February 18, 2011

A Sunscreen for Men Who Don't Like Sunscreen

According to a poll by MenScience, most men don't regularly use sunscreen, even though they understand the importance of protection from the sun.

"MenScience conducted a poll of 167 men, ages 20 to 55, and asked them about their sunscreen usage. While most men agreed that sunscreen was necessary (90% of respondents) and regret not using it in the past (57% of respondents), less than half of the men polled actually used a sunscreen daily. One-third of men didn't use a sunscreen because they preferred to look tan, even if it caused skin problems later on in life, and almost half of the men didn't wear sunscreen because they did not like the way it felt."

tio2sunblock.jpgMenScience believes they have the answer to those kinds of objections to sunscreen in their TiO2 Sunblock SPF30, which is "lightweight and non-greasy ... absorbs immediately and dries invisibly and matte on the skin." TiO2 Sunblock also includes allantoin and aloe for moisturizing, and antioxidants from green tea and vitamin E to help repair sun-damage to the skin.

Check it out here: TiO2 Sunblock SPF30

Image: michael_maitland_rhodes at Flickr

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May 29, 2008

MenScience's Father's Day 'Dad that Shines the Brightest Award' Contest

mensciencefathers.jpgGot an awesome dad in your life who makes a point of spending time with you outdoors? Nominate him for the 'Dad that Shines the Brightest Award'. MenScience is running a contest between now and June 14th where the winning father receives $150 worth of MenScience products. Not too shabby. Regular readers of ShavingStuff will know MenScience products received high marks in past reviews here.

So how does this work?

To submit a nomination, email with the subject line 'Dad that Shines the Brightest Award.' Include your name and the nominee's name along with the full contact information for both of you (phone number and mailing address).

Tell them why your dad is the greatest, and don't forget the outdoors bit. Full details of the contest are here.

In the meantime, just in case your dad doesn't win, click on over to MenScience kit page and pick out a fathers day gift to be safe. You don't want to show up empty handed for dad.

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November 12, 2007

The Shaving Stuff 2007 Holiday Gift Guide

holiday_guide.jpgThe holiday season is fast approaching and you've got a list with a bunch of question marks on it. What to get for that special man in your life? Well look no further than the 2007 ShavingStuff Holiday Gift Guide. We've got all he'll need, from creams to razors, books, toys, and more. And even a little something for the ladies.

Shaving Cream
Sure, we all start shaving with foamy supermarket shaving cream. But eventually we aspire to the finer things in life. The brands below offer a superior shave which is close, comfortable, and sublime. A gift set is the perfect way to sample new products, as well as introduce someone to the world of better shaving.
Gentlemen's Refinery - $199
Billy Jealousy - $50
The Art of Shaving - $38
ZIRH - $59
MenScience - $55
Baxter of California - $60
Still not seeing it? Surf on over to the Details for Men gift kit page and see what strikes your fancy.

Cartridge Razors
Once again power reigns supreme. If you're not shaving with an electrified version of a multi-blade razor, it's time to step into the new millennium. Power makes all the difference.
Gillette Fusion Power - $10.99
Schick Quattro Power - $11.99
Gillette M3Power - $15
The Art of Shaving's Chrome Gillette Fusion Power with Spotlight - $150

Electric Razors
There were a couple of new products released this year from the leaders in electric razor technology. If you want the top of the line traditional electric razor, go for the Pulsonic. If you're interested in a wet/dry electric shave, go for the Moisture Shaving System.
Braun Pulsonic - $215
Philips Norelco Moisture Shaving System - $149

Pubic Shaving
Don't even think about shaving downstairs without the proper equipment. Give yourself an extra optical inch with the BodyGroom, or go completely bare with the Cleancut, still the #1 choice in the porn industry.
Philips Norelco Bodygroom - $34.99
no!no! - $250
Seiko Cleancut - $75

Head Shaving
Just like you wouldn't shave downstairs without the proper equipment, you don't want to shave the roof without the proper tools. Get the gear designed for your noggin.
Headblade - $10.99
Sharps Mission: Control Bald Head Balm SPF 15 - $24

Back Shaving
Yeah, I don't want to talk about it either. If you know a guy who needs one of these, just do him a favor and buy it for him. And give it to him while no one else is in the room.

Want to learn proper shaving technique but afraid to ask? Finally, a couple of books which teach you how to shave.
Leisure Guy's Guide to Gourmet Shaving: Shaving Made Enjoyable - $11.95
Sharp Practice: The Real Man's Guide to Shaving by Anders Larsen - £6.50

Nothing beats a little fun in the tub or a soft foam book. Teach your little squirt how to shave like his papa.
Shaving in the Tub from Alex Toys - $6.79
My Shaving Kit foam book from Innovative Kids - $3.32.

Looking for more amazing gift ideas? Check out our extensive set of holiday shopping guides on electronics, fashion, cooking, and more.

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July 5, 2007

Acne Spot Repair from MenScience

menScienceSpotRepair.jpgAcne. You don't want to talk about it. I don't want to talk about it. But every so often it still shows up. Could be those greasy french fries which were delicious. Could a dull razor blade which you should have discarded.

Whatever the reason, MenScience has introduced Acne Spot Repair:

A prescription-grade acne treatment that rapidly eliminates acne breakouts and helps repair blemished skin with the highest concentration of Benzoyl Peroxide (10%) and soothing, repairing ingredients like Green Tea, Allantoin, Urea and Vitamin E.

Got a sample of Acne Spot Repair in the other day and here's what I like about it:

  1. 10% Benzoyl Peroxide. When I get a zit, I don't want some 2% or 5% solution. Max that BP out.
  2. While it's a white cream, it disappears into your skin. Remember that tinted cover-up stuff? I don't know which is worse, having a pimple or being called out for wearing cover up. Actually, I do know what's worse. I'm not wearing cover-up.
  3. This is the best - it doesn't dry out your skin. Clearasil may also have 10% Benzoyl Peroxide, but throw that stuff on your face and you'll feel like someone sucked your skin dry of all moisture. Just the opposite with MenScience Acne Spot Repair. It actually felt somewhat hydrating.

I liked this stuff. I think you will too. MenScience's Acne Spot Repair is $21 for a 0.75 oz (21g) tube.

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May 16, 2007

MenScience TiO2 Sunblock

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and to promote skin cancer research and prevention MenScience has been making donations to the American Cancer Society. What can you do to prevent skin cancer? Wear sunblock.

We're big fans of MenScience products here at ShavingStuff. (We reviewed their line of cleansers and shaving products a while back.) So we were thrilled to receive a bottle of MenScience TiO2 Sunblock SPF30.

Combines advanced ingredients for the ultimate sunscreen; an ultralight, non-greasy waterproof and sweatproof formula that provides maximum protection (SPF30) while moisturizing, nurturing and helping to repair the damaging effects of the sun. For everyday use or for extreme environmental conditions.

The main sunblocking ingredient is Titanium Dioxide, but there's also tons of other good stuff in there which make TiO2 double as a regular moisturizer. Aloe, Allantoin, Antioxidants, Green Tea, Urea, Green Tea, Vitamin E, and Chamomile. Throw this on dry skin, a shaved head, or even your face in the morning and you're all set for a summer day.

MenScience TiO2 Sunblock SPF30 is $31 for a 4oz bottle.

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May 7, 2007

This Just In - Omega 3 Supplement Formula from MenScience

menScienceOmega3.jpgJust received the latest pharmaceuticals from MenScience Androceuticals. It's the Omega 3 Supplement Formula, featuring pharmaceutical-grade EPA/DHA. What's all this? Let me distill it down to something we all can understand. You know how your doctor tells you to eat more fish? It's because fish contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which are very good for you.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids are well recognized by doctors and numerous scientific studies as essential to maintaining optimal health, particularly in critical areas of a man’s body like the heart, brain and joints. They help support the health of the cardiovascular system, maintain triglyceride and cholesterol levels and, according to the Food and Drug Administration, may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease in men.

Oh, and in case you were wondering what EPA and HDA stand for, it's Eicosapentaenoic Acid and Docosahexaenoic Acid.

MenScience's Omega 3 Supplement Formula is $29 for a bottle of 60 softgel capsules. And while you're on their site, you may want to check out their fine selection of shaving products (which we've reviewed quite favorably here).

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November 8, 2006

The MenScience Blog

MenScienceBlogs. Everybody's got one. Even my sister's blogging now. But shaving blogs are still few and far between. That's why when I find one, I blog about it. Blogs - they're self-perpetuating.

MenScience. You've read our reviews, you've perused their site, now it's time to check out their blog. Updated every few days/weeks with product announcements, shaving facts, and random musings. Add it to your RSS feeds and be pleasantly surprised.

From my favorite entry

There are over 30,000 beard hairs on the face of the average man (the greatest concentration on the chin and upper lip).
Hair grows an average of half a millimeter a day.
Hair grows faster during the day than at night.
The average guy begins to shave regularly when he begins to work regularly.

Yep. That's about when I started shaving regularly too.

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October 20, 2006

Review of MenScience - Advanced Face Lotion

We've reached the end of MenScience review week, and that means we've come to the last product - MenScience Advanced Face Lotion. "Ultralight" and "Oil Free" they describe it, and right they are. My face literally drank this stuff up.

Restores suppleness and elasticity, and diminishes the appearance of fine lines


Softens skin by combating dryness and rough areas

Gently smoothes and renews the skin, stimulating cell renewal mechanisms
That's cool.

Nourishes and helps protect from the damaging effects of free radicals
I'll take your word for it.

About the only thing this skin cream doesn't do is provide sunblock. (Check out MenScience TiO2 Sunblock SPF30 for that.)

Like all of their products, Advanced Face Lotion is chock-full of prime ingredients - AHA, BHA, Hyaluronic Acid, Hydro-Silicones, Glycerin, Green Tea, Vitamin A, C, E. I'm a big fan, and I think anyone who's looking to try something new will quickly become a fan too.

MenScience Advanced Face Lotion is $36 for 4oz.

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October 19, 2006

Review of MenScience - Post-Shave Repair

OK, so you've shaved, you've rinsed your face with cool water, and you're about to use an after-shave moisturizer. Wait one sec! You've got a quick step before that. It's spritz time.

Allow me to introduce you to MenScience Post-Shave Repair, in a spray bottle! Love the spray bottle. MenScience Post-Shave Repair is a toner, and all the toners we've tried before come in an open-mouth bottle and are applied with a cotton ball. Have you tried applying toner with a cotton ball? If you're not careful, you end up with a wispy mess. But not with the spritz. Just remember to close your eyes while applying.

MenScience Post-Shave Repair "immediately calms redness and razor burn with anti-inflammatory ingredients." OK, maybe not immediately, but it certainly helps calm your face after it's been sliced with hot steel. It's also great at getting the last stubborn bits of shaving cream off your face. And it contains tons of the good stuff - Allantoin, Azulene, Witch Hazel, Aloe, Tea Tree Extract, Salicylic Acid, Camphor, and Rosemary. Check the MenScience site for the benefits of each of these.

Bottom line - do you need it? No. Do you want it? Yes. MenScience Post-Shave Repair is $28 for a 4oz. bottle.

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October 18, 2006

Review of MenScience - Advanced Shave Formula

OK, so there's pre-shave and post-shave, but let's get to the shave already. We wouldn't be here otherwise. MenScience describes their Advanced Shave Formula as "foamless", which is definitely accurate. I was initially uncertain as this cream didn't seem to do much on my face. Many of the shaving creams and gels we've reviewed slightly transform on your face, either by foaming or lathering up. MenScience Advanced Shave Formula just kind of went on. The shaves were good, but it wasn't until a couple weeks later that I realized that I hadn't had any nicks, cuts, or scraps. You may remember a while back we received some products from a company called By142 which helped with skin and scar repair. They had suggested we use them after shaving to reduce razor burn and inflammation. The thing was, I wasn't getting any of that with MenScience Advanced Shave Formula, so I never had any reason to use the stuff. Kind of funny. If that isn't an endorsement for MenScience, I don't know what is.

MenScience Advanced Shave Formula is pretty much odorless, although it has a slight smell of Play-dough. Yum. Always loved that stuff as a kid. It's a little goopy, but it doesn't clog your razor, and it's pretty easy to apply. Using your fingers is the best approach. I tried using a shaving brush a couple times but it doesn't have the right consistency to be spread that way. MenScience recommends you wait 30 seconds after applying (which is always a good idea) to let the ingredients absorb into your skin and further soften your whiskers.

And what are those ingredients, you ask? Glycerin, Aloe, Allantoin, Azulene, Avocado Extract, Grapeseed, Salicylic Acid, and Tea Tree Extract. Clearly a lot of research has gone into making the best shaving cream possible with the highest quality natural ingredients. Sure there's the occasional phenophoxophuccinol, but for the most part everything is recognizable. My favorite - Glycerin:

Humectant with impressive capability to continually absorb water from the environment and bind it to the skin. Increases the skin’s softness, suppleness and elasticity. Its lubricating properties make it superior to foaming ingredients for shaving preparations.

Bind humectant, bind! Damn, that's impressive.

MenScience Advanced Shave Formula is $25 for a 6oz tub. If you've had it up to here with foam, or just want to try something new, MenScience Advanced Shave Formula definitely worth it.

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October 17, 2006

Review of MenScience - Face Buff Brush

A face brush? A face brush in a bottle? And for men? I have to admit I was quite excited when this little guy showed. I've never tried a face brush before. In fact I had never heard of such a thing. ShavingStuff wife had to explain that women have had face brushes for years now. OK, so now it's time for the men.

The MenScience Face Buff Brush is exactly what you think it is - a brush for washing your face. Throw a little MenScience Daily Face Wash on your face and start brushing! Up and down. Round and round in circles. Brushing can be fun! Because you're using bristles instead of your fingers, you get a deeper clean along with exfoliation.

OK, I'll admit that I don't use the brush every day. It's an extra step, and you should really make sure you dry it well afterwards. Otherwise nasties can start growing in there. I liked using the brush in the shower - less issue if you make a mess. Unless you're a brush expert, the first few times you use it will be a little awkward. Felt like I was suddenly a lefty. But I did end up liking this guy. If you're looking to take your shave to the next level, give it a shot. If not, you'll be ok without it.

The MenScience Face Buff Brush is $13.

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October 16, 2006

Review of MenScience - Daily Face Wash

It's review time again, and this time we're stretching it out over a whole week. Welcome to MenScience review week! We received five products from MenScience. There are five days in a week. Perfect! If you need a background on MenScience, I suggest starting with this post. If not, read on...

First up is MenScience Daily Face Wash. As we've been hammering into your head, great shaves start with clean skin, and MenScience Daily Face Wash is a great way to start. Their face wash is a clear, thick gel which is easy to apply, and foams up to a slight lather when you work it into your skin. Key ingredients include Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Allantoin, Aloe, and Urea. That last one isn't as bad as it sounds.

Urea: Moisturizer capable of attracting and retaining water. Helps in the absorption of other ingredients. Credited with protecting the skin, due to buffering and anti-inflammatory capabilities.

Click on over to the MenScience Daily Face Wash to learn about all the ingredients.

MenScience Daily Face Wash did a great job on my skin. I only ever needed a tiny quarter-size amount, it was easy to wash off, and it never left my skin too dry. Subsequent shaves were great, but that's equally due to their shaving cream (which we'll cover on Wednesday). I've used it happily every day for two months and I'm barely half-way through the bottle.

MenScience Daily Face Wash is $25 for 8oz.

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October 12, 2006

Fly and Comply with MenScience

Here's a great idea from the folks at MenScience - a TSA Compliant Travel Kit. Have you traveled lately? It's like your entire life has to fit inside a zip-lock bag. Luckily, all your shaving products now can. Here's the skinny:

10 Travel-size items, each 3 ounces or less.
ONE kit for all of your grooming and skincare needs.
All liquid products fit comfortably in a zip-top bag (included - nice!).

Genius! Genius in the face of madness. Also included are ear plugs, a night sleep mask, shampoo, deodorant, lip protection, and a travel bag. Hell, they'll probably throw in the next book from Dan Brown if you ask them nicely (and it's allowed on the plane). The TSA Compliant Travel Kit is $78 and available now from their website. That's a hell of a lot cheaper than having all your shaving gear confiscated.

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July 12, 2006

She Blinded Me With MenScience

MenScienceEverybody's heard of pharmaceuticals. If you've been reading ShavingStuff you'll know about cosmeceuticals. Now MenScience is here to introduce us to androceuticals. What's an androceutical? I'm glad you asked.

A category of products formulated with active ingredients used by doctors and skincare professionals for their demonstrated impact on the skin's appearance. The word combines the prefix Andro (for men) and the word pharmaceuticals.

And to help us learn more, MenScience has sent over a nice array of shaving-related products, including: Advanced Shave Formula, Post-Shave Repair, Advanced Face Lotion, Daily Face Wash, and one that totally piqued my curiosity - a Face Buff Brush. Click into that last link and see what I'm talking about. Can't wait to rock out in the morning with my very own face buff brush.

Here's one more tidbit from the MenScience about us page:

Our undivided focus is on efficacy and visible results; we avoid distractions such as fancy packaging or marketing fluff.

Hallelujah! The way to a man's heart is the removal of bullshit. I think I'm going to like these guys.

Stay tuned for the MenScience review in a couple of weeks.

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