May 16, 2006

Bic's Answer (or Predecessor) to

YouTube Time! Check out this 20 second commercial for Bic's Comfort Twin razor, in which a certain unshaven man undoes a particularly busty woman's medical enhancements. Same theme as Gillette's site.

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May 15, 2006

BuzzSkin’s iPod GiveAway

OK, so it's clearly a promotion for them to sign people up for an email list, but hey, it's nothing we at ShavingStuff might not do in the future. And, you might win a free iPod. How does it work? Just click on over to the BuzzSkin iPod Giveaway page, think of 5 people who won't kill you for giving out your email address, and submit. That's it. Don't worry, you still have your soul, and you probably still have your friends. But if you win the iPod, I know five people who are going to be very jealous. Six, actually, including me.

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May 9, 2006

Gillette's Viral Marketing Site -

noscruf_logo.gifOn first glance, looks like a forgotten website, built in the late 90s, and somehow still faithfully serving up its content. From the once-cute javascript text which annoyingly follows your mouse, to the horribly-colored animated buttons, to the spinning globe at the bottom, appears to be a relic of the web's infancy.

noscruf_terry.jpgBut look a little closer and you'll see the beginnings of a viral marketing campaign, aimed squarely at today's young web-savvy men. Remember Burger King's Subservient Chicken? The site purports to be about a movement of women rebelling against scruf - the several day's of sandpapery growth made famous in the '80s by Don Johnson and recently revived by Sawyer and Jack on Lost. In reality the site is owned by Procter and Gamble, and is an experiment in marketing for Gillette.

The quality of the content is extremely high. The movie "In Your Dreams, Stubble Boy" is in league with any of the BMW Films of recent years, and is actually pretty darn funny (if you're into shaving, which of course you are), as is the fake newscast "Latest Live NoScruf Coverage". A word of warning before you view the movies (which you must) - you're about to look at a lot of very attractive women with intentionally hairy armpits, legs, and unibrows. This content is for mature audiences only.

Quite a good time for shaving/web/humor. Last week we had the Norelco BodyGroom site which offers to make your d!$% look bigger, and who could forget Schick's kitschy infomercials at starring Kato Kaelin. We're glad to see the major players in the shaving world pushing the envelope in online marketing. Keep it up! Oh, and keep shaving.

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April 20, 2006

Introducing Fuzzy Logic Shampoo from Billy Jealousy

Our friends over at Billy Jealousy just launched a new shampoo called Fuzzy Logic. Sure, it's not exactly shaving-related, but it is a new product from a company which makes one of our favorite shaving creams. So you should know. And now you do.

Keep your hair and your cool. Protect yourself with Fuzzy Logic, an advanced peppermint shampoo formula fortified with DHT blocking agents, fighting hair loss at its roots. Clear in color, Fuzzy Logic will protect your magnificent mane of hair, allowing you to focus more on getting looks for the right reasons.

Don't be fooled by the tag-line - "fighting hair loss at it's roots". This shampoo is for all men - from bushy Chia head to bowling ball. Well, maybe not bowling ball men. But all fuzzy men.

Fuzzy Logic is available now for $22 bottle.

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April 17, 2006

French Men Love Baxter's of California, Shouldn't You?

The April 7th issue of Women's Wear Daily contains an article entitled A French Focus on Men's Skin Care, which mentions Baxter's of California, a shaving brand we've featured here before. Sadly, the site requires a login, so unless you're a paying subscriber you're going to have to settle for squinting at the tiny font in the image on the right (which contains the full text). The basic gist of the article is this - the men's grooming business is seeing double-digit growth in France, fueled in part by niche brands such as Baxter's of California. Seems men are finally starting to take an interest in skin care, demanding a wider selection of high-quality products to choose from. They are also interested in trying new products from the smaller players who specialize in one area of skin care - like shaving.

We at ShavingStuff applaud this trend. It's high time we men had the variety and quality available in women's skin care products. That's one French movement we hope goes world-wide.

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April 10, 2006

Introducing Cosmedicine from Sephora

Cosmedicine is a new line of skincare products based on a joint effort between Klinger Advanced Aesthetics, Sephora, and John's Hopkins Medicine. No, it's not shaving cream or aftershave, but it does represent an evolution in the development of skincare products, one that I think we'll see more of in the near future. The Cosmedicine line consists of moisturizers, toners, and various other creams, each tested with scientific rigor to prove their beneficial aspects.

Rather than relying exclusively on the traditional beauty measuring tool—the mirror—Klinger sought results based on scientific fact. Johns Hopkins Medicine, a world leader in healthcare, education, and research, consulted on the design and data analysis of clinical studies of this product.

I liken this to the approach that Billy Jealousy has taken by adding tiny silicon beads to their shaving cream, or King of Shaves with their micro-magnetically enhanced particles filled with vitamins. It's one thing to mix a bunch of ingredients and hope for a better shave; it's another to scientifically attack the problem and make use of the latest bio-technology.

The Cosmedicine collaboration was recently reviewed in the Wall Street Journal, however this link is only accessible if you are a paying subscriber. The line of Cosmedicines is available exclusively at Sephora and ranges from $35 to $85. If you're buying other products from Sephora before April 28th, 2006, include coupon code "TRUEBEAUTY" and get a free sample of Cosmedicine™'s Skin Fortifying Serum with your order. If you're interested in reading more, click on over to Sephora and check out the sections under "Learn More About This Brand".

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April 5, 2006

Introducing the Hesketh 4x4 Razor

A while back inventor Mark Hesketh wrote in about an idea he had for prolonging the life of a razor. He had noticed that with a multi-blade cartridge, the first blades became dull and worn out much more quickly than the last blades. What if you could exchange the blades? Kind of like rotating your tires. Eureka! A light bulb literally appeared above his head. And thus the idea for a light bulb symbolizing an idea was born.

Actually, the Hesketh 4x4 was born. Mark, knowing a little bit about intellectual property, went out and patented the idea. And that's where it stands today. So listen up all you Gillettes and Schicks of the world. If you're tired of fitting more blades into a razor head, maybe the next step in razor innovation is to think like a Transformer.

For more info, including schematics on swapping blades, click on over to and read up.

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April 4, 2006

Free Brut Aftershave

brut.jpgThe free offers abound! Last week it was a free Schick Midnight Quattro, this week it's Brut aftershave. If only someone provides free shaving cream next week you'll be all set!

Standard deal, as I'm sure you're all aware - you need to give up an email address, and of course your shipping address. Standard spiel, as I'm sure you're all aware - that's why god invented Hotmail.

Some things to note about this little brut - it's chock full of Aloe and Shea Butter. I recently became a huge fan of Shea Butter during the winter. Nothing beats it for dry skin, especially dry hands. I'll be especially curious to see how it does on the face. We'll have a review shortly after our free sample arrives.

Special thanks to Andy over at for sending this one in.

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April 3, 2006

March Monthly Roundup

Time to reflect for a moment on the month of March. We reviewed Blade Runner shaving cream from Origins, which wasn't the greatest, but I'm sure will find a happy home somewhere. We spent some time at Target, looking at their Caldo Razor and the Proraso line of shaving supplies that they're now carrying.

Still shaking my head at this one - a projection of razor growth from the Economist. Is shaving hard news now?

Lots of movement in the beard club and contest world. The boys from the Scarsdale High School Beard Club got official recognition, and Team Beard USA is ramping up for the World Beard and Moustache championship to be held in Anchorage, Alaska in 2009.

Friday celebrities included Terry O'Quinn from Lost, (don't shave like this man), clean cut Johnny Damon from the Yankees, (grow it back!), Moustaches from the 80s, (what was I thinking), and scraggly beards of today, (what am I thinking).

And in an act of shameless promotion, we reiterate our new weekly emails. Sign up and each week you'll receive a summary of all the activity on ShavingStuff delivered to your inbox Monday morning. And it's free! Who loves you?

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April 1, 2006

Schick Announces the New Octo

We've just gotten ahold of plans for the new Schick Octo, an 8-bladed behemoth slated to be released one year from today. Clearly an attempt to leapfrog the Fusion and draw consumers away from switching, the Octo packs an impressive 8 razors in the cartridge head for the ultimate in close shaving.

In a move catering to the Gen-X/Xtreme crowd, the new Schick Octo will be available in eight colors - the standard ROYGBV six of the rainbow, plus Ultra Violet and Infra-Red. Says spokesman Hans Oberme:

Most razors appeal to a broad range of the spectrum. We're pushing the envelope with the Octo by capturing those who live on the fringe.

The new Schick Octo will hit US retail shelves 4/1/07, and have a suggested price of $12.99. Replacement blades will likely be ridiculously expensive.

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