August 20, 2008

The Epila Personal Laser Hair Remover

epila-silver-SM.gifWhy is there a shortage of sharks with lasers? Most likely because they're all being diverted to the Epila production facility, adjacent to the subterranean lair of one doctor of evil, PhD. And that's good news for you, if you're looking for to rid yourself of unwanted hair, epilation style.

Check out the Epila laser hair removal system. How does it work?

Epila is an 808 nanometer (nm) wavelength diode laser device designed to be used by consumers. Epila conforms with the health and safety requirements set out in International directives and is CE Certified making it safe to use at home. The 808 nm wavelength is currently being used throughout clinics worldwide for permanent hair removal. This technology has been proven to have over 90% effectiveness for permanent hair removal by leading research institutes and universities.

OK, I'm not a marketing guru, but when I click on the "How It Works" link on a website, I expect hyperbole and spin. Not science and reality. Please, just tell me it works better than anything else in the world and include at least one pull quote from some random academic at John's Hopkins.

If you really want to get a feel for the Epila, click over to this eHow link and learn eHow you'd actually use one.

The Epila is normally $299, but for a limited time is only $199. How limited? No idea.

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June 30, 2008

Reader Review of the MANGROOMER Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver

Shaving Stuff reader Kit recently wrote in with this thorough and positive review of the MANGROOMER Back Hair Shaver. It's in the comments section of the MANGROOMER post we did a while back, but I thought it was worth it's own front-page time. So here goes:

After reading the reviews on this web page I have to admit I was reluctant to purchase the Mangroomer. Although I am by no means a gorilla and have the greatest sympathy for those men that are close, I have had comments about my back hair. On a recent trip to Lake Havasu I was described as a "silverback", being 54 has more than on disadvantage. For years I have used an old Remington electric razor with a trimmer about four inches wide on my back, I usually spent about 45 minutes to get a clean shave. Most of the time I only had to do this about once every four months. I decide to gamble and went to my local Bed, Bath and Beyond and spent the $40.00 plus tax on a Mangroomer. After shaving about on quarter of my back I noticed the shaver seemed to be getting clogged as stated in the reviews I had read on this web site. But I also noticed that hair was sticking all over the handle also. I tried to brush it off the handle and the blades but it was very difficult. Living in Southern California I am familiar with the problems of static electricity. Lucky for me I had a spray bottle of "Static Guard" handy. I sprayed this on the handles and the blades of the Mangroomer and the problem was solved! After discovering this cure I spent about five more minutes and had the smoothest back since I was ten years old. I want to thank Marut Enterprises LLC. for importing this product and Bed, Bath and Beyond for having the insight to sell it.

Possibly the first use of Static Guard in a shaving story. Well done Kit! Or shall I call you MacGyver?

The MANGROOMER Back Hair Shaver is $39.95 at Amazon and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

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June 19, 2008

Remington CODE Young Man's Shaver

remingtoncodeyoungman.jpgYoung man, there's no need to feel down.
I said, young man, pick yourself off the ground.
I said, young man, 'cause you're in a new town
You just need a Remington CODE.

Hard to convey the phrasing of that last line. In my head it works.

Anyway, I just figured it was time to look at the Remington CODE Young Man's Shaver again. We last checked out this electric razor back in August of ought seven when they were running their Get the CODE pick up line contest. Perhaps you've grown out of the "young man" demographic, but there are new young-uns coming right behind you.

So, for all you new young men, check out the Remington CODE! With a "Unique cutting system engineered specifically for a younger man's beard", the CODE makes a great first razor for those firmly planted in the awkward puberty years. Plus its green glow makes you think its part alien. And at $25, you'll still have allowance money left over to buy a Wii Fit. (The Wii Fit is the hot new game, right? I'm so old.)

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June 16, 2008

Third Arcitec Winner

Thumbnail image for philips_arcitec_vertical.jpgA big ShavingStuff congratulations to Jared, who has won himself an arcitec razor. Jared's story is, how do I say this, south of the border. And while he's won himself a Philips Norelco arcitec, perhaps he'd be better served with a BodyGroom:

I was about 16, had started shaving maybe a year earlier, and was starting to understand that one's face isn't necessarily the only area of the body that can be shaved. Being ... curious ... i decided that I should shave my um, euphemisms. So i took my Mach 3 downtown and got to work. Naturally, I got nicked. It wasn't particularly more painful than any other area, but it just WOULDN'T stop bleeding! I washed off and dried off and sat in the bathroom for what seemed like hours waiting for it to stop bleeding. Being a kind of nervous 16 year old, i got more and more worried, until i reached the point of full-on freaking out. So, I did the only thing i could think of doing... i started yelling for my dad. He came to the bathroom door and yelled "What?" and i told him what happened. He stood outside the door, totally silent for a few seconds. Then just yelled back "Well why the hell did you do that?" I responded "Well i didn't try to cut myself!" to which he replied, "I wasn't talking about cutting yourself, you peckerhead!" Anyways, he told me what in hindsight was the obvious solution--hold some toilet paper on the cut until it stops bleeding, which occurred shortly thereafter. I couldn't look my dad in the face for at least a full day, I was so embarrassed!

Oof. Harsh father. If shaving didn't scar you for life, his words might have. Hope you two have made up.

Well, that about sums up our contest. A big thanks to Philips Norelco for providing us and our winners with arcitec razors, and thanks to everyone who wrote in or signed up to our mailing list. There's nothing like a good, mildly embarrassing shaving story. We'll have to do this again sometime.

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June 13, 2008

Second Arcitec Winner Announced! One Day Left To Win Your Own!

Thumbnail image for philips_arcitec_vertical.jpgA big congratulations to Buck, our second ShavingStuff arcitec winner! Buck wrote in with a sweet romantic story which one can only imagine had a Harlequin ending.

When I was dating my future wife, we were about to celebrate our first Valentine's Day together. I thought I would surprise my fiancee by shaving a heart into the top of my head. I had a buzz cut at the time. Everything went well. The heart was centered on top of my head, and had the proper shape. There was also a nice contrast between my dark hair and the pale white of my bare scalp. Anyway, On Valentine's Day I arrive at my gal's apartment wearing my usual ballcap. I present her with a card, flowers, and a small gift. Then I removed my hat and said, "Happy Valentine's Day honey" She smiled and laughed, then said: "Is that what I think it is?" "Yes" I replied "I have a Heart-On for you!"

Oh visual puns. It takes a tough man to pull one off. And in the end, Buck gets the girl. Well played sir. Hope you enjoy your new arcitec razor.

There's still one day left and three razors to go! Send in your shaving story or sign up for our mailing list. Full details are here.

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June 9, 2008

First Arcitec Winner Announced! Still Time To Win Your Own.

Thumbnail image for philips_arcitec_vertical.jpgA big congratulations to John, our first ShavingStuff arcitec winner! John's shaving story is an instant classic - a tale of modest beginnings, mistaken identity, and comedic outcome. I think we can all relate.

I started using a shaving cream that came in a short wide top container,you put a small amount in your palm and then used a brush to lather it up and apply it. I used this method for some time and it always worked great, however my wife used a product called hemp body lotion that came in a similar container and placed it near my product in the cabinet. I soon began to notice that my cream would not lather up and my morning shave was not getting the job done, I finally put on my reading glasses and realized that I had been trying to lather up and apply her body lotion for 3 or 4 days, it's hell getting old!

It certainly is. Luckily the arcitec looks nothing like a short wide top container of hemp.

Hey ShavingStuff readers! Want your own arcitec? There's still time, and there are still four left. Submit your own shaving story or sign up for our mailing list by Friday. Full details are here.

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June 5, 2008

Philips Norelco BodyGroom for $29.99

philipsBodyGroomSmall.jpgWe've been highlighting a bunch of Father's Day gifts recently. All of them have been super sweet dopp kits or variations on that theme. Pretty safe gift. Pretty sweet gift. We make no guarantee about today's item.

The Philips Norelco BodyGroom has been quite the popular item since its introduction a couple years ago. A brilliant viral marketing campaign at didn't hurt either. Here's the question - how do you give one of these body trimmers to a loved one and still say I love you just the way you are? There's an implicit statement built into these things which says, "hey, you're a little too hairy." It's a fine line to walk.

So if you've got a strong relationship with your man, and he's a little too neanderthal, this body trimmer is on sale for $5 off its normal low price. The Philips Norelco BodyGroom is currently on sale at Amazon for $29.99. Good luck.

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May 6, 2008

What is the Braun SupreX3?

braun_suprex3.jpgPerceptive ShavingStuff reader Janus wrote in a while ago after noticing something odd on the Braun website. Seems he was casually browsing user manuals for his Pulsonic when he came across this electric razor, mysteriously called the SupreX3. To see it, click on this link, which brings you to the user manual page for various Pulsonic models, and then click on the image of the black Pulsonic in the upper right. Unlike all the other Pulsonic razors, this one is labeled SupreX3.

What is the Braun SupreX3? No idea. Google doesn't know either. Janus speculated that is might be the name of the Pulsonic in another country, like the Pulsonic is called the Prosonic in countries like Japan. A good guess, but so far unconfirmed.

If anyone has any more info, please send it in. In the meantime - good eyes Janus! Have you considered a career in forensics?

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April 10, 2008

The Braun Pulsonic vs The Gillette Fusion

pulsonic_v_fusion.jpgAre you ready to rumble?!?

In this corner... weighing in at a "reassuring" six ounces... with a retail price of $270... forget the brains, this thing is all brawn... it's the Braun Pulsonic!!!

And in this corner... weighing far less... with a retail price of $13... harnessing the power of the atom... it's the Gillette Fusion!!!

Gentlemen, start your vibrations. It's shavin' time!

Sure, some men prefer the convenience of an electric shaver, in which case we'd recommend the Pulsonic, the gold standard of face mowers. But for a flawless shave that won't mar your mug, we'd opt for the Fusion. One caveat is the steep cost, as with most razors, of the replacement blades: $14 for a package of four. In the long run, the Fusion could end up costing you more than the Pulsonic, so it's no bargain: just a better shaver.

Read a full account of the bout at this Business Week article. (Pulsonic v Fusion starts on page 3.)

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April 7, 2008

The Silk'n Laser Hair-Remover

silk-hair.jpgIf Dr. Evil invented a hair-removal system, it would undoubtedly include sharks with lasers. And given that the FDA has a poor history of approving products with sharks, he'd probably end up with with just the lasers. Cut to the Israeli company Silk'n (Dr. Evil front?) which has just won US FDA approval for their Home Pulsed Light (HPL) product.

The patent pending Home Pulsed Light™ technology (HPL™) of Silk'n™ is a new and innovative light-based technology designed exclusively for doing safe and effective removal of unwanted hair at home.

HPL - is that the good kind of cholesterol?

So basically this is an alternative to shaving your legs, or elipation. Not intended for a man's beard, and not clear if you can use it "elsewhere" (for all you people with your heads in the gutter). Does it work? A key quote from the press release:

An average reduction of 50% in the hair count was monitored three months post three bi-weekly treatment sessions. No adverse effects were noted in the course of the study, and the users of Silk'n™ recorded an extremely high level of satisfaction with the device and their results.

So I think it's cool that their measuring results in addition to gauging customer satisfaction, but 50% hair count reduction? That ain't going to cut it. Imagine if you used a product which reduced your beard hairs by 50%. Would you be satisfied? Hell no. You'd still have to shave every day.

Via Engadget.

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