July 29, 2009

Gillette Fusion Video and Gillette Resource Center

Gillette's new online resource center is now open and packed full of shaving goodness (of course, it's all Gillette...)

And the timeline of Gillette shaving 'firsts' is in there, starting with King C. Gillette's invention of the safety razor with disposable blades in 1901, and then in 1904 Gillette receiving the first U.S. patent on the safety razor and selling 90,000 razors and 12 million blades that year.

Download the full timeline here. (PDF)

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July 22, 2009

Blade of Glory: Mach III?

machIII.jpgThis Irish author tries out a number of razors, and ends up with the Mach III: Blades of glory: a razor-sharp guide to shaving

"Shaving doesn't just cause painful nicks on the neck or under the nose either -- it bleeds your pockets too. The price of razors and blades varies enormously, depending on the brand and store you buy them in."

Any readers swear by the Mach III? What do you like about it?

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June 1, 2009

How To Shave Your Groin Video

According to Gillette:

  • 33% of U.S. men ages 24-34 shave, wax or trim hair below the neck
  • 60% of US. Men said one of the best reasons to body groom is to appear more attractive to a potential partner and nearly as many (57%) say that the best reason to body groom is to feel more confident
  • 57% of men would likely change their body grooming practices if they received a negative reaction from a sexual partner
  • 47% of women perceive a man who body grooms as confident (as opposed to metrosexual or feminine)
  • 55% of men feel most comfortable seeking a significant other's advice about body grooming
  • 66% of men never discuss body grooming with their friends
What do you think about it? Leave us a comment and tell us how you feel about manscaping.
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March 17, 2009

Hot Deal: Gillette Men's Mach3 Cartridge 12-Packs

Right now, the Gillette Men's Mach3 Cartridge 12-Pack is available at Amazon for $18.18. If you buy three 12-packs (36 total cartridges) for $54.54, you get free shipping. Even better, use coupon code "MAR9GWII" for a grand total of $44.54. That's only $1.24 per cartridge!

"Made for use with the Mach3 razor, Gillette Mach3 Cartridges feature three blades that offer a close, comfortable shave. Each blade is specially positioned to extend gradually closer to your beard, resulting in fewer strokes. Plus, each of these blades has a patented DLC Comfort Edge, which means less irritation every time you shave. It's also easy to know when to change blades: the advanced indicator lubricating strip includes a blue stripe that fades away when you are no longer getting the optimal MACH3 shaving experience."
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February 18, 2009

25% Off Gillette Two-fers and a Philips Bodygroom Deal

Fusion_Phenom500.jpgIf you're a fan of Gillette razors, right now you can get 25% off two or more eligible razors or cartridges, plus free shipping with orders over $25. Just enter the coupon code "FEB9GILL"

The Gillette Mach3 Turbo Refill Cartridges, 8-packs, are available for $28.48 for two packs, after the discount.

Try the Gillette Fusion Power Phenom Razor, a five blade razor with a technological twist:

Living inside the handle is the onboard microchip, which creates an entirely new platform of technology that improves the system's performance and brings electronics to wet shaving for the first time.

Two of the Fusion razors come to $16.48 after the discount. The Gillette deals are good through February 28.

Ready for some manscaping?

From Philips Norelco comes the BG2020 Bodygroom Shaver, now for only $35, with free shipping. bodygroom200.jpg

The Philips Norelco BG2020 Bodygroom Shaver is the All-in-One grooming solution, exclusively for men that safely trims and shaves all body zones. With the Bodygroom, men can trim and shave hair from their chest & abs, underarms, groin area, legs, back and shoulders. Bodygroom features the very latest technology and ergonomic design to offer a convenient, easy and pain-free way to remove and trim body hair. Bodygroom's advanced design allows for it to be used wet or dry and even in the shower. Its hypoallergenic foil protects even the most sensitive skin against nicks, cuts or irritation, and its stainless-steel blades ensure long-lasting performance.

If you really want to get the full set-up, add the MANGROOMER Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver and the Panasonic ER421KC Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer to your order of the Bodygroom, and save almost $20.

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September 22, 2008

Sculpt Yourself Into Gillette History

gillettedesign.jpgCalling all sculptors! Calling all artists! Gillette's World Shaving Headquarters, located just a few miles from my humble abode, is getting an extreme makeover. And the piece de resistance could be made by you!

P&G/Gillette is undertaking the most significant renovation of its World Shaving Headquarters in its 100-year history. When complete, the 33-acre site, located in South Boston, will house P&G/Gillette's Research and Development, Engineering, Manufacturing, Marketing and business support. To mark the significance of this endeavor, the Company is launching a single-phased design competition for a signature sculpture or landmark icon to mark the entry to the World Shaving Headquarters complex.

Think you got a shaving-inspired "signature sculpture" in you? You've got until October 6th to submit your designs. Details are at GilletteDesignCompetition.com. Good luck!

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July 11, 2008

Gillette Mach3 Turbo Razors On Sale At Amazon

gillettemach3turbo.jpgIf you're still somewhere between old-school and new-school, shaving with a Mach3, here's a great deal on Mach3 blades at Amazon. $13.65 for an 8-pack, and shipping is free. Not too shabby. Yeah, yeah, I know all you razor blade shavers are paying pennies per blade, but some of us have bought into the Gillette business model and won't give up our cartridges.

Mach3 blades will fit any of the Mach3 razors, powered or unpowered, original, Turbo, and Grease Lightin'. If you're still tripling down with Gillette, stock up now.

Via dealnews.com.

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May 7, 2008

Checking Back In On The Search for the Next Phenom

I'll admit it. I have a special place in my heart for juggling. I used to juggle. (Nerd alert!) Balls, pins, even handkerchiefs. Perhaps I should have tried razors.

This kid jeremy923 kicks some major ass on Gillette's Search for the Next Phenom contest. What's he got in the air? Five balls? Seven balls? Gee, that's a hell of a lot more impressive than that kid who made two free throws in a row from the end of his driveway. Sorry, not that exciting, free-throwing-kid. Learn to juggle.

A quick runner-up mention to the guy who shoots a bow and arrow using his legs and hits a moving target while spinning a basketball. Definitely the most unique thing I've seen in the contest. I don't think he's going to win, but he's definitely cornered the market.

Now, back to that juggling kid. If only he were old enough to shave... He'd be a shoo-in.

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April 18, 2008

Gillette Presents The Search for the Next Phenom

A couple days ago we blogged about the Gillette Trickstars 08 contest on YouTube where your video of you being tricky could win you fame and fortune. Or maybe a Phenom. Turns out Trickstars is a European contest. But fear not, citizens of North America. The Search for the Next Phenom is for you!

Yes, we interrupt this normally scheduled Celebrity Facial Hair Friday to bring you not one but three celebrities - Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, and Thierry Henry. And this time, it's personal.

Create a video of 90 seconds or less showcasing your skill in a ball sport. Your video may include the biggies--basketball, baseball, soccer, football, golf, tennis--the lesser obvious ones-- volleyball, water polo, cricket, rugby, croquet--and even the fooseballs and Super Balls of the world. You can kick it, throw it, shoot it, catch it, juggle it, dribble it, heck do a dance with it if you like. If you're phenomenal enough, you could win.

What could you win? A cool 30 grand. Or a Blu-Ray DVD player. Or a 42" plasma. Or more. You've got until May 20th to upload your video, so start practicing. Based on the videos that have already been submitted, you've still got plenty of chances to win.

(A word to all you bowlers out there - don't include any cuts in your videos. Show me three strikes on three lanes in a single cut. Then I'll be impressed. Otherwise, I ain't buying it.)

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April 10, 2008

The Braun Pulsonic vs The Gillette Fusion

pulsonic_v_fusion.jpgAre you ready to rumble?!?

In this corner... weighing in at a "reassuring" six ounces... with a retail price of $270... forget the brains, this thing is all brawn... it's the Braun Pulsonic!!!

And in this corner... weighing far less... with a retail price of $13... harnessing the power of the atom... it's the Gillette Fusion!!!

Gentlemen, start your vibrations. It's shavin' time!

Sure, some men prefer the convenience of an electric shaver, in which case we'd recommend the Pulsonic, the gold standard of face mowers. But for a flawless shave that won't mar your mug, we'd opt for the Fusion. One caveat is the steep cost, as with most razors, of the replacement blades: $14 for a package of four. In the long run, the Fusion could end up costing you more than the Pulsonic, so it's no bargain: just a better shaver.

Read a full account of the bout at this Business Week article. (Pulsonic v Fusion starts on page 3.)

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