April 9, 2008

Gillette Embraces Women's Inner Goddess

21adco.190.jpgHere's an interesting little article from the New York Times on Gillette's recent launch of the Venus Embrace, the five-bladed women's razor meant to complement the men's Fusion. The article starts with the ad campaign Gillette and BBDO Worldwide have created, and the differences between marketing to men and women.

When Gillette pitches razors to men, it tends to emphasize technological innovations. But on the women's side, "we focus more on the emotional end benefits," Ms. Frivoll said.

To that end, the Venus Embrace brings out a woman's inner goddess - "Goddess of Communication" or "Goddess of Trailblazing". And lord knows goddesses want to look good. Anyway, here's how to market a woman's razor to a man:

The Venus Embrace has some slick design innovations. In addition to the five blades, it has a soft rubber handle and -- instead of the moisturizing strip above blades on many razors -- has upgraded to an oval-shaped Ribbon of Moisture that completely encircles the blades.

I think my level 15 paladin had a +4 Ribbon of Moisture. Hard to remember my junior high school days.

There are some interesting tidbits of information in the article. Definitely worth a read for the shaving-inclined. The only thing left out in my opinion is an explanation for how someone can go from designing jet engines at Rolls-Royce to becoming the director of the Gillette Technology Center in England.

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April 8, 2008

Gillette Trickstars 08

trickstars.gifHmm... weren't we just talking about Schick's YouTube contest? Seems like all the major players are flocking to the 'Tube.

Gillette is running its Gillette Trickstars 08 contest where you, yes you!, can win fame, fortune, and Fusions. Just upload a video of yourself doing something sporty and tricky, and who knows? You could score big!

Personally, my favorites are Jimmy the urban heroes, for his mastery with a soccer ball, and Dads silly golf ball juggling tricks, for the kid playing the theme to Inspector Gadget on the piano in the background. Sure, Dorm ball and Catch of the century! look cool, but my guess is that for every cool catch (or basket), there are 20 outtakes of misses.

Check out the full set of video submissions at youtube.com/user/gillettetrickstars and see which is your favorite. Or even better, film your kick-ass self doing something awesome and win!

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February 5, 2008

Introducing the Gillette Phenom Fusion Power Razor

GillettePhenom.jpgPop quiz! What do you do when you've got a hit product? If you've been a regular Shaving Stuff reader, you'd know the answer. If not, check out this post. The answer: release it again. And again. And again.

Two Superbowls ago in 2006 Gillette released the Gillette Fusion and Gillette Fusion Power, the world's first five-bladed razor. (Or six-bladed, depending on how you count the "Precision Trimmer" blade.) At last year's Superbowl Gillette released the Gillette Fusion Power Phantom, which included a slightly redesigned handle and a darker color scheme. Well, the Superbowl was two days ago, and guess what? Gillette introduced the Gillette Fusion Power Phenom.

Gillette Fusion Phenom and Gillette Fusion Power Phenom combine the breakthrough technology of the Gillette Fusion shaving system, with a cool new design featuring metallic blue and silver satin chrome handles.

Don't worry. It takes the same blades you've been using. And if you already have a Fusion Power or Fusion Power Phantom, don't feel the need to rush out and get the Phenom. That said, if you haven't tried any of the Fusion Power razors, you'll be in for a treat when you do. Personally, I think they rock.

So it's pretty clear we'll have another Fusion release at next year's Superbowl. And given the current trend of naming the new razors with the "ph" sound, I recommend next year's product be called the "Gillette Fusion Power Phoneme". Remember, you heard it here first.

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December 27, 2007

The Gillette 3000

Sorry you're at work. Enjoy this distraction...
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November 15, 2007

Build the Perfect Guy at ManQuarium.com

Hey ladies! Want the perfect guy? How about one you design who lives in a fish bowl? A ManQuarium!

Just click on over to ManQuarium.com and

  • Pick out the perfect bod

  • Choose an amazing date

  • Identify the best birthday present

  • Determine what cheers you up

  • Select the ultimate complement

Then sit back and let the complements come in. Or click around and make your man do and say cool stuff. Oh, and buy Gillette Venus Breeze products. Hey - these guys don't work for free.

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November 12, 2007

The Shaving Stuff 2007 Holiday Gift Guide

holiday_guide.jpgThe holiday season is fast approaching and you've got a list with a bunch of question marks on it. What to get for that special man in your life? Well look no further than the 2007 ShavingStuff Holiday Gift Guide. We've got all he'll need, from creams to razors, books, toys, and more. And even a little something for the ladies.

Shaving Cream
Sure, we all start shaving with foamy supermarket shaving cream. But eventually we aspire to the finer things in life. The brands below offer a superior shave which is close, comfortable, and sublime. A gift set is the perfect way to sample new products, as well as introduce someone to the world of better shaving.
Gentlemen's Refinery - $199
Billy Jealousy - $50
The Art of Shaving - $38
ZIRH - $59
MenScience - $55
Baxter of California - $60
Still not seeing it? Surf on over to the Details for Men gift kit page and see what strikes your fancy.

Cartridge Razors
Once again power reigns supreme. If you're not shaving with an electrified version of a multi-blade razor, it's time to step into the new millennium. Power makes all the difference.
Gillette Fusion Power - $10.99
Schick Quattro Power - $11.99
Gillette M3Power - $15
The Art of Shaving's Chrome Gillette Fusion Power with Spotlight - $150

Electric Razors
There were a couple of new products released this year from the leaders in electric razor technology. If you want the top of the line traditional electric razor, go for the Pulsonic. If you're interested in a wet/dry electric shave, go for the Moisture Shaving System.
Braun Pulsonic - $215
Philips Norelco Moisture Shaving System - $149

Pubic Shaving
Don't even think about shaving downstairs without the proper equipment. Give yourself an extra optical inch with the BodyGroom, or go completely bare with the Cleancut, still the #1 choice in the porn industry.
Philips Norelco Bodygroom - $34.99
no!no! - $250
Seiko Cleancut - $75

Head Shaving
Just like you wouldn't shave downstairs without the proper equipment, you don't want to shave the roof without the proper tools. Get the gear designed for your noggin.
Headblade - $10.99
Sharps Mission: Control Bald Head Balm SPF 15 - $24

Back Shaving
Yeah, I don't want to talk about it either. If you know a guy who needs one of these, just do him a favor and buy it for him. And give it to him while no one else is in the room.

Want to learn proper shaving technique but afraid to ask? Finally, a couple of books which teach you how to shave.
Leisure Guy's Guide to Gourmet Shaving: Shaving Made Enjoyable - $11.95
Sharp Practice: The Real Man's Guide to Shaving by Anders Larsen - £6.50

Nothing beats a little fun in the tub or a soft foam book. Teach your little squirt how to shave like his papa.
Shaving in the Tub from Alex Toys - $6.79
My Shaving Kit foam book from Innovative Kids - $3.32.

Looking for more amazing gift ideas? Check out our extensive set of holiday shopping guides on electronics, fashion, cooking, and more.

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October 23, 2007

Good Deal on Gillette Good News! Razors

GilletteGoodNews.jpgI am a firm believer in technology and innovation. In my opinion, the Gillette Fusion Power is the best cartridge razor system on the market today. That said, I know many of you are still firmly in the two-blades-is-enough camp. Well, good news! Gillette Good News! Pivot Plus Razors are now on sale at Amazon - $10.04 for a 12-pack. And, if you sign up for their automatic delivery service (which, incidentally, I know nothing about), it knocks the price down to $8.53 for a 12-pack. Crazy? You'd be crazy to pass this deal up.

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October 18, 2007

The Art of Shaving's Chrome Gillette Fusion Power, with Spotlight!


OK, I don't even know where to begin here. A lot of companies like to put their logo on things, and men's grooming lines are no different. We've seen a bunch of branded razor handles which fit Gillette cartridges. La dee da.

Here's one that takes this to the next level - The Fusion Chrome Collection Power Razor from Gillette and The Art of Shaving. And yes, that is a tiny flashlight built into the Fusion.

The built-in spotlight, the first of its kind, reveals details normally in shadow - such as under the chin and jaw line - to help you avoid missed spots and make every stroke count. The sleek, contemporary handle is an ideal combination of ergonomics and innovative design, handcrafted in polished chrome and wrapped in a matte black, thermo-resin grip.

OK, so it's an Art of Shaving branded Gillette Fusion Power, decked out in chrome and thermo-resin, with a tiny flashlight near the head. Wow. I'm seriously impressed. As the writer/editor of ShavingStuff, I just may have come across my perfect Christmas present.

We recently had the chance to "ooo" and "ahh" at the display of our local The Art of Shaving store, and here are some semi-decent pictures taken with a cell-phone camera:

How much does it cost? $150. Pretty steep for a device that doesn't sync with iTunes, but hey - The Art of Shaving is a luxury brand catering to a certain class of clientele. I'll bet they sell a bunch this holiday season.

And one more thing? Imagine shaving in the dark with this baby? It might be the most dangerous shaving idea we've ever had.

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August 29, 2007

Great Shaving Commercial from Turkey

Here's a fun, mostly work-safe TV commerical apparently for the Gillette Three Blade which answers the question of why some men carry a matchstick in their teeth. The answer may shock (or disgust) you.

(Quick post for today. We're out on vacation enjoying the last of the summer beach season.)

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May 10, 2007

$10 Off Gillette Products at Amazon

gilletteStuff.jpgJust got word of this great deal on Gillette products at Amazon:

Save $10 instantly when you spend $39 or more on Gillette products offered by Amazon.com. Enter code BREEZMAY at checkout. Here's how. Offer expires May 31, 2007.

Yeah, yeah, I know. All you old-school shavers out there are paying 39 cents a blade. But for the rest of us who need our safety razors, saving ten bucks goes a long way. Don't forget you'll get free shipping too.

Via Dealnews.

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