November 19, 2007

Black Friday is Coming!

black-friday.pngJust a reminder that Black Friday is approaching. In fact it's this Friday! What's Black Friday? Well kids, warm up those mice and open your wallets. It's time for some amazing holiday deals. Most of the major online stores will have big sales for Black Friday, as well as Cyber Monday.

What's Cyber Monday? Oh boy. Cyber Monday is a week from today. It's the first day of work after the Thanksgiving holiday, when everyone gets back to the office and no one wants to work. So they shop. More deals abound.

There will be tons of deals on these two days. One of my favorite sites has a great calendar and list of all the Black Friday deals they hear about. Here's the link. Check it out and save big.

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November 12, 2007

The Shaving Stuff 2007 Holiday Gift Guide

holiday_guide.jpgThe holiday season is fast approaching and you've got a list with a bunch of question marks on it. What to get for that special man in your life? Well look no further than the 2007 ShavingStuff Holiday Gift Guide. We've got all he'll need, from creams to razors, books, toys, and more. And even a little something for the ladies.

Shaving Cream
Sure, we all start shaving with foamy supermarket shaving cream. But eventually we aspire to the finer things in life. The brands below offer a superior shave which is close, comfortable, and sublime. A gift set is the perfect way to sample new products, as well as introduce someone to the world of better shaving.
Gentlemen's Refinery - $199
Billy Jealousy - $50
The Art of Shaving - $38
ZIRH - $59
MenScience - $55
Baxter of California - $60
Still not seeing it? Surf on over to the Details for Men gift kit page and see what strikes your fancy.

Cartridge Razors
Once again power reigns supreme. If you're not shaving with an electrified version of a multi-blade razor, it's time to step into the new millennium. Power makes all the difference.
Gillette Fusion Power - $10.99
Schick Quattro Power - $11.99
Gillette M3Power - $15
The Art of Shaving's Chrome Gillette Fusion Power with Spotlight - $150

Electric Razors
There were a couple of new products released this year from the leaders in electric razor technology. If you want the top of the line traditional electric razor, go for the Pulsonic. If you're interested in a wet/dry electric shave, go for the Moisture Shaving System.
Braun Pulsonic - $215
Philips Norelco Moisture Shaving System - $149

Pubic Shaving
Don't even think about shaving downstairs without the proper equipment. Give yourself an extra optical inch with the BodyGroom, or go completely bare with the Cleancut, still the #1 choice in the porn industry.
Philips Norelco Bodygroom - $34.99
no!no! - $250
Seiko Cleancut - $75

Head Shaving
Just like you wouldn't shave downstairs without the proper equipment, you don't want to shave the roof without the proper tools. Get the gear designed for your noggin.
Headblade - $10.99
Sharps Mission: Control Bald Head Balm SPF 15 - $24

Back Shaving
Yeah, I don't want to talk about it either. If you know a guy who needs one of these, just do him a favor and buy it for him. And give it to him while no one else is in the room.

Want to learn proper shaving technique but afraid to ask? Finally, a couple of books which teach you how to shave.
Leisure Guy's Guide to Gourmet Shaving: Shaving Made Enjoyable - $11.95
Sharp Practice: The Real Man's Guide to Shaving by Anders Larsen - £6.50

Nothing beats a little fun in the tub or a soft foam book. Teach your little squirt how to shave like his papa.
Shaving in the Tub from Alex Toys - $6.79
My Shaving Kit foam book from Innovative Kids - $3.32.

Looking for more amazing gift ideas? Check out our extensive set of holiday shopping guides on electronics, fashion, cooking, and more.

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November 1, 2007

The Year of Living Biblically

yolb_before_after.jpgWhat happens when one non-religious Jew decides to live by every rule in the Bible for a year? Why, hilarity ensures, of course! Sounds like the premise of a new reality show, but actually it's the new book by A. J. Jacobs entitled The Year of Living Biblically.

The Year of Living Biblically answers the question: What if a modern-day American followed every single rule in the Bible as literally as possible. Not just the famous rules – the Ten Commandments and Love Thy Neighbor (though certainly those). But the hundreds of oft-ignored ones: don’t wear clothes of mixed fibers. Grow your beard. Stone adulterers.

Grow your beard? Does it really say that in the Bible? According to Jacobs, um, I mean the Bible, it does!

You shall not trim the corners of your beard (Leviticus 19:27)
My rabbinical beard became wildly uncomfortable, plus I was subjected to every beard joke in the history of facial hair, with about 412 ZZ Top references.

The "corners of your beard"? I wonder what that means. Are we all supposed to have mutton chops?

Read more of the wacky biblical rules here. And then get the book! The Year of Living Biblically is available in hard-cover now for only $14.99.

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October 31, 2007

October 2007 Wrap Up for Shaving Stuff

wolfman.jpgIt's the last day of October. Halloween. Have you been growing out your beard for that authentic wolf-man look? Nice! Props from us. And enjoy the shave tomorrow morning.

Braun Pulsonic
As much as I chide ritual unboxings, we did our very own unboxing of the Braun Pulsonic. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Check out this Braun-y grill. Mean! More photos of the Pulsonic here.

Looks like we only reviewed non-shaving products this month. Huh, not paying attention. We checked out Jack Black All Over Wash, Jack Black Pure Clean Daily Cleanser, and Billy Jealousy Combination Code Face Moisturizer. Then we also realized our review of Musgo Real was severely flawed because I didn't actually use their shaving cream. Yes, I am losing my mind. That's what having a new baby will do to you.

Pimp My Fusion
The Art of Shaving's Chrome Gillette Fusion Power with integrated spotlight. If there's one post you need to read this month, this is it.

Electric Razors
Aside from the Braun Pulsonic we met the Panasonic ES2045P Wet/Dry Two-Speed Epilator, available in pink, because women love pink. We also saw our second solar powered electric razor. Shaving goes green.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Ben Affleck are growing up and dealing with mature themes. That means they want to be taken seriously. That means beards.

Up Next
Coming up in November we'll have our review of the Braun Pulsonic, Jack Black shaving products, and our Holiday Gift Guide.

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October 29, 2007

New York Times Article on Slowing Beard Growth

25skin190.1.jpgThe New York Times ran this article recently entitled Pushing Five O’Clock Shadow Back a Few Hours about the various hair retardant products on the market. That's right. I said "hair retardant." Not PC enough for you? Would you prefer hair-growth-challenged?

So why the need for a product which slows the growth of your beard?

Steven Horn, a director of international merchandising for Converse, said Lab Series for Men Triple Benefit Post-Shave Remedy was a face-saver on long overseas flights. “When I land 20 hours later, I don’t look like I need a shave,” Mr. Horn, 36, said. “I used to have to shave again once I reached my hotel and that was irritating to my skin, but now I can just go.”

Actually, if this stuff really works I'd totally use it. Don't get me wrong - I've come to love my morning ritual. But if I only had to shave every other day, I'd pay for that luxury. That said, seems the jury is still out on their efficacy.

Some of the products mentioned in the piece include Lab Series for Men Triple Benefit Post-Shave Remedy ($25), Clarins Men Skin Difference ($41), and Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Post-Shave Soother Beard Control Formula ($35).

Read the whole article here.

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October 15, 2007

Panasonic Epilator in Pink

We've been talking a lot of men's electric razors recently, so let's give a little time to the ladies. Here's the Panasonic ES2045P Wet/Dry Two-Speed Epilator, which comes in feminine-affirming pink. The ES2045P is actually three devices in one - an elipator, a shaver, and a trimmer. It's the Transformers of epilators! Legs, bikini, elsewhere, it's got you covered. And,
"Since the Panasonic ES2045P is rechargeable, you can epilate wherever it's most convenient for you."

Who writes their marketing copy?

Speaking of marketing copy, they might want to tone down their emphasis on the Panasonic's "36 tweezing discs". While this may be a technological advancement, it sounds more like an ancient torture device. Luckily, this country doesn't torture.

The Panasonic ES2045P Wet/Dry Two-Speed Epilator is $59.99. A bunch of cheaper models in other colors are available for as low as $29.99.

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October 1, 2007

September 2007 Wrap Up for Shaving Stuff

Bunch of reviews this past month. We spent five days looking at the new Philips Norelco Moisture Shaving System. It's the latest wet/dry electric razor from Norelco which dispenses Nivea lotion while you're shaving. Loved it. If you're considering a new electric razor soon then put this one on your must-research list. Or just buy it.

Also reviewed shaving products from Musgo Real. Didn't love it. Sometimes old-school is old for a reason. Unless you're over 65 I think you're going to want to stick with something more contemporary.

And somewhat related to shaving we reviewed Old Spice Pacific Surge Body Wash. Here's an old-school brand updating themselves for a new crowd. This ain't your daddy's Oldsmobile.

This Just In
Got a lot of new products in which we're looking forward to testing out. Jack Black, Barbasol, and The Art of Shaving, to name a few. In the immediate future I think we're going to stay electric though. Got a Braun Pulsonic just raring to go.

New Releases
Couple new products to mention - Combination Code Face Moisturizer and Golden Gloves Therapeutic Hand Lotion from Billy Jealousy. Also Venereous Mountain Mist from Newfbrand.

Finally the tireless shaving scribe LeisureGuy has a new version of his book Leisureguy's Guide to Gourmet Shaving: Shaving Made Enjoyable out. This guy puts out more updates to his book that Microsoft puts out updates to its operating system. I love it. Thanks for version 1.94.

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August 31, 2007

August 2007 Wrap Up for Shaving Stuff

Electric Shavers
Another month with a lot of electric shaver activity. Bunch of posts on the Philips Norelco Moisture Shaving System including this comparison of the three models. We received the 8060X and it's charged and ready to go.

Also from Philips is the BodyGroom. This New York Times article talks about the genre-defining razor and how a little viral web 2.0 marketing can go a long way.

Reviews this month covered Ikhala Smooth Face Scrub and Ikhala Shaving Gel, products aimed at men with an African background who often have trouble with razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Next up are products from Musgo Real. Look for that at the start of September. In parallel we're checking out the latest from Old Spice. Look out ladies! Papa's taking some can't-miss cues from Bruce Campbell.

Celebrity Facial Hair Friday picks included Eddie Vedder, John Lennon, and Michael Vick. Huh. There's an odd list of people.

Quick month this month of August. We're taking a few days to relax on the beach. Enjoy the last few days of summer and we'll see you all in September.

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August 8, 2007

Babies Like Beards!

babyBook.jpgAbout a month ago the ShavingStuff studios had a different kind of "This Just In..." event. We welcomed a little baby boy into our lives. Our first. So, as most new parents do, we're busy diapering, feeding, and learning.

Here's an interesting tidbit from page 460 of The Baby Book on infant vision:

Because of their preference for light-dark contrast, babies often pay more attention to the male face, especially if it has a beard or mustache.

Couldn't have asked for a better news. Papa's got you covered little man.

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July 31, 2007

July 2007 Wrap-Up for Shaving Stuff

Hope you're enjoying your summer. We certainly are.

Five part review this month on The Gentlemen's Refinery This is one that you don't want to miss, and one that I'm going to miss. Shaving oil, shaving cream, after-shave balm, moisturizer, and eye-cream. Gentlemen's Refinery is the best stuff I've used in a long time. Master barber Perry Gastis is deserving of his "master" status.

Electric Shaving
Unintentional string of electric shaving posts this month covering the silly - USB rechargeable shaver, the slightly less silly - solar rechargeable electric razor, the practical - the Mangroomer back shaver, the intrepid - Gizmodo's adventures in hairlessness, the beautiful - the Hitachi Rotary Razaq, and the ultra-modern - the Braun Pulsonic.

The Simpsons Movie was the inspiration for two of our celeb picks this month - Simpsons creator Matt Groening and Simpsons star Homer Simpson. We also honored the good old US of A with our July 4th special Wednesday edition pick of Uncle Sam.

And if you missed our post on Follicle Phil, you'll definitely want take a few minutes and catch up. Those crazy guys over at Philips Norelco Bodygroom have cooked up another installment in their wildly popular c@%k and b@(( shaving series. Sure to bring a smile to your face, and perhaps a few ladies as well.

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