March 27, 2006

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March 23, 2006

USA to Host World Beard and Moustache Championship in 2009

philolsenbyandrewbuscard.jpgAlmost a year ago we wrote about the then upcoming World Beard and Moustache Championship to be held Berlin in October of 2005. Kind of fell off our radar (shame on us!), but big thanks to ShavingStuff reader David who wrote in recently. First of all we should congratulate all the winners, especially those in the Schnauzbart Freestyle category. Totally Xtreme Schnauzbarts! Secondly, we're excited to announce that the 2009 World Beard and Moustache Championships will be held right here in the good ol' US of A. USA! USA! Well, actually Anchorage, Alaska. Which is still USA. But getting out there.

And how is team USA preparing to defend their home turf? Check out Beard Team USA's blog for up to date info. Phil Olsen, self-appointed team captain, will keep you informed on all the latest news and tips for the upcoming showdown. Plus, if you feel the need for some pre-world championship training, you can enter in these upcoming events for a dry run to the big day.

Gentlemen, start your beards.

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March 22, 2006

Razor Projections from The Economist

OK, file this under bizarre. The Economist, the world renowned magazine on business and financial news, had an article last week analyzing the growth rate of the number of blades in a razor. Was it a slow news day? I can't believe they're taking this seriously.

This relationship (see chart) suggests shavers are going to get more blades whether they need them or not. However, just like Moore's law—the observation that computer chips double in power every 18 months or so—it seems that technology as well as marketing determines the rate at which new blades are introduced.

They even got a quote from spokeswoman Michele Szynal of Gillette:

"Every additional blade [...] adds weight and size to a razor."

Um... OK. Hey, thanks for fitting a hyperbolic curve to that graph. Do you really think we're going to have 14 razors per cartridge by 2010? If we could just have one more data point. Someone call Schick and find out when their 6-shooter is coming out.

Read the whole article here, and for extra credit, calculate the areas under the two curves to three significant digits.

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March 21, 2006

The Scarsdale High School Beard Club

scarsdale.jpgA while back Gizmodo expressed their disbelief at the existence of our little shaving site. Now it's my turn. A high school beard site? Serious?

Well... yeah. Kinda.

A warm web welcome to the Scarsdale High School Beard Club, whose quest for official club status appears to be the main motivation. That and getting enough people together to go to a monster truck rally so that you don't feel like the lone loser. Amazingly these guys gotten some press by a few of the other beard blogs and sites. And now us.

But cry not for the poor scarred youth of Scarsdale, their dream has apparently come true. According to this post on the Beard Team USA Blog (more on that in the next few days), the kids have triumphed.

Congratulations to the Scarsdale High School Beard Club in Scarsdale, New York. The school recently granted the club official sanction, despite initial opposition, due to overwhelming support from the student body. The SHSBC is now the second largest club at Scarsdale High, with 41 members attending the second meeting. Good luck and keep up the good work!

You know... I watched this documentary recently about inner city kids whose schools had cut most programs, yet somehow ballroom dancing was allowed in and gave their lives purpose. Must be similar. Beard on.

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March 20, 2006

Update on Hitachi's +10 Razor of Goodness

Back in September of '05 we reported on the Hitachi RM-SX100, a new electric razor with 10 internal blades. The main site which we got our small tidbits of information from was in an Asian language which we incorrectly reported as Japanese. Shame on us. I'm grateful to ShavingStuff reader Tony who recently wrote in and not only correctly pointed out that the page is in Korean, but even translated it.

The title reads: "Hitachi's 10-blade rotary-style water-proof electric razor"

Below the first picture it says:
"Hitachi is planning to release a 'Waterproof Electric Razor (Model RM-SX100)' which is equipped with ten blades in a rotary style razor."

Below the second pic:
"This product is not one that just gives you a deep, clean shave with it's high speed continuous rotation, but one that will give you visible results going in only direction and without changing speeds."

And the third pic:
"It has also been equipped with a rotary washer, which has had it's rinsing effectiveness improved."

So, thought you would just like to know. Also the tech spec box said it comes with a 220V DC adapter and it is water-proof(which I think it had already stressed enough).

Awesome. Thanks Tony.

To see the pictures go to this page on The Hitachi RM-SX100-A is currently available on in cool metallic blue (pictured) for ¥7,580, down from ¥8,526 when we first reported on it. Still no word on US availability.

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March 16, 2006

The Wet Shavers Group

msn.gifAttention old-school shaving fans! There's an MSN group out there that's perfect for you. It's called the Wet Shavers Group, and it's a happenin' place. Tons of discussion, advice, and all-around bonding over shaving. They've got four main posting areas:

General: for wet shaving techniques, equipment, supplies, and suppliers. This is our largest, most active forum.
Grooming: soaps, cleansers, lotion, toothpaste, hair products, and related topics.
Sale and Trade: wet shaving related items for sale, trade, or want-to-buys.
Off-topic: clothing, dining, relationships, and other "good life" matters.

If you're anti Microsoft you can still browse all the forums without signing in. To post you'll probably have to sell your soul to the evil empire, or at least an email address. The group is current, active, and full of quality information. All but the "off topic" forums have recent posts, and there's very little spam. Have fun over there, but please come back.

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March 7, 2006

Razor Magazine's Tombstone Website

What happens to websites when their associated magazines shut down? Some just keep on going. Case in point - Razor Magazine.

Razor launched in November 2000 by editor in chief /CEO Richard Botto as a hip lifestyle title for twentysomething men. At its launch, Razor positioned itself as a diversion from laddie titles such as Dennis Publishing's Maxim and Emap's FHM. Instead, the title attempted to be a younger version of Condé Nast's GQ or Hearst Magazines' Esquire, covering fashion, tech, pop culture and celebrities without the gratuitous sex and slapstick bar humor.

Turns out young men didn't want a diversion from Maxim. The magazine shut down in September of '05. Who would have guessed?

Now I know Razor Magazine really has nothing to do with shaving, but I find it interesting that the website is still up and cheerfully beckoning you to browse its flashy content. It's a perfectly preserved digital death. That's got to be new concept.

Read more in this MediaWeek article from late last year, or visit Razor Magazine's site and click through the oddly fresh-looking stale content.

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March 2, 2006

Shave 'n' Cut Gama-Go T-Shirt

Want to be the coolest shaving kid on the block? Then you need the Shave 'n' Cut Gama-Go T-Shirt. Never heard of Gama-Go? Hmm... OK, find a kid, preferably male, slightly nerdy, yet oddly fashionable. Or go to

In late 2000 Greg Long & Chris Edmundson started screen printing tee shirts and working out of the basement of Greg's house to help showcase some of their friends artwork. It was a great way to help promote the local San Francisco art scene and get their minds off the drudgery of their day jobs.

Might sound mundane but trust me, Gama-Go is ultra hip. The Shave 'n' Cut Gama-Go T-Shirt is only $28 and is available in blue and black. Go on - shave a couple years off your wardrobe.

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March 1, 2006

Gillette vs. Schick - Why Must They Fight?

boxingGloves.jpegA while back we reported on the lawsuit between Gillette and Schick over the number of blades in a razor. Seems Gillette filed a patent for a ''progressive blade geometry" razor system which they claim covers three or more blades, so that when Schick came out with the four-bladed Quattro, Gillette sued them for patent infringement. Hmm.... Then Schick countersued Gillette on false advertising claims based on Gillette's ads, which say that the shave from a Gillette razor is, questionably, "'The Best a Man Can Get." Oh please...

Well, a couple weeks ago the companies quietly decided to forgo a lengthy trial before the case went to a jury.

''Both companies have resolved the vast majority of litigation between them," said Eric Kraus, a Gillette spokesman. ''While Gillette and Schick will remain competitors, we'll compete in the marketplace, not in the courtroom."

It's kind of like that time when Hulk Hogan and the Iron Sheik decided to stop their verbal sparring and step into the ring. (I think I might be dating myself here.) The upshot is that both companies are placing their bets on the fairness of the pure capitalist marketplace. Letting a jury of your piers decide whether three or four or now even five blades is the right number of blades is ridiculous. Especially because some of the jurists probably had beards and don't shave much. Or some of the jurists are women and don't shave their face with a Quattro. Let's let America decide who has the better razor. Game on!

Read more in this Boston Globe article or this one from Reuters

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February 28, 2006

February Wrap-Up

As you might imagine we spent a lot of time with the new Gillette Fusion this month. For starters we looked at what's the box of both a Fusion Starter Kit and a Fusion Power. Then we took a trip to the new official Fusion website and hung with Cassandra, a mildy attractive lab tech who was instrumental in the Fusion's creation. Next we delved into microfins, those little rubbery guys underneath the blades which I believe are the unsung heroes of the shaving revolution. Finally we finished with the ShavingStuff review of the Fusion and Fusion Power, with comparisons to the Mach3 and recommendations for you.

In other news we welcomed a new shaving site to the wonderful world of shaving ecommerce. We also checked out the much anticipated release of Buzzed, a shaving DVD featuring adult film star Teri Weigel, and welcomed Personal Shavers as a new affiliate of ShavingStuff.

For the literate we suggest The Art of Shaving, as well as the oddly titled The Meaning of Tingo, which has a section on the 27 Albanian words for moustache.

And of course we continued our Facial Hair Friday segment with appearances by Jack White and Johnny Depp, Jason Lee, Kanye West, and Ben Bernanke and my dad! My dad even sent in his acceptance speech, which I will reprint now:

Wow! Of all the beards in all the world, mine was selected as the model of future grooming. I want to thank all of my trimmers, scissors, combs and the tissues that I use to pick up the cut whiskers.

Brings a tear to a son's eye. I'm so proud of you dad.

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