March 15, 2006

Proraso Now Available at Target

proraso.jpgShavingStuff reader Mark wrote in yesterday with a light scolding. How could I mention Target's Caldo Razor and not the fact that they're now selling Proraso shaving product? "This is HUGE news with the Old School Shaving crowd." Looks like the roll-out of Proraso products at Target is scheduled for the week of March 8th - 15th.

For those who don't know, Proraso is an Italian brand of shaving products designed for use with brushes and straight razors, although many of their products can be used with modern safety razors as well. Their shaving creams and soaps feature ingredients such as eucalyptus and wheatgerm, although they also have the straight up "shave cream" without the fancy ingredients too. Prices are in the totally reasonable range of $10 to $20.

It appears that Target hasn't added these products to their website yet, although most are available at Amazon if you want to buy online. If you want to go brick and mortar, here's Mark's advice:

Proraso appeared in my local Target this morning. They had not only the shaving cream, but also shaving soap, pre/post cream, aftershave, and a decent-looking boar brush as well. It was located in a new "spa" section, adjacent to the women's cosmetics, and not in the men's shaving isle.

Look for the distinctive old-world Italian red and green packaging. Oh, and if anyone can tell me how to get past the first page of Proraso's website, I'd be eternally grateful.

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March 13, 2006

Win a $75 Gift Certificate at

TG-Logo-BrownSilver.gifJust got word of a quick survey running over at where you could win a $75 gift certificate to their site. Seem they're looking to learn more about how often you shave, where you buy your products, who taught you to shave - standard marketing questions. It's quick and painless.

What is I'm glad you asked.

Created distinctly for men, the True Gentlemen shaving products are prepared with the purest ingredients and botanical extracts available. The fine blend of True Gentlemen shaving products combined with traditional shaving methods assure a comfortable shave while drastically minimizing common shaving problems.

The luxurious collection of shaving products is designed specially to bring out the "true gentleman" in today's modern mad. Paired with proven benefits of aromatherapy the True Gentlemen shaving products bring to every gentleman the True Ultimate Shaving Experience.

Browse their site and check out their full range of premium high-end shaving products. Pre-shave oils, shave creams, after-shaves - all available in unscented or infused with lavender oil. Bushes, stands, and razor handles which fit Mach3 blades. Even gift sets. They've got you covered. Prices range from $20 for some of the oils to $125 for gift sets, but oh... the luxury.

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January 10, 2006

London Calling

This past Sunday's New York Times had an interesting little article about Geo F. Trumper, a shop specializing in shaving and grooming since 1875. Doesn't get much more old school than that.

The founder's specialty were bespoke fragrances, which were made on the premises and named after the noblemen who commissioned them. Trumper's own-made range today still uses ingredients of sandalwood and limes that were originally imports from corners of the British Empire. Lime-based aftershaves are packaged in pink paper because the government of the early 1940's appropriated all other colors, including green, for the war effort.

What?!? Nothing pink during WWII? I seem to remember...

Well, anyway, if you're planning a trip to England and are in a shaving mood, head on over to Trumper. You can even sign up for "a one-to-one session with a barber where the customer learns the best technique to use for their skin-type and how to perfect their shave."

Read the whole Times article here, although if you're viewing this a couple weeks from now the Times may have moved to the their Select section. will always be available.

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December 6, 2005

Old-School Shaving Supplies from Clubman Online

ShavingStuff reader Chuck just wrote in about a site he recommends - Clubman Online. Clubman specializes in old-school shaving products like 100% badger brushes, shave soap cakes, and 1960's-style twin blades. They've got a fine selection of handmade products, including combs perfected by nine generations of Swiss craftsmen, and brushes made on the Isle of Man.

Old Original Shaving Brushes are made for us on the Isle of Man (located in the Irish Sea) by Progress-Vulfix. Made from the finest pure badger hair, our brushes will give years of excellent, luxurious service. Progress Vulfix has been producing shaving brushes for over half a century and is the premier manufacturer of badger brushes in the United Kingdom.... All the brushes are handmade and come in three quality grades - Pure Badger (good), Super Badger (better), and Silver Tip Badger (very best)...

These brushes range from $19.95 to $110.00, so if you can't decide which of the three badgers is for you, I suggest chilling out at and letting your brain unwind.

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November 22, 2005

Vintage Joe Namath Schick Razor Ad

Maybe it's not as rare as the alignment of the planets, but the convergence of football, holiday gifts, and shaving doesn't happen every day. If you're looking to spice up a bathroom wall with a vintage poster, look no further than this Joe Namath Schick razor ad from 1969. Much more manly than Dan Marino hawking Isotoners, although why he appears to be holding a walkie-talkie doesn't make sense to me.

Only $8.99 plus shipping. Now it's off to dig up some coupons for your local framing store...

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September 23, 2005

Weekend Reading -

shaveblog.jpgWhen we got picked up by Gizmodo last week they had trouble determining which was more unusual - a 5 bladed razor, or a blog devoted to shaving. Well, if yesterday's post about wasn't unusual enough, here's your weekend reading assignment - written by Corey Greenberg. And he's been on TV!

So I did a segment on NBC's Today Show about the lost art of wetshaving, and how old-school razors, badger hair shaving brushes, and high-end English shaving creams not only deliver the greatest shave you can possibly imagine, but bring back the pleasant, gentlemanly ritual that's been missing since the bloodbath of 1971 when Idi Amin led a coup to become ruler of Uganda and Gillette introduced the first twin-blade razor.

The writing on ShaveBlog is great. Tons of personality and personal experience. The focus is mainly on older single-blade razors, and Corey's contempt of multi-bladed systems is comical yet honest. He's a man after the perfect shave. What's so unusual about that?

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August 31, 2005

Merkur Progress Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

B000A0Qqrq.01-A285Osz7Wvwqmv. Sclzzzzzzz We've just gotten word from Shaving reader Mark that the Merkur Progress razor is quite the old school way to go if you want an interesting shaving experience.

"M3P's are good, but if you really want to go "old school" try a Merkur Progress adjustable safety razor. You have to pay a little more attention compared to the M3P but the shave is even better, and good safety razor blades are under $0.50 a piece...sometimes a lot less."

The Merkur Progress adjustable double edge safety razor allows you to change the angle of the blade inside the razor head. Simply twist the handle for a close, comfortable shave with fewer ingrown hairs, post-shave pimples, or razor bumps.


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July 6, 2005

Blue Willow Shaving Mug

I think the world needs more visibility into the world of shaving mugs. Sure it's old school, but old school means someone had it right at some point in time. I can see using this instead of letting the water run. This Blue Willow Painted Shaving Mug is just too classic and we think it would make a great shaving mug to get your shaving mug collection started.

At Blue Willow Painted Porcelain Shaving Mug

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May 25, 2005

Double Edge Razors

gun_mtl_rzr.jpgRemember these razors? Remember the blades? I think I picked up a rusty double-edge razor on the street once as a little kid and my parents instantly scolded me. Or maybe I was particularly susceptible to those elementary school Halloween horror stories of kids biting into apples. Whatever it is I have this totally unfounded fear the things.

bb04.jpgBut hey - want to buy some? Total retro shaving. Check out for a huge selection. They also have this cool totally Mach3 on a stand. One of the coolest, minimalist designs for a razor stand I've ever seen.

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December 13, 2004

Colonel Conk Gift Set

cconk.gifLooking for an old-school brush and razor set? Want to shave with the Colonel's secret blend of herbs and spices? Check out the Colonel Conk #222 Shaving Gift Set, available for $50 at Put together the same set of items at Amazon and you'll easily spend twice that amount.

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