January 26, 2006

Gillette Fusion Available in Chicago

top_costco_logo.gifReader Alert!

ShavingStuff reader Chris has written in to say that the new 5-bladed Gillette Fusion is now available at Costco in Chicago. I was under the impression that the national launch was next Sunday during the Superbowl, but perhaps they're seeding the market early.

Just wanted to see if anyone spotted the Gillette Fusion yet and have tried it. I thought it was going to be out in a week or so. However, I was at Costco in Chicago today and they had a huge crate of them sitting out. I was somewhat surprised.

So, if you want to be the first kid on the block with the cool new tool, head on over to Costco and score yourself some cred.

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January 3, 2006

Gentlemen, Dry Your Razors

hairdryer.jpgI while back we reviewed RazorMax, an oil which helps preserve the life of a razor. I definitely saw a difference in prolonging the life of a cartridge using RazorMax. Blades which lasted four shaves without the oil now lasted eight. One of the steps in the instructions had you dry your razor really well before putting it in the oil. Really well. So I decided to see how much of the process was drying the razor and how much was the oil. Conclusion: drying your razor will add several shaves to the life of the blades.

For the last month or so I've taken an extra minute and really dried my razor. That means patting it gently with a towel to get all the visible moisture off of it, and then flicking it or waving it around quickly to get those extra few drops off. Feels kind of silly but it totally works. I easily get six shaves out of each cartridge now, up from four. That's a decent savings given the price of Mach3 blades. Try it out and let me know if it makes a difference for you.

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November 23, 2005

Baggallini Travel Razor

RAZ_info.gifHere's a razor for those of you who travel a lot and are cheap. It's the Baggallini Travel Razor, available for the remarkably low price of $6.95. You know what? This thing looks like a piece of junk. "Refills with slide-on tract II blades." Good luck with that. I checked out Baggallini.com and after I was through being distracted by the hot chick on the home page I clicked into their products, which look like the kind of thing you'd see in an airport. Wait! There's a special link to an online store for members of the airline industry. Perfect.

If you really want a cheap travel razor, buy whatever's cheapest from Gillette or Schick at your local drugstore and through it in your bag. Done. Problem solved.

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October 28, 2005

Gundam Razor from KAI

Why do the Japanese get all the cool stuff? Seriously? Like those Hello Kitty USB dongles. Not that I would ever be caught dead with one, but I applaud the idea and the follow-through.

Here's a link to the Japanese site which is selling the Gundam Razor from KAI. Supposedly there's a contest where 1000 lucky entrants will win one free. Since I don't speak Japanese, I've used Google's "translate this page" for my (and your) benefit:

In order in the private application post card or the postal post card not to peel off with the cellophane tape and the like, to stick bar-code 1 it has been attached to the package of the above-mentioned object commodity securely, name (the フリガナ) * postal code * address * telephone number * age * sex * purchase store name in regard to clearly writing, please mail to the campaign Executive Office address.

Done. Hope I win!

Via Gizmodo

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October 17, 2005

CVS M3 Razors

810983.jpgDoes anyone know what these are? I was in CVS recently and saw CVS M3 Razors. My first guess was that they are lower cost triple blade razors which fit the Mach3, but now I'm not so sure. I can't find any information on the packaging, or CVS's website, or anywhere else which says they are compatible.

Then there's this seemingly unfinished site - m3razor.com, which seems to show a link between CVS and King of Shaves. Links go no where, except to CVS's website.

So maybe they're not compatible with Mach3. Anyone know about these razors? At $4.99 for 4 they're dirt cheap. Maybe it's a stealth launch of a new brand.

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October 14, 2005

Free Schick Intuition

schick_intuition2.jpgNow's your chance to try the Schick Intuition at no cost to you. Well, you'll probably end up on some mailing list, but that's why the almighty invented spam filters. The Schick Intuition is Schick's 3-bladed women's razor intended for silky smooth legs. It auto-exfoliates. Sounds like a porn title.

SchickĀ® IntuitionĀ® simplifies shaving by smoothing and soothing your skin with every stroke. The revolutionary all-in-one cartridge contains triple blades surrounded by a unique Skin Conditioning Solid that lathers and shaves in one easy step. So easy, in fact, there is no need for shave gel, soap, or body wash!

Here's the link to the form for a free Schick Intuition. Try one out and then let our readers know what you think.

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September 7, 2005

The Beautiful Rosendahl Razor

Rosendahl RazorAt the infrequently traveled intersection of high-end design and shaving we find the Rosendahl Razor, by Flemming Bo Hansen,

... a prize-winning razor made of aluminium [which] uses Gillette no. 2 razor blades. The quality of the razor is further accentuated when you consider the waterproof travel case, made of black plastic, which fits in your shirt pocket, glove compartment or desk drawer. This is the perfect razor for everyday use, travel, or keep it in a desk for emergencies.

"Gillette no. 2" appears to mean standard twin blade razors from the old Sensor or Excel. For the refreshingly odd price of $25.33, you can purchase this work of art here.

Special thanks to ShavingStuff reader Takashi Yamada of Yanko Design for sending this in.

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August 29, 2005

Have You Bought Your M3Power Yet?

6025.jpgHello ShavingStuff readers! It's good to be back. Vacation was great - just the right amount of relaxation to gear up for fall. I want to thank everyone who wrote in while I was gone with tips and suggestions. I'll be getting to them very soon.

While I was traveling I figured I'd give my old Mach3 razor a try. I'd retired this little buddy once the M3Power came out, but after finding it in the bottom of my toiletries bag I decided it was time to go old-school and see if there's a big difference. Boy is there ever. Part of it may have had to do with the high degree of difficulty which comes from shaving in the communal bathroom of a 1950s army barracks since converted to a youth hostel, but I tend to think it was the razor. The Mach3 tugs against your face compared to the M3Power's vibrations which glide across your skin. The Mach3's shave is not as close, so you end up going over the same part of your face more times. And, you can use your Mach3 or Mach3 Turbo razors in the M3Power, so if you've stocked up (like I had) at Costco for school, no problem.

Pick one of these hybrid razors up and see for yourself. The battery lasts forever. I've had mine over a year now and haven't had to change it.

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August 18, 2005

AVID Shaving System for Travel

We have been looking all over for a small razor for traveling. The AVID Shaving system was designed to fit inside a travel kit and provides more than one month of clean shaving fun. The shaving cartridges fit inside the handle and pack four twin blade cartridges inside.

At AVID®4 Shaving System

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July 21, 2005

Women's Shaving Tips from About.com

abT.gifI'm not a big fan of About.com, but I recently came across a set of pages devoted to women's shaving issues which are pretty good. This one covers ten common mistakes when shaving your legs. Another provides ten tips for a happier, more confortable shave. I've linked to the stripped-down printer version of this page since I can't stand the clutter of ads and navigation in a normal About.com page, however it appears that About will redirect you to the clutter page if you attempt to do this. They're too smart.

Here are a few more links worth checking out:

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