October 27, 2006

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Masi Oka (Hiro)

hiro.jpgThis week's celebrity facial hair Friday pick is actor Masi Oka who plays Hiro on the new hit NBC show Heroes. While Masa no doubt made the best of his roles as "Japanese Pedestrian" in Austin Powers or "Talking Rock" in CBS's Yes, Dear, his portrayal of the space/time bending emerging superhero is unquestionably his finest role to date.

At the end of episode 5 "Collision", Hiro appears as himself from the future, sporting a distinctive thin vertical strip of facial hair under his mouth. This is the best picture I could find, so if you didn't see the episode you'll have to take my word for it. It was the perfect touch to contrast his normally giddy, bumbling self. Future-Hiro is smooth and confident. The facial hair serves to emphasize his maturity and uniqueness. It's a signature look, just like any superhero should have. Well done!

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October 20, 2006

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Danny Glover

dannyGlover.jpgThis week's celebrity facial hair Friday pick is actor Danny Glover, star of like thirteen hundred films. Danny's often sporting some kind of facial hair, from a salt-and-pepper goatee in the Royal Tenenbaums, to even a decent mustache in the Lethal Weapon series. And that's saying something. I'm not a big fan of the mustache.

Which is why I need to point out Danny's recent mustache, pictured to the right. I'm not crazy about it. I think it's shaped wrong for his face. Looks like he's wearing a trapezoid, or a lopped-off pyramid (which is probably also called a trapezoid). I can't figure out if it's too thick under the nose, or too thin near the sides of the lips.

Shave it or save it? I'm going with a third option - shape it. And if that doesn't work for you, shave it off and try something new.

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October 13, 2006

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Aaron Douglas

This week's celebrity facial hair Friday pick is actor Aaron Douglas. Who, you might ask, is Aaron Douglas? Stop any self-respecting pocket-protecting nerd on the street and they'll tell you - Aaron plays Chief Tyrol on the hit sci-fi show Battlestar Galactica, which recently started its third season.

One of the things I like about the new Battlestar Galactica series is the grit. People are dirty. It isn't the typical Star Trek view of the future where everything is clean and technologically advanced. Aside from spaceflight, the humans in Battlestar Galactica don't have much else. And that leads to some unshaven beards, like that seen here on Aaron Douglas.

Now you may remember back in August we featured BSG co-star Edward James Olmos, who suddenly appeared with a horrible mustache on the show. He's still got it. And we still hope he shaves it. But as far as Aaron's concerned, the beard suits him. And his character. Keep the rugged, harried look. And watch your back. You never know who's a cylon.

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October 6, 2006

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Franky G

This week's celebrity facial hair Friday pick is Franky G who plays Joe on CBS's new hit show Smith. Smith stars Ray Liotta (user of KENMEN products) as the head of a crime team specializing in museum and jewel heists. It's one of those morally ambiguous shows where the protagonist is a criminal, like the Sopranos. Only a little more suited for network TV. And not really in the same league. Whatever...

Franky is Liotta's sidekick, and I think the facial hair suits him. Broken goatee and soul patch. He can be menacing, but he can also be charming. Perfect for moving between the high-life and the low. A taste of style, and a taste of recklessness. Save it. At least until the network tells you otherwise.

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September 29, 2006

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - John C. Reilly

This week's celebrity facial hair pick is Hollywood actor John C. Reilly. Reilly has been in more quality movies than you can shake a stick at, and I should know. I shake a lot of sticks at things. Reilly's one of those actors like Paul Giamatti who just disappears into parts. From Boogie Nights to Chicago, Magnolia to Gangs of New York, and most recently Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby - if Reilly's in it, it's probably great.

For the role of Cal Naughton, Jr in Talladega Nights, Reilly grew a ridiculous mustache, perfect for an over-the-top Will Ferrell movie. Not quite handlebars, but creeping in that direction. He's no doubt shaved by now, but the image leaves this indelible mark on celebrity shaving history. Well done sir! We encourage the use of outrageous facial for comic effect.

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September 22, 2006

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - George Lucas

Like this man needs an introduction. This week's celebrity facial hair pick is Star Wars creator George Lucas. Say what you will about Jar Jar and the prequels, this man has pioneered more innovations in modern cinema than anyone else in recent history, to say nothing of his inventing a modern myth.

George has been in the news lately for donating a whopping $175 million to his alma mater USC, $75 million of which will go towards the building of new facilities for the film school. He was also bestowed the honor of grand marshal of the 118th Rose Parade at the end of this year. Coincidence? I think not.

George has pretty much sported a full beard and mustache throughout the years, which has gradually grown whiter and narrower. It's a good look for him, especially seen here with a thin beard on the jaw-line. Lucas has, how do I put this, no neck. Of course, he has a neck. It's just, he has no discernible neck. So the beard helps to separate the face from the neck. Or what would be a neck.

Shave it or save it? I say, don't change what's working for you. The force is strong with this one.

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September 15, 2006

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Howie Mandel

howie.jpgToday's celebrity facial hair Friday pick is none other than comedian and host of the ever popular Deal or No Deal - Howie Mandel. Howie's got be thanking his lucky stars that's he landed the Deal gig. I haven't seen him since St. Elsewhere back in the 80s.

Actually that's not entirely true. Howie was one of the comedians who gave his version of a particularly graphic and crass joke in the Aristocrats. If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't look into it. Trust me.

Howie used to have hair. And he used to be funny. Case in point, this quote from HowieMandel.com, which accompanies the photo on the left. "This is the first time I grew a mustache. Who says it has to be under your nose. This way I never got food in it."

See? Ha ha ha. Hilarious! Oh Howie You crack me up. Who else would grow a mustache on his cheek just for a joke.

God I hate prop-comics.

What the hell is up with that soul patch? It's so jarring. Maybe if he had a little hair on his head it would balance out the scruf. It's like he's desperately trying to tell the world - hey, I can still grow hair. Really. You know what? I'll bet he colors his soul patch. Most of the other recent pictures I've seen of him show graying facial hair. Just shave it. Shave it and admit to the world that you're done.

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September 8, 2006

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Matt Leinart

Today's Celebrity Facial Hair Friday pick is Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Matt Leinart.


The big news about Matt Leinart is that he's having a baby with USC Trojans Women's Basketball star Brynn Cameron.

Also HOT!!!

Their baby is going to be... HOT!!!

Matt was recently at the ESPN ESPY Awards where his alma mater won best game - USC vs Texas in last year's Rose Bowl. And for being invited to the ESPYs, Matt walked away with a major bag of product schwag - a Blockbuster online gift certificate for a free year, a special edition Keurig B60 coffee brewer plus a three-month supply of coffee, and tons more, including our favorite - a ZIRH gift package that includes Smooth Shaving Set, Best Bets Kit, and Age-Defying Duo. NICE!!!

If you want to see all the loot our boy Matt collected, click the image on the left. We've conveniently circled the ZIRH products since they're a little hard to spot. For a complete list of all products given to all invitees, click on over to this article on Deadspin.com and feel your jaw drop.

As far as Matt goes, we love the beard, and we love the clean-shaven look. Matt's one of the lucky ones whose beard grows in evenly all over, meaning he looks good with any degree of stubble. Shave it. Save it. It really doesn't matter.

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September 1, 2006

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Ashton Kutcher

What's wrong with this picture?

Wait... Don't tell me... Is it the Puma rip-off jogging jacket over the shirt and tie?


Is it the fact that a celebrity was seen without wearing sunglasses?

No. But good guess.

Are you sure it's not the green jogging jacket?

It's not the green jogging jacket. I'll give you a hint. It's the beard and moustache. The wispy excuse for facial hair that's clinging to Ashton Kutcher's face. Did somebody punk him? Did Demi tell him it makes him looks older? Look, if you can't grow a beard, don't even try. You'll look silly. Case in point - Ashton Kutcher. Shave it. Shave it fast.

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August 18, 2006

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday - Samuel Jackson

How could we possibly let this Friday go by and not give a shout out to Samuel Jackson, star of cult-classic Snakes on a Plane which opens today. How can Snakes on a Plane already be a cult-classic before it even opens? Chalk that up to the New Economy. The Internet changes everything.

Now, are you ready for the segue?

The line is already famous: "I've had it with these mutha-f---in snakes on this mutha-f---in plane!" Well, Sam Jackson has also had it with the mutha-f---in hair on his mutha-f--in head.

I can't claim to be the genius behind that transition. Credit goes to my good friend Denis, who is one of my sources for all things pop culture.

But you have to admit, that clean shaven head does look good. We'll assume the moustache goes with the cheesy nature of this film, and that it wasn't Mr. Jackson's preference. By the way, I chose this image because in just about every still I've seen from the movie, if there isn't a snake in the shot, Samuel Jackson is pointing at someone. Awesome. I hope he points down a snake.

Anyway, if you're losing hair up top, consider helping nature along and shave it all. The look is sleak and timeless. Actually you look a little like you're from the future. Which is even cooler. Just remember to wear some sunscreen on your head when you go out.

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