October 25, 2005

Free Sample of RazorGuard

We've blogged about RazorGuard and RazorMax before - both are oils which prevent your razor blades from oxidization, lengthening their use. It's a great way to save some money. Here's a link to a free sample of RazorGuard for the small price of an email address. Answer a few simple questions and you're all set.

OK, I just tried it, and while it appears quick and painless, it has asked me to send a self-addressed stamped envelop (32 cents) to

RazorGuard, Inc.
904 Silver Spur Rd. Suite 185
Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274

32 cents?!? Wasn't that like the price of postage in 1987? Not sure this offer is still valid, but might be worth a shot.

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October 19, 2005

2005 FHM Grooming Awards

Speaking of the FHM 2005 Grooming Awards, I think it's worth mentioning the shaving-related winners. In the category of Best Shave (Cream, Foam, & Gel):

Billy Jealousy Hydroplane Shave Cream
Bullie Close Shave
Edge Advanced Gel
King of Shaves Magna Shave Gel
Lab Series Max Comfort Shave Cream
Lectric Shave Ultra Gel
Menscience Advanced Shave Formula
Molton Brown Supershave Olibanum

And in the category of Best After-Shave we have:

Art of Shaving After Shave Gel Unscented
Billy Jealousy Shaved Ice After-Shave Balm
Biotherm AcnoClean Acne Treatment Gel
Clinique Post Shave Soother
Dr. Galen’s Herbal Skin Tonic
Gillette Complete Skin Care After Shave Gel
Nivea After Shave Sensitive Balm
Old Spice High Endurance Beard Minimizing After Shave Lotion

"Oh my god! I didn't expect to win. I am just honored to be in the same category as these fine after-shaves. Well, I prepared a short list just in case. I'd like to thank everyone at the studio, Bob and Harvey Weinstein..."

See the full results here.

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October 13, 2005

RAZORBLOGGING on Instapundit.com

Big pickup yesterday for us by Instapundit. Looks like they were talking about shaving and one of our readers mentioned ShavingStuff. Thanks!

Click on over to their RAZORBLOGGING article to read people's opinions on different razors and techniques. I have to say it's nice to read about people who are happy with their shaving system. I read too many articles and posts from people railing against the horrors of modern shaving equipment. Technology does advance, and shaving has improved, although to the guy using Prell as shaving cream - I think you're on your own.

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October 11, 2005

Gillette Venus Vibrance "Legs of a Goddess'' Contest

Gillette has announced the winner of its Gillette Venus Vibrance "Legs of a Goddess'' Contest, and all of us at ShavingStuff would like to extend our hearty congratulations to second-year Drake law student Angela McNeany. Way to go on those legs! Ms. McNeany's prizes are

valued at $50,000, which includes a Jacob and Co. signature five time zone watch featuring a pink and black diamond bezel, four seasons of designer shoes, a luxury handbag, and the chance to appear in a Gillette Venus commercial.

And, she got to fly to LA and celebrate Hilary Duff's 18th birthday! Ready for the greatest quote ever?

One minute I'm studying tort reform and the next I'm told I have the best legs in America and am flown to Hollywood for Hilary Duff's birthday party

I don't know about you but I'm cracking those law books tonight. Who knows what might happen.

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October 6, 2005

A Patented Approach to Increasing Razor Life

We've reported on oils from RazorMax and RazorGuard which lengthen the life of a razor by preventing oxidation. Here's another idea for prolonging the life of a razor - the ability to switch the blades. Mark Hesketh realized that the first blade in a multi-blade razor cartridge wears down quicker than the later blades. He was able to see this uneven wear using a microscope to examine the surface of the different blades in single cartridge. The ability the switch around the blades, he figured, would prolong the overall life of the cartridge.

Mark has patented the idea and is looking for a company to license it. You can read the full text of the patent here.

Seems like a great idea, although it doesn't exactly match the current business model which is geared toward getting you to buy more blades. Ahh capitalism. Doesn't always line up for the consumer. We'll be getting an advanced prototype soon and once we have used it a couple times we'll put up a review. Stay tuned...

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September 30, 2005

September Wrap-Up

Huge month for us at ShavingStuff. HUGE!

From the two 800 pound industry gorillas we had Gillette's announcement of the Fusion and Schick's launch of the Quattro Power. These stories got picked up by and a bunch of the other cool gadget blogs which drove our traffic through the roof. Welcome to all you new readers. We're glad you're here.

We also covered productdose.com's five-part series on shaving sponsered by Baxter. If you haven't read them here are the links to installments one, two, three, four, and five.

In the reviews department we covered Pacific Shaving Oil, a totally different shaving experience if you're used to working with creams and gels. $6.95 for 100 shaves. No brainer.

So what's on tap for next month? KENMEN just sent over a shipment of their shaving-related products. We'll be trying those out for a couple weeks and hopefully have a review up at the end of the month. Also, we've been talking with an inventor in England about a method he's developed to get the most out multi-blade razors. More news, more deals, and more fun to come.

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September 28, 2005

Analysis of Gillette

Here's a great article by David Vinjamuri, former Brand Manager at Johnson & Johnson and Coca-Cola, covering Gillette, the new Fusion razor, the razor market. The main point of this article is that Gillette is a monopoly and has no real competition. While I'm not sure I agree with that premise, the author does bring up several good points.

1) Gillette does not make the methodology of their shaving studies known, so when they claim that most men prefer the new Fusion two-to-one over the Mach3, we don't know how they arrived at these numbers. It seems unlikely that scientific double-blind techniques were used, and when presented with a new product people tend to like it implicitly.

2) The Procter and Gamble acquistion of Gillette was probably helped by the upcoming release of the Fusion. As the author points out, launching a new brand is generally quite risky, but Gillette is in a unique position to attain huge success given its track record with the Mach3.

I don't necessarily agree with the author's assessment of the market landscape however. According to this St. Louis Business Journal article sales of Schick Quattro were $26.9 million verses sales of Mach3 which were $28.3 million for the same 12 month period ending in November of 2004. That doesn't seem like a Gillette domination, but it doesn't account for razors sold under different brand names.

Anyway, click on over and form your own opinions. Thanks Lukas for sending this article in! Great read.

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September 27, 2005

Schick Quattro Power Site

schick_power.jpgAsk and ye shall receive. The main site for the Schick Quattro Power is thatsthepowerof4.com. Cool retro-tacky design featuring Kato and some hot chicks. Plus, if you're willing to "Join the Society" you can get a $3 off coupon which you can download and print. Not a bad trade for an email address.

Office warning! Wear your headphones before clicking over. Plently of audio and video for you to peruse, but it will turn heads.

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September 26, 2005

More Info on the Schick Quattro Power

Still combing the web for more info about the Schick Quattro Power, which appears to be out and available now. On the right we have a close-up of the razor, sent in by a ShavingStuff friend.

Next we have this promotional site detailing the adventures of Owen - "the dude in the Quattro Power Hummer aka the luckiest guy ever!"

My name is Owen and I will be spending the next month driving around to major events around the GTA giving away the brand new Schick Quattro Power razor. -The newest addition to the Quattro family. Not only do I give them away but I am accompanied by four beautiful girls, The Quattro Power girls.

Show me the girls. Then I'll decide whether or not you're the luckiest guy ever. (Although if this is large-scale marketing effort I'm guessing he's pretty lucky.)

Finally, on a more serious note, we have this page from Walgreen's, which has a surprisingly good amount of information.

My biggest question - where is Schick's website devoted to the new Quattro Power? Am I simply missing it? Is Google letting us down?

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September 15, 2005

The Schick Quattro Power - Too Little Too Late?

schick_power.jpgHere's a little more information on the upcoming release of the powered version of the Schick Quattro:

Release date is mid-September, which is any day now.
Initial suggested retail price will be $10.99.
Will come with an Energizer AAA battery.

(Some day I hope to understand the business synergy of shaving and batteries.)

The St. Louis Business Journal has some interesting financial information on Schick and Gillette earnings on their Quattro and Mach3 razors. Schick's Quattro website will supposedly be updated to coincide with the release of the Power, but so far that hasn't happened yet.

So how will the Schick Quattro Power do in the face of the 5-bladed Gillette Fusion Power announcement? Both companies are denying any projected future impact from the other, but it's likely that consumers could wait for the Fusion release and reviews before making up their minds. Then again brand loyalty is tough to break, so avid Schick users will likely make the Quattro Power at least a moderate success.

P.S. Apparently the Schick Quattro Power is already available at CVS stores in Michigan. Any MI readers have any early feedback?

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