March 7, 2007

The Latest in Laser Hair Removal

laser.jpgI'm on a bunch of email lists, some directly shaving-related, and some only distantly. One of them recently provided the following information on the latest state of laser hair removal. While I really don't know much about this procedure, it's totally fascinating, and I'm sure we'll all be shaving with the Gillette Zappette 3000 within ten years.

So this information is attributed to a "Dr. Kaplan", who might be this Dr. Harold J. Kaplan. (Not 100% sure.)

Laser is now considered the most effective way to remove hair. It is quick, covers large areas, and is readily available. However, until recently, it worked only on dark hair, and could not be used on olive or black skin because it could lighten the skin. This has now changed.

The newest Lasers can now be used for all ethnic types and skin colors, including Asian, Black, and Hispanic. In addition, blonde hair can now be treated as well. I believe the Sciton laser is one of the best lasers to treat all skin types and hair colors.

Another problem with lasers was that they could not remove gray or white hair. So women, who had mostly pigmented hairs, but some gray hairs too, would still have their gray hairs remaining after laser treatment. This has now changed also. A recent study looked at using Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) in women who wanted hair removal, but had some gray or white hairs. Using Levulan, and activating it with Intense Pulse Light, effective hair removal of terminal white hairs was achieved. However, white peach fuzz hairs did not respond to treatment

Here are some links to Levulan, the Sciton laser, and Photodynamic Therapy. Lot's of reading ahead of you if you're thinking about this. Not a lot of agreement.

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February 28, 2007

February Wrap Up

Three reviews this February - first one of Urth Perfect Travel Kit (which we split into part one - Urth Face Wash and Scrub and part two - Urth Shave and Face Balm). Urth products are scented with white tea (among many other natural ingredients) and just might win the Best-Scent award around here. Second review was of the Panasonic ER421KC Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer. Didn't hold up to my old Braun. Thankfully it's cheap, and eventually gets the job done. Third review was of Marvis toothpaste. No, I don't suggest you shave with it. But if you're looking for more adult, less flavor-blasted-crystals, give Marvis a try. Currently in the ShavingStuff studios we're testing out products from John Allan. Should have the review in the next week or two.

New Products
Got a bunch of products in this month - the Elemis Universal Traveller (which looks awesome), Bold for Men (a dry shave formula), and Maine Shave's four step shaving system (all natural). We're building up a little bit of a backlog here, so it might take a little while before we get to all of these.

Without a doubt the most controversial post this month was for Ultra Shave, where we linked to a video demonstration of a man using Ultra Shave. People jumped all over me for saying "Don't shave like this man". I think it was pretty clear that I wasn't slamming the product, just the shaver. Seriously, if you regularly shave the same part of your face more than twice each shave, you're doing something wrong. Get a better razor or get a better shaving cream. I'm telling you this for your own good.

Gillette introduced its new Phantom Fusion Power Razor this month. "...sleek new color, featuring a striking jet-black handle with copper and silver accents." Should be getting a couple in soon, so I'll let you in on the low-down.

And celebrities... Oh celebrities. By now you all know that Britney shaved her head. I'm sure the guys over at HeadBlade have already signed her up for endorsements. In other troubles, Aquateen Hunger Force's Frylock (and others) created quite a disturbance in the Boston area with a guerilla advertising scheme gone horribly awry. If only he didn't have that damn goatee. Then he wouldn't be evil.

Be good people. Spring is just around the corner.

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February 1, 2007

A Video Demonstration of the Hesketh 4x4

Remember the Hesketh 4x4? We first met Mark Hesketh back in October of 2005 when we learned of a novel idea to switch the first two blades with the last two blades of a four-bladed razor. This allows you to get more shave from the latter blades while only sacrificing the duller primary ones. Then in April of 2006 we learned that Mark had patented the idea. Now here's Mark at the Vodafone "Big Idea" describing in person how the Hesketh 4x4 works, with actual demonstration of the changing of the blades. Have a watch. (And I have no idea why you can only watch the video on YouTube, but click over and check it out.)
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January 31, 2007

January Wrap-Up

Another month come and gone. Seems like only yesterday I was cracking open that first tube of aMENity shaving cream and wondering what it would be like. Missed our review? You've got five posts to read - aMENity Gel Face Cleanser, aMENity Shave Cream, aMENity After Shave & Face Moisturizer, aMENity Anti-Breakout Gel, and aMENity The Balm. That's practically the whole aMENity line! (Loose interpretation of "practically") We also had a quick review of California North products based on the samples we got from Foreman.

One of my favorite items this month was the book Sharp Practice: The Real Man's Guide to Shaving, a new book on shaving by Anders Larsen. Still not available stateside, but you can order it from Amazon UK. Maybe I'll start posting tasty nuggets from the book every so often (with author's permission).

ShavingStuff readers got a renewed and improved ZIRH coupon this month. Use coupon code 'ShavingStuffZ' at checkout on the ZIRH website and receive 15% off all orders of $30 or more. Who takes care of you?

The first of several Valentine's Day ideas showed up in the form of this pricey but attractive set from Hommage. Don't worry if you don't have $375 to shell out for a Valentine's Day gift. We'll have a couple more suggestions next week.

Got a very mysterious email from Gillette about the launch of a new razor on February 15th. I'm guessing it'll be called the Fission, a slightly cheaper but messier Fusion.

Coming up in February we'll have our review of Urth shaving products, Marvis toothpaste, Dad's Old Time Razor Set, and another check-in with the Hesketh 4x4 - this time with video!

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January 29, 2007

Gillette's Save the Date

Got this cryptic email in my inbox late last week. What could it be? Combo Fusion/iPod? Seven-bladed plasma razor? Your guess is as good as mine. Well, given those last two guesses, probably better.
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January 24, 2007

Baxter of California Wins MenEssentials 2006 Consumer's Choice Grooming Awards

bestlineBaxter.jpgCongratulations to our friends over at Baxter of California for scoring high marks in Men Essentials' 2006 Consumer's Choice Grooming Awards. Not only did Baxter come in first place for eight categories of the nine categories they were nominated in, they won the major award of Best Product Line. Phew! That's a lot of acceptable speeches.

Best After-Shave
Baxter of California After Shave Balm

Best Face Wash
Baxter of California Face Wash

Best Face Scrub
Baxter of California Skin Toner Facial Scrub

Best Face Moisturizer
Baxter of California Oil Free Moisturizer

Best Body Bar
Baxter of California Vitamin E-D-A Cleansing Bar, Italian Lime

Best Body Wash
Baxter of California Invigorating Body Wash, Bergamot Pear

Best Shampoo
Baxter of California Daily Protein Shampoo

Best Conditioner
Baxter of California Daily Conditioner

Personally, I thought they were robbed of Best Original Screenplay, but what do I know? More details of the win can be found either at the Baxter of California or this page at Men Essentials.

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January 22, 2007

Guess the Celebrity Hawking the Schick Ultra

We've all got some skeletons in our closets, but rarely are they revealed. Unless of course you're a successful celebrity. Then the entire world wants to see your seedy past.

Case in point - this gem sent to us recently by Laura of Shirt Snob. Can you guess who's hawking the Schick Ultra, "the one with 'push-clean blades'"? Here's a hint - imagine him with a lot less hair.

Give up? It's TV's Alan Dale, currently starring as publishing patriarch Bradford Meade on the surprisingly successful Ugly Betty. You may remember Dale as Caleb Nichol from The O.C., or Vice President Jim Prescott is past episodes of 24. Seems like he's been in just about every TV show at least once. Oh, and at least one commercial. Hey - everyone gets their start somewhere.

Via Laura via popwatch.

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January 19, 2007

15% Off ZIRH Products With ShavingStuff Coupon!

zirh.gifVigilant ShavingStuff readers may notice a slight change to the site. That's right - we're talking about the new and improved ZIRH coupon available now to you, the ShavingStuff reader. visitors receive 15% off all orders of $30 or more. To receive your discount, please enter code 'ShavingStuffZ' at checkout.

What's changed since the old coupon? The old one was 12% off $40 or more. The new one is 15% off $30 or more. Not too shabby. Also note that the new coupon code has a 'Z' (for ZIRH) at the end - 'ShavingStuffZ'. We'll keep the text in the upper left part of this page up until the end of June (when this coupon expires) so you'll always be able to find it easily.

If you're new to ZIRH products we've got a whole page on the site dedicated to every ZIRH article we've posted, including lots of review of their shaving and grooming products. So read up, click over to ZIRH, and save!

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January 18, 2007

Checking Up On Mustache's For Kids

m4kchicago.jpgLast December we learned about the Chicago chapter of Mustache's For Kids, a charity organization where instead of running or biking, participants grow mustaches. Over the course of the four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Chicagoans checked in weekly to chart the growth of their killer 'staches. And here's the gallery of photos to prove it. See whose whiskers grew fast or slow. See whose fashion sensibility went the way of the mustache. And see the harshness of dropping out.

The lesson we can all learn in this? If you're ever forced to grow a mustache, add a giant pair of shades and some 70s garb. People will think you're retro. Oh, and raising money for charities is also a good thing.

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January 5, 2007

Sharp Practice: The Real Man's Guide to Shaving

sharpPractice.jpgGot an email recently from Anders Larsen, author of the new book Sharp Practice: The Real Man's Guide to Shaving. Nice. It's about time an new shaving book hit the shelves. According to Larsen the book is only available in "UK and commonwealth countries", with US availability coming soon. We used to be a commonwealth country, didn't we?

Rich in the (sometimes strange) history of shaving, full of anecdotes and packed with tips and advice, "Sharp Practice" will revolutionize your morning ritual. Here you will find advice on avoiding common mistakes, preventing rashes and cuts, what aftershave to use and how to handle a cut-throat razor, as well as everyday tips and the ultimate luxury shave. You will also learn about Che Guevara's beard, Ivan the Terrible's idea of fun, Alexander the Great and the severed head, and how cavemen invented the razor.

I can't imagine Ivan the Terrible's idea of fun is universally accepted, but hey, what do I know. We'll be getting a copy in soon, and in the meantime if you're in one of the lucky places where Amazon UK will ship to, click on over and have yourself a look-see. Sharp Practice: The Real Man's Guide to Shaving is £6.00.

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