November 9, 2005

Norelco SmartTouch and 7886XL Quadra On Sale at Amazon

5082-large.jpgAmazon is offering the Norelco 7886XL Quadra Shaving System for $57.99, and that includes shipping. Did you see the picture of this thing on the right? It has an LCD screen. Don't you need an electric shaver with an LCD screen on it? I think it even gets the weather.

There's a $50 gift card that goes along with this but you have to buy at least $169 of Norelco or Sonicare products on Amazon during the same purchase. Unlikely that you're going to do that, but worth a mention.

5231-large.jpgAmazon is also offering the Norelco 9170XLCC SmartTouch-XL Jet Clean Men's Shaving System for $198.00, which qualifies you for that $50 gift card all in one fell swoop.

The innovative SmartTouch-XL incorporates the very latest in shaving technology. Thanks to the SmartTouch Contour-Following System, the entire head of the shaver as well as the individual shaving heads can move, closely following the curves of your face. The Speed-XL shaving heads provide 50% more shaving surface and have more blades to catch more hairs, and more slots and holes to catch shorter hairs, giving you a really close shave in fewer strokes with less irritation.

Read more about the Norelco 9170XLCC SmartTouch-XL here. Via Dealnews.

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November 3, 2005

Remington's Big Momma

Would you look at the size of this thing? It's a beast. But it produces beauty. And the ladies love it. Check out the reviews on Amazon. Five stars, five stars, four stars, five stars...

An excerpt from reviewer Empyreal:

I have very sensitive skin, and normal razors would leave me with little red bumps, and a burning sensation, that lasted for a few days. After years of wearing pants because of this problem, I tried this razor as a last resort. It worked wonderfully. I used it in the shower with a soap lather. It was not quite as close as a normal razor, but it was almost as close. To the touch, you could not tell the difference between a normal razor and this one. It was very smooth, with no pulling or scraping sensations. There was absolutely no irritation after I used it. Cleaning it is easy, and it has a light to indicate when the battery is dying. The battery lasts around 45 mins, although I haven't timed it to make sure.

It's the Remington WDF-6000 Smooth & Silky Ultra Womens Shaver-Rechargeable, $24.99 at Amazon right now, reduced from $59.99. Combine it with other Remington products and you'll get a $30 Amazon gift card.

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October 27, 2005

More Deals from and Amazon

vortex.jpg'Tis the season... for deals! Got to love the holiday gift-giving season, when everything is available and everything is on sale. Like these electric shavers!

Panasonic ES8077S Vortex HyrdroClean Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaving System for $129.99 plus a "$50 promotional certificate good toward a future purchase." Wha?!?!?

Three stage battery monitor with a long lasting rechargeable battery
Water-infused hygienic solution cleans stubble and debris from the shaver and refreshes the blades
Long-lasting cartridge provides superior cleaning power and keeps the blades lubricated
13,000 RPM Linear motor delivers the fastest shave for a smooth clean shave
Adjustable pivoting head for a comfortable shave

norelco-multi.jpgNorelco G270 Multi-Trim All Purpose Groomer for $15.99

Keep yourself neatly groomed and ready to go with this Norelco All-in-One Personal Grooming Set. Full size trimmer includes a beard and mustache trimmer, hair clipper comb, a nose/ear/eyebrow trimmer, and a neckline and sideburn trimmer. Find the length and look that's right for you with 9 adjustable length settings from 1.4mm to 18mm. The Acu-control system uses a flexing guide comb that adjusts to facial contours for even and comfortable trimming and the stainless steel blades are self-sharpening. Cordless, rechargeable set includes comfort grips and charging stand.

All that for $15.99?!? That isn't a deal - it's a steal!

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October 26, 2005

More Cheap Ear and Nose Trimmers at Amazon

ne-3.jpegSeems I have a little aural and nasal fixation of late. But hey - what's our mantra? "No nose hair EVER!" That goes for ears too.

Dealnews has come through again with this list of cheap products at Amazon. In particular, check out the Remington NE-3 Precision Wet/Dry Rotary Nose and Ear Trimmer for $6.99.

  Remington NE-3 Precision Wet/Dry Rotary Nose and Ear Trimmer - $6.99
  Conair NE150NCS Cordless Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer - $7.99
  Angel Sales Neat Nose Hair Trimmer - $8.99
  Panasonic ER112BC Nose and Ear Hair Groomer - $9.79
  Panasonic ER411NC Nose and Ear Hair Groomer - $14.88

Makes a great stocking stuffer. Got a yankee swap coming up? Everyone does. What about secret santa. Or perhaps you just want to leave a little hint for a clueless coworker.

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October 18, 2005

Braun Cruzer3 Shaver

A winner in the 2005 FHM Grooming Awards, the Braun Cruzer3 Shaver is HOT! All the standard features you'd expect in a modern electric razor - rechargeable, wet or dry shave, adjustable shave closeness - but this bad boy is designed for sculpture. Facial sculpture, that is.

A wide shaper for large areas and a narrow shaper for precise lines and edges allows you to create any facial hair style imaginable. Add a multi-length beard trimming attachment, and you have the only shaver with 3-in-1 functionality (Shave, Style, Trim).

Check out the this guide to personalizing your face starting with "the short beard, the goatee and the Lincolnic." Might be a good idea to keep this handy in case one errant cut forces you to go with a different style.

$49.88 at Amazon. Free shipping. 'Nuf said.

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October 3, 2005

No Nose Hair Ever

nose_trimmer.jpgQ: What is the worst style faux pas a person can commit?
A: Nose hair!

So speaketh Kyan from Queer Eye.

We've brought this up before, so if you weren't listening, here's your second chance. Amazon will solve your grooming faux pas for $7.99 plus shipping with the Conair NE150NCS Cordless Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer. There's no shame in nose hair. Actually, let me amend that statement. There's no shame in a nose hair trimmer. There's definitely shame in nose hair.

Courtesy of dealnews.

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September 27, 2005

15 Blades of Norelco Sarcasm

norelco_cool_skin.jpgThink all this talk of multiple blades is a little ridiculous? Norelco does. A ShavingStuff reader sent in this link to the commercial for Norelco's Cool Skin electric razor, which appears to introduce the new 15 bladed Quintippio before showing you the real deal. Awesome.

But the Norelco Cool Skin is actually quite cool. It's got this compartment for Nivea lotion or gel which gets automatically applied to your face as you're shaving, so you've got a nice layer of lubricant. None of that harsh hot metal on your delicate skin. And it's a wet/dry electric razor, so you can use it in or out of the shower. $87.99 at Amazon, but c'mon, you know you want to try it.

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September 19, 2005

Norelco 6423LC for $31.88 at

norelco-6423lc.jpgDealnews is reporting that the
Norelco 6423LC Reflex Plus Corded Men's Shaving System is only $31.88 at with free shipping. This is not a cordless electric razor, but don't let that dissuade you. In my expereince the motors on cordless razors tend to be less powerful and become noticeably less effective as the batteries run out. Corded electric razors are the way to go for home use if you've got an outlet near your mirror.

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September 10, 2005

Great Deals on Remington Shavers from

remington.jpgDealnews has a great round-up of Remington Shavers available at, many around 60% off.

For women there's the Remington BKT-1000 Trim & Shape Bikini Trimmer, normally $24.99, now $9.99; and the Remington WDF-5500 Smooth & Silky Ultra Shaver-Rechargeable, normally $49.99, now $19.99.

For men there's the Remington MS2-370 Titanium MicroScreen 2 Screen Shaver, normally $65.99, now $25.99; and the Remington MS2-100 Microscreen 2TCT Men's Electric Shaver, normally $42.99, now $15.99.

No word on how long these deals will last, so act quick. Most are available for free shipping if your total cart is over $25.

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September 1, 2005

Hitachi's +10 Razor of Goodness

Hitachi RM-SX100What do you get when you cross two Mach3s and a Schick Quattro? Why it's the 10-bladed Hitachi electric razor, of course, model RM-SX100.

Maybe one of our readers who understands Japanese can translate the specs better, but for now we're stuck with this interpretation:

The razor helps close, smooth, and comfortable shaves by rotating continually at a high speed. It also plays at invariable speed, ensuring the overall effectiveness. The rotary washer built-inside helps to keep the razor clean.

I wonder if the translator thought that "invariable" was one of those words like "inflammable." or "invaluable.". I can only assume they meant the razor has several "variable" speeds, but hey, did I invent this razor? No.

Check out pictures of this totally cool design here. We'll let you know if and when it's available outside Japan. In the meantime you can order one from for only ¥8,526. I think that's either like $8,000 or 3 meters/second. Not sure if I did that conversion right.

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