September 27, 2006

Color Your Hair... Down There

betty.jpgThink you're done grooming those pubes? Think again. It's time to color me mine with Betty. Available in auburn, black, blonde, brown, and "fun" (read: pink), Betty's got a pubic hair color that's right for you.

Introducing the first safe color specially formulated for the hair down there. Colors naturally, covers gray, and enhances to match your glorious locks above. Whether you're blonde (be a true blonde now!), radiant auburn, brunette, or black, our easy-to-use, no-drip formula gives you the perfect finishing touch. From now on, when you highlight or color your hair, don't forget your betty color for the hair down there.

Good news gentlemen - Betty works for guys too! (See Question 6 of the FAQ.) Betty coloring kits are $20 and available online at They've also got T-shirts in women's and men's sizes. Any man brave enough to wear a Betty T-shirt in public deserves a free coloring kit, as far as I'm concerned.

From this supremely eloquent and chock-full-o'-euphemism Daily Candy article.

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July 26, 2006

Mini Razors in Noxzema Bikini Pro Shaving Kit

I saw these cute little mini razors by Noxzema at a local drugstore the other day. They're tiny. I know you can't tell from the picture here, but they're like half the size of a normal razor, or like a tenth the size of the Fusion. Here's the link to them on Noxzema's site, although it doesn't appear you can buy them there. bundles them up with the Seiko Cleancut combo package:

We now include a Noxema Bikini Trimmer! NO shaver on the market will cut hair longer than stubble length (like a day or two's growth of a man's beard.) The Cleancut is no different. The Noxema Bikini Trimmer will get you down to stubble so you can use the Cleancut. Its a single use razor.

Pictured to the right is the Noxzema Bikini Pro Shaving Kit, which contains two of these little mini razors, along with a 4-blade disposable razor, a tube of Noxzema Clear Shave Gel, a tube of Noxzema Soothe & Smooth, and a free satin carrying bag for $9.99. You can buy the mini razors cheaper, but I can't find them online. I think there were like $3 at our local CVS.

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July 19, 2006

The Ultra-Popular Bodygroom, Reviewed by Popular Mechanics

How popular has the Philips Norelco Bodygrom become? Popular enough to warrant a review in Popular Mechanics. No, they don't go into the mechanics of the Bodygroom, but they've clearly tried it enough to learn the ins and outs:

This thing does exactly what it's supposed to—so long as you don't shave "against the grain," it clips body hair with nary a nick nor scratch. Particularly bushy regions (and against-the-grain operations) can lead to a few minor tugs. At first, you can't help but fear this tiny reaper. But you'll realize how painless full-body grooming can be.

Oof. Minor tugs. I don't even want to think about it. Read the entire review from Popular Mechanics here. The Bodygroom is available from Amazon for $39.95.

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May 23, 2006

Bodygroom Zooms To #1 at Amazon

Quick update on the latest craze in body grooming - the new Philips Norelco Bodygroom is now the number one top selling item on Amazon's Health & Personal Care Top Sellers list. And, at $39.99, the item qualifies for free shipping. Now unless you've been shaving under a rock, you know the magic the Bodygroom can do for your c@¢k. But if you need a quick refresher, click on over either to Amazon (for the short video) or ShaveEverywhere (for the "extended" version) and see what all the fuss is about.

Special thanks to ShavingStuff reader Rob for calling this to our attention.

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May 4, 2006

"The Bodygroom Can Help Make Your D!%# Look Bigger"

Oh my god. Please, please click over to and have a good laugh. The site introduces the Philips Norelco BG2020 Men's Bodygroom, which until recently wasn't available in the US. (We covered it back in July of '05 when it was out in the UK.)

But I digress. The site - I've poo-pooed Flash in the past, and I'm still not crazy about it, but if it can deliver this type of marketing and humor, I guess I'll have to change my mind.

Look, by the time you're reading this it's probably going to be Friday, or maybe Monday morning if you're one of our email subscribers, and you're likely not in any mood to do real work. I'm not going to spoil it for you, aside from the title of this post. Just click, and enjoy.

And if you're interested, the Norelco Men's Bodygroom is available at Amazon for $39.99. Special thanks to all readers who sent this in, including Charles and Ben.

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May 2, 2006 Has Moved to

Back in April we updated an old post about, a site covering men's and women's pubic shaving issues, to say that the site no longer existed and appeared to be owned now by Turns out the domain was hijacked, and now belongs to someone else. Totally lame. But the good news is that Pubic Shaving is back, this time at Thanks to Tom for writing in and letting us know of your new home. We're glad you're back. Oh, and keeping posting those pictures of women who shave their pubic region. They're very... educational.

You can also buy Pubic Shavers here...

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April 11, 2006

The Seiko Cleancut - Revisited

Back in August last year we posted a little article about the Seiko Cleancut, the Pornstars' choice in pubic shaving. Time to revisit our little buddy, especially in light of some hot, shaver on trimmer action going on over at Amazon. Right now the Seiko ES-412 Cleancut Shaver and Seiko Femini PS-335 T Handle Trimmer are available together for $75.80. Batteries included. Why do you need both? Because as good as the Cleancut is, it won't shave hair longer than stubble length. That's where the Femini Trimmer comes in.

Its ultra fine comb style cutting head is designed to remove hair without pulling, cutting or pinching.

So let's review:
Step 1) Bring it on down to stubble length with the Femini.
Step 2) Finish the job with the Cleancut.

Whether you're using it for "Underarms, Bikini Line, French "landing strip" or even a Brazilian "take it all off" style", this combo's got you covered. Want more info? Check out this great review on (scroll down a page or two) or this write up on Now if someone could tell me why I'm shaving my pubes with a thermos I'd be all set.

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February 15, 2006

"Buzzed" - a Shaving DVD

Just when you thought you'd seen it all... Here's a press release sent in by a friend which made me do a double-take. It's an announcement for an upcoming shaving DVD, featuring "film star" (aka "porn star") Teri Weigel:

Within the next two months, personal shaver pioneer Deak, LLC ( will release its long-awaited instructional DVD "Buzzed." Featuring film star Teri Weigel, "Buzzed" is a romantic comedy that will teach men and women to use the company's personal shavers and feminine trimmers.

Um... I run a shaving website. Can I get a copy?

By the way that's about the cleanest picture of Ms. Weigel I could find, and I had to look for a long, long time.

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January 18, 2006

Pubic Shave dot com

It's been a couple months since we last broached the subject, and I think my puritanical ancestors need a good stirring in their graves, so here we go again...

Check out, you guessed it, This site is amazingly thorough and covers men's and women's public shaving, as well as ass, back, and armpits. Lovely. But seriously, there are very few pubic-shaving sites which aren't loaded with pop-ups and indecent animations. is a quality site. Case in point - their general shaving tips page, which, while it does start with a naked woman sunbathing, guides you through all the decisions, styles, techniques, and products you need to shave. And, if shaving ain't your thing, there are also pages on waxing and bleaching.

So, as they say on, "If you need [...] help keeping George Bush inside the white house," click on over and start reading.

UPDATE: (4/18/06)
This site appears to have been sold to and no longer displays its public shaving content. Kind of sad really. If you still want to see the old pages you can find them in the Way Back Machine at It's a little slow, but the old stuff is there.

UPDATE: (5/2/06)
Pubic Shaving is back! This time at Turns out their domain was hijacked so they had to relocate. Click on over and check out their new home.

You can also buy Pubic Shavers here...

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October 21, 2005

Weekend Reading - Joan E. Lloyd's Lovers' Feedback Forum

I've been somewhat reluctant to cover pubic shaving, given that I know some readers would rather stick to more puritan topics, however a growing vocal contingent are asking for more. So, while I'm still finalizing my journalistic standards, here's a little gem for those interested in smut - Joan Elizabeth Lloyd's Feedback Forum on Shaving. Ms. Lloyd is the author of such books as The Perfect Orgasm and Naughty Bedtime Stories, and hosts a rather low-tech blog and forums for her fan base. (Note the proper underlining of book titles in the previous sentence.)

Sample first sentences of posts:

After reading your web pages regarding shaving, I decided to try convincing my wife that it would be a thrill for us both to shave and would offer a new dimension to our love making.
Okay – here is the scoop on shaving and itching.
I started shaving in 82 while teaching scuba diving lessons.

If that stuff floats your boat, click on over and read away. If you're a little offended, come back and see us on Monday. We'll have cleaned up our act by then.

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