May 26, 2009

Jack Passion: Leading With His Beard

George & Jack Passion.jpg

"In 2007, those majestic whiskers earned Passion a first place in the "full beard: natural" category of the World Beard and Moustache Championships (WBMC) in Brighton, England, and overnight celebrity in the insular subculture of competitive facial hair.

Since then he has incorporated, launching a line of organic cotton T-shirts silk-screened with the likeness of that full ginger beard. Last week he put the finishing touches on a self-published how-to tome called "The Facial Hair Handbook." In addition, Passion, a bass guitarist, is recording his first solo album, "At the Opera."

Read the rest of the article in the LA Times.

Image: spookyamd at Flickr

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May 19, 2009

Shaving News 5.19.09: Green Cremes, Manscaping, Moustache Mugs, and Fancy Whiskers

this is the way the world ends.jpgThis week in Shaving the Web:

3 Green Shaving Cream Alternatives Better than the Norm:

"Many people buy canned shaving creams. But those pressurized cans hold surprisingly little cream. They're also hard to recycle. The final nail in the canned cream coffin is that after using them, you smell like whatever cheap scent comes with the can. Not great if you want to impress your date. You have better options, but first let's consider how to properly apply shaving cream."

Hair today, groan tomorrow:

"On a lazy Saturday morning, a few Melbourne blokes are chatting online about life, footy -- and the way they remove their pubic hair."

Win A Custom-Made Moustache Mug!:

"As we've been talking about all month, May is truly the month of moustaches. In honor of everyone's particular enthusiasm for facial hair this month, The Unusual Times is giving away a custom-made, personalized, moustache mug to one lucky winner at the end of the month."

Men strut fancy whiskers in world championships:

"The world's fanciest whiskers are coming to Alaska so their owners can strut their manly stuff in the land that has long appreciated furry faces."

Image: glitter feet at Flickr under CC License

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May 4, 2009

May 1, 2009

Shaving News 5.01.09: Bears, a Shaving Myth, Celebrity Pubes, and Mel Gibson

Merkur.jpgShaving the Web 5.01.09

From ESPN, Bears and straight razors may not mix very well:

"Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs may have given himself an old-fashioned shaving injury while trying to get an old-fashioned shave. Briggs told autograph seekers at an appearance Saturday in Algonquin, Ill., that he cut his right hand while attempting to shave with a straight-edged razor. He made the appearance wearing a heavy wrap on his right hand, according to the Chicago Sun-Times."

From CBS 21 News, a body hair shaving question:

"If you shave your body hair, will it grow back darker and thicker? The theory has haunted women for decades, since the bikini became popular on the beach. For men, the modern practice of "manscaping" has brought shaving back into the forefront of culture."

From Bild, a celebrity's husband is on shaving duty:

"I'd say, 'Dean, how's it looking down there? Do I need to shave?' But of course I couldn't shave. So Dean had to do it."

From the LA Times, Mel Gibson and the road to the World Beard and Moustache Championships:

"Few celebrities engage in the kind of hyper-zealous facial manscaping that Mel Gibson does. Which makes him the perfect candidate to help us learn some of the 18 categories of competition in the upcoming World Beard and Moustache Championships taking place in Anchorage on May 23.

Image: scottfeldstein at Flickr

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April 23, 2009

Shaving News 4.23.09: Kings, Collectibles, Headlocks and Neosexuals

Close Shave!.jpg[Image: Roadside barber delivering his services to rural customer in Rajasthan]

Shaving the Web:

From the Scotsman, we have a look at the King of Shaves, who started at his kitchen sink:

"Redundancy gave one entrepreneur the chance to hand-fill 10,000 bottles of shaving oil. The effort paid off." has an auction listing that includes "occupational shaving mugs":

"A highly specialized collection with crossover interest throughout, the Bob Miller occupational shaving mug collection includes more than 60 examples. A top entry is the boxing-themed personal shaving mug of Charles Hitte, a celebrated turn of the 20th century pugilist who died tragically and ironically of a non-boxing-related injury."

In Australia, a shaving supplies store was robbed at knifepoint:

"A knife-wielding man put a female staff member into a headlock during a lunchtime robbery at a store at a western Sydney shopping centre."

From the New Zealand Herald, a columnist riffs on stereotypes:

"Now we have, according to a survey conducted by a deodorant company, the neosexual - someone with traditional masculine qualities who is also sensitive and emotional. As one commentator observed, that's not a man, that's a lesbian."

And a writer for the Seattle Times questions an American Idol contestant's "almost-moustache":

"While Anoop Dogg does have a sweet voice, he's just bland as oatmeal. "Dim All the Lights" was an OK choice, but with that almost-moustache I was hoping for something a little more suave, even sinister."

Finally, a Saudi woman is jailed, lashed, and fined for shaving her step-daughter's head:

"A Saudi woman who shaved off the hair of her step-daughter was sentenced to a jail term of three months, 70 lashes and a fine of SR3,000 to be paid to her ex-husband."

Image: Koshyk at Flickr

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April 21, 2009

Save $10 on Wahl Shavers

wahl.jpgSave $10 when you spend $39 or more on eligible Wahl shavers at

Use this promotional code when you check out: WAHLAPR9

We suggest the Wahl 79111-100 Balder 10-Piece Ultra-Close Haircut Kit, or the Wahl 9877-500 Goatee & Mustache Trimmer, but there's a lot of Wahl stuff that will qualify for the deal, so take a look around!

More goodness in the news, sort of related to shaving:

Thomas Friedman Will Have to Sell His Moustache For Food

Does Shia LaBeouf Have Hollywood's Worst Facial Hair?

American Moustache Institute: To Be Green

Laughing At The Devil: An Account Of Burma's Moustache Brothers

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April 20, 2009

500 Free Gillette Fusion Razors Given Away Every Day Until May 16 Home_1240202075322.jpeg

The first 500 people to log-in or register every day at Gillette get a free Gillette Fusion Razor. The promotion runs until May 16. Just click "Get My Razor Now" to log in or register. All you need to do is fill in your email address, name, mailing address, phone number, gender and birth date. If you don't get one today, head back over and try again tomorrow. No price like free, eh?


From now until April 30, get a $50 certificate towards a future Amazon purchase by spending over $139 on Braun products!

Details for Men: Free Proraso Eucalyptus and Menthol Shaving Cream with $40 Order

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April 17, 2009

Collecting Razors, Shaving Lawsuits, and Playoff Beards

Rasur des Tages.jpg
Want an unusual hobby? Start a straight razor collection.

There is an elegance even to a 19th or 20th-century mass-market cut-throat, and luxury, cased sets of seven, marked for the days of the week, marry beauty to function. Unsurprisingly, they attract collectors. The best are expensive, but there is a wider collecting field for other types of razor and shaving equipment generally, with opportunities for all pockets. Early safety razors have their own enthusiasts.

NY facility pays $20,000 for shaving Sikh patient's beard:

A New York healthcare facility where a nurse negligently shaved an elderly Sikh patient's beard, eyebrows and moustache a month before his death has paid $20,000 in compensation to his family after a lawsuit.

Playoff Beard: Where Hockey Gets Hairy

In January of 2006, I took it upon myself to call attention not only to the accomplishments of our NHL greats, but to call out a less heralded group, who are worthy of the same if not greater accolades. These warriors who forsake the razor, and embrace their ancestral roots when entering the post season of the NHL deserved a hall of honor in which their names could echo in eternity! Playoff Beard .com was born.

Image: Dharion at Flickr

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April 8, 2009

Recessionary Beards

Is the recession affecting your facial hair?

And from WalletPop:

"On March 14, hirsute New Yorkers competed in the city's fourth annual contest for the best beard in the five boroughs. In addition to its normal selection of events, including "Full Beard Natural," "Full Beard Freestyle" and even "Ladies' Artificial," this year's competition debuted a new category: "Recession Beards." To compete in the Recession Beard event, contestants had to fulfill two requirements: they had to be out of work, and they had to be proud of their beards."

Read the rest of the article: Recessionary beards: When the going gets tough, the tough stop shaving!

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April 2, 2009

March Shaving Stuff Wrap-Up: In Case You Missed Anything, It's All Here

Razor blades.jpg



Electric Shaving

General News


Head Shaving


Jack Black

John Allan's


Matte For Men

Philips Norelco

Regular Shaving


Shaving Accessories

Shaving Oils

Straight Razors

The Art of Shaving



Image: Doggettx at Flickr
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