebrity Facial Hair pick is grunge rocker Eddie Vedder, lead singer of the band Pearl Jam. Vedder was one of the pioneers of grunge rock, and now he's one of the final hold-outs. Still sporting the scraggly beard and long hair (although to his credit he's mixed it up throughout the years).

Always current, always political, Vedder is involved in another scandal these days, but not one of his making. Seems Vedder and the boys were playing Lollapalooza in Chicago when they sang some lyrics that might make the establishment a little uneasy. There's nothing wrong with that though, right? Free speech an all? Apparently AT&T, who was webcasting the event, thought otherwise and censored some of the lyrics. Boo!

We at ShavingStuff are all about free speech. Imagine if we weren't allowed to talk about shaving? This would be a pretty boring blog.

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July 27, 2007

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Homer Simpson

Last week's Celebrity Facial Hair Friday pick was Simpson's creator Matt Groening. Since today is the actual opening of The Simpsons Movie, it seems only fitting to choose the perpetually five-o'clock shadowed Homer Simpson. (This marks the second time we've picked an animated celebrity for Facial Hair Friday. The first being Aquateen Hunger Force's Frylock.)

There's a great segment from the early years of the Simpsons which shows Homer shaving. He lathers up, shaves, and for a brief moment his entire face is that mustard yellow color. Then his beard grows in and he walks away. I'm sure it's somewhere on YouTube but I couldn't find it. Instead all I came up with is this clip of Homer apparently teaching Bart to shave. I say "apparently" because the clip has been dubbed into Czech. So, for all you Czech-speakers out there, click on over and have a laugh. For the rest of us, might be time to head to the movies.

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July 20, 2007

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Matt Groening

matt_groening.jpgAfter 20 years on television the Simpsons is coming to the big screen. That's right, hold on to your donuts. The Simpsons Movie opens next Friday July 27th. So, in honor of that unparalleled feat, this week's Celebrity Facial Hair Friday pick is Simpsons creator Matt Groening.

Hard to believe any comedy could still remain current after 20 years, but the Simpsons still manages to deliver. (The "20 years" claim should really have an asterisk next to it, since the first 2 were as interludes on the Tracy Ullman Show.) Matt Groening first came onto the national scene with his "hell" comic books - Life in Hell, Love is Hell, etc... Honestly, I never thought they were very funny. But the Simpsons showed that the man had talent.

Groening has always had a somewhat scraggly beard and mustache. I think he and Michael Moore often battle to see who can look more unkempt. He's well-manicured in this picture to the right, but there certainly have been times that Matt has looked more like Comic-Book Guy. In general it's the right look for the Simpsons creator. A clean-cut Groening would have taken away some of his cred. Instead his salt-and-pepper beard and often messy hair are more common man. More Homer. Less Burns.

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July 4, 2007

Celebrity Facial Hair Wednesday - Uncle Sam

We interrupt our normally scheduled program to bring you this special Wednesday edition of Celebrity Facial Hair Friday. In honor of the 4th of July, Independence Day, we've chosen Uncle Sam as our featured facial hair pick.

Yes, 231 years ago our country declared its independence from British rule by proving that the pen was mightier than the sword. 56 men, including John Hancock, put their John Hancock on the Declaration of Independence, and a new country was born. (That may be the condensed version.)

81px-Kitchener-Britons.jpgThis now ubiquitous image of Uncle Sam (right) was painted by James Montgomery Flagg in 1917 as a recruitment poster for the US army during World War I. (Thanks Wikipedia. I seem smart!) It is based on this 1914 recruitment poster (left) from England. Who has worse facial hair? Gee that's a tough call. While the Briton's mustache is comically giant, I don't know any American today who would walk around with a white tail protruding from his chin. We've come a long way in our facial hair styles in 90 years. Too bad we're still at war.

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June 29, 2007

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Steve Jobs

Today's Celebrity Facial Hair Friday pick is Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs. Is there really anyone else we could have picked today? Is anyone writing any articles today about anything other than the iPhone? I doubt it.

In the distance past Steve was another silicon valley geek, wearing outdated clothes and sporting the 'stache. These days Jobs wears his signature black turtleneck and jeans. Some days he's clean shaven, some days he's stubbly. But every day, he's just frickin' cool.

Unless you've been living under a rock recently you've no doubt been inundated with iPhone press. The glass screen. The YouTube app. The battery life. The unlimited data plan. I want one. You want one. At 6:00pm today we all can get one. In fact, who's to say I'm not camped out in line at an Apple store right now. Wearing a black turtle neck and jeans. Sporting a couple days growth. (I want to be just like him.)

Steve - call me. On my iPhone.

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June 22, 2007

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Kevin Youkilis

kevinYoukilis.jpgBaseball has a long history of men with crazy facial hair. In fact Maxim did a profile of ten great mustaches in baseball recently. Also, ever seen a picture of Rollie Fingers? I've tried to avoid pulling from baseball for this segment since there are basically two camps - people who like baseball, and people who could care less. But for a wide variety of good and bad, there's really no better place for facial hair.

Kevin Youkilis is the first baseman for the Boston Red Sox. In previous years he's been nice and clean shaven. Recent though he's grown a goatee. A really bushy goatee. Now I love the guy as much as the next Red Sox fan. You might think people hate him for all the boos he seems to be get, but that's really people yelling "Youuuuuuuuu-k"! Unfortunate name, in some respects. Also, he's often mistaken for being Greek. Again the name.

But as far as the goatee goes, I'm going to have to come down against it. It's way too big. Goatees need to be manicured and stylish. Next time you're in a slump and need a change, I say it's the first thing to go.

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June 15, 2007

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Eddie Murphy

eddie_murphy.jpgFunny-man Eddie Murphy has been in the news recently, and not because he's doing another family-friendly blockbuster like Norbit, and it's not because he picked up another transvestite hooker. No, this time it's due to a potential paternity suit. See, ex Spice Girl Mel "Scary" B has a newborn baby and says that Eddie Murphy is the father. Eddie, using the "Billy Jean" defense, says the kid is not my son. (er, daughter) In other words, Scary is saying that she and Eddie had sex, and Eddie is saying that Scary had sex with a lot of people.

So while we all wait with baited breath for the results of the upcoming DNA test, I would like to offer a much simpler way of figuring out who the father is. If the baby was born with that trademark Eddie Murphy mustache, it's his. Otherwise, it's clearly not.

There. Problem solved. Now let the man get on to Beverly Hills Cop IV, which is what the world really cares about.

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June 8, 2007

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Stan Lee

This week's Celebrity Facial Hair pick is super-hero inventor and comic book legend Stan Lee. Working late one evening in his lab - a dreary, dilapidated building filled with test tubes, beakers, and one radioactive arachnid - Stan produced the amazing Spider-Man. Who would guess that years later Spidey would become three major motion pictures, countless comic books, and hands down the best ride at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure in Florida.

It's a big summer for Stan. Not only did Spider-man 3 open recently, but the next installment of the Fantastic Four - Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer - opens in a week. Yep - Stan did them too. Along with X-Men, the Hulk, Iron Man, and a host of others.

OK, back to business. Stan has a mustache. A slightly cheesy, slightly sleazy mustache. Now hold on, all you Stan-luvas. Before you go labeling me a hater, hear me out. I have a theory. Have you ever seen Stan Lee and Spider-man in the same room together? Nope. How about Stan and the Hulk? Nunca. Coincidence? Perhaps not. See, I think the mustache might be fake. Think Clark Kent's glasses. It's all part of the disguise, so us mere mortals won't figure out his true identity.

Well I see past that mustache, Stan! I see the clean-shaven skin above your lip, and I'm calling you out. It's time to register yourself under the Superhuman Registration Act, or else it's Captain America time for you!

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June 1, 2007

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Alberto Gonzalez

alberto-gonzales-mustache.jpgalberto-gonzalez-no-mustache.jpgToday's Celebrity Facial Hair Friday pick is our current Attorney General, Alberto Gonzalez. Ooo, Alberto! What ever happened to Alberto VO5? Anyway...

Pictured left is the Alberto of a few years ago. So young and naive. Unaware of the scandals to come. And with mustache. To the right we have present-day Alberto. Hardened. Embroiled in controversy. Clean-shaven.

Does he remember his be-mustached days? Does he long for the simpler times when life wasn't under a microscope? Does he even remember?

I doubt it. My guess is one of his subordinates shaved him without his knowledge. Probably Monica Goodling when she was crossing a line. Good work Monica. Definitely the right move.

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