August 29, 2009

Safety Razor Shaving Videos

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August 12, 2009

Leisureguy's Guide to Gourmet Shaving Now in 3rd. Edition

gourmet-shaving.jpgThe Leisureguy, Michael Ham, has just published the third edition of Shaving Made Enjoyable, so if you're looking for a resource to find more enjoyment in your routine, you'll want to pick up this book.

"The third edition of the complete beginner's guide to traditional wetshaving---brush, shaving cream, safety razor with double-edged blade. The book is complete in itself, but it also includes links to a host of resources on the Web to complement the book. Sources are provided for all you need to get started."

Copies are only $11.95, and are available at

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July 23, 2009

Top Picks for Double Edged Razor Blades

DERazorBlade.jpgOver the last month or so, I've been trying out different brands of double edged razor blades for my Merkur safety razor, thanks to DeRazorblades, and I've come up with my top 3 picks. (Your mileage may vary...)

I tried the Wilkinson, Bic, 7 a.m., Dorco, Merkur, Personna, Astra, and Sharp so far, and with the first shave, I didn't find much difference in the quality of the shave. But with each subsequent shave, I began to notice a preference in myself for certain ones.

My top 3 picks for DE razor blades:

1. Merkur Super - This was my favorite, by far. The quality of the shave was consistent throughout the week, with only a hint of dullness by the fifth day. Even on the last day of the week, I got a great shave.

2. Wilkinson - I thought this was a quality blade which held up well during the week, but by the fourth day, there was a definite 'drag' while shaving. I still got a week's worth of shaves from it, but I was wishing for a new blade on the sixth day.

3. Astra - I had never heard of this brand, and I fully expected it to rank at the bottom for quality and longevity, but it was a contender. The shaves were good, though it also had a hard time making it through an entire week.

So my question to you is: What is your choice of razor blade for your safety razor, and why?

Image: jaqian at Flickr

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July 9, 2009

Shaving Education: Trumpers Shaving School

wet shave.jpgMost of us learned to shave either watching our dad or brother, or through trial and error, but what if we've picked up some not-so-helpful habits for shaving?

Well, you can always take a class...

London "Gentleman's Barber" Geo. F. Trumper is now offering shaving classes, one on one, with a skilled barber.

"Shaving knowledge and technique is not instinctive, all men need to learn the art and unfortunately many learn it badly. Common problems such as razor burn, bloodspots, ingrown hairs and redness are more often than not caused by bad shaving technique."

According to Inventor Spot:

"Perhaps this business was inspired by a hate of facial hair, or perhaps it's about self-improvement, but in any case, this is one business that is clearly designed for stupid men. Not only does it teach them a fundamental skill they've probably been using during their entire adult life, it also charges them a ludicrous amount."

I'm not sure if it's crazy, stupid, or smart, but I'm sure there are men who will take the class and be a better shaver for it.

What do you think? Would you take a shaving class?

On a completely unrelated note, Amazon is offering the latest generation 6" Kindle Wireless Reading Device for just $299 right now. Download your books, your favorite blogs and newspapers, and take your reading with you, all on one device.

Image: Okko Pyykkö at Flickr

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July 3, 2009

Like a Man

Shaving brush.jpg

"Sure you can mow down down the stubble with the latest, greatest fifteen blade-vibrating-digital-mp3-playing razor, but occasionally some things are better left to their analog counterpart. Specifically when it involves dragging a blade across your face. Granddad sure seemed to get by just all right without a battery-operated super razor, and with any luck, you can too."

Read the rest of the article, Shave Like a Man, at Wired How-To WIki.

Image: Marco Arment at Flickr

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May 25, 2009

New Double Edged Safety Razor Blades Site: DeRazorBlades

razor blade.jpgIf you use a safety razor to shave, you'll want to check out

"DERazorBlades is the premier internet retailer for hard to find double edge razor blades and classic wet shaving products.DERazorBlades strives to provide a great selection, convenience, information, personal service, and a trustworthy and reliable web experience.

DERazorBlades carries the widest assortment of quality double edge razor blades from around the world including Merkur, Feather, Personna, Wilkinson, Lord, Astra and many more.

DERazorblades stocks classic shaving products to provide a smooth close wet shave including Proraso, Speick, Musgo, The Art of Shaving, just to name a few."

And right now, get free shipping with orders over $25 - just enter the code "freeshipping" at checkout!


Image: scottfeldstein at Flickr

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May 18, 2009

Merkur Safety Razor: A Manly Razor, An Awesome Tool

Merkur1.jpgI have a new love in my life: the Merkur Safety Razor.

I received my Merkur Barber Pole Razor this weekend, and for once, I couldn't wait to shave!

Sorry, Braun Pulsonic. You are still the ultimate shaving gadget, but the Merkur isn't a gadget. It's a tool. A manly tool. No buttons, no gimmicks, just a great shave and a step back in time...

The Merkur feels great in the hand - solid and hefty, like a good tool should. It's a thing of beauty. I put the blade in (the blades feel like they weigh nothing, paper thin), lathered up, and with the first stroke, I fell in love.

Do you wonder what makes such a difference between a classic razor and a Merkur Razor? All new razors are made of plastic, have multiple blades and other vibrating functions. Do they provide a good shave? Not really! Merkur Razors are designed with stainless steel and a single razor blade for a close and comfortable shave based on the balance provided by the razor handle. Using this high quality tool, you will reduce considerably ingrown hairs, post-shave pimples, or razor bumps.

The construction is very solid, so there is no flexing, or twisting when shaving and the satin finish allows it to just glide along the skin. The razor's body is fairly heavy, almost no pressure is needed to shave. Merkur Razors are well built and will become your lifetime shaving companion.

Without a doubt, this will be the finest razor you will ever used!

I'm still learning the ropes of shaving with a double-edged safety razor, but I found some great info here: How to Use Your Double-Edge Safety Razor

If you pick up a Merkur safety razor for yourself or a friend, you won't be disappointed!

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May 12, 2009

RetroRazor: A Greener and Cheaper Way to Shave

retrorazor.jpgIn the midst of the high tech and expensive multi-blade razors is RetroRazor, a small Seattle-based company offering a decidedly low-tech, simple, and green solution to an everyday ritual.

RetroRazor offers modern versions of the old safety razors that lived for decades in nearly every bathroom medicine cabinet or drawer in America before the advent of the plastic disposable razor.

"The RetroRazor handle will last for years, and replacement blades cost at least 90 percent less than cartridges. Blades will run most users between 15 and 75 cents per week. Safety razor blades have very little packaging or materials, almost 97% less waste!" - Chadd Bennett, RetroRazor founder and Chief Lathering Officer

"Change is coming to America, and people are adjusting their daily habits," Bennett added. "We're becoming cost conscious and sensitive to the environment. Safety razors are one small step that can make a difference in our pocketbook and ecological footprint - and give a much better shave."

Through two world wars, cultural revolutions, and moon landings, safety razors have provided amazing shaves for millions of men and women. And today, 50 percent of the world continues to use them, spending mere dollars per year for a close shave.

Bennett was working as a tour guide for Rick Steves in Italy, when he discovered the simplicity and effectiveness of a safety razor.

"I was in a small remote village and realized I was out of blades and badly in need a shave," he recalled. "Staying in a friend's home, I found a safety razor and blades in the medicine cabinet. I decided to see if it would work."

He loved it - and so did his friends when he purchased a couple of safety razors online and encouraged them to try one.

He admits a retro shave may not be for everyone. "But for those who want to save some money and show some kindness to the environment without sacrificing the quality of their shave, the new-again, old -fashioned safety razor might be just the thing," he said.

Check out the RetroRazor Weishi Double Edge Safety Razor Starter Kit (plus 15 Blade Sampler Bonus) or the RetroRazor Weishi Deluxe Starter Kit (includes Razor, Brush, Blades, Soap, and Styptic Pencil)

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January 22, 2009

Old-School Shavers: Details For Men Is Calling You Out

detailsformensampler.jpgAttention old-school shavers, and old-school shaver wannabes! It's time to think globally and act facially. Take a tour of the shaving world with these new sampler razor packs from Details for Men. $12.75 gets you the 55 razor Sampler Pack #4, including:

  • Derby Extra Super Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades - 5 Ct - Made In Turkey
  • Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades - 5 Ct - Made In Russia
  • Dorco ST300 Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades- 10 Ct - Made In Korea
  • Dorco ST301 Platinum Extra Double Edge Razor Blades- 10 Ct - Made In Korea
  • Personna Red Pack "Israeli" Double Edge Razor Blades - 5 Ct - Made In Israel
  • Sharp Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades - 5 Ct - Made In India
  • Bic Chrome Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades - 5 Ct - Made In Greece
  • 7 am Platinum High Stainless Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades - 5 Ct - Made In Bangladesh
  • Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge Razor Blades - 5 Ct - Made In Germany

Plenty of other sample packs are available, and if you're a fan of a specific brand - from Gillette to Merkur to Derby to Dorko and more - they've got you covered too.

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January 14, 2009

Find Your Way To Straight Razor Place

Are you a single, wet shavin', old-school straight-razor man looking for companionship? If so, we'd like you to know about Straight Razor Place, the online hangout for stroppers and their blades. With reviews, classifieds, and an active community forum, you're sure to connect with other straight razor shavers just like you. Just don't confuse Straight Razor Place with St. Raight's Razor Place (which I did at first). St. Raight's is full of cartridge shavers who would know their shank from their tang.

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