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August 12, 2011

The Dollar Shave Club

ninjablades.jpgFed up with sky-high razor prices? So were these guys, and they did something about it:

"We got tired of spending $15-$20 every time we bought razor blades. We asked ourselves, did we really need all this fancy technology in our shave: a vibrating handle, LED guide-lights, 8-blades, and grip that could steady a 9-iron? The answer was a defiant "No"!

So... we teamed up with one of the world's leading blade manufacturers and created the Ninja Blade. It's got everything you need in a shave: two stainless steel blades, aloe vera lubrication bar, and a pivot head. And guess what. It's more affordable than any other blade available."

Check out the Dollar Shave Club for more info.

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March 21, 2011

Shower Shavers Rejoice: Hooking Razor


If you're a shower shaver, this new razor from Goodjoy might be the next best thing! No longer do you have to balance your razor on the shelf of your shower caddy or windowsill and hope it doesn't fall into your bath, because the Hooking Razor has a hanger built right into it.

"Our hooking razor is the perfect companion to the hooking toothbrush. Like the toothbrush, it's made from PP plastic (polypropylene is a no.5 category for recycling) and is recyclable after the razor head is easily removed. Hangs onto shaving mirrors, shower caddies and like the hooking toothbrush, just about everything!"

The Hooking Razor comes in a pack of four for $10. Pick up yours from Goodjoy.

Via Swiss Miss

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October 8, 2010

Fewer Blades Is More Manly


"I am a man. I use a two-blade razor.

This might surprise you. I have means, so why don't I use the latest five-blade-vibrating-titanium tool? Any razor good enough for Tiger Woods Derek Jeeter should be good enough for me, right?

Advanced technology doesn't always make a product better. Think of your universal remote control; it has half a dozen buttons you've probably never pushed and, if it's like mine, changing the channel is a complicated affair."

Read the rest of the article: Shaving: Fewer Blades Is More Manly

Image: Okko Pyykkö at Flickr

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July 27, 2010

A Brief History of the Modern Razor

derazorblade.jpgFrom the Sacramento Bee:

"For the longest time, men had beards. And it is easy to understand why.

Cavemen had beards because they had no choice - they lacked any kind of blade to shave their beards off.

But once metallurgy has been refined in any civilization, the technology of knives follows soon after. These cutting tools become more and more refined, leading to the development of the straight razor, known for its thin, super-sharp blade."

Read the rest of the article: How Stuff Works: How razors work

Image: Helga's Lobster Stew

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June 11, 2010

Tips to Prevent Razor Bumps and Ingrown Hair

shavingbrushclose.jpg[This is a guest post, courtesy of Shaving Shack]

Razor bumps and ingrown hair are problems faced by many men who wet shave. It can become irritating to keep on experiencing an adverse reaction from shaving, especially when you know that this method is ultimately giving you better results than any other method you have tried in the past.

The best way to overcome the inflammatory reaction to the condition, pseudofolliculitis barbae or "barber's itch" as it is commonly known is to look at ways to prevent and minimise the effect of ingrown hairs in the first place. Once these unsightly bumps are present on the face, it is easy to aggravate the situation and make it worse.

One easy solution may be to just let the hair grow, but this is not always practical, especially those professionals who need to keep their beard well groomed for their job. However, you could try shaving every other day to see if this improves the situation. Here are a few tips to help you counter this common issue.

Make sure that the razor blade is in optimum condition and not well worn as this can affect the effects of wet shaving on the skin. Try shaving with the grain, in downward strokes.

One lesser-acknowledged fact ignored by many men who use a straight razor, is that a shaving brush can become a pivotal tool in wet shaving. If you wish to reduce the number of ingrown hairs on the face as well as the chances of getting any nicks or cuts, you should consider preparing using a shaving brush. This will help to lift the hairs effectively from the face.

The products you use before and after shaving can impact on this situation. Using a facial scrub before shaving can also help to raise the hairs from under the skin. The shaving soap can have an effect on skin irritation, so make sure you choose one accordingly, and ensure it is suitable for your unique skin type.

Image: Marco Arment at Flickr

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April 23, 2010

Hot Deal: Merkur Model 178 Classic Safety Razor

merkur model 178Have you been waiting for a hot deal on a safety razor? Now's your chance to pick up the Merkur Model 178 Classic Safety Razor for 55% off!

The Merkur safety razors are quality shaving implements, made in Germany, and will give you one of the best shaves you've ever had. Right now, you can buy one for only $21.95, which is 55% off of the regular price of $48.50. You can't beat a deal like that!

And while you're at it, grab a variety pack of 100 double edged razor blades for just $20.99, saving $7.00 off of the regular price. The variety pack includes razors from Crystal Super +, Shark Super Chome, Shark Stainless, Astra Platinum, Astra Stainless, 7AM Platinum and SHARP. Or if you're a purist like me, grab a pack of 30 Merkur razor blades for $17.50.

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November 23, 2009

Get Your Shaving Tips From Oprah?

Fort Benning.jpg
I don't know if I can speak for most men (I'll try, though), but is probably the last place I would think of to get tips on shaving or male grooming. However, there's a pretty decent guide up there right now.

"Stylist Diana Schmidtke is the woman who keeps Hollywood's leading men--George Clooney, Jon Hamm and Taylor Lautner--looking their best. Get her expert advice on the right way to shave, how to prevent ingrown hairs, proper eyebrow maintenance and more!"

Give it a read and tell me if you think it's right on or just so-so, would you?

Full article: A Man's Guide to Grooming

Image: IMLS DCC at Flickr

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November 10, 2009

Men, Why Do You Shave?

shaved.jpgI found this in an article on the site Thels Talk:

"Among the many reasons I found while doing some research men began shaving in Stone Age times were:
  • To reduce the breeding grounds for lice, fleas and small rodents.
  • To eliminate the beard as a place for an enemy to hang on during combat.
  • To make it easier to eat.
  • Superstition associated a heavily bearded man with old age and death, in addition to the superstitious belief of spirits which entered the body through hairs on the head.

I don't know about you, but I don't think any of those apply anymore.

The comments (over 400 of them) are hilarious (and insightful). One man said "I shave because James Bond shaves." and another says "I don't shave my beard because I don't have to submit to another man's will to survive. My beard represents freedom, self-determination and control over my own destiny."

I shave because I've grown a beard many different times in my life, and now that I'm 40, a shaved face helps me to look younger.

What about you? Why do you shave?

Image: Amadeus Serey Yàñez at Flickr

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September 1, 2009

Shaving with ... Baking Soda?

This is totally new to me: Shaving with baking soda instead of shaving cream. Hmm. What do you think about this?

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August 7, 2009

HARO: Help a Reader Out - A Marine's Question

marine shaveWe just received this email from a new reader, and thought that perhaps some of you might be able to help him out with suggestions and links to improve his shaving experience:

"I am a Marine and I am headed back to the Middle East for the rest of my year deployment. I am 25 in Sept. and having been in the Marines for 6 years and my face is not getting any younger. I have to shave everyday sometimes on the weekend I will take a half day off of work or sleep in a little and not shave but it doesn't seem to help. Well, even back home in the states I shave sun-fri and it is killing my neck and face. I started to use art of shaving products and have used the Merkur safety blade for 3 days now. I was using Fusion blades with a shaving cream and after shave balm for sensitive skin for years. The balm cream seemed to be helping my face a lot but still not 100% around the neck.

I am pale skinned, more oily I think than dry, sensitive especially around the neck area. I run or work out pretty much everyday so I sweat a lot also. I have a "shadow" within 8 hours and by 12 hours I have a beard started. Even when I don't shave it seems like my neck still get irritated. I am thinking about dropping the 200+ dollars for the Braun Pulsonic electric razor but not sure if it will help my situation.

The art of shaving people I talked with got my to try to Merkur razor and I just put in an order for more blades to see how it works. I would like to get the irritation down on the neck area and have a close good shave on my face. I enjoy the Merkur safety so far. It is hard to get used to but I think I am doing well.

Please any advice on techniques, products, etc. or tips you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I think I have read everything online that I can find now that I found this site. Shaving everyday for Marines tend to be a problem and I believe that what I will and have learned will help my fellow guys out."

What advice would you give to him? Leave some links to solid information and videos if you have them.

Image: Jayel Aheram at Flickr

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July 21, 2009

In Search of the Perfect Shave

burmashave.jpgI found a great post on MSNBC - How to get that perfect shave. It's a couple of years old, but well worth a read.

"Proper shaving has become a lost art. Shaving is one of those glorious male traditions that used to be passed down from father to son, but somewhere along the line, when shaving became more about cheap, disposable razors than a nice, precision-made metal tool in your hand, it became a brainless routine to rush through in the morning without even thinking about it."

Image: gailf548 at Flickr

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July 20, 2009

How to Prevent Razor Bumps

Shave after your shower - Let the hair soften in the hot water while you shower, or use a towel soaked in hot water on your face for a minute or two before shaving.

Use a shaving oil under your shaving cream - An oil will help your razor to glide smoother across your face instead of dragging and pulling.

Apply shaving cream with a shaving brush - A better application of cream leads to a smoother, safer shave.

Use a safety razor or straight razor - A single blade will not tend to cut the hair follicle under the surface of the skin, which leads to ingrown hair and razor bumps.

Exfoliate your skin - Cleaning your face of all old skin cells makes for a healthy complexion, as well as helping to prevent razor bumps and ingrown hair.

Shave with the grain of growth, not against it. Ingrown hairs abound when shaving against the grain if you're susceptible to them.

What methods do you use to prevent razor bumps?

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July 17, 2009

Fathers: Teaching Shaving to Your Son

kidshave.jpgFrom the Examiner: Things sons should learn from fathers (shaving)

"Some things boys can pick up from the world around them: how to tumble, how to eat an ice cream cone, how to climb a tree. Then there are things that sons just need to learn from their fathers. The father and son relationship is like an apprenticeship for manhood, on-the-job training for growing up. And the best place to learn how to be a man is sometimes at the other end of the kitchen table."

How are you teaching your son to shave?

Image: ciamabue at Flickr

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July 7, 2009

Shaving Myth: Beard Grows Thicker with Frequent Shaving

whiskers1.jpgOne persistent myth about shaving is the idea that your beard will grow thicker the more often you shave it. This myth has probably led to more money being plopped down by teenage boys for razors and shaving cream than any advertising campaign run by grooming products companies, but unfortunately for the boys, it's not true.

According to a piece in AARP Bulletin Today:

"It only appears that hair is thicker after cutting because the proximal shaft [the part of the hair closest to the skin] is thicker in diameter." - Robin Ashinoff, M.D., director of Dermatologic, Mohs and Laser Surgery at Hackensack University Medical Center

"Once it has been shaven, the hair will regrow with a blunt tip, which creates a more stubbly and rough feeling. Shaving changes the hair shaft, which grows outside the skin, but doesn't change the hair follicle, which determines the hair's length, girth and color" - Paradi Mirmirani, M.D., dermatologist at the Permanente Medical Group in Vallejo, CA

But will American teens believe it if it hasn't been tested by Myth Busters?

Image: Martin Kingsley at Flickr

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