May 23, 2011

Turkish Politics, by the Moustache

turkeyflagcat.jpgDoes your moustache broadcast your political affiliation? Evidently it does in Turkey:

"Leaning back into a maroon barber's chair, its dark leather cracked with age, Onur Karadogan flips through a dusty catalogue of moustache styles.

"An Islamist will ask for this one," he said, pointing to a neatly trimmed, almond-shaped example, bringing two fingers together to illustrate the two millimeters of space that the Koran deems must exist between the end of the upper lip and the beginning of the whiskers.

"These ones," he said, upon reaching a brittle page covered in images of dark-haired men with thick, walrus-style moustache of the Marx variety, "are more for the leftists."

In his 16 years of experience as a barber, Karadogan has become an expert at shaping these bushy declarations. Men don't wear their politics on their sleeve here, they write them across their upper lip."

I wonder what facial hair political classifications we could make here in the U.S.?

Read the rest: Turkey: The politics of facial hair

Image: laszlo-photo at Flickr

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Stray Hairs = Stray Thoughts

beardmanart.jpgThere's science, and then there's weird science.

"There is a similarity between unwanted intrusive thoughts and unwanted intrusive facial hair.

Recent research from the All-Bulgaria Agricultural College (Organic) in the former Wandsworth, proves conclusively that the two phenomena are not merely similar, but fundamentally interconnected. And interestingly, the causal sequence can operate in either direction.

An increase in hair production on the end of one's nose or ear can produce an automatic negative cognition. Equally, a negative automatic thought can produce an immediate increase in hair growth on the outer surface at the tip of the nose or on the pinna."

Check it out: What is this I don't even (facial hair edition)

Image: knottyboy at Flickr

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May 3, 2011

April 18, 2011

Price for Shaving Richard Branson's Legs: $600,000


"Billionaire Richard Branson's next cutting-edge risk will expose him like never before: he will have his legs shaved in public and dress up as a female flight attendant after losing a bet to a rival airline chief.

The winner of a charity auction will pay at least $616,757 for the honour, according to Malaysian budget carrier AirAsia.

The Virgin Atlantic founder will hand the razor to one of 160 passengers on a special charity flight from London to Kuala Lumpur on which he will serve on May 1 while wearing a female attendant's uniform."

Read the rest of the article: $600,000 to shave Richard Branson's legs

I wonder what razor they're using? Could be a great PR opportunity for a razor company...

Image: D@LY3D at Flickr

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April 11, 2011



"It's probably not considered "normal" for men talk about exfoliating their faces over a pint of beer at their local bar but that doesn't mean it's not important. As men age their skin will start to play some cruel tricks on them that they are not always ready for - it will start to sag, wrinkle and will generally leave them looking a lot older than they might feel. It's a good thing that men have recently become more conscious about their skin and have started to follow the women's lead in adopting a daily sign care regime. One popular method of making the skin look younger and fresher is exfoliation."

Read the rest at King of Shaves: Exfoliating - It's Not Just For Chicks!

Image: robstephaustralia at Flickr

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April 1, 2011

Shaving Stuff Monthly Wrapup for March 2011


Blogs and Websites

General News




Old School Shaving

Pubic Shaving

Regular Shaving


Shaving Accessories

Shaving Creams & Gels

Shaving Gifts

Straight Razors


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March 25, 2011

Facial Hair in Uniform

From the BBC:

"A rabbi is suing the US Army for refusing to let him serve unless he removes his beard. The US military, as well as many police forces across America, require recruits to be clean shaven. But what is wrong with sporting a beard in the line of duty?

Chin straps, goatees, stubble, soul patches, mutton chops or just the old-fashioned full version.

There are many ways to grow a beard, but if you're serving in the US military, getting creative with your chin furniture is not an option.

The different branches of the US insist that recruits are clean shaven. Those later in their career are permitted to go as far as growing a moustache. But even that facial freedom comes with caveats."

Read the full article: Should men in uniform be forced to shave?

Image: The U.S. Army at Flickr

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March 14, 2011

Facial Hair Science: Does Facial Hair Interfere With Visual Speech Intelligibility?

rubberbandface.jpgEver wonder if your facial hair interferes with people understanding your words?

Then this facial hair science piece might be for you:

"Facial hair can cover parts of the face such as the upper lip, the teeth, and the larynx. This modifies the visible area of the open mouth, and hence facial hair is responsible for a kind of natural impoverishment of the visual speech signal. Under normal conditions such impoverishment may be marginal for the intelligibility of speech, since auditory information is fully available. However, under noisy conditions such as a cocktail party (in audiovisual speech research terms: multi-talker babble noise), visual cues may be crucial for increasing speech intelligibility (assuming that listeners want to understand their communicative partners). Based on these considerations, we hypothesize that:

(1) Facial hair hiding visible articulatory movements leads to lower speech intelligibility under noisy auditory conditions, longer reaction time, and lower confidence in recognizing the relevant target words.

(2) The shape and location of the beard is crucial for the reduced speech intelligibility in noise. A mustache hiding upper lip movement has a larger impact on visual speech intelligibility than a long chin beard, hiding the larynx only. So in terms of speech intelligibility, is it time for a shave?"

Read the rest of the article: Time for a Shave: Does Facial Hair Interfere With Visual Speech Intelligibility?

I'm guessing that rubber bands all over your face might interfere as well...
Image: AndYaDontStop at Flickr

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March 7, 2011

Dating Barbie: Ken Shaves

You might not play with Barbies, but chances are you know some little girls who do. And now they can join you in your grooming routine with Shaving Fun Ken:

"Ken doll has a date planned with his favorite girl, BarbieĀ®, but he has a five o' clock shadow! Help Ken doll look his best by "shaving" away the stubble. Just dip the sponge-tipped "razor" in warm water and "shave" his beard. To make Ken doll's facial hair "grow" back, wet the towel with ice-cold water and wipe his face."
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March 1, 2011

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